Unconditional Love Quotes

105 Unconditional Love Quotes, Messages and Letters For Him or Her

The most precious gift you can give to the woman or man of your heart is loving him/her unconditionally, that is, loving the person despite their shortcomings. This is also the greatest gift we could also receive from them. Your home or relationship is as sweet as how unconditionally you are willing to love your spouse. Unconditional love quotes will educate you on how to show love genuinely.

Love is said to be unconditional when it is shown consistently, especially even if the second party does not deserve it. The ability to love without making reference to the under-performance or shortcomings of the second party is the true expression of unconditional love. If love must last, it has to be practiced despite the flaws of your partner.

Unconditional love should not only be shown, it should also be said in clear words. Nobody knows how much you truly love or care about them until you say it or show it. Love quotes made available on this page will help you pass your affection across.

We have compiled a series of love quotes to help you express your feelings to your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. Share any of these heartfelt love quotes with your lovers and watch them smile endlessly.

NB: The quotes on this page are not just meant to be sent across as text messages but also to be practiced as a lifestyle in your daily dealings with the love of your life.

Unconditional Love Message For Him

Just like unconditional love quotes, a perfectly drafted unconditional love message for him is also a way of showering your love and admiration on your man. Drafting romantic messages and send to your guy can keep him smiling all day. The next few lines feature a list of sweet and romantic unconditional loves message for him, feel free to share with your man, and keep him excited all day.

1. You brought the joy, peace, love, and happiness I ever craved for. My love for you is unconditional, my Darling Husband.

2. The feeling I have, whenever I’m with you, is exhilarating, I cherish every moment with you, I love you unconditionally, My King.

3. I love you purely! I understand that perfect guys don’t exist, but you are that one guy that is perfect for me. I cherish you for that manner of man that you are.

4. You are the true portrait of excellence and wisdom. There is no other one who can manage me effectively like you. I love you, the Best among all Men.

5. The thought of you fills my heart every morning, you keep me inspired all through the day, and you are the only one I dream about all night. I love you dearly.

6. You fill every part of my heart, you exist within me every second. You are my best for life, I won’t desire any other, my sweet King.

7. I love the way you love me, you are the true meaning of unconditional love. I love to be with you every hour, I can never get tired of your company.

8. I love you for who you are, I love you for who you were, and I love you for who you will be, forever, till the end of time. Nothing will be strong enough to change my love for you.

9. Nothing will ever be big enough to separate us. My commitment to you is unending. I love you, my Guy.

10. My heart beats for you every moment. The thought of you causes vibration in my vein. You are the real deal, king ringing your bell within me.

I Love Him Unconditionally Quotes

11. You are the star I see in the sky and the sunshine that lights up my world. You are the reason I’m surviving. I love you unconditionally.

12. Hey My King, I have a question for you! Can anyone show me love the way you do? Certainly not! Only you can be you.

13. Your presence brought change to my world. When I look around, all I see is beauty and pure bliss. I can’t but keep loving you.

14. Loving you is my life’s assignment. I take loving you more seriously than every occupation in which I’m involved. You have the first place in my heart, you can never be second.

15. I want to specially thank you for making loving you the easiest thing I could afford. You are simply the best.

16. I feel so lucky to have such a strong, protective, cute, sensitive, and godly man like you. I love you forever.

17. My heart dances and rejoices whenever I think about you, I can’t stand the thought of losing you. I am purely in love with you.

18. I feel so lucky to have found a man who has gotten a heart that loves me even in my worst state, and arms that held me at my weakest moments.

19. I may not be perfect, but I’m sure I’m in love with you. I promise to stand by you forever, to be your best friend and lover.

20. I miss you, that’s my hobby. I care about you, that’s my job. I love you, that’s my life, and I’ll make you happy forever because that’s my duty in life.

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I Love You So Deeply Quotes

21. Life may throw darts at us, but we will remain together. Even in times of sadness and error, we will remain strong forever. I love you.

22. I am the one you love and cherish, and you are the one I love and honor. Life may be petty, and things may be gloomy at times, but I will keep loving you unconditionally.

23. You make all my worries disappear and my sorrows melt away. I wish to spend my future with you because you are the sunshine that lights up my world with your unconditional love.

24. I love you unconditionally, and I cherish you with my whole life. That begins and ends everything.

25. I want you, and you alone, all your imperfections, errors, smiles, laughter, sarcasm. All of it, I want you alone. And that’s all.

26. I wish I could give you one thing, the power to see yourself through my eyes, and that’s when you would have the idea of how much I love you and how special you are to me.

27. Nothing could be as interesting as holding onto you forever. I love you, more than any other thing life could offer.

28. The main reason for my existence is to love you, that is my purpose, and that is too important to be taken lightly.

29. Some might have come into your life and walked away, but I have come to stay with you till time without end.

30. My relationship with you is not a contract but a covenant. I’m here with you and I’m to stay forever. My King, I love you forever.

Unconditional Love Quotes for Husband

To keep your home sweet, one of the things you must do is make each other feel valued and cherished. A wife that knows how to submit herself to her husband will have the love of the husband always. An intelligent wife needs to know how to communicate her love to her husband in a language he understands as love.

One of the ways you can communicate your love to your hubby is by sending love quotes to him through text messages. If you engage yourself with these romantic quotes, you can get an angry husband smiling, a lost affection restored, and a straying husband back home. You can try my method and you will be surprised.

31. As each day passes, so does my love for you grow. I feel so proud to call you my husband. I love you unconditionally.

32. Since you came into my life, the difference is very clear. I’m forever grateful to God for the lover I have found in you.

33. I cannot deny the fact that you are the perfect man for this assignment. Can anyone do it better than you? Obviously, No!

34. It takes a lot to be a husband. The responsibility is very heavy. I appreciate you for standing up to the task.

35. You are my fantasy, you make my dream come true. All through the ups and downs, you’ve always been there. I love you, my Dear Husband.

36. I will never take the privilege of having you play your roles for granted. It’s not everyone that has a responsible husband. I’m glad I have one.

37. Submitting to you and giving you honor is my daily duty I will not forget to do. You have me with you always.

38. I fell in love with you at first sight, and then I found myself falling in love at the hundredth sight. I keep falling in love with you over and over again. I love you deeply.

39. I’m always thankful for every single moment I spend with you as your wife. You make my life amazing, and I feel lucky to have you. I love you, my Darling.

40. You are my happy place, I find myself loving you each day more than I did the previous day.

Love Quotes For Husband To Make Him Feel Special

41. A moment away from me makes me feel I miss something vital. That vital thing is you. I love having you around always. You are just the best for me!

42. I just want to love you the way you are, to share my love with you, to be your inspiration, and show you that love is an action and not mere words.

43. My love for you is higher than I can reach and farther than I can see. You are mine, and I am yours from now till infinity.

44. Loving you gives me joy, but knowing that you are always there to love me back unconditionally gives me the greatest joy.

45. No matter what happens during the day, all I want is to spend my night with you. I love you.

46. Nighttime is always a moment I eagerly do wait for, to have you with me. Come home very fast, my King.

47. Just as the sun shines upon the earth, so does your love shines and brings warmth to my heart.

48. My affection for you is new every morning. It’s perfect and permanent. I love you with all I have got.

49. We make thousands of decisions in life, and we’ll keep doing so. But the greatest decision I have made in my life is entering an unconditional and irrevocable agreement with you. I love you forever.

50. I find loving you very easy, pleasurable, and effortless. I love you, my darling husband. I pray for you from my heart that you will succeed.

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Short Love Quotes For My Husband

51. You are the one who makes life wonderful, I found the meaning of love in you. I love you, my darling husband.

52. Though we may have our challenges, we may fight and disagree, but all that matters to me is for me to stay in love with you, and you in love with me.

53. Your love is all I need, that is why you, my wonderful husband are the best for me.

54. Could I ever get tired of letting you know that you are the best when you are the best thing that has ever happened to me? No way!

55. Falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have my heart now and forever, my Husband.

56. I’ve had so many achievements, but the biggest of them all is being married to an incredible man like you.

57. Whenever you hold me in your arms, I feel our hearts beating together as one, and that is the best feeling I’ve ever had in life.

58. I could hear your whisper, not in my ears but in my heart. I could feel your touches in my soul. I love you, my Dearest Husband.

59. It’s good being married indeed. My experience of being married has been mind-blowing. Who has made that possible if not my husband?

60. Shout out to the world-best husband. You are worth praising and appreciating every day. I love you forever, my King.

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Unconditional Love Quotes For Wife

This is what intelligent men love to do always. A wife is a lifetime companion that makes life worth living. The support you will get from your wife cannot be gotten elsewhere as you devise a means to make her happy every day. Women loved to be told they are loved. As much as it is important to show your love to your wife, communicating it in a romantic way through text messages is equally important.

61. No love can be as real as unconditional love, no love could be as special as the one which comes from the heart, and no love could be as true as the one that comes from me to you.

62. Can life afford me a better companion than I have in you? You are the most important person in my life.

63. A wife can either be the best or worse partner a man can have. I appreciate you for choosing to be the best you can be to me.

64. You are the greatest asset in my life. I treasure you above all I have got. Thank you for showing virtue and excellence, Darling.

65. Can anyone have a pretty, blessed, and friendly wife like mine? I do not think so! Among all the Queens in the world, you stood to be the best.

66. Precious in my sight is your companionship with me. The quality of friendship I have found in you cannot be seen in anyone else.

67. The thoughts of you occupy my mind every second. I think of you now and always. You are the most important.

68. I do not wish to know any love apart from you. I don’t want to understand affection outside what you offer. You are too perfect for me to desire another.

69. My Darling Wife, I need you to know that my commitment to you is permanent. I will keep loving you even it is not easy.

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Very Deep Love Quotes For Her

70. Thank you for staying through to your wifely duties. Celebrating you is every day, and I will forever do it.

71. The best thing in my world is you, your affections chase my fear away, and you showed me the best way to love. Your total care and affection are comparable to none. I love you, my Sweet Wife.

72. The feelings I have around you are heavenly, I am addicted to your care. I love you, my Sweet Angel! My love for you will forever be unconditional.

73. The love I have for you is unconditional, and you will forever be on my mind. I promise to love you till the end of time. I love you, my Darling.

74. No matter the weather, shiny or snowy, I will always care for you. I promise to always stand by you because you are forever mine.

75. The love between us is not about who wins the fight and who is always right. It’s about looking out for each other’s hearts. I love you, my Darling.

76. I knew my search for true love is over the moment I saw you. You are my source of joy, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

77. Sometimes I wish I met you earlier but I’m still grateful I met you anyway, I can’t let go of you because, with your love, my world is complete.

78. You brought fulfillment to my world, you add brightness to my life from the first day I met you. I love you unconditionally.

79. I love the way you care for me and shower me with love. I offer you, my unconditional love. No one else can love me the way you do. I’m yours forever.

80. My unconditional love for you remains as long as my heart beats. I can’t survive a day without you, I love you, my Queen.

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Deep I Love You Messages

81. You are the only person who deserves my attention and my love. No one else can create those sweet memories I had with you, no one can make every moment of my life worthwhile as you do. I love you unconditionally.

82. My greatest dream is to share the future with you. Because your presence in my life makes all my sorrow disappear and my fears melt away. You light up my world darling. I love you unconditionally.

83. Words are not enough to describe my love for you. I so much desire you, and all I want is to be with you every moment of my life. I love you, my Sweetness.

84. My love for you will remain pure till the end of time. I promise to be yours and give you all I have. I love you deeply, my Queen.

Unconditional Love Message for My Wife

Here are unconditional love messages for her to tell her how much you love her.

85. My love for you is more than words can say and greater than you can imagine. I love you unconditionally.

86. You mean a lot to me, you give me reasons to smile. You are the best for me, I love you forever.

87. We might be confronted and challenged by the issues of life, but we will remain together forever. No matter the situation, my love for you is unconditional.

88. You have loved me unconditionally without asking for anything other than my heart. I’m glad I finally found you. You are my Queen forever.

89. My world is illuminated by your unconditional love. You are a rare gem, and I cherish you deeply. I love you, Baby.

90. Baby, I want you to find your rest in my love. My devotion to you is permanent and unchanging. Your weaknesses will not matter when it comes to showing you love. May I resoundingly say? I love you!

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I Love You Unconditionally Quotes

91. Knowing you is knowing love, nobody exemplifies love like you do. Your heart is large and always willing to give love even when it is least convenient. I love you more than words can express.

92. Nothing makes me feel blessed like knowing that you are in my life. I’m not only lucky but also blessed to have the companion of such a qualitative person like you. My love for you is unconditional.

93. Many find love so boring and burdensome but your demonstration of love has made love what I will desire everyday time without a number. Thank you for making life beautiful for me.

94. Each time I say I love you, I truly meant it from the depth of my heart. I love you truly and it’s unconditional. This is will be my commitment to you, a world without end.

95. You have sown the seed of affection, you deserve to reap the fruit of love unconditionally. I’m loving you this way because you have planted the seed. Keep planting, I will keep your seed growing.

96. Nothing makes life beautiful like loving someone genuinely and being loved genuinely. I have found a genuine lover in you and I will remain committed to you eternally.

97. Every day of my life is full of love and ecstasy because a man of love is in my life. Your kind heart and services have made life worth living. I love you deeply and unconditionally.

98. I could not have had a better love than I have in you. You’re the perfection of excellence, affections, and virtues. Thank you, my Queen, for making it easy to love you.

99. You’re simply the most precious among the daughters of men. Your beauty is compelling, your virtues are amazing, and your kindness is the best.

100. I call you the best, not because I meant to flatter you but because I truly meant so. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

101. Better days are ahead! With you standing by my side, I’m so persuaded that success is achievable for us.  I’m simply blessed to have you.

102. Looking into the future and seeing how sweet our staying together will be, gives me uncommon joy. It’s a lovely thing to be in love with you.

103. Your presence in my life has made the earth, heavenly to me. There is no need to go to heaven as long as you are here with me. Smiles!

104. I see a pleasant future and you’re the very one that makes it very pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you for being in my future!

105. The sweetness you’ve brought into my life cannot be gotten elsewhere. I’m glad we’re one. Love you so much!

106. It’s lovely having you all to myself, I won’t trade you for anything in this world. You’re just the best life could ever offer.

107. My life has never been the same since you came into the picture. Keep hanging on. I love you so much!

108. I consider you a precious and divine gift God has given me. I’m with you forever more!

109. My love for you transcends this age, I’m devoted to your life without end. I love you.

Unconditional Love Letter for Him/Her

110. The depth of my Love for you cannot be measured by any metric Instrument. Oftentimes, I want to express the ocean-deep love I have for you but no vocabulary is rich enough to communicate it as deeply as I wanted. You’re the most important person in my life. I love you so much and I can’t hide it anymore. Thank you for making yourself lovable all the time, My King.

111. To the most beautiful Queen in this world, there is a need that I take time out to communicate the depth of love I do have towards you. You’re simply that special personality that has made the world worth living all day. You have made my world a beautiful and lovable place to live in. I deeply appreciate the investment and the sacrifice of love you have made for me. I love you always, my precious Jewel.

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It’s so amazing that you just have interaction with love quotes in their great numbers. These must have refreshed your soul and got your heart beating for your lover. If you engage these quotes continually, you will see your love life blossom faster than you expected.

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