51 Supervisor Comments And Recommendations Samples for Staff Members

One of the things that individuals must strive to build is good reports. This would require that you have worked under somebody or in an industry where you have built credibility and thereby you can be recommended by a superior authority. It matters what a supervisor or superior has to say about those working under him.

As a supervisor, people’s careers depend largely on you. It matters what you have to say about them. As much as possible, you should strive to be constructive in your evaluation of them so that they can have healthy esteem around the work and deploy their best potential. Whatever comments you make about them will either elevate or depress their career as they climb the ladder of success.

No one works without a boss or supervision. And it matters what you as a supervisor say about your subordinate. Supervisor comments and recommendations can either help people under you secure better opportunities or prevent them.

It’s necessary to carry out a detailed assessment of your subordinates and construct feedback to let them know how well they have been doing and what areas they need improvements. Criticism is not a bad thing as long as it’s done constructively and with love. While you criticize people, also appreciate them.

If you will make your comments and recommendations precise and constructive and I assure you, it will yield positive results.

Are you a supervisor and do you need some fine comments to help you communicate the state of your subordinate? On this page, I will be showing you both positive and negative comments.

Areas Of Improvement Performance Review Examples

As a worker, I have considered you very diligent and goal-driven since you joined this organization. We cannot deny your impact and input among us. We appreciate all you do. However, it will be highly appreciated if you work on these areas:

1. I have found out that you’re a very sincere person and you will never let the offense go without addressing it to its face. This is so good because it has helped our organization curtail excesses. However, you will do better if you add some diplomacy to the tone of your communication when addressing matters. You will be appreciated as you take note of this!

2. You’ve been a frontier in this industry-leading your team to achieve great goals. That’s great and highly commendable. You’ll achieve more goals if you will also consider delegating some functions to other colleagues.

3. Your exemplary leadership has helped our organization bring about coordination and orderliness to our work. You’ve been a great leader so far. I would like you to learn how to run inclusive leadership that will allow others to also find expression.

4. Having watched you very closely, you’re such a person who loves things to be done perfectly without flaws. This is good and it will always help the organization move forward very fast. However, learn to be gentle with others who are just coming up.

5. Obviously, you’ve gone through some level of training and the certificate you’ve acquired over the years is mind-blowing. I appreciate your sound knowledge which has helped this organization largely. Kindly note that no one is a Mr. Island, it’ll be profitable to learn from other people as well.

6. As clients show up in our office, it won’t hurt you to learn to listen to their complaints in detail before passing judgment. Do not always relate with them from your depth of knowledge, relate with them from their various levels.

7. Learn to cultivate the attitude of respecting others just as you would want to be respected. To always be respected, you have to show respect to others. Take a look at this area and kindly work on it.

8. Another area you should consciously work on is teamwork. You’ll need to unify your team members to enable them to deliver the goal of the industry. The division has been a major challenge among your colleagues. Kindly work on this area.

9. It’s very important at this time that you learn good communication skills in relating with our potential clients. They’re the life wire of this Industry. As much as possible, try to play friendly with them.

10. You’re very hard to work and meticulous. However, try and cultivate a culture of time management. This is also important. Not only coming to work regularly but also you’re always punctual. Keep this going!

Supervisor Comments And Recommendations For Nurses

Are you a supervisor in health sectors and do you have a nurse under your watch? Here you have the best supervisor comments and recommendations for nurses and other health workers.

#Positive Comments

11. The first thing that must be appreciated in her is her extreme care for the patients brought to her. Many of them feel very much at home being in our hospital. She has been a great staff among the rest and is thereby recommended for her desired position.

12. She doesn’t only attend to the patients but also goes the extra mile to do the work with energy and enthusiasm. This has kept hope alive in our patients. Those who are at the point of death have always received the courage to live some more. I appreciate this indispensable gift from her. You can kindly consider her for her desired position.

13. The level of excellence that exudes from her is top-notch. She is a nursing staff worthy of recommendation and applause. Any health firm will achieve so much with her. She is a great nurse and can be taken into your firm.

14. He always possesses a positive attitude which he shows whenever she is under pressure. How he manages the emergency is so attractive and appealing. I want to encourage you to take her to your medical organization for uncommon delivery.

15. Having watched him project diligence and excellence consistently, I want to ink my recommendation on him to be considered for the highest position in the health firm he wants to work with. The future is highly bright with him. He can handle any position you might want to employ him for.

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#Negative Comments!

15. Great nurse, greetings! Your input in this hospital is highly felt and always needed. Kudos to you for the great job that you’re doing. However, you’ll need to learn how to manage your emotions whenever you’re under pressure.

16. As a nurse, you should constantly bear in mind that the life of patience depends so much on you. Always do well to assure them of life. You’ll need to control your temper and stop being harsh on them.

17. It came to my notice that you’ve been transferring aggression from one person to the other. This is not fitting for your profession as a nurse. You should learn to manage personal issues without bringing them to work.

18. Kindly note that you’re a lifegiver, not a lifetaker. You’ll need to constantly beam hope to your patients. It helps them to recover fast and amplifies the name of our hospital.

19. We’re not unaware that you’re going through some personal struggles at home but it doesn’t have to always feature at work. Do your very best to ensure to conceal your emotions and let joy flow from you to patients.

20. You’ve done well in past years but it appears like you’re not improving. We consider you very excellent but we’ll also need you to be given constant improvement so that you can be on the same page with the medical world.

Manager Evaluation Comments

#Positive Comments from the Manager

21. The joy of every manager is that he has every growing worker under him. I’m so elated to see you growing and advancing in your career from time to time. You’ll always have my recommendation any day anytime.

22. I wrote a negative review about you the last time I never thought would come this easy with you to improve this very fast. Amazingly, your performance is very much on the high side. Thank you for being who you are!

23. Being your manager is a pleasure to me because you make working with you happen with ease. You’re so teachable and lovely to work with. I’m proud to be your boss and I will be eager to be one forever.

24. I like the way you show commitment to your work as though it’s your own. If everybody works like this, this industry would have been 10 times greater. I love your diligent spirit and I want to say thank you for all you do.

25. Every task given to you has always been handled with so much sense of urgency. I see how you will step out of your way and deploy the necessary sacrifice to ensure the job gets done. I like how you are doing!

#Negative Comments from the Manager

Kindly take note of this as you advance your career:

26. The last task we gave you was delivered on time but without any form of excellence no matter how little. This doesn’t speak well of you and it won’t help your resume as you the ladder of success.

27. The amount of inaccuracies invested in your projects makes it very difficult for me to even carry out a proper assessment of it. I do not expect a professional of your caliber to give out this as your best.

28. What has been seen manifested in you lately was not very good. The way you burst out in anger and talk back at your colleagues was out of joints. Kindly see how you can tame your anger and do things in a mature way

29. I have noticed lately that you’re distracted, not a little. I don’t know how else I want to communicate my displeasure to you about how you do not concentrate on work but rather spend junks of your time on social media. This is not so good of you.

30. Several customers have had one reason or the other to lodge complaints about you which you have to work on at this time. Kindly learn to develop family relationships with your customers to be able to keep them close.

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Supervisor Evaluation Comments


31. It’s always my pleasure to conduct evaluations on you because I always have many things to write about you as a byproduct of my observation of your work. You’ve always improved in excellence and I will always love you to improve on it.

32. You’ve always been diligent and goal-driven and this has advanced the purpose of our industry. I appreciate your diligence and purposeful spirit.

33. I can attest to the fact that you’re a fast learner. The way you grasp the lessons passed to you is astounding. I will advise that you grow in this positive attitude. Keep standing firm as you have always done.

34. I cannot doubt the fact that you will become one of the most celebrated workers in our industry in no time. Your work is excellent and very attractive. I will always recommend you for a higher position over time.

35. Having evaluated you very closely, I would say that your customer relations skill has improved and has kept our doors wide open to clients across the board. Your value system is great, thank you for all that you represent!


36. It doesn’t speak well of you that you don’t submit your reports on time. You’re expected to do better and correct this unhealthy impression about yourself.

37. I evaluated your report last month and I found some discrepancies in the document you submitted. It seems you’ve been distracted lately and obviously, you no longer pay attention to details. You need to work on this!

38. The feedback we get from random customers reflected that your disposition towards them is not good enough. This has to be checked and worked upon as soon as you can so that you don’t get penalized.

39. Also, you need to be conscious of the fact that a tree cannot make a forest. The organization will not run well if you continue to act independently of others. You have to learn to work with teams of colleagues around you and drive the goal of this organization to needful ends.

40. You’re very sound and intelligent and I think you need to learn how to pass your message without sounding bossy. You don’t have to sound too authoritative to communicate your mind to others.

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Supervisor Comments Examples


41. I love the way you disseminate information among your colleagues with so much respect and courtesy. You’re the best at what you do and I always appreciate this. You’re a great worker!

42. The good work you’ve been doing has spoken all over. Every work has always been wanting to be like you. The standard you’re setting is a long time and we appreciate that you set one!

43. You’ve been a constant researcher who brings fresh information to the table helpful to everyone. This has helped our organization advance beyond what we planned. Thank you for all that you do!

44. You’re such an enthusiastic worker who does not get tired no matter how tiring the work is. I recognize and appreciate your doggedness and attitude toward work. Keep up the good work, you are very noticed!

45. I have always known you to give your best at work and show enthusiasm until the job is done. This is very great of you and I’m recommending you for a higher privilege in our industry.

46. It’s easier for anyone to underestimate your possibilities until you prove otherwise. The impression of yourself you’ve created is always attractive, thank you so much for your great input.


47. Your attitude to work has been very poor lately. You need to brace up to meet up with the requirements expected of you. I believe that you have great potential and I know you can do better than you’ve done.

48. The way you approach people around you is very unprofessional. You’re standing on one of the most desired platforms in the world and I will need you to accept the challenges that come with it.

49. You’re yet to accept the obvious challenges that come with the nature of the job you do. You have to understand that you need to conform to the standard set by the organization and do better than you’ve been doing.

50. It matters how you package yourself and show up for work. You need to learn how to appear neat and professional all the time. Don’t forget that you represent the interest of our company. Always be mindful of this.

51. It’s expected that you deliver on time anytime a client places an order. It’s not enough to get the job done, it’s important to do it promptly. Kindly learn to be prompt

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