Kingdomstones Network International

Kingdomstones Network International

Before there can be a revelation of the great day of the Lord, preparation will be initiated by God which sometimes can last for decades or centuries until the earth is made ready to host God and His agenda for a given territory.

God is always in the pleasure of executing His will every time but men are not often ready for it. Sometimes, it could take God centuries to prepare the way for Himself through prophetic instruments.

All the prophets that came before Jesus were sent to create a prophetic pathway for the coming of the Messiah. They all gave certain prophetic utterances to make His path straight.

John the Baptist was the zeal of all the prophets to zeal up the contract of the release of Messiah to salvage the world which has been promised before the foundation of the world.

John speaking saying, “He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias”( John 1: 23).

John the Baptist was called the greatest of all born of women not in terms of the ability to wrought special signs and wonders but in his audacity to unveil the Messiah. He prepared the way for the Lord. The first Elijah could not achieve this! We as a ministry have the nature of this calling!

Anchor Scripture:

“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” ( 2 Corinthians 4:6 KJV).

Who We Are

Who We Are
Who We Are

⇒We are an apostolic ministry saddled with the mandate of quickening and enlightening the body of Christ, infiltrating the Cosmos and planting the kingdom of God in the heart of men.

⇒ We are not a denomination, we are an assembly of believers from different denominations that come together for a common purpose to take light and revival to the body of Christ, manifesting God in different capacities without breaking ranks.

⇒We are that voice ordained by heaven to prepare and equip the saints for a triumphant life on earth through thorough tutelage on absolute faith in God, thereby configuring them for relevance in the soon-to-be-revealed Government of Jesus in the age to come via the communication of the Knowledge of His face.

⇒We’re the voice renouncing the hidden things of dishonesty, and strengthening the things that are remaining.

⇒We’re light-giving stones illuminating the body of Christ with the knowledge of His face and expelling the darkness ravaging our world by His light.

Our Culture

Our Culture
Our Culture

Since our mandate is solely dependent upon the face of Jesus, we’re committed to seeking the Lord intensely both in much prayers, fasting, studies of His words, meditation, and tireless communication of His counsel to His body.

Our Practices and Emphasis:

Apostle Bayo Adegboye Ministering
Apostle Bayo Adegboye Ministering

The scripture made it clear that Jesus the captain of our salvation came to Author and Finish our Faith. We’re committed to giving expression to the establishment of Jesus which is, Faith.

We believe in absolute dependency on God as the sole sponsor of human life and its sustenance. He gives us the assignment and only Him can do it, ours is to yield to Him in Faith.

Faith is the only legal tender in the court of God and through it, Saints have obtained good reports, wrought righteousness, stopped the mouth of lions, quenched the violence of fire, put the armies of aliens to flight, and some also surrendered their deliverance to God in the search of a better resurrection.

If Faith was sufficient for them, we believe it’s sufficient for us likewise in our days if we couple it with patience. You cannot walk in faith into failure. This we do and teach!

Our Motto and Strategies

Our Motto and Strategies
Our Motto and Strategies

Quickening And Enlightening The Body Of Christ is not a myth but the definition of who we are, what we stand for and the assignment committed into our hands. In order to carry out this mandate, we hold online and on-site programmes. Our on-site programmes include:

School Of Light -which holds first-three Saturday of the months

Ignition -which holds every last Saturday of the month.

Third Heaven Euphoria– A worship experience which holds yearly

Rhema Conference -which also holds yearly and

Kingdom Summit -being hosted around the states of Nigeria

How Can You Be Part of Us

You can follow us on our social media handles @ knilights or follow the Headstone Apostle on facebook @ Israel Bayo Adegboye.

How Can You Give?

Your Giving will strengthen our hands to execute the divine agenda faster as we await the great appearing of our God.

You can give through the account details:

Account number: 6060466214


Bank Name: Fidelity Bank.

Or reach to us incase of international transfer through any of the contact below.

How Can You Contact Us:

Reach out us through or and you can also contact us on +2348032271361, +2349067270327.

Imminent Project

A worthy project is about to start. This project will enable us to serve the body of Christ effectively:


The project features include:

-Prayer House/ Auditorium

-A Rehabilitation Centre


-Stone Media

-Ministry’s offices


Be part of this kingdom project through your giving and prayers the account details:

Account number: 6060466214


Bank Name: Fidelity Bank.

Or reach to us in case of international transfer through any of the contact below.

We are called of God. We are God’s generals. We have a mandate. We are believers. We carry God’s presence and We shall fulfill this mandate by the grace of whom has sent us on this journey.

Pray for us!


…quickening and enlightening the body of Christ.

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