Saturday Prayers and Blessings

102 Saturday Prayers and Blessings | Good Morning It’s Saturday

Saturday is one of the most desired days of the week because it allows everyone to stay back at home relaxing with family members and friends. The beautiful feelings the thought of a Saturday morning brings make it highly desirable for everyone.

This is the time to rest and spend time with your family, loved ones, and friends around you. More importantly, time with your maker. Such a day is best started with Saturday prayers and blessings.

It’s very essential to be hardworking and put in your best in whatever you do. The beauty of living is work. However, for one’s work to be fruitful, one needs divine blessings on it which is why Saturday prayers must be taken seriously at the close of the week.

The blessings of the Lord make you rich without adding any sorrow to them. Therefore, blessings should be desired in your works, family, and neighborhoods. The blessings of the Lord are what make the difference. You can rest assured that the Lord will bring blessings your way as you make do with Saturday’s words of blessings.

I have helped you put good numbers of prayers and words of blessings together. You can utter these prayers for yourself or better still, you can connect your faith with mine by saying AMEN, and right there you will see the Lord answering your prayers. I assure you of testimonies after these prayers.

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Saturday Morning Prayer Message

Below are powerful Saturday prayers and blessings

1. I’m so excited that you have made it to this beautiful Saturday. I thank God for your life and family. He has given you peace and sound health in abundance. His name is praised forevermore.

2. God has made your life very beautiful and in this, I rejoice. He has given you a sound mind that’s why you’ve been able to stay on your screen to partake of these blessings. Glory be to His name.

3. Just as God rested from His work on a Saturday like this at the foundation of the world, may God by Himself give you rest roundabout. You’ll find absolute rest amidst the stress of this world. Amen.

4. He will give you comfort and peace from every side. Everything that makes you afraid shall be taken care of by His mercy. His right hand will settle you.

5. May the Lord bereave you of all your sorrows and grief. Every stream that may be springing sorrow in your life shall dry off speedily. Amen.

6. The joy and peace of the most-high God that cannot be influenced by situations of life shall fill your heart. Nothing will steal your joy.

7. Every part of your family members shall also know peace and joy in the same proportion as you. Joy stealer will not take the hold of your family. Amen.

8. The blessings of the Lord that make little efforts yield very great results will come upon you. Everyone who sees you shall know that the Lord has blessed you.

9. May you be a partaker of every good thing that the Lord has packaged for you this day. You’ll not miss out on any blessing in your life.

10. Just the same way you have put the best of your efforts into the work days of this week so also will the Lord crown your efforts with massive success. Amen.

11. Profit and great benefits will visit your abode today. Comfort, peace, and good news shall abide in your Household. Amen.

12. May the Lord give you comfort on every side and increase your greatness. You shall be greater today than you were yesterday. Amen.

13. You shall be great, you shall not be small. From one level of glory and prosperity to another will you advance in life. No form of stagnation shall be seen within your life. Amen.

14. Maximum results beyond your expectations or imagination are all yours. I see the Lord giving you double profits for all your labors during the week. Amen.

15. I declare that a significant miracle will take place in your life today that you’ll not be able to recover from for the rest of your life. Amen.

16. You shall look back at today and remember this day for the good and great benefits it has brought your way. Amen.

17. May peace spring up from your wall, and prosperity within your palace. Your home shall be called the home of Peace and Prosperity. Amen.

18. Everything that looks like a stigma in your life shall be taken care of by the Lord. Your reproaches shall be forgotten forever. Amen.

19. I decree that you will enjoy perfect peace from the Lord both in your body and soul. May you enjoy mental rest and soundness on this beautiful Saturday.

20. The week has truly to come to an end, glory to God. Everything that has not been glorifying the Lord in your life shall cease forever. Amen.

I give thanks to God because your prayers are heard already. Give thanks to Him likewise because answers are here. I’m looking toward hearing your testimonies shared with me. I’ll like to rejoice with you and also be praying for you personally.

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Saturday Good Morning Blessings

The beauty of the morning hours of the day is that it presents a clean sheet before you for which you have an opportunity to decide what becomes of you at the close of the day.

What makes every morning good is the blessings of the Lord in it. This should make you continually make do with Saturday prayers and blessings. Join me as we proclaim blessings on this beautiful Saturday morning.

21. I give thanks to the Lord of the whole earth who has made it possible for me to be alive today. His goodness is great and endless toward me. I praise Him for this.

22. For the blessings, peace, and protection I have enjoyed during the week, I’m very grateful. His name is praised forever and ever in my life. Amen.

23. The Lord is truly good. His goodness shall not be found wanting in my life and the lives of my loved ones in the name of the Lord. Amen.

24. I decree that I’m blessed, I’m not ashamed. Everything that happens today shall be in my favor and great advantage. Amen.

25. The counsel of the Lord shall stand in my life. The token of the lairs of the wicked ones shall be frustrated. The plans of the wicked shall not come to pass in my life.

26. The goodness and blessings of the Lord shall abide in my home. Every member of my house is highly favored by the Lord.

27. Everything that is troubling my mind shall receive the baptism of peace from the Lord. No trouble shall take over my heart.

28. I receive rest and joy from the Lord the distributor of it. The stream of my joy shall not run dry. I’m blessed in all I do. Amen.

29. I decree that I enjoy the blessings of the Lord that gets one paid even when at rest. The pleasure of the Lord flows ceaselessly in my life.

30. My life is filled with abundance, there shall be nothing lacking, nothing wanting because I belong to God and I fear His name.

31. As the Lord has helped me to come to the last day of the week, every worry, pain, and concern comes to an end. Amen.

32. The fingers of the Lord will settle me speedily than my efforts can accomplish. I’m joyful and blessed by the Lord Himself. Amen.

33. I’m blessed by the Lord therefore I’m a blessing to others all around me. Everyone who comes in contact with me shall contact the blessings. Amen.

34. Where my efforts end the Lord will begin there. He will take me farther my efforts can go. I’m blessed by Him in every way. Amen.

35. This Saturday will be one of the best I have ever had. I scream for joy because of the blessings and favors the Lord would have brought my way.

36. I decree that I believe in the Lord and because I believe I shall see His glory in the land of the living. I’m blessed, I declare!

37. I’m a recipient of a miracle that exceeds my imagination. The Lord will do exceedingly abundantly above my wildest dreams.

38. I decree that I’m positioned for the reception of every good gift that is traveling around the earth on this special day.

39. In blessings, I’m blessed by the Lord. In multiplying, I will multiply. The Lord lifts me higher than every force and challenge. Amen.

40. Without a doubt, I believe the Lord has answered my prayers, and speedily will the answers come. This is one of the happiest Saturdays I have ever had. Happy Saturday to me.

Saturday Greetings and Blessings

You have done a job for yourself, now it’s time to reach out to your neighbors and loved ones with greetings and blessings this Saturday morning.

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41. Good morning to you, a highly cherished one. May I let you know that the Lord has done you well by bringing you this far this Saturday morning? I thank the Lord for you.

42. I want to say well done for all the job done over the weekdays. You’ve done a whole lot. You truly deserve to take coffee and have a nice time with yourself. Happy Saturday.

43. On this beautiful Saturday morning, I desire that you’ll experience the true rest in your soul. You’ll be refreshed and renewed.

44. Forget all the worries and anxieties of the weekdays, here comes a Saturday to unwind. Spend time resting. Have a beautiful Saturday.

45. There are bound to be one or two things that you may not be clear about. This is why you have a God who knows all things. Relax, God has you covered. Happy Saturday!

46. These beautiful events of this day will not elude you. At your resting position will goodness come to visit you. You’re blessed in all that you do.

47. Take time to enjoy the proceed of your Labor today. Life is designed to be enjoyed. This is the day of rest for you. Happy Saturday!

48. May men and women specially favor you today. The favor you do not call for is coming your way speedily without delays.

49. Happy Saturday, I hope you enjoy the beautiful feelings it brings. May these feelings last as long as you wanted. Have a beautiful Saturday!

50. This Saturday is bringing you sweet relief and joy more than every other day of the week. Relax, everything is working for you.

51. I say to you on this beautiful Saturday, wherever you step your feet, you’ll step into success and abundance. Have a beautiful Saturday.

52. The danger of the day shall not be your portion. The Lord will protect you from evil ones. His name will be praised in your life. Have a beautiful day!

53. It’s a beautiful Saturday already. I wish you happiness, joy, peace, and all-around rest. Everything shall be made beautiful for you today!

54. This is the culminant of the week. It’s my desire for you that you’ll get the highest level of pleasure that you’ve ever gotten in the time past.

55. Happy Saturday to you beautiful soul. I suppose that you need a companion today. I have sent goodness mercy and peace to keep company with you. Enjoy their company.

56. I assure you today that nothing will be strong enough to stop your desired advancement. You’ll have the dreams of your heart come alive. Blessed Saturday to you.

57. You’ll neither fail nor falter. Your path is established, and your feet will not slip. You’re held by the hands of the Lord.

58. There will be nothing that dies or fails in your hands. Your efforts shall yield maximum benefits and results. Have a wonderful Saturday experience.

59. You’ll not labor and another man eat. You’ll be empowered to eat the fruits of your labor and work. Rest and joy are all yours.

60. The Lord who has given you all things to enjoy will give you a mouth to enjoy the proceed of the works of your hands. Weekdays are for work, and Saturdays are for enjoyment. Enjoy it fully!

Good Morning Saturday

The most beautiful days of the week are those days when you wrap up the whole week. Everybody is also excited about such a day like this. Among these days is Saturday when you have all your time to yourself.

61. Here comes such a beautiful day as this Saturday. I know you’re so excited to be out of work and be at home with yourself. Enjoy all the amazing feelings Saturday has brought to you. Good morning.

62. I want to welcome you to a bright and colorful day like this Saturday. Get sufficient fun today while it lasts. Do have a blissful and refreshing time with your family.

63. Saturdays are always for re-invigoration and amazing enjoyment. Ensure you use it for what it is meant for. Good morning.

64. It’s my utmost desire that this beautiful long-awaited Saturday brings you happiness and all-around fulfillment. Have a great Saturday with warm coffee.

65. Work is beautiful and profitable and so is rest. The best day of the week is the one that is set aside for the relaxation of your body. This is what this Saturday has come to offer you.

66. Ensure you do not allow any official duties to interfere with your rest period this Saturday. Make the day for what it’s meant for. Happy Saturday to you.

67. Today is much more expected than the rest of the week. Now it has come without you applying for it. Enjoy it as a gift and let it bring absolute rest to you.

68. This is the best time to unwind from the tension of the week and create beautiful memories that will keep you through the next week. Have fun today!

69. Many things lie ahead of you truly, the future is always expected and sought. But never allow the anxiety of the future to rob you of the present joy. Have an amazing Saturday.

70. Be excited and enthusiastic about this beautiful morning. Relax and make the body ready for next week’s activity. Ensure you visit some beautiful places today. Have an amazing time.

71. Now the bright and beautiful Saturday has come. Ensure you derive maximum pleasure from its bank of pleasure. Take enough doses of pleasure while it lasts.

72. Get yourself inspired at whatever costs. You need to stay inspired to enjoy the beauty of the day called Saturday. Happy Sat morning.

73. This is the best chance you have to renew your energy for better functionality of your body. This will be to your advantage next week.

74. Many people work very diligently without taking the time to take care of themselves very well. This is nothing but an injustice to oneself. Don’t do this to yourself. Enjoy the Sat.

75. I hope that this day will bring you all that you desire for yourself and your loved ones. Make the most of every moment with pleasure today.

Good Morning It’s Saturday

76. It’s a wonderful and highly desirable Saturday that you’ve been expecting all the while. It has come to greet you and in a few hours, it will soon depart. Don’t miss the pleasure embedded in it.

77. Kiss your Saturday, and get satisfied with the scent of it. The beautiful smell the Saturday morning exudes cannot be compared to all other days.

78. Mentally detach yourself from all the activities of the week and be on the same page with Saturday. It’s a beautiful day for you.

79. Good tidings that you’ve never had from all other days of the week shall break in today. Amazing experiences shall be all yours.

80. Another exciting time with Saturday is here. I hope it will unfold all its manifold peace and rest upon you and your home. Happy Saturday.

81. May you find perfect rest and peace in your soul to put yourself together for the week ahead. Everything is bright and beautiful just for you.

82. These best wishes are coming to you from my heart. You’re so much loved and deeply appreciated. It’s a special day, happy Saturday to you.

83. This Saturday belongs to you and all the fun it has come with. May you receive grace to enjoy it to the fullest.

84. Endless joy and peace will fill your soul. May your strength be renewed like an eagle and be fully prepared for what lies ahead of you.

85. May you have a Saturday filled with rest of mind without worries. Allow no worrisome thoughts to disrupt your peace today.

86. Saturday does not come twice a week. Never allow this one you have got to pass by without maximizing every benefit in it.

87. What a beautiful smile you had on your face when you woke up on Saturday morning! Nothing can beat these feelings.

88. Ensure you are deliberate about putting a smile on somebody’s face who’s struggling to get one today. Have an exciting moment.

89. Remember there will never come another Saturday again this week. This is the only one you have, use it judiciously. Have an amazing week.

90. Be grateful to God on this wonderful Saturday. Start the day with so much joy and hope of fun during the day. Eat, rest, and unwind.

Saturday Blessings Quotes

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91. You can always make a big deal out of everything you do. Make today a big deal for yourself by giving yourself a wonderful treat.

92. You’re allowed to reflect on each day of the week to see what you have done well and what you have not done rightly. This helps you improve your output next week.

93. Just the same way I woke up with strength and hope this morning, I hope you also had a similar experience. Enjoy the radiance of the day.

94. My wish for you today is that you spend the whole time smiling and laughing. This does so much good for your health. You’re blessed.

95. Don’t let the thought of what you do not have rob you of the joy of what you have. Be contented while driving after your vision.

96. Saturday is for enjoyment while the weekdays are for labor. Don’t bring any labor on the scene today, rest all through. May you enjoy true rest in your soul.

97. I’m sure this is also your best day. As for me, I derive my utmost pleasure on a Saturday like this. Ensure you get some fun.

98. Sometimes, an obsession with work will make you feel you must work all day. But I tell you, if you do nothing today, it will not alter your output. Relax today!

99. Show somebody Love and great affection. Spend time with people and give somebody hope in life. It’s a Saturday morning, have a pleasant time with people.

100. May you not be short of happiness and flow of Joy today. Be decisive about being happy no matter what may surface.

101. Don’t get bored, engage in things that get you excited and laughing. You have just one life, make enjoyment part and parcel of it.

102. Stay motivated all through the day and the day will deliver maximally to you.

It’s so exciting that you made it to this Saturday. Nothing but blessings are coming your way. Be expectant, your days of joy and peace have just arrived.

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