Personal Message for The Graduation Ceremony

53 Personal Message for Graduation Ceremony

Seeing the end of a course of study is a pleasant thing. Many begin and never finish. It’s good to start a race, finishing it is much more important. If you have started your academic race and you’ve been able to finish it, you say congratulations to yourself. This is always a time of joy and appreciating yourself for the journey so far and for success well attained.

A personal message for graduation ceremony is needful for every student who starts a course and has been able to finish in a grand style. While you wait for others to say congratulations to you, you should also congratulate yourself. As an individual, it is needful to learn to celebrate your accomplishment no matter how little you consider them.

Whatever others wish you are not as important as what you wish yourself. You should say well done to yourself for working hard to finish a course. I want to, first of all, congratulate you for coming this far with the utmost confidence in my heart that you will go yet farther.

Are you a graduating student at any level and you’ll like to say congratulations to yourself? I have on this page messages to celebrate yourself while you wait for others to celebrate you as well. And also these messages can be used to send congratulatory messages to any graduating student around you!

Virtual Graduation Personal Message Examples

1. Congratulations to you! You eventually made it and I rejoice with you greatly. This is an accomplishment of your yesterday’s dream. This is certain that if you can dream more, you can accomplish more. Congratulations!

2. I’m glad for you because your long-time dreams have eventually come to pass. You have done well by going through the huddles of higher institutions. It’s so exciting that you overcame.

3. May this accomplishment take you from where you are to the high places of the earth. This will not be your last victory. We shall yet have many things to celebrate you for. Congratulations!

4. I couldn’t make it to your graduation but this won’t stop me from still celebrating you. I have to go virtual to extend my graduation wishes to you. My joy is filled today because of your progress.

5. I have always loved the way you pursue your dreams over the years. This is a reward for hard work. May this accomplishment lead you to the next level. Congratulations!

6. Pursuing a dream demands diligence. I know it’s not fun coming this far. I celebrate your doggedness and diligence. Congratulations, you made it!

7. This is your current best, there are still many more mountains to conquer. Keep striving towards becoming the best you can be. Congratulations! 8. As you are rounding off this course, many opportunities line ups in pleasant places for you. May you not struggle before you find viable opportunities. I rejoice with you!

9. The next chapter is waiting for you and I’m sure you’re ready for it. This will not be your last success but the beginning of new things in your life.

10. I also want to appreciate everyone who has supported you to come this far in your career. What a good thing to have yourself surrounded by great people. Congratulations to you!

Graduation Personal Message Examples

11. You’ve gone in the last 3 years to embark on this journey and now you’ve surmounted what seems insurmountable. Congratulations to you. May you succeed more than ever before!

12. You believed you could do it and now you did it. I’m so excited about your new achievement in your carrier path. Here am I wishing you the best in the journey set ahead of you!

13. You’ve learned a whole lot in the last 4 years of studies. This is truly an advancement anyone should desire. I want to congratulate you, especially knowing that this is the beginning of new things in your life.

14. This is truly a milestone that many people desire. If you can accomplish this, I’m sure you can do more in the nearest future. Keep striving towards higher ground. Congratulations to you!

15. To a hard-working student like you, I want to say a big congratulations to you. You deserved to be taken out and be truly celebrated. You made us proud in our family.

16. To our dear wonderful graduate, we want to let you know how much we appreciate your tenacity and diligence toward your career. Your achievement makes us proud and indeed we’re glad you made it here!

17. One thing is certain; the best opportunities are all around beckoning you and waiting for you. You performed excellently well in your studies and that’s why we say congratulations!

18. It’s time for you to go out there and make a major difference in your field. This certificate has earned you national recognition and because of this, we say congratulations!

19. There is the life you’ve imagined and this is the time to go for it. Don’t hold back, the world awaits you. Congratulations to you!

20. You’ve worked so hard and now it’s time to enjoy the works of your hands. As you step into the next phase of life, nothing shall deprive you of everything you’re due for.

Virtual Graduation Message Examples

21. I have always known you to be an intelligent student who scores incredible marks. This is now the time to make your marks in life. I’m so excited about your time well spent in school! Congratulations to you!

22. This success is your past. There are yet higher mountains ahead of you. I wish you a future filled with opportunities and great blessings. Congratulations to you! 23. Everyone around your life is proud today because you have delivered a major success. Both friends and family are so excited that you’ve come this far. What a beautiful day today is! Congratulations!

24. Truly, great accomplishment comes from diligence. You’re a true witness to this thing. You have now become a reference that all other people are looking up to. Thank you for standing true to your career. Congratulations!

25. If there any way we could express ourselves, we’ll say we’re more than being proud of you for the level of excellence exuding from you.

26. You’ve proven yourself to be a very good son to this family and indeed we’re more than proud to be associated with you. Thank you for writing our family’s name in a golden pen.

27. We’re here to rejoice with you for this great accomplishment of yours. This is beautiful and we must say the celebration looks good on you. We remain proud of you. Congratulations!

28. I have known you to be hard-working in the last few years since you applied for this course. Your sleepless night and tireless pursuit during the day show that you deserve where you are. I appreciate you greatly, God bless you!

29. We’re always your fan cheering you up to be the best you could ever be. We appreciate the hard work and fastidiousness that you have put into your studies. Congratulations!

30. You’ve learned so many things which I believe apply to your next level. I desire that everything you have learned so far unlocks opportunities unto you like never before.

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Finally, I Graduated Quotes For Myself

Did you just graduate? You should be very proud of yourself! And I must say that you truly need a personal message for graduation ceremony to celebrate yourself!

31. Oh it’s time to celebrate me! I have crossed bridges and surmounted impossible challenges. This is the time to celebrate my hard work and enjoy the fruits, therefore. Congratulations to me!

32. As at when I first started, it looked like I won’t come this far. The journey was challenging but I thank myself for staying through the process.

33. I have a lot to do for my immediate community and I’m so glad I have submitted myself to the required process. Congratulations to me, I made it!

34. Having worked so hard, having hard sleepless nights, and having endured the process of becoming my dream, I want to say congratulations to myself.

35. This is not an easy road yet plied by so many people. I’m glad I made it and it’s time to truly celebrate myself as I deserve. Big congratulations to me! This shall not be my last achievement.

36. For this career to become a reality, many friends put both financial and moral support in place to make it possible. Congratulations to me, I made it!

Message For Graduating Students From The Teacher

37. Great student of our time! I want to appreciate the level of excellence and diligence that has brought us this far. You’ve done this by working very hard and standing out among your equals. Congratulations!

38. You’ve made me a very proud teacher and I’m glad I have the privilege of teaching you through the course. You made me enjoy coming to your class. Big congratulations to you, great student.

39. You’ve set records that it will take decades for any student to break. I’m glad because you set a landmark through your concerted diligence and hard work. I rejoice with you today and this shall not be your last success!

40. Hearing the news of your outstanding results was no surprise to me because it was expected so. I have seen you work very hard in the last few years. This is great and I sincerely rejoice with you!

41. You’ve done so well and we greatly rejoice over you for the success you’ve acquired. You’ve made me proud personally and also our school as a whole. Congratulations to you, I wish you more achievement!

42. Your attitude towards work has spoken very loudly that you’ll surely succeed. The same mindset you had that has brought you here is the same mindset you should have going forward. Congratulations!

43. I’m glad that your day of joy has come to stay. Family and friends are gathered together today rejoicing and celebrating you. You made it and we’re really glad!

44. I’m not surprised to see you here because you have worked very hard and you’ve proven yourself to be a reliable person among the rest. Congratulations to you as your day of joy unfolds!

45. As a proud teacher, I want to say congratulations to you on your well-deserved success. May life presents you with the opportunity that commensurates with your level of excellence.

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Inspirational Message For Graduating Students

46. There is a spirit in you that has kept you running in the forward direction and I would want you to maintain that spirit fervently. May the coming days be better than your past!

47. I have never known you to be a quitter, you’ve always sustained a never give up spirit. The entire family and friends are continually proud of you. May you keep succeeding!

48. I have always known you to be a very smart student and this accomplishment has proven it to be true. Your success makes us happy and that’s why we’re saying congratulations!

49. You’ve been in this phase for a very long time and this is the time to put an end to it. You’ve succeeded greatly and I believe you can make more success happen!

50. Truly, diligence pays and you’ve truly been diligent. I’m glad you have a good result to show for your diligence. Others coming behind you have a lot to learn. Keep succeeding as much as you can!

51. I would want you to be proud of yourself at this moment because you’ve done something incredible. Congratulations to you!

52. Though the journey was very tough but very glad that you made it. If you can come this far, you can go further. Keep moving, congratulations!

53. I would want you to proceed in life to do more exploits as you have been doing here in the school. May you find the journey into life very easy for you. Congratulations!

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