Feedback About Trainer

70 Sample Feedback About Trainer or Facilitator After Training Session

Nothing makes your trainer happy like getting feedback from you especially when you have positive feedback to project. To many trainers, the fee you pay for the training is not as important as the positive thing you say about them or constructive criticism that you project.

Having a good trainer is great. No one wants to have a trainer who will not perform as expected and still be paid. It is not encouraging to pay for a service that is not satisfactory. But, paying for quality service is a delight. If you have had a good experience with your trainer, then you write feedback about trainer to encourage him/her.

You are expected to give feedback after being trained for a while. That would help you and your trainer know the next line of action. If you don’t speak up, you might keep getting the same service without any improvement. Your feedback is what makes it easy for the trainer to know what he/she needs to do better.

Feedback will make you or anyone else express hidden thoughts and guide the next line of action productively. There is no need to keep getting a service that is poor when simple feedback can make your trainer step up and train you better.

Sample Feedback To Training Facilitator

1. I appreciate your time and great effort to always be available to train me and my team. We do not take your commitment for granted by any means. We appreciate the excellent spirit that you project in your duty.

2. With all my heart, I can testify to your professionalism by the way you made your presentation with relatable illustrations. You are very good at your job and I love that the most about you. Keep doing what you know how to do best. The paydays are surely coming on the way!

3. The way you train your clients makes them want to come back for more training. You are very exceptional at your delivery. I wish you all the best as you continue to work hard.

4. It is obvious that you are a competent trainer. Your programs are usually mind-blowing and outstanding. Everyone wants you to be their facilitator always.

5. This is not the first time I would be a part of your training program. However, I must say that this training is better than the previous ones. I have known you for constant improvement.

6. You are touching lives with your exercises. Many people have shared their good feedback with me at different times after participating in training with you.

7. I can boldly say that you are very informed in your niche. I have never seen anyone who is as good as you are in your niche. Thank you for being outstanding and highly competent.

8. Being skillful in an area one has chosen as a career path is not negotiable. You are skillful in what you do. Your competence has made you a highly sought-after facilitator in your field. I strongly desire to be like you someday.

9. So many people have benefited from your training. They are happy because you always give people your best when you train them. Thank you for being such a hearted trainer.

10. The sky is your starting point because you push yourself to go the extra mile every time you facilitate a training event. The quality of your content makes everyone love your training. You are doing very well.

Feedback For Trainer

Below is feedback about the trainer sample!

11. You did your job well but I think you can still improve in the way you address your clients. Talk to them more with deep respect for who they are. If you consider this, you will become more prominent in your feed.

12. Every trainer wants to grow bigger and better in service delivery. You are getting bigger and growing to serve more people. Continue on your path of making an impact.

13. Even though it was not convenient for you to come and train us, you still showed up. Thank you for the sacrifice you make every time we call you to come.

14. I don’t think you are less competent than anyone in your field. You have continued to amaze me and others that you train regularly.

15. I do not doubt that you will get the huge national recognition that you deserve as the best trainer. You are the best trainer anyone can have.

16. I was discussing with some of your clients and they all told me that you always treat them well before the training, during the training, and after the training.

17. All the times I have trained under you were the greatest training experiences I got from anyone. That is to tell you how good you are at your job

18. Based on my experience with you, I think you should work more on your body language. A good trainer will always make sure his/her body language is positive and welcoming.

19. Do you know that every time you train people you leave them with a good or bad impression of you? In your case, you have always left a good impression of yourself in our hearts.

20. The more you get better, the better you train the people who pay for your classes. I see all your improvements in us, your students.

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Positive Feedback For Trainer

21. You are not just good with your training, you are the best trainer that I know. No one can train the way you train the people who come to you for training. You make sure they get the best from you. That is one of the things that makes you a force in your field.

22. The love people have for you is overwhelming. It goes to show that you are an incredible trainer who goes beyond limits to please your clients.

23. Having happy customers helps any business person to stay longer in business. Your customers are happy with you. I can see that in their faces.

24. You built a career for yourself. You grew from level zero to one hundred through consistency and hard work. No wonder your training is the best.

25. I enjoyed every section of your last training so much. I have invited a lot of people to the next training program that you have organized.

26. If there is just one person I can recommend to train a team effectively, that person is you, my friend. You are a good and influential coach.

27. I have never seen a more positive coach like you in all my years of working with diverse people from different countries. I love what you represent.

28. Anyone learning under you is truly blessed to have you train him/her. There are many trainers in your industry but you surpass them all. Keep being unique, Sir

29. Every time you put out your training advert, a lot of people register within a short time. That is speaking so loudly of how good you are in your training profession.

30. I came to this training today to figure out what I would do next in my field and indeed I have gotten all the information I needed to move to the next phase. Thank you for this great training.

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Trainer Feedback Examples

31. I was delighted when I was asked to train you all to become better football players last year. I had fun working with every single one of you.

32. I have not trained a team better than yours since I started training people professionally. You guys are very awesome. It was a great time together.

33. What a great time we had learning together. It was a blessing training you all. I hope we will be able to do this again some other time.

34. Your responses were great during the period we had the long training. If you keep responding positively at the next training, we will finish well.

35. I almost did not want us to finish the training. That was how well I was enjoying every bit of it with you all. See you all at the next class.

36. Every time you make a positive effort, you give yourself the privilege of getting better. All of you can get better as I train you all.

37. Keep distractions away all the time and you will get the best from every exercise. You guys did well to focus. At the next training, don’t forget to keep distractions far from you.

38. You are one step closer to learning all you need to know today. Always attend training to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

39. This training will cost you some things. If you are not willing to give up those things, it means you are not willing to get to the next level of your life.

Positive Feedback For Trainer Example

40. It was great training for me and my friend. We learned so many things. Hopefully, we will be back here next year for the next training. Thank you for giving us an awesome experience.

41. Everyone I invited kept talking about how they were excited all through the training because it was more than they expected it to be. You did a wonderful job.

42. You are a very optimistic trainer. You love the people you train and they love you too. Everyone is always happy around you.

43. I like how everyone has mutual respect for each other. That is because you as the trainer respect people so much. Thank you for laying a good example for all to follow.

44. I feel like I owe you all the gratitude I can give. Thank you for the training you put together. I am a better person because I know better than I do now.

45. There was no way I could have mastered those moves if not you trained me for them. You are a lifesaver and I will never forget what you have done for me.

46. As I grow older, I value people who make solid efforts to improve the quality of my life. Thank you for the training you gave me, I will repay back in the nearest future.

47. I wish I met you earlier in my life. I wish I had seen you and got to know you long before now. This training is worth every penny paid for it.

48. In all my years of working with people, you are the best of them all. Your training is exceptional and I love it. Thank you!

49. I’m grateful that you trained me the way you did. I wish every trainer could be like you. If they are like you, we will all have better-trained people.

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Feedback For Training Teachers

50. Thank you for training the new set of teachers that will be sent to different schools in the coming days. You have done so well. This will contribute positively to our nation.

51. These new teachers will be useful in raising a better breed of students not just in this school but also in other schools around this environment. Thank you very much.

52. Being a teacher is a noble responsibility. You have trained people who will directly impact young students in this school for good.

53. Good to see that the teachers are ready to start practicing what they have learned. You did a great job by training them to be exceptional teachers.

54. For a long time, we have wanted to have quality teachers who will help to make our school a better place for learning. Thank you for helping us achieve this.

55. I never thought that the teachers will be this informed after the training. You blew my mind big time. I appreciate you for doing an amazing job.

56. As one of the teachers you trained, I want to say that you are the best at what you do. I and the other teachers you trained are very grateful.

57. My school will experience a new and better era with the training the teachers received a while ago. I can’t wait to see the many positive effects. Thank you!

58. When I invited you to train these teachers, I knew you would not disappoint me. I am thankful that you came and trained all of them.

59. Training teachers is one of the many things that you are good at. You are always doing the best you can to help inspire teachers. Thank you!

60. Learning here today has made me eligible to be a contributor to my immediate community. I appreciate the privilege given to me to learn.

Thank You Email To Trainer After Training

61. Dear Trainer,

Thank you for coming to train the staff of my company. We enjoyed the training and we hope you will come to train our staff another time. Your competency is out of this world. The information we got from you will go a long way.

Your Trainee

62. Dear Sir,

It was a great privilege to have you with us the last time you were in town. You blew my mind in this training. Thank you for the training you did for us, we have found it very beneficial.


63. Dear Madam

We will always be grateful to you for showing us how better to carry out our services and package our products. The training was much needed, we found it very helpful. Thank you for your investment in us.


64. Dear Trainer.

I want to appreciate your presence here today. You came on time to train me for the next task. You might not know how much that means to me. I’m grateful to you. I won’t forget the impact you had on me in a hurry.


65. Dear Sir,

I do not doubt that you are the best trainer. I and everyone that you trained recently are always going to be grateful to you. We enjoy every bit of the training. Thank you!


66. Dear Trainer(Name)

We must deeply let you know how excited we are about the encounter we had with you over the weekend. There was no way we could have learned what you taught us if you had not taught us. Thank you for teaching us, our trainer, we will always appreciate you.


67. To my Competent Trainer

It is always life-changing when you come to train us. You always pour into us the knowledge and skill we need to be better at serving the needs of people. Thank you so much for this.

Your Trainee

68. My able Trainer

I want to let you know how progressive we have been since the conclusion of the training. Every day we learn from you increases our productivity drastically. I and other members are grateful to you for all the training you give us. This will be highly treasured.


69. Dear Trainer

This is to communicate my gratitude to you for the training. If not for the training you came to give us and ensured we got the necessary information, we would have been behind in our field. Thank you for the sacrifices, Sir, your impact remains indelible.


70. Dear Trainer.

It was a privilege to be here. Today is a new beginning for me with the training I have received. You have made me better. Thank you now and always. I will work with every new information I have garnered in this training.

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