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102 Hard Work Success Quotes | Motivational Quotes on Success

Does hard work lead to success? Oh Yes, it does! Time has proven to us over and over again that hard works and dedications are keys to success in life. Stories have been written of great men who climbed out of obscurity into the game through hard work and dedication to achieve success. Do you seek hard work success quotes to inspire you? Do you seek them for their profoundness? Then read further!

I know you are probably thinking of giving up, packing it up, and saying it’s over but remember your goals, aspirations, and dreams of success. You can’t get your dreams achieved without hard work and dedication. Therefore, success quotes are meant to keep you going and fuel you up when you grow weak or when you’re down.

I understand that it is not easy working everything out to get to the top, it is stressful and laborious. Getting to the top is not often easy because if it is, everyone would do it and it might become worthless.

If you then wish to be an inspiration to others, to be a role model, and a source of strength to others, then you need success quotes on hard work to power your mind and keep you on track by being consistent. You can’t reach the end of the track if you don’t keep running. What are some quotes for hard work? You have them right here on this page!

Hard Work and Determination Quotes

Now you want to end it all but you forget that those who give up do not get the prize. Try to meditate on these hard work and determination quotes to see how much power you will get to continue on your journey to greatness. Dedication to what you do is what counts.

You are designed for greatness and not mediocrity. Hard work does not hurt you, it builds you instead. Dedication does not harm, it makes you a champion. Read these quotes with a clear heart. Let them sink into you and charge you for greatness.

1. You can’t reach the top by just sitting down and hoping something will happen. You make things happen by pouring your heart into what you do.

2. Complaints drain you, quit complaining. Save your strength, work hard, and spend more time alone.

3. The future belongs to those who pour their hearts into what they do today. Until your heart is fully into what you do, you won’t get the maximum benefits from it.

4. To reach the top, you have to pay the price of hard work, determination, and consistency. Whatever you are not consistent in cannot produce full results.

5. When others are fast asleep, keep moving till you reach the point you desire. If you keep moving, you will get there someday!

6. Hard work is what you do while success is what people see on the top. So work in silence, let success blow the trumpet.

7. To get a breakthrough in your career, I think you just need to work like your life is dependent on it. Hard work doesn’t hurt, it refines.

8. No matter your field, hard work remains a recipe for your success. No one will ever lazy through to the top and get there.

9. You see a great man and you think it’s all straight road! Ask for his story! All you will see will be hard work and dedication to duty.

10. If you want the best, you have to invest your best. Whatever you don’t invest cannot be harvested. To get the best, you have to keep investing.

11. You can’t know the value of prosperity if you don’t labor. Wealth gotten cheaply will be lost in the same manner.

12. If you really want to conquer failure, then get busy doing the right thing. The right steps consistently taken will lead to success.

13. Luck comes when you put yourself into a task. To find luck without concerted hard work may be more disastrous.

14. Success is simply a reward for hard work. Hard work is the seed of success. Do not expect to get a fruit that seeds you have not planted.

15. Do your best today and you will be in the best place in the future. Tomorrow is always at the mercy of today.

16. Have you ever wondered why success hasn’t moved toward you yet? It’s because you have not put in your best yet.

17. Hard work carries you to nobles and makes you stand before them. The noble place is not meant for the indolent.

18. Don’t sit there expecting a pie in the sky. Get down to work!

19. Work, work till you get your desire. Nothing works unless you work it. You have to keep working until everything starts working.

20. As you work hard with determination, don’t forget God, your maker. As you plant your seeds, you need God to breathe increase on them.

Motivational Quotes About Hard Work and Perseverance

It takes perseverance to pull through a tough time. It’s not just perseverance, perseverance to its fullness. This is what keeps one afloat. It keeps one’s head above water. These motivational quotes about hard work and perseverance have been compiled here for you to peruse and renew your energy.

Perseverance keeps pushing you. It gives you the hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you need the motivation to achieve more? Then these motivational quotes about hard work and perseverance are for you!

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21. When you see a bend on the road to success, just make a turn as the bend is not the end. What kind of hard work becomes a success? The one that is consistently done! If you can be consistent, success will keep accompanying you.

22. The top belongs to those who can endure the pain of climbing. If any man has made it to the top, it has not happened without the endurance of some pain.

23. If you want to break records, you need to endure the pains that accompany the struggle. Endurance precedes enjoyment.

24. At first it all seems burdensome. You will never know how easy it is if you don’t try. Keep trying even when it is not easy.

25. That mountain you climb is sand if only you can just keep climbing. As you keep going up the hill, you find it easy to keep climbing.

26. It’s not the failure that counts. It’s the ability to learn from failures and keep moving against the odds that counts.

27. If you seem to move slowly, never pause, just keep moving. Slow steps consistently taken in the right direction will someday lead to the right place.

28. Success is sweet after the price of perseverance and diligence has been paid.

29. If you desire success, prepare for failure and program yourself to keep going on even when you have experienced a failure.

30. Impossibility exists in the minds of the myopic. Impossibility becomes a possibility for those who are ready to pay the price.

31. Hard work coupled with perseverance produces amazing results. What it means to work hard is to persevere.

32. Success does not drop from above. It is hard work, consistency, perseverance, and love for what you do.

33. Apply yourself to study, action, then perseverance, and see how far you will go. There is no mountain a persevering soul cannot climb.

34. You’re closer to your dreams than you think. Keep moving. Don’t quit and later find out that you are almost getting to where you are headed.

35. Never allow obstacles to eclipse your bright dreams. Obstacles are not often stopped signals but strengtheners.

36. Perseverance keeps your feet walking and your hands working. A persevering person is never indolent.

37. Are you tired of hard work? Now apply perseverance. If only you can endure a bit more, you can go further toward your goal.

38. Hard work, patience, perseverance, and consistency are sure formulas for success. Apply them consistently and you will have amazing results.

39. If you want to be a successful addict, get addicted to perseverance. Without persisting perseverance, success will say NO to you 1 million times.

40. Develop a passion for hard work and perseverance and see success follow you. Success will keep company with anyone who is a companion of perseverance.

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Quotes About Working Hard to Achieve Goals

Goals are mind maps to success. They give a clear idea of where one is headed in life. If you want to be the best you want to be, you need to map out your plans. Write them on paper as goals. Working hard to achieve your goals should be your focus if you desire success. These are quotes about working hard to achieve goals. They will inspire you to greatness.

These quotes about working hard to achieve goals are not just words stringed together, they carry a power that can pump you with the will to stretch yourself to achieve your goals and aspirations in life. And remember; it is not just enough to have goals, you need hard work to birth them.

41. Do you really think your goals can come alive by just writing them? You need to work hard to bring them to life.

42. Impossibility morphs into possibility when the ‘I’M” is deleted and you are ready to put your soul to work.

43. Grey hair is not a sign of weakness. The top is for those who are ready to work. You can still put in more effort regardless of your age.

44. Stop viewing the impossibilities! Look at opportunities and channel your latent powers towards them.

45. It is not about how much you have done, you can still do better. Let go of past success and reach out to the stars.

46. Those goals can be achieved if you set your goals and push yourself to work. Achieving goals begins with setting one.

47. Yes! Set your goals, aim, then shoot! If you can set it, you can pursue it. If you can pursue it, you can apprehend it.

48. Be practical with your ideals and goals; reach for the sky and if you can reach beyond the sky, then do.

49. Goals without action are aborted babies. Don’t just dream, pursue it.

50. Focus not on the gain but on making yourself better. When you are better, the gains will follow you.

51. Excellence at a thing brings profits, aim at excellence. Excellence attracts the nobles into what you are doing.

52. To gather momentum and become unstoppable, set higher goals. Stretch until you become your best.

53. Success is the reward of diligence. Don’t focus on the reward, focus on the process. When the process is followed, success is assured.

54. Great people who achieved great things have one thing in common; they paid the price. Without a price, a prize is not possible.

55. Do not set goals that are beneath you, they devalue you and hide your potential. You grow up by setting goals that are higher than you.

56. If you do not have goals, you will keep running around without a score and you will be frustrated.

57. There is no substitute road to success. You just have to work hard and be determined at what you do.

58. Plans are intentions, they are useless without the action called hard work. Good plans are not just enough, good work ethics are more essential.

59. The difference between the winner and the loser is hard work. A one-time loser will turn into a winner if he applies the principle of diligence.

60. The road to success is rough but you can prevail with hard work and the will to succeed. Let your determination to succeed outweigh the obstacles you encounter.

Work Hard Dream Big Never Give Up

Have you reached a point on the road to success where nothing is working anymore? Are you down and tired that you can’t go on anymore and you want to quit? Know this; work hard, dream big, and never give up. You can’t just give up at this point. You need to keep going, keep working hard and never give up. You do not know the treasure that awaits those who go on even in times of trouble.

These quotes on work hard dream big never give up have been compiled to motivate you to continue working towards success. It is only those who work hard, and never give up can achieve their dreams, aspirations, and purposes.

61. This is not the time to give up. Stretch yourself a bit more and you will reach it.

62. When life seems to suck you dry, retreat and rest, and continue the battle. Keep moving, you are about to win the battle.

63. Hope is what tells you to go when everyone tells you to abandon your dreams.

64. Greatness comes through perseverance. Great men don’t give up. If you see anyone who is great today, such a one has learned to keep going against all odds.

65. Now that you are almost at the end, don’t give up now. When it seems you are out of strength and you are getting tired, that’s when you are near victory.

66. The person who dreams big and never gives up is the hardest to defeat. Situations of life bow to not just a great dreamer but big dreamers who never gives up.

67. A failure is not the one who fails. It is the one who fails, refuses to learn, and gives up. If you fail but refuse to give up, you can turn the situation around.

68. Without great dreams, life is a shadow. Great dreams give beautiful colors and great shapes to the future.

69. I am not a loser. I either fail, win or learn. If you put on this disposition toward anything, you will always win the fight.

70. Do not stop trying, keep going, and you will be served success. Success will greet you someday as long as you keep driving hard at your dreams.

71. Your dreams are too big to quit on them. You just have to say no to giving up. Those who give up never see their dreams come to pass.

72. Keep trying everything possible until something works. If you keep trying, doors of possibilities will always open up to you.

73. When we see a great man, let us congratulate him. His fortitude and perseverance are inspirations to those who are coming up.

74. Be focused, persistent, and relentless. Never cease working on being a better you. if you become better, success will flood your domain.

75. It is not as easy as it is presented to be. You just keep moving. Nothing comes just easy like that, if you find it too cheap, it may never be profitable.

76. And when your dreams come true, all these struggles shall be a story. Let the glory of your dreams fill your consciousness more than the pains you are going through.

77. The moment and time you want to give up are when the tide will turn. It will always turn around no matter how long it delays.

78. Never let small-minded people talk you out of your big dreams. Surround yourself with big-minded people, they will help you travel fast into the future.

79. Turn your strength towards your dreams, distractions are dangerous. Learn to desert anything that will not contribute to the actualization of your dreams.

80. Dreams are what give clarity and direction to life. Life will be a shadow if there are no dreams to give it a concrete image.

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Keep Working Hard Quotes

There is no better way to succeed than through hard work. No one has ever reached the peak of success by other means asides from the pathway of hard work. Diligence is the sure way to success. Keep working hard quotes are sayings to remind you of the value of hard work.

Consistency with hard work produces results. You can’t work in bits and expect success to come to you. You keep working at what you love best till you reach the destination of success. The problem with most people is that they are not consistent with that which they do; they are often distracted.

81. Have you failed once? Keep working you can’t fail every time! The first failure may be the preparatory class you have to attend to succeed.

82. The conclusion of everything is; to keep working hard. When the attitude of hard work is in place, success is not found wanting.

83. When you stay long with that problem, the solution will open up to you. If you can consistently stay on the course, you will not end up being stuck.

84. The incredible thing about the process is that you keep working hard till you hit the gold. Success is for the gold-digger.

85. The reason you need to keep working hard is that your life is different. The difference your life will make is dependent on your daily input.

86. Impossibility becomes a possibility when you do not cease to keep working hard. Nothing will stop the success of a man who can diligently keep on.

87. One thing about winners is that they are not afraid to go through failure when it comes. They learn and keep working.

88. A courageous man is one who dares to continue despite the odds. All the odds can be converted to the raw materials of success.

89. Do not judge yourself because you failed. Learn! If you learn well at this phase of life, the next will happen very easily for you.

90. Keep working hard and success will be yours. Learning to stay encouraged and self-motivated is the backbone of great success.

91. Without the will to work hard, success in any field is impossible. Wherever there is a will, there will always be a way.

92. Wherever you find yourself, be known for your diligent input in the line of your passion and the will to continue on this same path.

93. Keep working, make your story. Your stories will always be attractive when your glory is showcased.

94. Do you want to be a champion? Get up and keep working. Champions get beaten sometimes but they have learned to fight back each time they get beaten up.

95. Success does not come by magic, it takes work. To live your life expecting magic is to leave your life to chances.

96. Just do it or don’t. Don’t stay in the middle. Procrastination or indecision will stop a dream no matter how beautiful it may appear.

97. Life can be very depressing but you can’t just sit in self-pity. Keep working it out. This is what it takes to stand out among your peers.

98. You have been blessed by God with abilities. Don’t sit at home waiting for a miracle. Get out there and work.

99. Keep working, rest, and keep working. You will get there. Learn to relax and retreat when you are tired but never stop working no matter what!

100. Fuel yourself with your dreams as you keep working hard. Your dreams should be your automated motivator. Do not wait for any external person or third party to motivate you, stay motivated at all times.

101. Success favors the bold, don’t project timidity in the face of challenges. Life will always compensate anyone who can dare to go further when obstacles are evident.

102. No matter the mountain you are faced with, never turn your back on the mountain. Victory is not at your back, victory is always ahead of you.

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Without a doubt, you must have been refreshed by these hard-work quotes. Application of these quotes will make you become success than you have ever been in the time past. 

Do you have anyone in your life that you want to see motivated? Kindly share with them. LEAVE A COMMENT to let me know how these quotes have been of bits of help to you.

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