Thank You Message For Boss Farewell

61 Thank You Message For Boss Farewell

Having a boss who has very helpful in the overall organization’s growth can be very disheartening and heartbreaking. When a very helpful boss announces a departure, it could be very destabilizing but such a one has to make progress in life. Find thank you message for boss farewell on this page to say goodbye to your wonderful boss.

Words will often fail people to communicate their regrets and how much they will miss such a boss who has been a functional part of their lives. Some bosses leave due to age, relocation, retirement, or another opportunity elsewhere. Whatever the reason might be, farewell messages must be sent.

If your boss has been very helpful, it’s important to construct a good speech and send it across to bid him goodbye. Such a speech should express how much impact he has made in your life and how much you’ll miss him/her.

Thank You For Your Message To Boss Who Is Leaving

1. You’ve done pretty well and the feeling we have is like you should not go yet. You’ve been so helpful in helping us realize our vision in this firm. Now that we have to say goodbye, we wish you well.

2. Saying goodbye to a phenomenal boss like you is a very bitter pill no one in this organization has ever imagined swallowing for the next seven years. Your impact is indelible, thank you for your contribution so far.

3. We thought you would stay longer but the necessity of promotion has demanded that we say goodbye to the most intelligent boss in the world. What a great time we spent together! We’ll miss you beyond what you think!

4. Nothing makes work-life sweet like having a friendly yet principled boss like you in our workspace. You’re the embodiment of excellence and simplicity. Thank you for being you!

5. Your input in us has made us become our best. We have achieved so much within a very short period. Thank you for always fueling us to be our best. We’ll truly miss you, goodbye!

6. You’re not just a boss but also a loving mother. Your method of correction is everything to us in this world and to let you know, it has shaped us to be world-class workers. We appreciate your presence, goodbye and best of luck.

7. Working with you was a great experience very difficult to be forgotten. The memory of your significant impact will linger in our memories. We can’t thank you enough for your stay. Best of luck!

8. Your leadership in this industry helped us individually and collectively as a people. We couldn’t have come this far without your deliberate input. We appreciate the space you fill among us. Blessings all over you as you advance further in life.

9. We wouldn’t have known what it means to be an excellent leader without you. Thank you for leading by example by showing us what to do. Thank you and goodbye.

10. The space you filled could hardly be filled by someone else in this world. Others may try but your exactitude may never exist. I wish you great blessings as you take your leave.

Short Farewell Message To Boss Who Is Leaving

Below are thank you message for boss farewell:

11. It’s time to part ways with the most wonderful boss in the history of this industry. What a life and great level of development you’ve brought to us in this industry. Goodbye!

12. We appreciate your stay among us and we’ll wish that you never leave. But now that your career must necessitate your departure, we want to say goodbye.

13. The most amazing father in the similitude of a boss is about departing. Though it’s heartbreaking yet we must rejoice with him for his wonderful contribution to us all. We wish you great luck ahead!

14. There are so many things you’ll be remembered for. How you took this company from the grassroots to this height is so miraculous and profound. I wish you the very best in life.

15. Knowing that you will quit your leadership here and be a leader elsewhere is not a good feeling for me. I wish you could stay longer than now. Congratulations, and best of luck!

16. It’s very thrilling and wonderful to have you as my boss. I have never been the same as a person and my career has moved further. Thank you so much for being a great leader.

17. You didn’t stay so long here but the impact is indelible. You were outstanding in your approach to leadership and you’re a leader to be like. I appreciate you so much, best wishes ma

18. You’re a hero that many generations coming behind will appreciate. The impact you made is so significant and time cannot forget it. You’re appreciated, goodbye!

19. How will it be coming to work tomorrow and not seeing you around? I feel very odd about this. I will miss you so much. May the blessings of God abound in your journey.

20. You’ve done so well here and I can assure you that greater tasks await you. As you forge ahead in life, you’ll grow in relevance. Goodbye, Sir.

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Farewell Speech To Boss Who Is Leaving

21. Dear leader, it’s so painful to see you leave this organization. Everyone felt bad about it but we can see that this is about your progress. I cannot communicate how I feel about your departure but I want to say goodbye.

22. Your stay with us in this organization has filled us with an awesome experience. What a time of service with you. We’ll forever appreciate you. I want to say goodbye.

23. Your deposit in this industry cannot be erased with the ink of time. What you’ve done is trans-generational, generation to come will meet the impact.

24. Your outstanding leadership is worthy of appreciation and we’ll forever appreciate it. As you leave and take on another responsibility, may everything work in alignment in your favor.

25. Thank you for the mentorship you provided us with. We’re now a changed people because of the richness of your leadership. Thank you so much, Sir.

26. Whether or not we feel right about it, time of life will always require that people change positions. I’m glad you fulfilled your course here and certainly greater things await you shortly.

27. It’s such a wonderful privilege to have served under your leadership. I have not only improved in character but also my career has advanced. I appreciate your staying with us so far.

28. There are so many things I will miss you for. Let me say thank for you your wonderful style of leadership. I love your tenderness and discipline. Thank you for the training.

29. While you were here, you made the vision of our organization very clear. This is why we have moved forward from where we were to where we are now. Your path shall be filled with light as we bid you goodbye.

30. Thank you for being a wonderful manager both over this organization and individual staff at large. You’ll never be forgotten in a hurry.

31. A great leader of all time, I want to seize this moment to appreciate you as you take your leave for higher ground. The love you showed us is so great and we’ll never forget how large your heart is. You’re such a wonderful person.

32. I felt depressed when I heard that you’ve changed levels as the higher ground calls. What a lovely personality you’re in this field. Generation to come will hear of your impact and call you blessed. We’ll miss you greatly.

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Farewell Message To Boss And Colleagues

33. My colleague has served and therefore must be appreciated in grand style. It was a wonderful time having you to work with you in this organization. I will miss you greatly, goodbye.

34. You’re such an inspiration to me particularly. You’ve made me achieve what I never thought would be possible. I appreciate the kind of person you are.

35. Having you in my circle is with much pleasure. I wish we were together forever. It’s of necessity that I want to say goodbye to you. Thank you, I appreciate you.

36. Your perfect attitude and impeccable behavior have taught me how to be a gentleman and an excellent leader. You’re highly cherished and appreciated.

37. You’re truly leaving but your impact cannot leave with you. Your footprints will be forever in this industry particularly. I will never forget you.

38. It’s time for my best colleagues to move further in life. I deeply desire that our carrier bearings will cross again in the days to come. I wish you the very best in your journey!

39. You’ve done so well in this organization and much more in my life. I will seek to reciprocate your benevolence as life grants us the opportunity to meet again. We appreciate you.

40. You’re a colleague turned family. I will never forget how you are constantly an inspiration to me. I’m what I am today by your commitment to my life.

41. Seeing you exiting our circle and joining another one is quite painful. I thought and I sincerely desire that you wouldn’t leave this organization. It’s painful I have to say goodbye.

42. I’m certain that people in this organization will never stop talking about you, particularly me. Your impact is undeniable. Goodbye, I miss you already.

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My Boss Is Leaving How to Say Goodbye

43. Today eventually marks the day that my great boss is changing levels. Your time of selfless service is well spent here and we’re very grateful for everything you represent. Goodbye, till we meet again!

44. I have learned quite a several things from you which have helped me to prove my career path. You’ve done so well during your stay in this industry. Blessings abound on your path.

45. I want to appreciate your uniqueness in the style of leadership. You made everything beautiful for us and we’re so grateful for your manner of life.

46. I want to wish you all the best, my amiable director. It was quite an awesome experience working with you. I wish you a great journey ahead. Blessings!

47. While we miss you dearly here, the colleagues you’ll be working with are so lucky. Anyone would desire a person like you to stay forever. It’s high time we said goodbye!

48. I want to appreciate your efforts and the newness you’ve brought to us. What a massive advancement was enjoyed during your stay. We love you, goodbye.

49. To know that we’ll henceforth be holding meetings without your leadership is not so pleasant. We’ll be missing your sweet leadership because of a shift to another branch. Goodbye!

50. The time you stay here has added loads of fortune to us here. I wish you good fortune in the path you take forward. God bless you and your adventures.

Sample Farewell Message To Boss

51. As far as you’re concerned, it can only get better with you. Better days await you and I’m sure a great celebration coming your way. I wish you excellence and perfection as you journey ahead.

52. I’m deeply sad and short of words beholding your exit from office. It will be difficult to forget you in the next 5 years. We appreciate your stay and contribution so far. God bless your journey.

53. Our organization has accomplished great things since your installation as our boss. So pleasurable to have you as our leader. Great blessings shall attend your ways.

54. You’ve planted yourself into us and be sure that we’ll make you proud any day. You’re such a great blessing. Goodbye, Sir.

55. Working with you has added great fortune to my career. You’re so sweet to be with. I wish you endless blessings in all that you set to do.

56. Every virtue you added to me while working with you is appreciated. I’m a different person today and I’m very grateful for all you did.

Funny Farewell Message To Boss Who Is Leaving

57. Certainly, you’re going out in the possession of greener pastures. I know you will enjoy a good salary but not find such amazing staff as you have here. Why not rethink? Smiles.

58. Are we ever going to miss you in this space? No! I cannot say. Just joking, you’re too important not to be missed.

59. You’re a great man, you know how to deal with people. We’re grateful for the manner of person you are though you’re not so nice yet very nice.

60. Your news of departure was shocking because I was already planning to build a home for you here. I wish you can make this place your home.

61. It’s not funny that you’re about to leave us here. You may get a fat salary ahead but certainly not the set of staff you have here. I know you’re missing us already.


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