160 Most-Affectionate Good Afternoon Love Messages, Quotes and Greetings for Him/Her

good afternoon love messages

The love that lasts is the love that is practiced at all times. It must be shown every day and every time. Love is an all-time activity. How sweet you want your relationship or love-life to be is determined by your commitment to it.

Oftentimes, everybody gets busy during the day that they forget to send romantic good afternoon love messages to the one their hearts beat for. Good afternoon messages are romantic strategies to capture the attention of your lover.

As much as you want to give a wake-up call to your lover in the morning, it won’t take much of your time to extend your affection to him/her in the afternoon too. People love surprises to be expressed to them. Something is a surprise if done when it’s not expected. Sending romantic good afternoon love messages to the love of your life will be of great surprise.

Are you eager to look for good afternoon love messages to get your lover excited? You’re the reason I put this article together to help you express your affection to your lover without limits. Here your sweet good afternoon messages to my love at the tips of your fingers. Just copy, and send. You could also say good afternoon my dear friend to your friends too.

Good Afternoon Texts for Him

Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Him
Good Afternoon Texts for Him

Who do you want to say good afternoon to, if not your boyfriend who has your heart? Are you asking what should I text him in the afternoon? A kind-word of affection will be very good for that man you have taken as your very own. Taking a little time out of your time to say good afternoon my love help your guy get more productive at work. You won’t believe that magic until you try it.

Romantic good afternoon messages for your boyfriend will relax his nerves from the stress and get him refreshed to function more productively before the day is over. Your afternoon texts for him could be the reason he smiles all over his workplace. Below are some good afternoon texts for him to make him smile endlessly.

1. Hey Man, How’s your day coming through? I know you for productivity in all that you do and I’m sure your day has been very productive. Have it in mind that somebody loves you here! Enjoy!

2. Good afternoon Love, It’s my pleasure to give a cold good afternoon to my man crush. I make it cold because I know you should be warm by now. Let my love flow through your veins to cool your temperature. I love you, my King. Have a great afternoon!

3. I have been through a lot today, my head is filled. Your company is missed and it’s all that is desired now. All I want is you. Have a wonderful afternoon and come home fast.

4. Wonderful afternoon to my husbandman. I know you’re missing me. How do you think I got to know? Smiles! A beat in my heart convinces me that you’re missing me. Miss me well and come around to fill the space. Have a productive afternoon!

5. No success or achievement is comparable to having your company with me all through the day. You’re the best thing I treasure the most. Enjoy your afternoon, my King!

6. Your time with me is always a desirable opportunity I long for. When I stay with you all day, it will be as though no time has been spent. But when you depart for a second, it will be like you have been away for 100 years. I miss you, cool afternoon to you!

7. Apparently, your space cannot be filled by something else. I have looked for an alternative to make up for you but it’s not possible. You’re the only one that can be you. Have a great afternoon!

8. What in this world could be as interesting as you? I searched all over, sincerely, I couldn’t find any. Thank you for being the unique man that you are to me. I love you endlessly, my Crush!

9. In your absence, I tend to flashback at the moment we share, and sincerely, it’s so thrilling and worthwhile. It’s a moment to be desired! Come again, and let’s share some more. Stay filled with my love!

10. Blissful afternoon to my King! I deeply appreciate the manner of hard work you show in your daily task. This is worth appreciating you for. Thank you for all you do!

Sweet Good Afternoon Messages for Him

11. I’m always wrapped in your love every time of the day. There is no boredom with you. You’re the most interesting part of my life. I can’t wait to have you back home, my Dear.

12. Hey precious Gift to me, it does appear like I can’t have enough of you. The more I have you around, the more I want to have you around. You’re indeed precious, my Darling. Stay so!

13. The level of hard work you show towards your profession has given me a sense of security for the future. With you, my future is safe. Thank you for the assurance, Good afternoon, Handsome!

14. If wishes were horses, anyone will ride! Smiles. I wish I could jump from here to where you are now and spend this wonderful moment with you. Anyways, my wish will come through before the day is over. I love you!

15. Nothing could have made my heart beat well if not that you are wrapped up within me. The thought of you is medicinal, it heals every part of my body. Hey everyone, If you see my guy, tell my medicine to come home fast, he is my medicine! Keep enjoying your afternoon!

16. You’re not just my husband, you’re everything to me and everything I have desired. I’m thrilled at the thought of the fact that I belong to you and so do you.

17. My pleasure, wherever you are now, I want to notify you that my presence is with you. I’m sure you can feel it intimately. Come around and feel it more, my Own.

18. The best man in the world, guess what! I have got something special for you at home! I know you wanted to know what was it! Then you have to rush home and see it yourself. I’m waiting for you. Be here, my King!

19. Cool afternoon, my dear King, do you need me to do something for you? If you do, let me know, I’m always at your service to give you the best you cannot get elsewhere. Come, let me do everything for you!

Good Afternoon Text to Make Him Smile

20. As the clock ticks and the evening approaches, so I’m missing you more. Guess what’s doing me now! It’s you that is doing me, come home and do me well. Smiles! Much love for you!

21. There is a little distance between us right now because we both have to be involved in the activities that matter. Our efforts shall not be in vain! You’re always in my heart! Have a productive afternoon!

22. You have been a wonderful man in my life which is why I cannot kid with you. I highly esteem you for the manner of man you’re becoming. You’re just evolving. Greater days ahead!

23. A man who works very hard like you in the day deserves to have a wonderful rest at night. I’m here to give you rest. I’m your rest, come and have me. Smiles! Your afternoon is blessed!

24. Sending romantic good afternoon messages for my love is a pleasure to me above all things. I know that it keeps you happy and closed to me. Your happiness is my pursuit.

25. My special breed man, I want to tell you over and over again, that I love you. You have my backing and full support everywhere and you can get it every time. I’m with you! Succeed this afternoon and have your rest at home at night.

Good Afternoon Love Message to My Wife

Good Afternoon Love Message to My Wife
Good Afternoon Love Message to My Wife

Who is the wonderful man that every lady wants? A wonderful man is that man who knows how to show love at its peak to his wife every day and anytime. A man is not truly mighty until he can afford love every time. Every man wants to satisfy a woman without stress. A largely-despised way you can tell your wife, I love you is by sending romantic good afternoon messages to her.

Good afternoon love message to my queen is very essential and should be done every day. Do you think loving your wife could be too much to show her every day? I know you can’t love your wife enough! Love is new every morning. If you have that approach towards your wife, you’ll enjoy your marriage without itches. Below are some sweet afternoon love messages to her.

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26. My wife, my everything! Honey, you know I cannot trade you for anything less. You’re the best thing in my life and will ever be. How’s your day going? Have a lovely afternoon!

27. Having you on the same flight with me has made the journey of life very fast and worth traveling. If you are not here with me, I’m sure I can’t be here. You’re so special! Have a great day!

28. The queen of my palace is out there making waves and causing things to happen. I’m identified with you whenever you are. Have my love filled with your heart today, my precious property!

29. Good afternoon my sweetheart, I wish you were never away from home to have you around me always and any time. Of course, I know something worthwhile has taken you out. Be here soon! Have a wonderful afternoon!

30. I wish the clock ticks faster so that you can leave the office and be here with me. The afternoon is not worth spending without you on my side. You’re my pleasure!

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31. Good afternoon sweetheart, Could anything have been as interesting as having you at my side? Everything is only interesting when you’re there. The interesting thing is you. Have a beautiful afternoon!

32. Do you know I will be on my way to check on you right away if you don’t show up now? Smiles! I’m sending you this text to check on you for me. Smile as you receive it.

33. Good afternoon sweetheart, the day can be very challenging I’m aware. The afternoon can be very interesting, I know. I need you to know that I’m with you cheering you up for wonderful input over there. Keep working, my Queen!

34. Life may present itself tough. The day may be very demanding. I’m sure of one thing you’ll always succeed regardless of what you have been through. I love you, Dear!

35. Having a precious Queen like you dancing through my belly each passing day is an exciting experience I can’t do without. You’re true to me and I will always love you as one.

Good Afternoon Message to my Girlfriend

36. You may be off guard and out of strength to keep forging ahead in Life. I want you to be confident of one thing that I will be there for you even at the moment when everything looks bleak. Have a productive day, my Queen!

37. May I get you thinking and excited right away? Your man is eagerly waiting for you to serve you with something you have always loved. I know you will want me to mention it! I don’t want to say it, I only want to show you when you’re back. Have a romantic afternoon, Baby.

38. Though females are many, but a wife is very scarce. Having a wife material like you couldn’t have been a product of my search but a gift I don’t deserve. Thank you, my wife-to-be. Enjoy your afternoon!

39. Good afternoon sweetheart, how’s your work going over there? What a hard-working woman you are! I’m amazed at what you combine in one you. Keep working, I love you.

40. You’re a treasure to me, I value and appreciate you for choosing to be that treasure to me in years past. Don’t get tired of your duty. Keep it up, I love you.

Good Afternoon Message to my Queen

41. Afternoon my precious Queen, As the sun rises and afternoon is here, I wish you glowing glory and favor for the rest of the day. Have a wonderful afternoon my sweetheart.

42. The waters of the oceans don’t finish, my love for you cannot dry no matter how much I show it. Be secure, I can only love you more. Have a wonderful afternoon, my Honey.

43. When you turn around and there is a need for help and you cannot find any. At first, you don’t have to turn around to seek help. Just turn at me, I can carry you. Blissful afternoon to you.

44. My love, although I’m very busy right now, I consider it lovely to take out time to say I love you beyond all I have shown you. All I want to say now is, I love you.

45. Time is the currency of life. It should not be wasted but invested. How best I love to invest my time is by spending quality time with you which you love. I’m at your service always!

46. I was busy at work and suddenly my heart just beats. I purse to listen to my heart, then I got to know that my precious queen is tired out. Work a little more and be here, my Darling.

47. You may be truly tired and out of strength. It’s normal to feel so like that as the hard-working person that you are. This is why I’m sending this soothing message to make you experience relaxation in your body. Enjoy the rest of the day.

48. May I say thank you forever for being by my side even when no one else could afford to stay with me. Thank you for the support and backups I enjoy from you. I’m yours always!

49. Your role in my life is indispensable. It does appear like nothing is in place until you have filled your space. You’re highly esteemed and preferred, my Queen.

50. The good thing that has happened to me was you. The better thing that is happening to me is you. The best thing that will happen to me will be you. You’re relevant in my past, present, and future.

Good Afternoon Friendship Messages

Good Afternoon Messages for Friends
good afternoon friendship messages

Friends are very important, you cannot do much without having them in their good numbers in your life. Friends are the currency of life, you will go as far as they can connect you. Many opportunities abound in friendship if you can keep a good one. This is why you need to see the importance of good afternoon friendship messages.

As you are dedicated to engaging romantic good afternoon messages for your sweetheart or lover, good afternoon messages for a friend are equally important. Here are good afternoon my dear friend which you can send as WhatsApp or SMS.

51. Great friend of all time, good afternoon. How are things going with you? I’m sure you’re productive today! Keep up the good work that you are doing. Have a more productive day!

52. You’re a precious asset to me. The role you fill in my life has been very worthwhile in helping me to get to where I am. Thank you for all that you do. Good afternoon, my dear friend!

53. Your presence in my life cannot be taken for granted because of what you represent. I thank God for giving me a friend like you. Have a great day!

54. Having you in my life has made me admit that, truly, friends are the currency of life. Having you around me means so much to me. Thank you for staying through to our friendship. Good afternoon my friend!

55. You may not comprehend the depth of my love for you but I’m sure you have an idea of what it is. I’m specially in love with you. Good afternoon, my great friend!

56. Time and chances may not have allowed me to express my love for you the way I wanted it. Whichever way I can, I will do it anyways. Lovely afternoon to you.

57. I’m blessed to have you in my space. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You’re a good friend by every definition. I’ll be your friend for life. These good afternoon messages are all for you.

58. Friends are ladders to success. I must admit that you have been a ladder to me in every way. Trust me, I will always be grateful for your timely input when the needs arise. Great afternoon to my great friend

59. I know you must have been up and doing to get everything working well for you. Only a very few people are as hard-working as you. You shall succeed no matter what it takes and what it costs. My dear friend, good afternoon to you.

60. My day has been very busy, you’re so important to me that I will never be too busy to extend my greetings to you. Have a happy afternoon, my dear friend!

Good Afternoon Wishes for Best Friend

61. My great friend, I put these good afternoon wishes together to activate excitement within you. I love your personality. Good afternoon.

62. No matter what you are going through, I want you to stay focused and remain goal-driven. You shall achieve your dreams if you won’t consider giving up. Go up instead of giving up. Enjoy the rest of the day.

63. For quite some years now that I have been with you, I must admit that there has been a massive and significant shift in my life which I can only attribute to you. Thank you for being this helpful. Have a wonderful afternoon!

64. The working of our friendship is made possible by your deliberate investment of time and resources into us. I can assure you, they are not in vain and they will never be in vain.

65. Your partnership with me in the adventures of life has made life worth living. You’re so wonderful I can’t deny it. Keep being amazing and have a successful day!

66. To the one who has been very sacrificial and loving to see my life move forward, I say good afternoon to you. Your sacrifices are noted and noteworthy. I love you, Friend.

67. Trust to give you every support you will ever need in this life. I will be there for you even when it is not easy. Be mindful of the fact you have me as your permanent asset.

68. I value and treasure this friendship that we have built over the years. It’s been so amazing being with you. Your success shall know no bounds.

69. Friendship is interesting when there is a contribution from both ends. I will not be negligent of what is required of me when needs arise. I’m your partner for life.

70. The future you have imagined shall come to pass, you shall not fail nor will you falter. Success is yours on every side.

Good Afternoon Whatsapp Message

Wish a friend good afternoon messages with these good afternoons Whatsapp status or messages.

71. What do I say to this exceptional personality who has been amazing to me in every form and shape. Wow! It’s been a thrilling experience with you all while. Enjoy your afternoon!

72. Sometimes, hardship encountered in life makes the journey looks rough and undesirable. One person that has made the journey worth going is you. You’re so perfect in your role. Beautiful afternoon to you.

73. It’s not an easy task to find a selfless fellow like you in this selfish civilization. You cannot be found everywhere I’m aware. For this reason, I will strive to keep us together.

74. Could you have thought of meeting me, dear friend? How we met is something worth celebrating every day. Wow! Is this how people get favored? I can assure you that better things await you. Good afternoon messages for a friend like you are worth sending.

75. Success stories shall be the stories of our friendship. May we get bigger and stronger together as we advance in this life. Keep making progress this afternoon and beyond. Good afternoon my dear friend.

Sweet Afternoon Love Text for Her to Make Her Smile

Afternoon Love Text for Her
Afternoon Love Text for Her

If you have been in love at one time or the other, you will agree with me that, a happy wife/girlfriend is a happy life. Women make the home. If you want your home happy and make your life easy, you need to be proficient to put a smile on your wife’s face. Romantic afternoon text to make her smile endlessly is one of the methods you must apply to get the best of your woman.

A well-constructed romantic good afternoon message like you have here will without stress help you put a smile on your wife’s or girlfriend’s face. I can assure you, you don’t need much to keep her smiling where she is. You can afford to make your woman smile all the time. Let me show you how and you will get a thrilling response.

76. Sweet Angel, I call you sweet because you’re so sweet to my bud. I have tasted many things that are so sweet in this world but your sweetness exceeds them all. Have a sweet afternoon, my sweetheart!

77. I have had wonderful experiences across boards. I will submit to you that this world is filled with amazing experiences. But everything put together cannot sum up the experiences I have had with you over time.

78. I will rather choose to put a smile on your face than enjoy all the sweet things around. You’re the real sweetness, to put a smile on your face is the apex of it. I love you, my Baby.

79. With you every day is Christmas. There is no gloominess being with you. Every moment is exciting. You’re indeed very special. Special afternoon to my special sweetheart.

80. I’m so lucky and blessed to be the one who has found you. Amazingly, your heart beats for me. Keep it beating, I will always take care of it.

81. You’re the one who is qualified to start my day and end it well in a ground style. You’ve never been a disappointment one day. Your position in my life is irreplaceable. I love you, my heartbeat.

82. Your love tastes sweeter than new wine. It’s more interesting than I saw in movies. Being me is not possible without you. I love you always, have a lovely afternoon, Baby!

83. When I see you manifest a level of strength that complements my weakness, I scream for Joy of having a perfect help-meet like you. You’re my sugar pie forever.

84. Good afternoon to you honey, there are always good things to remember you for. Time spent with you is worth reminiscing about. Come home so we could have more time together.

85. Just thinking deeply about you, I could see right into your heart that you wanted me by your side. I can assure you, you’ll get just that at the close of the day.

86. My wishes and love will always be with you no matter how distant the business of the day has made us. Coming together with you is one thing I look forward to.

87. Every moment of the day has something I can always offer you. Warm hugs in the morning, sweet messages at noon, and romantic interaction at night. Every time is worth being with you. Good afternoon, my Queen.

88. You know that I can’t stop thinking about you amidst the busy schedules of the day. You occupy every cell in my system. Good afternoon, I love you.

89. Each day of my life, I miss you. The terrible thing about missing you is that I miss you even when you are with me. Smiles! Can you see why I cannot always let you go away for a minute? Have a romantic afternoon in my love.

90. My baby, how’s your day coming through? I hope things are falling in the right places for you? Stay strong, your success today is guaranteed. Have a successful day!

Good Afternoon Message for Her Long Distance Relationship

91. Darling sweetheart, may I let you know how to deal with the anger that comes your way? Should anyone provoke you and steal your smile and you don’t know how to get it restored? It’s simple, just remember the moment you had with me last night! I’m sure you’re smiling now!

92. Since your arrival into my life, I can’t ever imagine your exit. I’m so cleaved to you that I can’t spend a moment without you. You’re permanently in me.

93. The kind of joy and fulfillment you’ve brought to me makes me desire to woo you every day. I want to start afresh with you and be in love with you again at another level. Loving you is my business!

94. Cherishing and loving you is my lifetime assignment I cannot be tired of doing. Loving you is sweet and exciting. You have my love with you this afternoon, my precious Queen.

95. Here is a brief moment I have to cause you goose pimples this afternoon through my text. I love making you laugh without stress. Have a smiling experience this afternoon, my Sweetheart

96. I feel it is high time you had your launch. Have you had or you needed me to send one across to you right away? Oh, it’s on the way! Smiles! I know you love your belly too much to leave it hungry. Take care of yourself for me.

97. My heart is filled with so much love that you cannot drain it no matter how craving you are for it. This is my heart, drain the love therein and let me fill it again. Have a lovely afternoon, my Dear.

98. Good afternoon, how’s your afternoon going my dear? I’m sure you got nothing disturbing your mind today. Be filled with the joy of success you already got. Stay happy for me.

99. Your love has become a source of inspiration for me because having it makes me happy and keeps me inspired to dare things higher than I am. Thank you for loving me, keep doing so Baby.

100. Oh Baby, I feel like singing for you. Okay, listen for a while to my song. ‘my love for you is sweet oh, my love for is endless, my love for you is real oh, oh baby, oh baby, you’re the best’ laughing here right now. How does it sound? Have a happy afternoon!

Good Afternoon Quotes for Girlfriend

It’s popularly known that women are moved by words. The doors to their hearts are their ears. It’s important to know that intelligent women are moved by intelligent words, not just ordinary words. You’re not in control of your woman until you seize her ears. Good afternoon quotes for her help you take hold of your wife/ girlfriend’s ears with ease.

If you want action from your woman at night, you must prepare her mind for it during the day. Putting romantic good afternoon messages for her together just as I have helped you do on this page will soften your wife’s heart and make her ready for you at night. Check out these good afternoon quotes for her and get your desired results.

101. Hey Honey, good afternoon. I can see you’re already excited to hear from me. I’m glad I’m that man who has such influence over you. I’m in love with you, be assured I will always do. Stay happy about the experience at night!

102. Good afternoon the one I desire, how’s your afternoon going over there? Do not stress yourself too much today, I need you to be fine and fit for the plans I have for you at the set of the sun. I can’t wait to have you around. Have a beautiful day!

103. Everything about you makes me go wild. You’re so interesting head to toe. I desire every part of you and nothing to be discarded. You’re the real deal. I love you. Good afternoon my dear friend and wife.

104. Anytime I know that you belong to me without reservation, my body moves with loving aggression looking for you where ever possible. I love you, my Darling.

105. You’re so sweet to my soul that I thirst for you like water. I keep drinking from your fountain yet wanting more. I love you above all things.

106. You have occupied every part of my mind that I dream about you every time I lay in bed. Now you’re with me, I’m surprised that I still dream of you.

107. Your love intoxicates stronger than new wine. You taste better than honey. I cannot have enough of you fill my belly. The more I have you, the more I want to have you. I Love you, enjoy the rest of the day.

108. Today has been stressful for me, the task has been very demanding, but the thought of hooking up with you at night has strengthened me to finish my assignment. See you at night, I love you.

109. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, my strength gets renewed at the thought of you. How much more when I see my precious babe face to face at night? It’s very invigorating knowing that I will have you tonight.

110. I thought I have been enjoying the goodies of life all the while. Your arrival has proven to me that my thought was just an assumption. You’re the true meaning of enjoyment.

111. Hey Baby, be quick to report home earlier than you planned. Here am l waiting for my precious Jewel to come with me and lighten my world. I’m ready for you, I love you for everything.

112. I have been happy before you came into my life but the moment you came, my happiness has gone to another level that hasn’t dropped. I love you for who you are. Have a great afternoon!

113. I do not know anyone who could play the kind of role you play in my life. You’re the only one designed for this job. You have my love, give me more of yours. Good afternoon my dear friend and wife!

Good Afternoon I Love You Quotes

114. As the clock ticks faster, I get more excited. This excitement is induced by the fact that I have a special package I want to offer the love of my life. Come home and have it. Good afternoon my wife.

115. After you, you are still the one I desire. I prefer no one and nothing but you. You’re the perfect description of paradise on earth. This is why I can’t let you go away for a moment.

116. I have been discovering you for years past, yet, I have not finished discovering you. The more I know you, the more I want to know you. You are an endless treasure, my Princess.

117. As the days go by and as I keep committed to knowing you better, I have found out that, there are yet more romantic things I’m yet to discover about you. Knowing you more is a blessing!

118. You’re the permanent Queen of my palace which no one can contest with. But guess what! Since you left home, my palace has been missing you. Won’t you come home and fill your space? Smiles!

119. I won’t get used to you some days that I won’t see new things about you anymore. My baby is new every morning. Newer will you be. Enjoy your time over there.

120. One thing I cannot deny is the fact that I’m helplessly in love with you. I cannot do without you, you fill the most important vacuum in my life. Honey, I Love you!

121. Getting to find out that you’re such an amazing person with a sweet spirit has made me glued to you irrevocably that nothing in this life can separate me from your life. I love you forever.

122. I call you special because you are. I call you great because you’re so. Whatever I call you, so you are. You’re too authentic to be flattered.

123. I wish I could get you down here with me right away. The thought of you flash into my mind and I became overwhelmed with obsession. You’re just the best!

124. Sometimes, you may be surprised while I treasure you so much and I appreciate you always. The reason is simple! There can be no second you. You’re just the only one in a billion.

125. May I let you know that I have not shown you enough love as I wanted? I’m just beginning, the best day is yet to be here. I love you, Darling.

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Romantic Good Afternoon Greetings for Him

It’s commonly believed that men respond to sight, and women respond to words. This is true and wholesome! We cannot deny the fact that words paint images. A well-constructed word will paint an imaginary picture that will stimulate the sight of any man. This is what romantic good afternoon greetings or texts for him will do for your man to capture his attention maximally.

As you take a little time out of your time to send romantic good afternoon messages to him, you will stimulate more than just his ears but also his sight and imagination. This is your advantage to drive your man home with speed. The romantic good afternoon messages you see below are made available for you by me to help you be in charge of your man.

126. My man, my world. It’s my pleasure to go out of my way to express how much I’m in love with you. You’re indeed my world. Keep my world safe for me, good afternoon.

127. Nothing is as important as you in my life. My job is very important to me but not as important as you. That’s why I take little out of my time to say good afternoon, my King.

128. Discovering you very early has reduced the stress in my life and enhanced my productivity. Your input is very significant. I love you, my Crown.

129. You’re the security of my private door, only you have the key to it. You rule my world. Keep ruling until you’re the king of all.

130. How else do I want to vocalize my love for you than the way I’m doing? I have been on research for intelligence to do it better. Some days, I will show you better love. Good afternoon my sweetheart.

131. Every moment is worth enjoying with you. You’re very sweet, hilarious, friendly, and fun to be with. Baby, you know I love you with all I am without leaving anything behind.

Good Afternoon Message for my Husband

132. Choosing to be with me among all other ladies is a privilege I do not take for granted. I will forever cherish this golden privilege. I love you, my darling husband.

133. I’m ready to give you everything you will ever need to attain satisfaction as my special sweetheart. Ask me anything, and be sure you’ll get it. And I know what you would want to ask. Smiles!

134. If you were here at the moment, do you think you have an idea of what I will do to you? You may think you do, but I’m sure you are not. Until you are home, you don’t stand a chance to know. Enjoy your way home, my Love!

135. Sometimes, I want to tell you I love you differently but I can’t do so until you’re here with me. It cannot be said, it can only be shown. Come let me show you!

136. Everyone in my world knows that you are the world they are all in. No wonder, many of them long to meet you in person. That’s how special you are! I Love You more.

137. Hearing you speak is very lovely for me. Seeing you staring at me is very essential to me. When I see you walk around, I’m moved with great emotion. Everything about you is sensible. Come home and make more sense with me tonight.

Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Him at Work

138. Good afternoon to my King, my Pride, how productive has been your day? I needn’t ask, I know you’re the epitome of productivity. Keep reigning on my behalf where you are. I love you wholly!

139. I call you my Pride because indeed you are. I boast about you everywhere I’m found, not just in mere words, but in the perfect display of virtues. I have you represented well here, stay focused over there. Thanks for being hardworking!

140. When I first met you, I fell in love with you. But after a while, I stood up to grow in love. Growing in love with you has been very fun and fulfilling for me. Good afternoon, Baby. May you prosper at your work today, Amen!

141. Some started well in love but ended up not loving themselves anymore. For you and me, love is the only possibility in our world. Our love stories are permanent. I will love you more in the coming days.

142. You may wonder why I’m so committed to looking beautiful every time. I regard you so special to keep you stimulated at all times. I’m decked for your arrival now, come home on time.

143. I have several names for you. I call you my Superman, Heroes, my Superstar, my King, and many more. These are not just titles, they are functions you play. If at all they are titles, you’re deserving of all of them.

Good Afternoon Message in English

Here are afternoon wishes in English and good afternoon SMS in English to wish your lover and loved ones.

144. Each time I think about you and I know that you belong to me, I’m so excited because I have no competitor. My one and only king, I love you.

145. The thought of you alone makes water flow beneath me. It takes your thoughts of you to activate that Ocean. My ocean calls for you, come home. Have a brighter afternoon.

146. You may have some touches of imperfections around you yet all your imperfections are perfect. What a wonderful person are you to me! You’re just too much, my friend.

147. You’ve shown me the true meaning of love, I don’t want to know love by another definition through another teacher. You’re my best instructor in the school of affection. Keep me teaching me well.

148. I was told that people are meant to dream during the night while they are sleeping but I’m surprised to see myself dream during the day. You made that happen! That’s why I call you to dream activator. Smiles. Bright afternoon to you.

149. Looking at you doesn’t end when I’m with you. I look at you more when you are far away from me. You’re indelibly imprinted on the table of my heart, you exist always in my world. Have a blissful afternoon.

150. The day is almost gone, the nighttime is almost here. You’ve worked very hard today. Come home and have a feel of what I have prepared for you. Your baby is waiting and can’t wait to receive you home. I love you this afternoon and beyond.

151. This afternoon is specially designed for you, you make all things bright and beautiful for me. Thanks for your partnership, friendship, and support. I appreciate your presence in my life.

Good Afternoon Lunch Message

152. Here is time to have some breaks from work and relax. It’s time to eat and get refreshed for further tasks. Thank God you have an appetite, get up and eat. everything is yours!

153. I waited for quite a while to give you a launch, now the time has come, you dare not say no! It’s time to eat and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your meal!

154. What exactly is going through your mind right now? I know you really want to get back to work. Work is good but rest is equally important! Relax work is not running away!

155. Good afternoon, friend! How are you? Are you ready for the meal? I’m sure you do! Let’s check it out and get ourselves ready for the rest of the day!

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Good Afternoon Message for Sister

156. Sweet Sister, how are you? I’m sure your day is coming out well! Thank God you are alive to see this afternoon, I just want to extend my noon greetings to you.

157. Nothing makes life as beautiful as having you in our family. Thank you for your contributions and efforts to add color to our home. I can’t wait to have you at home! Enjoy the rest of the day!

158. I love the form of diligence you have shown towards your work, your diligent spirit has brought a lot of pride to our family! Keep it up, good afternoon!

159. Let nothing stress you beyond measure today, you deserve to rest and enjoy your life. The evening will soon be here. I love you, Sweet Sister.

160. I care so much about you affectionately. Please ensure you are taking good care of yourself for me this wonderful afternoon. Stay cool!

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