I’m Grateful to God for Everything | 62 Grateful Captions and Quotes

Grateful to God for Everything

Thanksgiving is a command, not a suggestion. As far as God is concerned, everything calls for gratefulness. Whether the situation is pleasant or not, it all calls for thanksgiving. The scripture says, “In all things, give thanks. This is the will of God for you in Christ”.

Being grateful to the Lord for all things He has done for you does good to you than it does to God. Off course, when God is praised, He’s magnified but also when you lift God in praise, He lifts you in life.

In case you find some situations around you not friendly, this should not shut your mouth of thanksgiving to God but rather should make you lead an intentional praiseful life. If you stay consistent in giving thanks to the Lord, He will have every situation changed for you for good.

Magnify the Lord in praise, He will become magnified in your sight and the challenges you’re going through will lose relevance and significance. In all situations, continually say I’m grateful to God for everything.

Giving Thanks to God for Everything

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

This is God’s command, not man’s suggestions. This ought to be your approaches towards all things. Check out these words of Thanksgiving to say I’m grateful for everything to your God.

1. I come before your majestic throne to express my heartfelt appreciation to you God almighty for the mercy that you have shown me concerning everything in my life. I give you thanks.

2. I thank you for the benevolence and grace that I have enjoyed in my life, family, and my business. You’ve been a faithful God in all your ways. Be praised forevermore.

3. Your grace and mercy are not deserved, they are gifts. But you have chosen to show to your creation out of your bountiful heart. Only you God can do this for anyone. Be exalted above all.

4. I’m thankful for never allowing negative situations to sweep me away, you have been a faithful Father who has always kept to His word. Thank you for your faithfulness.

5. I thank you for the strength to praise you even when things get hard. And truly, you have always turned every situation around on my behalf. Glory to your name.

6. You’ve been the reason why I’m growing every day. You’ve been a committed and trustworthy Father all the way. Thank you for your steadfastness in my life.

7. Your praise will forever be in my mouth, I will not stop talking of your goodness in the ears of your creation. I will tell everyone how much you’ve loved me.

8. Whenever I behold your commitment and the depth of your love, I’m left awed and humbled by the virtues of who you are. Thank you, dear God and Father.

9. I’m a recipient and vessel of mercy in your hands, you have always proven yourself to be a true God and faithful Father to me. Glory to your name in the highest.

10. You’ve been there for me since I came into this world, and up until now, you’re still there standing by me. I’m here to offer my sacrifice of praise to you.

11. If I have to thank you for a lifetime, I would never have sufficient time to appreciate your goodness in my life. I will live the rest of my life to appreciate your goodness.

12. Looking at everything in my life, I cannot but ascribe all glory and honor to you. No one on earth can claim credit for your wonderful work in my life. Thank you, Jesus.

13. Your blessings have been on ceaseless flow in my life, why won’t I take time to deeply celebrate what you have done to me and my family. Thank you for staying faithful to us.

14. Your grace is unending and unchanging, your favor and mercy are boundless. Nothing will make me take your grace for granted. I appreciate you for all you’ve done for me.

15. I boast in your Mercy and grace, I cannot take any of your goodness for granted. It has been you and forever it will be you. Thank you for what you’ve done for me.

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Always Be Grateful


Always Be Grateful
Always Be Grateful

If you are grateful to God, you’ll be great in His hands. When you’re showing the Lord how grateful you are, you’re positing yourself to be made great by Him. Always be grateful for everything, you’ll experience His greatness in your life.

Thanksgiving sometimes might not be comfortable but it’s the right thing to do in the face of all situations. No matter what you’re faced with, just hang-on and praise Him.

16. My ever faithful and trustworthy Father, thank you for always been by my side without any form of vacation. I’m grateful for everything and always will I do.

17. Thank you for being God over my life even when everything falls apart. Thank you, God, because you never fall apart any day.

18. I have resolved to always give you thanks for all things in my life both the pleasant and the unpleasant. You’re worth of all my praise and adoration.

19. It’s been you Jesus from the inception of my life till this point in time. I thank you because you’ll keep leading me on until the perfect day.

20. I deeply recognize your blessings and favor over my life and all that concerns me. I will never be ungrateful unto you Lord. I’m grateful to God for everything in my life.

21. Taking a minute to thank you in every 30 minutes is the major business of my life. I’m always mindful of all you have done to me and for me.

22. Who is a faithful Friend if not you my God? Who is a loving Father if not you Lord? You’ve never changed despite my unfaithfulness. Thank you, Jesus.

23. You’ve been there standing by me during the ups and downs of life. Life may not be stable but you’ve been stable in all your ways, my Father. Thank you.

24. You’ve always loved me unconditionally, you’re God and truly you love better than everyone. Thank you for loving me constantly.

25. Your blessings and love have humbled and left me speechless. Thinking deeply about how amazing you’ve been to me has left me blown away. Thank you, dear Father.

Thank God for Everything You Gave Me

Thank God for Everything You Gave Me
Thank God for Everything You Gave Me

The scripture says, “no man can receive anything except it be given Him from Heaven” This should make everyone indebted to God for Thanksgiving. Give Him thanks for everything He gave to you is the best way to be grateful to God for everything.

26. Waking up to the light of new morning, all I see is new mercy. Your out-poured blessings upon me cannot be numbered for multitude. I’m grateful to you God for every blessing in my life.

27. You’re worthy to be called faithful and true God because what you’ve done before, which you’re capable of doing again and again. I’m grateful to you for the repetition of your goodness in my life.

28. My life is fully dedicated to you for the expression of your praise to the end of the earth. This is deeply appreciated forever, my dear Father.

29. Earthly language will be so inadequate to give you thanks for all that you have done. I cannot but speak in the Spirit just to say thank you, Jesus.

30. Ever faithful God, there is none like unto you in all the earth. I searched all over, I couldn’t find anybody that is as great as you. Thank you for your steadfastness.

31. You’ve given me so much, you’ve given me peace, joy, sound health, wealth, and peace all around. Thank you, faithful God, for everything you’ve given me.

32. Sometimes, the situations of life make me feel it’s all over but you’ve always made a way for me through thick and thin. Thank you for standing by me.

33. The surprises you’ve shown me in the past years cannot be forgotten. I’m always mindful of your incredible wonders in my life. Thank you very much, Jesus.

34. You’ve been my stronghold and a refuge in the time of needs. You’re too much my Father for all that you mean to me.

35. What about daily supplies and provisions I enjoy daily? I cannot stop talking of your faithfulness in my life. You’re indeed a good God!

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Grateful Captions

36. Gratitude makes great, it doesn’t reduce anyone. If you are grateful for what you have, you’ll make what you have more abundant.

37. It’s good to give thanks, but it’s better to live it out as lifestyle. The highest form of appreciation is living it as your daily life.

38. Giving thanks should not only be done when things are fine but also when nothing is fine or working as expected. Thanksgiving should be regular and consistent.

39. Give thanks for all things. Give thanks to your friends, family loved ones and everything you’re involved in. This is how to keep God committed to your course.

40. When the current challenge doesn’t call for thanksgiving, keep your eyes on the coming conquest. In every situation, have a reason to give thanks.

41. Sometimes, you may feel there is nothing to give thanks for until you reflect on God’s blessings in your life. Reflection on the wonderful works of God will always call for thanksgiving.

42. Your past or present situation may not be so beautiful to inspire thanksgiving but your future is. When the present is not pleasant, keep your eyes on the future.

43. Gratitude must be daily produced and discharged into every segment of your life. It powers your life to perform more wonderfully.

44. In everything situation, find a situation to give thanks for. Some situations are not as bad as they appear, it is our perspective that paints them so.

45. Appreciation makes things appreciate, gratitude makes things great. It brings beauty out of everything.

46. When you become grateful, what makes you afraid loses relevance, and possibilities begin to appear even in impossible situations.

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Be Thankful for what You Have Quotes

47. What you have that you’re not grateful for, others are craving to have. Be grateful so that you don’t lose what you currently have.

48. If you are not thankful for what you have, you may never be thankful for what you are going to have. An ingrate is always ungrateful regardless of what he/she has.

49. If you’re not grateful for what you have, you may lose it. Gratitude helps you protect and retain your current possession and makes it better.

50. If you don’t see a reason to give thanks in all situations, the fault lies with your perspective. If you look around and inward, there is always something to be thankful for.

51. Gratitude can change a gloomy day into days of joy and thanksgiving. The situation may truly be bad, but you can always turn it around.

52. Do not walk out of bed without letting God know how grateful you are. If you think it’s normal to be awake in the morning, think of others who did not wake up.

53. Have a heart attitude of thanksgiving, it improves your health. If you fill your heart with melody, your whole body will be full of Joy.

Thank You Lord for the Blessings Quotes

The blessings of the Lord are evident in everyone alive. If there is nothing to give thanks for, at least being alive is worth your thanksgiving. Being alive is the greatest blessing anyone could ever have from God. There’s always hope for the living.

54. Lord, I’m grateful for all your blessings in my life, thank you for choosing to bless me and all that I do. Your name is glorified forevermore.

55. There’s nothing that God-the provider desires from the mortal man than the voice of thanksgiving. It’s wise of everyone to give Him thanks continually.

56. Everything you have got is from God, He’s your sustainer, your provider, your stronghold, your refuge, your hiding place. He’s worthy of thanksgiving always.

57. As you give Him thanks for what you have, you’re preparing and positioning yourself for getting more. Your life will be full of surprises as you give thanks to God.

58. You’ll never be able to thank the Lord enough for everything He has done for you. How accurate will you be that you’ll be able to name all His goodness? Just give thanks to Him continually.

59. God who has been your Father and very present help in the time of need is worthy of any and everything you could give to Him. Give Him thanks, He will always bless you beyond your comprehension.

60. God is still in the business of doing wonders without numbers. How you get His wonders activated is by giving praises and worship continually.

61. The joy of a grateful man knows no bounds. When you give God joy by giving Him thanks, He increases your joy equally.

62. When you bless the Lord with the fruits of your lips, He will bless you with blessings of His House. Give thanks always!

Continual gratitude will result in unending greatness. Give thanks to God and He will make you great in His hands.

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