Thank You For Being An Inspiration To Me

61 Quotes and Messages to Say Thank You For Being An Inspiration To Me

The setting of the universe makes It impossible for anyone to do everything all by himself or herself. We all need someone for something at one time or the other. Above all, we all have specific people that not only help us but also inspire us; people whose actions and reactions give us hope and keep us going.

It’s okay to admire these people from afar and appreciate them within because sometimes we don’t even get to meet the people that inspire us face-to-face. It’s also perfectly okay to reach out and appreciate people that inspire us by saying; “thank you for being an inspiration to me”. It sure would put a smile on their faces.

One of the things that make people get more committed to you and be of help to you constantly is appreciating them for every act of goodness they have shown to you.

You Inspire Me Meaning

” To all the girls that strive to stand out against all odds, you inspire me”, “To the boys that go through the hustle and bustle just to make ends meet, you inspire me”

We say “you inspire me” as much as we say “I love you”. When someone inspires you, they give you new ideas and strong enthusiasm. The dictionary meaning of inspire is to infuse into the mind or to affect

Let’s just say that when you say someone inspires you it means the person triggers you to do better and be better.

You Inspire Me Quotes For Her

Close your eyes and think of that female figure in your life. Yeah, that lady or woman that gives you ideas. Just get action and reactions spark up ideas in you and she makes you want to be a better version of yourself. I know there’s one person you have in mind as you read through this. I think she deserves some of these quotes. She deserves to know how much of an inspiration she has been to you.

1. You inspire me to be me and no one else. To own up to my actions and stand for who I am, never letting go of my principles. Your resilient spirit amidst challenges always amazes me and everything about you just makes me want to be better.

2. You need to see yourself whenever you do the things you love. The spark in your eyes when you care and show love. Let’s talk about the way you go all out for people around you no matter how difficult. You inspire me a lot, Baby, I appreciate you.

3. I’m not the type to get mesmerized easily but surprisingly every bit of your personality leaves me in awe. Sometimes I begin to doubt it then you open your mouth to speak and every statement holds so much significance and every doubt in me disappears. I just want to let you know that you inspire me a lot. Thank you, I love you.

4. I hope when you see this, you’ll smile because you’d get to know that your life makes someone a better person. That someone is me. You inspire me, my Dear.

5. If I say the way you breathe inspires me, it’s going to sound like an exaggeration but everything about you inspires me so I’m just going to add the way you breathe to the list. All I’m just trying to do is to let you know that you inspire me.

6. I never believed being a single mum was possible until I met you. I love the way you work so hard to give your child the best. I love your resilience and the way you never give up. I love the way you raise your kid so beautifully. You inspire me to be a better mum to my baby.

7. How you pull out of your bad hair days with a smile makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Thank you for being an inspiration to me!

8. You are like a flower, you show me how to be vulnerable and still be beautiful. Thank you for being the unique woman that you are.

9. The power in the clacking of your heels gives me the courage to rise from my ashes.

10. You ignite a passion in me; a will to live. This is deeply appreciated and treasured!

11. You are a bright ray of hope that teaches me to wait for better days. Looking at you makes me feel blessed every time.

12. You make me want to live another day just to admire your resilience. You are a perfect example of femininity, you are just the best.

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You Inspire Me Quotes For Him

The male gender puts in a lot of work to stand out, especially the ones that are ambitious and focused. They strive to make a difference and I feel that’s why they tend to be an inspiration to many.

Although they are amazing and they might be an inspiration to many, they do not get enough credit. Maybe because there is this wrong mentality that the male gender does not need to be appreciated because “it’s their job or what’s expected from them. For me,

13. I know for sure that so many people will have a lot of positive things to say about you even though they do not always express it. Your tenacity and doggedness inspire me. You make me always want to become a better version of myself. I’m grateful to you.

14. If no one has ever told you this then I count it as an honor to be the first to let you know. You are a strong man. You combine being a family man and having to work so perfectly. You make it look so easy and that inspires me.

15. You’re so amazing and I want you to keep being that. You are an inspiration to me so keep doing what you do and thank you too.

16. Your willpower inspires me to think great things and dream of impossible things in life. Thank you for always inspiring me.

17. Your unending support is all the backing I needed to reach for the stars. It is always a pleasure having you around me.

18. Your strength, both physical and emotional, reminds me that even with my mistakes, I have a safe place to return to.

19. Whenever I’m feeling like I’m not enough, whenever I was the lowest of the low, the voices of you in my head always remind me, always wrap around me, it tells me that I’m more than enough, that I can do it. and for that, I will forever cherish you.

20. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but when I stare at you, I see More warmth, energy, and beauty than the sun has ever radiated, and it holds me fast to my feet that I can’t move anywhere else but in the right direction.

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Quotes About Being Inspired By Someone Special

More often than not, we tend to look up to popular people like celebrities and successful businessmen for inspiration. It’s normal. I mean, those are the people in the spotlight and it feels good to mention their names as people that inspire us. But we forget that one friend that keeps cheering us on, the sibling that is always encouraging us and making sure we don’t give up and the parent that keeps supporting us even when the ideas seem unrealistic at first.

Those people are the special ones. They are our real inspiration and I think that it feels just right to write quotes about being inspired by someone special. Yeah, that your friend, sibling, or parent is the “someone special”

21. Lately, I’ve been thinking deeply about the effect of people around me on my life and when you crossed my mind, my mind decided to linger in the thought of you. All your little positive actions toward me and your constant words of encouragement have had a great effect on me. Thanks for being an inspiration to me, you are so special.

22. It’s normal for people to make you smile when everything Is rosy but It takes someone special to make you laugh even when it seems your world is crashing. You are that person always standing by me.

23. Sometimes, God put certain angels in our lives to make rough days easier to go through and burdens easier to bear. You’re that angel in my life and I’m grateful you choose to stay in my life.

24. The days you wipe my tears when all I knew how to do was shed tears. The days you make my cross lighter to bear because you always help me carry it. The days you inspire and bring out the best in me. I’m thankful for your everyday presence in my life.

25. Life is short. I want every special one in my life to know they are special and also feel special. You are one person I cannot replace.

26. Most times it’s not about how long you’ve known a person but how well they’ve been able to affect your life. You’ve been in my life for just a short while and you’ve been an inspiration worth years.

27. Your perfect timing gets me every time. Calling just when I need someone to talk to. Delivering food to my doorstep when I’m hungry but too tired to cook. Sending random words of encouragement just when I start to feel unmotivated. Thank you for always coming through for me.

28. I will do a great many things to make you proud.

29. It’s your smile that gives me the boldness to take on the world.

30. You inspire me by being you and I appreciate you for being you.

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You Inspire Me In So Many Ways Quotes

From the resilience of a baby fighting to beat cancer and survive to the strength of a single mother that works so hard to give her child a good life, little things or big things have a way of inspiring us. We get inspired by so many things and also one person can inspire us in so many ways.

Words of affirmation and appreciation go a long way to affecting people’s lives. Below are some beautiful quotes for that person or those people that inspire you so much.

31. You’ve touched every aspect of my life in one way or the other. You inspire me to do better academically, spiritually, and emotionally. You even make it easy because all I just have to do is to look at the way you live your life and I have an answer. Thank you.

32. You inspire me in as many ways as the stars in the sky.

33. Even on the worst days, you still make it easier to smile.

34. To rule the world, to conquer, to be the best, you inspire me to do it all.

35. You know, they say we humans, are driven by the most ridiculous of things, the most vein of all things, but not you, for me, when it comes to you, you’re different. You’re far more valuable, far more precious, than the mundane things of this world, than any vein thought, the desire of pleasure. Your very existence, your breath on my skin, the warmth of your embrace, is all the inspiration, and the drive I need to survive.

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You Are An Inspiration To Many Messages

Some individuals have a way of rubbing off their good habits on other people. I’m talking about those people that the public has a great liking for or even just people around them who always want to be like them. Those individuals that even without saying a word, just their actions make so many people want to be like them and become better people.

36. Day in and day out, I hear your name on the lips of everyone around me and all they have to say is always positive although most of them don’t say it out loud for you to hear. On behalf of everyone that you’ve impacted, I want you to know that you’ve been a great source of inspiration to many of us.

37. You know what makes you special? It’s the way you always look at things from a different perspective. Your way of thinking and the way you live inspires many of us to live wholesome lives.

Be An Inspiration To Others Quotes

As much as we look up to other people as a source of inspiration, we must strive to be better people so we can also inspire other people. Life is about making impacts, and you should be deliberate about stirring other people to be the best they can ever be.

38. Live an admirable and exemplary life. Let people have something positive to say about you, at least the important people. Let your light radiate always.

39. People deserve to be shown kindness and treated with love. It’s awesome if you become a source of kindness and love that one person gets.

40. Words pierce the soul. The “thank you”, “I’m proud of you”, and “you’re amazing”. Those little words that feel insignificant can go a long way in someone’s life and emotional health. Say a word of kindness to someone today.

41. Let your amazing personality radiate. Be the reason a person wants to work hard. Inspire someone today. You don’t need to know the people you inspire, just do your part.

Quotes About Being Inspired

I love it when little things that seem insignificant to others inspire me. Like when a baby tried to move from crawling to walking, that’s strength.

When I see little things like that inspire me, I love to write them down and I call them my quotes about being inspired so whenever I feel down and unmotivated, I go back to those quotes and it always helps. You should try it too. Write about everything and everyone that inspires you.

Below are samples of mine that can guide you:

42. Whenever I look up at the blue sky, I see the ability to try again. After the rainy and cloudy season that seems to take away its beauty, it always comes back, reforms, and radiates in its blue glory all over again.

43. Children always inspire me with their innocence. Their ability to love and love again even when you hurt them. They inspire me to be childlike and love purely and innocently.

44. I have new reasons to hold on to life, to breathe a little deeper.

45. I feel a fire burning inside me, telling me that I am unstoppable.

46. There’s something in the air that gives life to the voice of hope inside me; I will win.

47. Birds wake every morning, put their past where it belongs and sing beautifully to start a new day. They do that consistently and that inspires me to let go of the past and embrace what the new day brings.

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Be Your Own Inspiration Quotes

There’s a Yoruba saying that says “What we are looking for in another place might just be in the pocket of our trousers. They are just trying to say that the one thing we might be searching for in a far place might just be right beside us.

Sometimes instead of searching so hard for someone that inspires you, you just need to look closely. Your inspiration can be you. That’s right, you can be your inspiration.

A lot of times when there’s no one around, we push ourselves, we motivate ourselves, and that way we become our inspiration. As usual, I have some quotes for you to help you be an inspiration to yourself.

48. Look at how far you’ve come. Celebrate your small wins as much as you celebrate the big ones. You’re moving forward every day so let every little progress inspire you.

49. Be the sun on your gloomy days and the music on your still nights.

50. If the world doesn’t applaud you, remember you have two hands.

51. Tell yourself that no one can do it like you because no one can.

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You Are An Inspiration To Me

52. Like the sun comes into the darkness, and it gives way, like the moon glows at night, and keeps the demons away, so does your presence inspire me to shine brightest, even on my darkest days.

53. You are the reason why I’m sure that life can get better.

54. You are a source of infallible strength to me.

55. You make me believe that beauty can come from ashes.

56. What can I say, you do it all, you say it all, know it all, you somehow see it all, all that greatness inside of me. I’m not strong enough, but whenever I see your dedication, your inspiration, and your imagination, I become inspired and anew.

57. Like the stars burst when it’s time to die, you inspire me, in the same way, to shed my shell and explode into a colorful supernova of Grace and self-sufficiency. You’re the imminent glow that strengthens my own.

58. Do you want to know what inspires me? Your smile! Seeing that every day, waking up to the face of Aphrodite, it’s a dream and a passion beyond my wildest imagination.

59. I stare at the canvas, every day, thinking of the perfect thing to draw you, thinking of the perfect art to make for you. like Picasso, I’m stuck to the frame, like Leonardo, I’m out of words, using nothing but my hands to portray. Like the ink on paper, you pass through me, like the swipe of the brush on the canvas, you drive me, you inspire me, and I’m eternally grateful.

60. If I had a word for the feeling you send through me every moment of every day, for how deeply reborn I am by it with each new day, it would be too perfect for pen or paper, too complex, but beautiful for the mind to decipher.

61. You’ve seen the ballerinas, the way they dance, the way they sway in perfect movement and elegance, that’s the same way I feel inside whenever you hold my hands, I feel like I can achieve anything with a touch of your hands.

It’s amazing when the person that inspires you gets to hear it from you. I hope you find the perfect quote in this article to let that person know how much he/she inspires you. Also, if you are your inspiration, I hope you get every encouragement you need on rough days.

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