Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

52 Funny and Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend in English

Birthday is such a wonderful day everyone who is alive and in sound health longs to see it. This is obviously a day of joy and an unforgettable experience. On a day like this, you should be deliberate about having fun with family, friends, and loved ones. To make it possible for you to help your friends have fun, you can always make do with savage wishes for your best friend.

Certain things make a birthday very memorable, it’s very profitable if one engages in such. You could to go a party, beach, or visit other beautiful places. While all these make a birthday celebration memorable, making use of the birthday wishes for best friend on your friend will make him laugh ceaselessly on his/her birthday.

One of the benefits of friendship is that when a day of celebration like this comes, you have them around you in great numbers to celebrate and rejoice with you. Do you have a friend you consider so precious and you cannot but make laugh endlessly on his/her birthday? Here are funny but meaningful birthday wishes for your best friend to cause a smiling effect on his/her special day.

Short Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

1. Happy birthday best friend! Laugh as loud as possible, until I have enough evidence to report you to the psychiatric hospital.

2. Your birthday is so special to me that I wish I could wrap myself up and present it to you as a gift. Because that’s the most precious gift you could ever get. Happy birthday best friend.

3. Happy birthday buddy! My prayer for you is that as you grow older, may you also grow senile and forget the money I’m owing you.

4. Hey bestie! Last birthday when I wish you old age, I never knew it would happen so fast! My sincere apologies for this. Happy birthday to you.

5. I’ve got a smart, cute, and charming friend. Well, you know you learned it all from me. Happy birthday my copycat Bestie.

6. The only gift you ever needed is having someone as wonderful as me. Happy birthday, Bestie!

7. Happy birthday buddy! Cheers to another year of laughing out loud freely, putting up with annoying peers, and making each other slightly sane.

8. Happy Birthday my dear friend, seeing that you haven’t changed a bit since we were kids is so delightful.

9. Everyone’s greatest dream is to have a fantastic friend in their life. So count yourself lucky for having me. Happy birthday, my bestie.

10. Happy birthday, dear friend. This is my heartfelt prayer for you, may you grow so old that we can no longer remember your birthdays.

Insulting Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

A best friend deserves the best birthday wishes. If you consider him/her the best, I’m sure you’ll want to give him/her well-constructed birthday wishes to make him/her feel special on this special day.

You don’t have to be anxious about how you’ll get these best wishes, I have helped you to put some of them together on this page, copy as many as possible and get it across to your friends.

11. Dear friend, I hope your birthday will be as wonderful as you are. You are not wonderful anyways. Smiles! Thanks for being such an amazing friend. Happy birthday, best friend.

12. I feel blessed to have you as my best friend even though you are very stubborn. May all your wishes come true, as you celebrate. Happy Birthday, darling Bestie.

13. I wish you a fantastic birthday even though you don’t deserve it. And I pray for many more years of sweet friendship and celebration with you. Happy birthday, my best friend.

14. I wish you all the joys, love, and happiness in this world, Bestie. Because you deserve them all. Happy birthday.

15. Happy birthday, my friend. I wish you all the best life could offer as you celebrate today. Don’t expect me to celebrate you because you are not nice.  Thank you for being part of my life.

16. Best birthday wishes, Bestie. Thanks for being there in the good times and bad. You are amazing.

17. Happy Birthday, my best friend. May God shower you with blessings now and forevermore. I love and celebrate with you.

18. I wish you a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous birthday, my lovely friend. Enjoy your day.

19. You’ve been a faithful friend to me. Every step of the way, I’ll always be there for you. I love you so much, Bestie. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

20. Happy birthday, Bestie. Thanks for another year of being an amazing friend, looking forward to sharing more with you. Ensure you celebrate yourself in the dream.

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Meaningful Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Birthday is a meaningful day, this day could get you thinking about how far you have come, the bridges you have crossed, challenges you have overcome. What a day of reflection! As much as you want to have fun, you can also make the fun very meaningful through meaningful birthday wishes for a best friend.

Make do with these meaningful birthday wishes you have on this page and give meaning to a friend’s life on his/her special day.

21. I see every day I share with you as a precious gift. I wish you a wonderful birthday full of your favorite things.

22. If I could come back to this world and pick a friend, I’ll surely pick you as my best friend again. You’re such a rare gem! Wishing you the happiest birthday today.

23. My dear friend, I wish I could celebrate with you every single day, But since I may not be able to, let me use this moment to wish you the best birthday ever because you deserve it.

24. I wish you the happiest birthday, and an amazing year full of joy and happiness ahead. Thank you for being such a great friend.

25. You’ve been a loyal friend, I can’t imagine this journey without you. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy birthday, best friend.

26. You are such an important person in my life, you’ve been a wonderful friend and a great teacher, I learn so much from you, and, you don’t even know. Thanking for adding so much value to my life. Happy birthday, Bestie.

27. Having a friend like you is a great treasure, you deserve the best, my darling friend and that exactly is what I wish for you. I hope this next year brings so much positivity and happiness. Happy birthday my dear.

28. Happy birthday, bestie. You’ve been very strong through the tough times, thank you for being a source of inspiration on this journey. Happy birthday, great friend.

29. On this special day of yours, I hope you’ll realize how much you are cherished. You’ve brought hope to thousands of people around you, you’re such a rare gem. Happy birthday, best friend.

30. May this birthday bring a new year of peace and good success to you. Happy birthday to the best human ever.

31. May all your good wishes come true as you celebrate this birthday. I’m so thankful I have you as my friend. Happy birthday, Dear.

32. It’s your birthday, spoil yourself because you deserve the best treatment today. Happy Birthday, Bestie. Enjoy every bit of it.

33. Happy birthday dear friend, may all your dreams come true on this happy day of yours. May you find peace and happiness everywhere you go. Have an awesome birthday.

34. Just one day in a year, we get the chance to celebrate a unique, wonderful, and selfless being like you. I hope this day and even the rest of your days are as awesome as you are. Happy birthday, a great one.

35. May joy and happiness surround you today, and always. Happy birthday, bestie. You make getting older look attractive.

36. Life is pleasurable and awesome with a friend like you. I wish you a birthday filled with sweetness and inspiration. Happy birthday, Bestie.

37. May this special day bring you sweet and interesting memories. Happy birthday, dear friend. You deserve to be celebrated.

38. You have been an awesome friend, I sincerely hope your birthday brings you happiness and all the good things you desire. Happy birthday, my Dear.

39. Without you in my world, it would have been gloomy. Thank you for lighting up my world with your incredible personality. I join the universe to celebrate a rare gem today. Happy birthday, bestie.

40. Year after year, you are becoming stronger and smarter. I feel so proud to have you as my friend, and I can’t wait to watch you grow into a better version of yourself as you start this new year. Happy birthday, my amazing friend.

Double Meaning Birthday Wishes

41. It feels so great today to know that my best friend was born this day a few years ago. I always look forward to this day to celebrate you and express my profound gratitude to you. Happy Birthday, bestie.

42. I’m grateful to God for sending you my way to inspire and encourage me. Your input in my life is of great value. Happy birthday, my best friend.

43. No greater blessings have I received than having a friend like you. you are worth more than all gifts and accomplishments whatsoever. Thank you for all you do, bestie. Happy Birthday.

44. My major growth and achievements are traceable to you. I wonder where I would be, without your impact on my life. Have a prosperous year ahead, best friend. Happy birthday.

45. Thank you for being a friend, a mentor, and a brother to me. Thank you for bringing joy and happiness into my world. Happy birthday, my best friend.

46. I thank God for giving you such an amazing personality, you are such a wonderful being. Happy birthday, Bestie.

47. Your lifestyle and words of encouragement have been serving as my inspiration to make me strive hard to be the best I can be. As you celebrate today, bestie, may you also find joy and happiness in your journey in life.

48. As you are a year older today, I wish you sound health, joy, and prosperity without limits. A wonderful birthday celebration for my best friend.

49. Nothing could be enough to appreciate you. You are one in a million. Happy birthday, Bestie. You’re such a rare gem.

50. You’re indeed a friend that can be leaned on and is worth celebrating. You’re a priceless gem. Thank you for being real and genuine. I love you, bestie. Happy birthday.

51. I wish I could use the whole of today to tell the whole world how amazing you are, my bestie. You are worth more than anything I can think of right now. Have a joy-filled birthday.

52. Dear friend, I will always remember your care and genuine affection towards me over the years. You make friendship a worthwhile adventure. Happy birthday, bestie.

53. Your selfless nature has made our friendship an amazing and enviable one. You are indeed a brother from another mother. Have a joy-filled birthday, Bestie.

54. As you celebrate this new year, may you enjoy bigger blessings and deeper wisdom. wishing you a prosperous and fun-filled new year ahead.

55. I pray this birthday of yours ushers in lots of blessings and wonderful things. May there be growth and increase on all sides. Happy birthday, my best friend.

56. May you always remember this day for joy, and may you experience greatness now and forevermore. It’s your birthday, bestie, do have a remarkable one.

57. I pray that you experience greater years ahead, far greater than your past ones. May you shine brighter and experience greatness. Happy birthday, my best friend.

58. Having you as my friend is such an honor to me. Keep growing smarter, stronger, and bigger. Happy birthday, my best friend.

59. Dear best friend, may I take this moment to appreciate you for how amazing and how helpful you have been to me. Our friendship is made in heaven. I wish you a birthday as fabulous as yours.

50. Even if no one remembers it’s your day. The thousands of faces you’ve brought smiles upon will surely do, it’s the world’s best friends’ day, darling. Have a good birthday!

51. My heart is filled with joy because it is your birthday. As you have celebrated today, it will not be your last one on earth. Have a great celebration!

52. You are one of the best gifts life will ever give me. I appreciate you, have a fun-filled celebration!

I’m certain that you’ll make the most of the wishes you have on this page n your friends and loved ones. This is good and acceptable. 

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