New Born Baby Wishes to Father and Mother

60 New Born Baby Wishes to Father and Mother for the Arrival of a New Child

Babies are the most precious gift on earth and they are the most valuable treasure that anyone could ever think of having in life. This is because they have this charming appearance in the eyes of the beholders and parents. Thus, the parent of such a newborn baby deserves a very well-crafted new born baby wishes to father and mother to show one’s sophisticated love and happiness for the arrival of the newborn baby.

Wishing a newborn baby to a father and mother is a delightful thing to do for any parent that is just welcoming their new child. It creates joyous humor in the heart of such parents and reveals your heart state towards their joy.

Most importantly, your joy can be expressed through handwritten newborn baby wishes to the father and mother for the welcoming of your newborn baby. Such parents will surely be overwhelmed with happiness in their minds and give them proof that you are happy about the arrival of their newborn baby.

New Born Baby Wishes to Mother

Newborn baby wishes to the mother must always be considered first when wishing the parents of any newborn baby. The reasons are not far-fetched, the mother was able to provide shelter for the unborn for about a few months before producing it out to the entire world. So the mother deserves the wishes first.

1. You have indeed travailed and you have won after much pain. I sincerely wish you all the best as you continue to nurse over this baby till you finally sit to eat the fruit of your labor over him. Congratulations to the latest mother in town.

2. You have done well by delivering this baby today. I wish you sufficient strength to train up and help this child discover her potential.

3. Baby mother, congratulations on your new birth. You have chosen to birth a world-leading champion. I wish that your labor for this baby will not be in vain.

4. Mother, I wish you all the good luck in the journey of laying a good foundation for your child and his purpose. Well done, Mother.

5. I rejoice with you, newest Mother. You have awesomely done well by bringing forth such a beautiful damsel from the throne of God. I wish you good luck and delivery with ease.

6. I salute your strength and energy to deliver this baby. Well done, my dear sister. I wish you heavenly blessings.

7. I respect your strong vibe of desiring to be a mother. Finally, your dream has come to pass. Congratulations, I wish you all the heavenly bliss.

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8. Blessed are thou among the women, you gave forth a golden child. I wish you success on your motherly path.

9. I love what I have chosen to become. A mother to a good child. Well done, friend. I wish you motherly success as you continue.

10. I wish you the knowledge of your new role in your husband’s house. May you continue to be the best in your doing.

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New Born Baby Wishes To Father

Father deserves a newborn baby’s wishes because they are the second originator of a child. No matter what, the place of any man can never be undermined. However, those wishes must be well crafted and created for any new father-to-be.

11. You have successfully become a father today and truly you deserve it. I wish you success as you begin to play your father’s role.

12. I know you have tried so much to witness today. You deserve such a big baby like this. I wish you all the goodies of being a father.

13. You are the best man to have such a beautiful baby like that child. I wish you the joy of fatherhood all along.

14. Being a father is the sweetest thing, you have become one today and I hope God will help you as you begin to exercise that role. Congrats!

15. Dear Father, I wish you happiness to continue to father this baby till eternity. You are the best.

16. I know you are capable of performing this new role of yours as a father to this newborn baby. I wish you great fulfillment in this new role.

17. I am certainly sure that you have prepared for his new position. I wish you a triumph in your new deal as a father.

18. A fatherhood role is the best thing on earth. You have chosen to be one today by calling forth that newborn baby. Well done my dear friend.

19. You have made the right choice by birthing that new baby of yours. I wish you a pleasant journey as you tread upon this path of fatherhood.

20. I’m so happy to hear about the safe arrival of your new baby. You have now successfully become a father over a great nation. I wish you a nice trip on this new trip of yours.

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New Born Baby Wishes To Parents

Wishes for parents for the newborn baby’s arrival are a polite thing to show one’s profound love and reverence for the birth of a newborn baby. Thus, new born baby wishes to father and mother are something that needs to be so accurate and perfect. Check out the following for your assessment and usage:

21. Congratulations to the mother and father of a newborn baby. You, guys, have successfully welcomed a baby. I wish you a blissful journey on your path to parenthood.

22. I wish the parents of a newborn baby huge congratulations. Your journey of being a parent is more than mere work. I wish you joy as you progress on this path.

23. I can’t tell you how happy I feel about your new appointment as a parent. You both deserve it. I wish you success.

24. I am deeply happy about the new arrival of your newborn baby. Your newborn baby will be so happy to have you as parents. I wish you happiness.

25. You both have birthed a beautiful baby girl. And I must say that you have birthed a great nation. I wish you joyous labor with this baby girl.

26. I wish you spirited labor over your newborn baby. Heaven will support you on this. More strength!

27. New parents in town! What a beautiful thing for you after a few years of waiting. I wish you strength as you proceed on your new journey of life.

28. You have become new parents. I rejoice with you. I wish you the joy of parenthood from the bottom of my heart.

29. You have decided to birth a wonderful baby. I celebrate you guys. I wish you new hope as you celebrate your newborn baby’s arrival.

30. You deeply deserve the newborn baby boy. I am happy for you, both. I wish you endless joy as you go through this labor journey to bring this child.

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Welcoming A New Baby in the Family Quotes and Messages

Welcoming a new baby to a family’s wishes is a great thing to do for the celebration of such a newborn. However, such wishes must contain suitable words for the celebration of a newborn baby.

31. Yes, children are the heritage of God and they deserve every form of celebration. So for this reason, I welcome this beautiful damsel of this family. You are highly welcome.

32. Your birth was mysterious. It makes us discover a lot of new things that we almost neglect in our homes. You are welcome.

33. It is such a huge privilege to have you in our family. You have bought us tremendous joy and overwhelming happiness. We welcome your existence in our midst.

34. Thank you for choosing the right family to dwell with. This family is the best for you and we pray that your existence will continue to bring more joy to us.

35. No one will ever think that we will receive another awesome baby like you. Baby, we wish you a lovely ride as you begin to ride in this world.

36. You are the perfect match for our family. There is no doubt that you have bought us many blessings from the Lord. We are happy to have you.

37. We are exceedingly happy to have you in our family. We wish you a blissful stay in our family.

38. You are the newborn baby given to us by God. You are awesomely special to us and we pray that we will continue to cherish you till eternity.

39. You are perfectly made for our family only. You came in at the right time. I wish you greatness in our family.

40. No matter how it seems, you are the best thing that has ever occurred in our family. We welcome you, you shall continue to be a blessing. Amen.

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Quotes for New Born Baby Boy

Every newborn deserved to be celebrated on its first arrival. Moreover, the baby boy needs well-conserved quotes for their arrival. Any baby boy needs to be recognized because they carry more value and honor. So we have drafted well-composed quotes for newborn boys. Watch out!

41. Dear Son, you have been birthed through. I carefully and painfully push you out of me. And as you continue to grow under my watch. You will surely prevail over all.

42. You are worthy to be called my Son. I watched you as you grew within me during pregnancy. You have stretched-out wings and I know that you will surely fly.

43. This is my Son. My pride, my joy, my only heartthrob. The only man that was able to win my heart after my husband did some time ago.

44. I love you my little crown. You have extremely won my world. Just at your birth, I received so many blessings. You are blessed, my dear Son.

45. Blessed is the womb that was given to you, the way you express yourself shows that you have successfully been birthed by a woman.

46. I will continue to dearly love you and care for you as long as I live. No matter what may arise.

47. A baby boy is the most pleasant human in the world. They do add blue to brighten the range of other colors in any family. I’m happy to have one.

48. Babies are beautiful, but a baby boy surpasses them all. They are like salt in any soup. They bring a lot of flavors to sweeten the taste of any family.

49. Real babies are boys. Happily, you are one of them, my dear son. I love you so much and I will always care for you.

50. No words can describe how much a family will feel without you. You are an awesome person in the whole world. You are welcome, dear Son.

Welcome Quotes For New Born Baby Girl

Welcome quotes for a newborn baby girl are the most polite thing to do to welcome any baby girl. Naturally, girls are a favor obtained from God and they must be previously cherished as one.

51. My baby girl has finally arrived. A gem in a box of ornament packs. I pray as you grow you will excel in all.

52. God has done a good thing for me. I have birthed a baby girl. Heaven has favored me so much. I love my baby girl.

53. No matter what others say, you are my beautiful jewel and I cherish you for life.

54. I love you, my baby girl. You have just added much color to my world. Welcome my baby.

55. You are my second love, my baby girl. You have done so well by coming into my world. I love you.

56. No one could ever think that I could birth you but you coming into my world makes things different. You are highly welcome, Honey.

57. You have brightened our world. My baby girl, we both love you. We promised to care for you more and more forever.

58. A baby girl is like a crystal star shining brighter on a perfect day. That is the description of my girl. I love her.

59. I can’t stop loving my dearest baby. She is so soft and bright. Her smile illuminates my world. Her cheeks make me feel nature. I love how my creator created her.

60. We deeply welcome our baby girl that has been chosen by our heavenly father to stay in our abode. Cheers to the newest baby girl in the family!

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