70 Powerful Week By Week Pregnancy Prayers for a Safe Delivery and Healthy Baby

The period of pregnancy is one marked with a mix of excitement and little challenges. From the series of prenatal care and other activities to the daily count down to the due date.

Just as your child’s body grows and It’s being nurtured in your womb, her spirit also grows and must also be nurtured- by your prayer. Praying is a powerful way to direct the course of your child and set things in order for the two of you. Week by week pregnancy prayer is a great way to start enforcing the conditions of your delivery and even the future of your child after birth.

Are you thinking of starting a week-by-week pregnancy prayer, and do you need inspiration and guidance on how to go about it? Then you are in the right place, check out this article which features a series of inspirational week-by-week pregnancy prayers and lots more.

Week By Week Pregnancy Prayers

1. Dear Lord, I pray that you keep me from every evil. Protect me and my unborn baby. And let me enjoy a safe delivery with ease and comfort. Amen.

2. As I nurture this gift you have given me, I receive the strength I need to bring her to life. Please guide and protect me, and make me enjoy a peaceful delivery by your peace that comes from above. Amen.

3. Dear Lord, thank you for answering my prayer, and giving me a baby. Please keep him for your glory and let no evil befall me and my baby as the day of my delivery approaches. Amen.

4. I receive the strength to carry this pregnancy safely. My strength is renewed daily like that of an eagle. And my delivery day shall be joyous. Make me go into the labor room with joy and return with the same.

5. The strength of the Lord shall rest upon me. My baby will grow strong and healthy. Nothing missing nothing broken on my delivery day. My body is baptized with peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

6. Thank you Lord for the grace I have received to be a mother. Thank you for making my womb fertile. I bless you because my baby will be delivered safely and without any complications by your power.

7. By the grace and mercy of God, I shall not lose my baby. My baby will grow strong and fine. The Lord will protect her from evil. And cause me to rejoice exceedingly as the day of my delivery approaches.

8. As I approach my due date. I receive the strength to deliver safely and come back home to take care of my baby in sound health. I receive the divine capacity to be a mother after God’s kind in the name of Jesus.

9. The Lord has shown me mercy, He has caused me to rejoice over my enemy. Thank you, Lord, for this gift in my womb. I’m grateful because I will experience safe delivery and joyous nursing in the name of Jesus.

10. Thank you, my God, for making me experience the joy of motherhood. It is a beautiful feeling, it is such a beautiful feeling and I’m grateful for the grace. Thank you because the coming of my baby will bring so much joy to the family and this joy shall never be taken away in the name of Jesus.

Prayer For Safe Delivery For My Sister

Having a sister who is expecting a baby could be exciting, however, they also need your support during this period, as carrying pregnancy has its trying moments and could be challenging.

While it’s great to support your sister physically, the best way you can also help her is to be her spiritual support, as she might not have enough physical strength required to generate this by herself. In supporting her spiritually, you can start a week by week pregnancy prayer with her, or even send her a message titled prayer for a safe delivery for my sister.

This will not only help her spiritually, but it will also help her psychologically as she’ll have a feeling that she’s not alone in this journey. And she will be grateful to you.

The next few lines in this article feature a list of prayers for a safe delivery for my sister which you can select from, and share with her. Read on to explore. Praying for them is the best thing you could do for them is to support them physically and also pray for them.

11. Dear Lord, thank you for answering our prayers and giving my sister the grace to conceive. Please guide her all through the pregnancy process and make her experience safe delivery with your saving power. Amen.

12. Dear Sis., As you count down to your delivery day, may the Lord give you the strength you need to deliver the baby without stress and in good health.

13. I wish you safe delivery, Sister, it’s such a great thing to see you carrying a baby. May you be protected from any harm, and enjoy a peaceful delivery.

14. May the hand of the Lord rest upon you. May you be protected and shielded from any harm. As you draw new to your due date. I declare God’s strength upon you. Go and deliver in peace in the name of Jesus.

15. Dear Sister, always remember that the Lord is on your side. As you are heading to the labor room. The angel of the Lord will go with you and make everything easy for you.

16. Do not be afraid, dear Sister. For the Lord is with you. He that has begun the good work will surely bring it to perfection. Your delivery will be fast and safe, and you will come back home rejoicing.

17. Father Lord, thank you for always being there for our family. I pray that you keep my sister and her baby safe. And bring them out of the labor room in sound and perfect health.

18. I wish you all the best, Sis. The Lord will be with you and see you through this pregnancy journey. You will enter the labor room safely and come out without any complications.

19. May the eyes of the Lord keep watch over you. May you find favor and receive grace. I wish you a sound and safe delivery, sis. I can’t wait to see your cute baby.

20. The mighty hand of the Lord will work on you, and bring out the baby safely. You will not experience any delay or complication during your delivery. You will come back home hale and hearty with your beautiful angel by God’s grace. Amen.

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Prayer For Safe Delivery For My Niece

21. Dear Niece, it’s such great news that you are finally carrying a baby, I’m so happy for you, Dear. I wish you a safe delivery and a joyous nursing experience.

22. May you receive your baby hale and hearty without any deformation. I wish you a safe delivery, niece. May the Lord be with you and give you a safe delivery.

23. Dear Lord, thank you for you are our present help in times of trouble. Please help my niece today, as she goes into labor. Let her come out with her baby safe and sound.

24. As you approach the due date, may you go into the labor room in strength, and come out stronger, and healthier than you go in. Amen.

25. May the Lord keep you and the baby safe in his arms. May there not be any complication, whatsoever. May you be favored and blessed as your due date approaches.

26. May the pain of childbearing not travail over you. May you come out of the labor room victorious. I wish you safe delivery with ease, my dear Niece.

28. The Lord will be good and merciful unto you. He will not cause you to mourn over your baby, and also keep you to take care of her. I wish safe delivery. Go and deliver in peace and serenity. Amen.

29. Dear Niece, do not be afraid, for the Lord has shown you favor, and made you victorious. Go and deliver your baby in peace, for the Lord is with you.

30. As you are preparing for this delivery, I pray that you find the strength to deliver the baby safely and keep you from all harm. You shall have a very great testimony of God’s mercy and peace during this delivery. Amen.

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Praying For A Safe Delivery Message

31. It has pleased the Lord to multiply you and grant you the desire of your heart. May you be guided from every form of evil, and be protected from every pregnancy complication. There shall be no complication of any sort. Amen.

32. Blessed are you among women. Congratulations, because you have found a favor to carry your child in your womb. May the Lord be with you and see you through the journey. The same way you have conceived with peace is the same way you put to bed with ease.

33. May the Lord watch over your baby. May He keep you from all harm and protect you always. I wish you safe delivery and we shall all gather together to celebrate with you very soon. Amen.

34. My father and my God, please grant me a safe delivery. Let your hand rest upon me and grant me safe delivery just as you have done to the ancient woman.

35. As I start this pregnancy journey, Lord please keep me safe and protect me. Show me mercy and grant me safe delivery through your power of peace. Amen.

36. As I carry and nurture this baby in my womb, may the Lord watch over him and protect him. As I approach my delivery day, may I not experience any evil.

37. My baby is a gift from God, she will grow strong and healthy. He will be sound and intelligent. And he shall be for signs and wonders.

38. Dear Lord, thank you for the grace to carry a gift from you. I know you have looked upon me to show me mercy. Please cause not my enemy to rejoice over me, and grant me safe delivery.

39. The Lord will keep me and bless me. He shall cause His face to while upon me. As I approach my due date, I shall be strengthened and deliver like the Hebrew women.

40. Father Lord, I thank you for the grace to conceive. I put all my hope in you. Please have mercy on me, and grant me safe delivery by your mercy.

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Have A Safe Delivery Baby

41. Darling, I know this is a challenging moment for you. I promise to stand by you and encourage you all through. I wish you safe delivery, Dear. I love you so much!

42. Honey, I feel like the luckiest man on earth right now. I’m so glad you are carrying our baby. Stay strong dear, you will come out of that labor room stronger.

43. Though I am not there with you physically, my heart is always with you, as you are counting down to your due date, I pray that the Lord be with you, and help you through. Have a safe delivery, baby.

44. I love you so much darling, I feel so bad that you are passing through this pregnancy stress, but I know it is for our good. Thank you for doing this for us. I wish you a safe delivery.

45. I wish I could help you carry the pregnancy. You are a very strong woman, and I respect you so much. Thank you for being so strong, Dear. I wish you a safe delivery.

46. Darling, I’m glad we will soon be a parent. The feeling is so exciting. Please stay strong for us, I wish you safe delivery and we shall all rejoice together.

47. I pray that the Lord will keep you throughout this period, I am always with you, Darling. Have a safe delivery.

48. Baby, thank you for staying strong. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for nurturing our baby. Have a safe delivery, my Love.

49. It’s hurtful to see you in. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I promise to always stand by you and show you all the care you need. I love you, Dear, and I wish you safe delivery.

50. It’s so exciting that we are having a new angel joining the family soon. I can’t wait to see that cutie you’re bringing for us. Have a safe delivery, Baby.

61. From carrying and nurturing a pregnancy to becoming a mother of a baby, these are great achievements worthy of celebration. I rejoice with you today, Dear. And I wish you safe delivery.

Week By Week Pregnancy Prayers Third Trimester

62. Dear Lord, you are the one who gives life. Thank you for seeing me through this stage of the third trimester in my pregnancy journey. I pray that you are with me, and let me deliver safely.

63. I receive the strength to keep going on the journey. As my final delivery date approaches, the presence of the almighty will be with me and rescue me from death.

64. The mighty hand of the Lord will rest on me, and carry me through this stage. I shall find favor in the sight of God and that of men. No evil shall befall me even as I move toward my delivery day.

65. Everything in my body receives strength, my organs and systems are made to work perfectly before that day, on that day, and even after that day. No complication in Jesus’ name. Amen.

66. As my baby approaches, everything that needs to be put in order for her face arrival is set in order. The atmosphere will be favorable for my safe delivery in Jesus’ name.

67. Dear Lord, you have been with me right from the first day of my pregnancy journey. You have been my strength and stronghold. Even as I approach my third trimester, please keep being with me and do not forsake me.

68. Before I was knitted in my mother’s womb, you knew me. Before this baby inside me was formed, you knew him. Thank you because you have a good plan for me and my baby, and the delivery process will not be harmful to any of us.

69. The Lord is faithful to his words, He has promised me peace right from the beginning of this pregnancy journey, He has been with me even up to my third trimester, and I’m sure He will see me through.

70. Dear Lord, thank you for your love for me and my baby. Thank you for being with me on this journey. I’m grateful because you will see me through till the end.

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