How to Say Thank You for Being Recognized At Work in (2022)

How To Say Thank You for Being Recognized At Work

Having a boss who appreciates you enough to encourage you and recognize you at work is a privilege, and it must be recognized as one. So, you must be thankful for it. Any act of kindness must be appreciated no matter how little they appear.

When you are being recognized at work, you must know how to say thank you for being recognized at work because apart from the fact that it shows that your input in the organization is appreciated, it also in a way will help you to want to do more, which in return leads to your growth and improvement as a person.

This article is to give you the right guide on how to say thank you for being recognized at work, we hope you will find this helpful. Never undermine the power of gratitude, it can open any door any day! Are you looking for beautiful words to say thank you for being recognized at work? Here you have a good number of them on this page!

How To Say Thank You For Recognition At Work

When you got recognized at work by your boss, it could be overwhelming and even embarrassing. However, understand that he/she is just being sincere, and not making you feel uncomfortable.

You must show that you appreciate the recognition, hence you must learn how to say thank you for being recognized at work with all confidence and sincerity.

These few tips on how to say thank you for recognition at work will surely be useful to help you through the process, check them out.

1. Avoid Looking Uninterested: When your boss is giving you recognition at work, sit or stand upright and look straight into his eyes. Maintaining positive body language and smiling occasionally to show that you are excited and interested in what is being discussed.

2. Put Up A Confident Look: This moment cool feels a little bit awkward, however, you must maintain a confident outlook, and not look down or away. This will make you look for and really deserve the praise.

3. Appreciate Your Boss For Recognition: Ensure you thank your boss for the recognition. Let your appreciation sound sincere as possible.

4. Avoid The Temptation Of Trying To Shift The Attention Away From You: Even if you feel uncomfortable while you are being recognized, you must not glare at your boss. Avoid changing the subject just to shift the attention away from yourself, accept the recognition, and don’t return the compliment to your boss in an attempt to shift the attention off you. It will make you appear insecure or incapable of recognition. However, you can make mention of coworkers or others that also contributed to the success

5. You Can Politely Ask For Specific Feedback: If you were recognized for a job well without stating the specific input, you may humbly ask your boss to give a more detailed review and tell you which of your activities was so impressive. This will help you know where to improve.

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Thank You for Recognition Message

Thank You for Recognition Message
Thank You for Recognition Message

6. I want to say thank you for this recognition, I am highly encouraged and will be glad to always do my best to ensure the company’s consistent growth.

7. I feel so blessed to be working with this great organization. It is such a privilege, I so much appreciate this recognition, and I am grateful.

8. Though it came unexpected, I am using this medium to say a very big thank you to all that made this possible. I believe in teamwork, and it has helped me so far. Thank you so much for this great recognition, you are blessed, Sir.

9. I believe everyone has their strength, and everyone has their role and impact to play, I leveraged my strength and was open to allowing others to shine too. Thank you so much for recognizing my strength, I am very thankful.

10. I want to register my sincere appreciation for the management of this wonderful organization. I am so grateful that all my efforts to ensure the smooth running of the organization are recognized, and appreciated. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

11. Thank you so much for the recognition, I’m grateful everything I’ve accomplished in this organization is noted and well appreciated. I am greatly humbled.

12. Thank you for paying attention to every of my input, we could only achieve this as a team. I am grateful.

13. Although I’ve always tried to give my best in all I do at work. It feels really amazing to be acknowledged and appreciated. I am grateful to the board of directors.

14. This recognition means a lot to me. It is a wonderful feeling to be recognized by one’s boss for achievement. I am grateful sir.

15. It’s such an honor to receive this wonderful compliment from a boss. Thank you for recognizing and appreciating my positive impact on the organization. I am grateful, boss.

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Appreciation and Recognition Quotes

16. I am so glad for this recognition I received from you today, Sir. I promise to keep getting better.

17. It was an exciting experience to be given such a huge recognition, it’s an honor I do not take for granted, thank you so much.

18. I wish I could express how grateful I am in words for this recognition award, trust me, you all made it possible.

19. Thank you all for your individual inputs, without your efforts, mine would be wasted, I owe you all my appreciation.

20. I want to use this medium to appreciate you for your sincerity in recognizing my input in the organization and duly appreciating me. I am thankful, sir.

Recognition Quotes for Managers

21. You’ve been a great manager, and we want to use this medium to recognize your input in ensuring the smooth running of this business. They are all well appreciated.

22. It’s so rare to find such an amazing and hard-working manager like you, we recognize all your efforts, and we want to say well done.

23. You are well-skilled, dedicated, and hardworking. Your level of input as a manager has greatly been of help to this company’s growth. Thank you for a job well done.

24. Your level of loyalty and selfless service to this organization is so admirable. We want to use this medium to recognize your effort and appreciate you. You’ve been an amazing manager.

25. The board of directors is so amazed by your level of performance in the company, you have been an inspiration to other workers, thank you for being so committed to your work. We appreciate you.

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Quotes On Recognition of Hardwork

26. Sometimes, when people put in their best at something, the least we can do to reward them is give them a pat on the back, and say well done

27. The reward might not be some expensive things, it might just be a sincere acknowledgment and recognition of a job well done.

28. When we recognize people’s hard work and commitment to a task, we are not only encouraging them to do more. We are challenging others to do better.

29. One of the greatest motivations in life is the result, next to it is knowing that someone sees the effort you are putting to get the result and they appreciate it.

30. In a society where hard work is relegated and despised, the least we can do when we see the few who still believe in it is to recognize and encourage them.

Thank You For The Recognition Message

31. I am grateful for your recognition and for expressing your appreciation for my effort and achievement of making the highest sales for this month. I promise to keep working hard to ensure that the standard is not lowered. Thank you so much, Sir.

32. It’s so surprising to be picked as the employee of the month, thank you for appreciating and recognizing every of my ‘underground efforts’. I feel so excited and also humbled.

33. Thanks for this beautiful award of recognition, I will surely treat it like a title belt, and do all I can to defend it with my continued hard work and dedication. I feel so honored, and I do not take this for granted.

34. It was truly a pleasure for me to handle this role in the organization, however, I am so excited that my efforts were recognized and appreciated. I am grateful, sir.

35. These words of appreciation and recognition went a long way with me, I am grateful that the company appreciates my effort and recognizes it. I promise to keep getting better.

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Thank You For Recognizing My Hard Work

36. It was such an exciting feeling to have achieved this feat in my career, it was much more exciting when I realise that you recognized my effort and appreciate it. It’s such an honor, and I am grateful.

37. Your words of appreciation inspired me to work harder, thank you for appreciating the efforts I put into meeting the deadline for this project. I am grateful sir.

38. I never knew you were observing all my efforts in accomplishing the task before me, thank you so much for taking note of my efforts and recognizing them, it is a great encouragement for me.

39. It is easy to overlook an employee’s effort and not recognize their input. Thank you for deliberately paying attention to us and recognizing our hard work. I am grateful for this recognition.

40. Thank you so much for recognizing this anniversary in my life and celebrating with me, it shows how caring and sincerely concerned the management is about her employees’ welfare. I feel so excited.

Thank You for Recognition Award

Thanks For Recognition Quotes
41. Knowing that my efforts to be a good employee are being appreciated challenges me to raise the bar. Thank you for your recognition and kind words.

42. I was so humbled by your kind words to me about my work ethic. I was surprised I was being watched. Those words mean a lot to me, and I promise to do better.

43. From my past work experience with you, I knew my effort will not go unappreciated, thank you for proving me right. I am grateful for this recognition award.

44. Knowing that you value and appreciate my attitude makes me feel happy. I never knew you would appreciate and recognize them. I appreciate those kind words you said to me today, Sir.

45. Thank you so much for this recognition, I promise to keep improving myself on this job to even achieve greater feats. I am so grateful.

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Recognition Thank You Message

46. Thank you for this acknowledgment, it is really encouraging. Achieving the title of “employee of the month”, is indeed not an easy task. I am grateful the effort is well appreciated.

47. I was overwhelmed to hear your words of appreciation and acknowledgment of my hard work at the staff meeting today. My heart was filled with so much joy, knowing that none of my input has ever gone unnoticed. I’m encouraged to do much more, Sir.

48. I felt so flattered to have reached that level of recognition with the management. I will continue to keep working hard and deliver my best for the organization.

49. I felt so glad I could be recognized as an asset to this team. Thank you for recognizing and appreciating my unique skills and talents. I am thankful.

50. I want to say to you for recognizing my achievement so far in the organization, it gladdens my heart and makes me realize I can do even better. Thank you so much for encouraging me.

51. Your recognition made me feel so much like a valued member of the team today. Thank you for showing that you believe in me. I promise not to disappoint you.

52. Thank you for recognizing my unique skill, and giving me a role where those skills will be maximized is a great recognition I do not take for granted. I appreciate your effort in helping me maximize my skills and bringing out the best in me.

53. I am grateful for the feedback got from you today, Sir. I enjoyed every moment of the review, and I also appreciate your constructive feedback. It will all help to make me a better employee.

54. Thank you for your frequent appreciation of our unique inputs on this project. Your recognition of our efforts on this project as a team is so motivating.

55. I appreciate that you take my ideas and suggestions seriously, it makes me feel valued and appreciated. It makes those years of gaining those experiences and insights even worthwhile.

Sample Thank You Note To Boss For Recognition

56. Thank you for the awesome recognition I received today after a few months of working with you. It makes me feel accepted, and I promise to keep giving my best and make you proud of me.

57. It’s so exciting to know that the boss is impressed with your work. Thank you for acknowledging my input on the just concluded project. I am grateful, Sir.

58. Thank you for recognizing my effort while working on closing this huge deal. It is such a great achievement for me in my career and for the organization as well. I am grateful my efforts are recognized and appreciated.

59. I want to register my sincere appreciation for this raise I just got, Sir. I’ve worked so hard for it, and I am glad the organization recognized it. I promise to work even harder and make the company proud.

Thank You Mail for Appreciation Received

Thank You Email To Boss for Recognition

60. Thank you for your recognition of my dedication to teamwork. I was excited to know you took note of this quality in me and took the time to appreciate me. I am so grateful, Sir.

61. I feel so honored to be recognized and announced as the employee of the year. I hope I will do better and exceed your expectations. Thank you so much.

62. Your recognition and approval today really inspired me, it makes all my sacrifices and efforts worthwhile. I deeply appreciate your recognition, Sir.

63. Though I felt a little bit embarrassed due to the shock. The recognition got from you today was least expected, but highly appreciated.

64. It was a mixed feeling of excitement and appreciation when you mentioned how much you believe in me during the staff meeting today. I appreciate the fact that I am a valued member of the team, and I promise to do all I can to meet up to this standard.

65. This promotion is never taken for granted, and I am so grateful that my long-time effort and input are being appreciated today. Thank you for the privilege to move into a position of higher responsibility. I am grateful.

66. Although it is an honor and a great privilege working with you, thank you so much for still recognizing and appreciating my input in the organization. I feel valued and so grateful.

67. I am grateful for this positive and encouraging feedback you gave me, Sir. Thank you for expressing how much you recognize my effort in the organization. I feel much like a valued employee and not just a number.

68. Words of encouragement like this inspire me to go the extra mile. Thank you so much for recognizing my achievements and appreciating them. I am very grateful, Sir.

69. Thank you for your keen interest in each team member, and thank you for always taking note of each member’s effort and appreciating them. I appreciate your kindness.

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Thank You So Much For The Recognition

70. I am so glad this project was a success, really enjoyed being part of it. Thank you so much for recognizing my effort. I am grateful.

71. I am grateful for the accolades I received from you today. The feeling was indescribable. Thank you for your sincerity.

72. I was glad that you were impressed with my performance over the past few days, Sir. I’ve been working really hard on improving myself, thank you so much for recognizing and appreciating my effort.

73. Thank you so much for recognizing everything I’m doing to give my best to the company. It’s rare to have a boss who pays attention to such details. I am so grateful, Sir.

74. Your words encourage me and give me hope. I know I can be the best I want to be, and all my input will be duly rewarded. Thank you so much for the recognition, Sir.

Thank You For Recognizing My Efforts

75. I am happy you were impressed by my delivery. Thank you for giving your sincere opinion and positive feedback. I am grateful.

76. Your kind words and recognition were really appreciated, thank you for making me feel valued. I am glad you recognized my efforts.

77. Your words of appreciation have really been encouraging, and it makes me want to put in more effort. Thank you so much for recognizing how hard I’ve been working to ensure the company’s best delivery.

78. It feels so fulfilling that every of your input and effort to the company’s success will never go unnoticed. Thank you for appreciating my little input. It means a lot to me.

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Thank You Note To the Manager For Recognition

79. You are such a great manager, I appreciate you for recognizing and appreciating me today, Sir. I will continue to make you proud.

80. I feel so blessed to be working with someone like you. Thank you for being sincere enough to acknowledge my effort in making the company better. I am thankful, Sir.

81. I appreciate your effort in encouraging every one of us in all aspects. Thank you for this recognition, it means the world to me.

82. It is not easy to pay detailed attention to each employee’s work to know the level of each member. Thank you for being so exceptional, and hardworking enough to do so. I am grateful for this recognition.

83. You’ve always been a source of inspiration to me. I admire your exceptional managerial skill, which you’ve just displayed once again, thank you for this recognition, Sir.

Thank You For Your Recognition Of My Work

84. I appreciate your recognition of my work. Thank you for these beautiful words of recognition. I am grateful for this.

85. For your selfless act, for your acts of kindness, and your words of encouragement, I say thank you so much. I am glad you recognized my effort and appreciate them

86. I owe you my success and achievement. Your constant recognition and appreciation of my work make me a better person today. Thank you for always appreciating my work, it encourages me to do more.

87. You are a wonderful boss with a good heart. Thank you for your sincerity and genuine love for me as your employee, thank you for the way you make me feel accepted. I am grateful sir.

88. The way you appreciate my little effort and make me feel your support for me has brought me this far. Thank you for this constant encouragement. I promise to always make you proud.

Thank You Note After Recognition

89. I am grateful for this recognition I got today, here am I saying a big thank, you, Sir.

90. I believe everybody is unique in their own way. Thank you for recognizing and appreciating my uniqueness. That was so kind of you.

91. I feel so excited to know that I am in a team where I am well-valued. Thank you for seeing the little effort I constantly put into ensuring the smooth running of the business. I am thankful, Sir.

92. It was an overwhelming moment today when I received those words of recognition. I felt so energized and optimistic throughout the day. Thank you so much for the recognition.

93. Mentioning my name today, and stating all the amazing things I’ve achieved in the organization makes me feel fulfilled and also thankful. Thank you for recognizing my input in the organization so far. I am proud to be a member of your team.

94. Thank you so much for this recognition, but I will like to say this feat is not possible without my wonderful team, and I will like to appreciate them too.

95. I am glad we were able to finally complete this project. Thank you for the encouragement all through the process, it kept us going and brought us this far.

96. Thank you for the accolades, they are highly appreciated. It can only get better.

97. I am so happy to work with this great team, it really helped me a lot. Thank you for your appreciation all along.

98. It’s such an honor to be recognized and celebrated today. Thank you for encouraging me to become the best, I am grateful.

99. It has been so beautiful working with you all the while, if I have to choose another organization again, I will choose this one.

100. It is always my pleasure to have you recognize my efforts and contribution to this great industry.

101. I want to appreciate the privilege of serving with you. Thank you for the great benefits this organization has added to me.

Being recognized and appreciated at work is not a reward that comes to the lazy, but to those that truly deserve it. Being qualified to receive your boss’s recognition and appreciation at work, shows how hardworking you are, and trust me, I am proud of you for that.

I hope you found this article useful? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones.


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