Have A Blessed Birthday

112 Have A Blessed Birthday Quotes, Messages and Prayers

There is a thrilling joy that someone’s birthday gives that no one other day can deliver one’s life. It’s the sweetest day every man loves to be cheered and shown affection. When the birthday of an individual comes, such a person is expecting a gift of blessings from family, friends, and loved ones.

When the time of celebration comes, it’s the best time to shower words of blessings upon the celebrant. Anyone who has been a blessing to you over the years therefore should there be told to have a blessed birthday celebration on their birthdays.

A gift put together with words of blessings sent to the celebrant registers a lingering impression in the heart of the celebrant. Words convey the power and the intention of the sender. I know you care about your friends and loved ones, but it is good to communicate it through have a blessed birthday celebration messages and quotes.

Do you consider anyone so important to your life and you want to send words of blessings to him/her? Choose these best birthday celebration messages to rejoice with the said person!

May God Bless You Birthday Wishes

1. It’s your glorious birthday, you’re a gift like no other. I’m delighted to celebrate and appreciate you for all that you’ve been doing for humanity. Happy birthday to you!

2. Everything that your heart desires shall come to pass, and your expectations shall not be disappointed. Have a beautiful birthday celebration!

3. Joyous birthday to you, I’m wishing you a celebration full of joyful gifts and manifold blessings. May God bless you with good health and happiness always! Amen.

4. Welcome to the season of breakthrough, joy, and abundance. This will be your best year ever. Happy birthday, may God bless you with good health happiness, and prosperity

5. My heart’s desire for you is that you’ll be blessed in all your endeavors. Do accept my heartfelt birthday wish with love. Happy birthday to you.

6. May God empower you to accomplish great things in this single life of yours. Blessed are you in all that you do. Have a great birthday!

7. What makes you burdened over the years is lifted from your shoulders today. You shall be blessed, you shall not be stressed. Stay blessed with good health and happiness!

8. I declare the divine blessings from heaven shall be evident in your life. You shall not know any shame for whatsoever reasons. May God bless you with good health and happiness always!

9. I wish you a wonderful and glorious birthday celebration full of love and surprises. Have a cheerful birthday!

10. Your existence in the land of the living is a blessing to humanity, you’re such a great blessing. May you be blessed forever. Amen.

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Short Birthday Blessings

11. It’s your birthday, and I’m glad to be part of your celebration. Celebration of wonderful things shall never cease in your life.

12. You’ve been blessed by God to see this moment in sound health and peace of mind. May you continually enjoy the divine benefits.

13. You have just one life and it’s fast advancing. Ensure you live your life to the fullest. Happy birthday may God bless you and all that you do.

14. It takes love and happiness to enjoy life. May God grant you love and happiness all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you!

15. I know your heart is full of desires and great expectations. May all your expectations come to pass speedily.

Blessing Birthday Wishes for Friends and Loved Ones

16. I desire that all your desires shall come to pass faster than you expected. I celebrate you, and Wishing you good health and happiness in life.

17. You’ve been an amazing personality so far, your life has been a tree of blessings to so many people. Just maintain your good attitude. Happy birthday! I wish you great health, happiness, and prosperity

18. I’m wishing you the loveliest and most prosperous birthday you’ve ever celebrated. Happy birthday, God bless you!

19. The joy of the Lord will never depart from you. Everything that makes you happy shall not be taken away. Wishing you good health, happiness and success always

20. May you be blessed continually with endless joy and great rest of mind. You’re a blessing, may God bless you.

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Happy Birthday To You May God Bless You

Happy Birthday To You May God Bless You
Happy Birthday To You May God Bless You

21. Happy Birthday to you, Sweetness! May the love of God be the source of your evergreen and continual smile!

22. You have always been a joy bringer, there is no dulling moment with you. May God bless you with more joy. Happy birthday, God bless you today and always.

23. You’ve been a moon and light to many in the darkness, may your light continually shine forth, darkness will not overshadow you. Happy birthday, may God bless you with good health and long life.

24. I appreciate the privilege of a relationship and friendship with you. Thank you for being a joy to my world. May God bless you and your family with good health.

25. Happy birthday to the sweetest person on earth. The honey you do add to my life makes me call you honey. Your life shall be ever sweet. Happy birthday, God bless you.

26. On this special birthday, I pronounce upon you wealth without limits and joy overflowing. I appreciate you for all that you represent. Happy birthday to you, may God bless you with good health, wealth, and happiness.

27. This is an avenue to tell you once again that you’ve been a blessing to me. The blessing of the Lord shall never cease in your life. Happy birthday stay blessed and happy always!

28. I’m deeply thankful for the manner of the person you’re evolving to become to me. You’re so amazing and sweet.

29. May the glory of your old age not fade away. You shall continually be relevant. Happy birthday to you, God bless you greatly.

30. You’re a such priceless gift and invaluable treasure. I do appreciate you and I want to say to you that you shall have all your heart desires realized. Happy birthday to you!

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Happy Birthday God Bless Your Quotes

31. Birthday is a time to remember the faithfulness of the Lord in the time past. May you keep enjoying the faithfulness of God in your life.

32. This world wouldn’t have been a good place to live in if you’ve not been contributing your quota to it. Thank you for your input. Happy birthday to you.

33. God has blessed you, it’s not deniable. May this blessing never depart from your life.

34. I ask the Lord to give you special favor and blessings as you mark your glorious birthday today. You shall continually be blessed in every respect.

35. You’re so lovable and worth keeping company with. May your life go in the right direction as at the former time. Amen.

36. I’m deeply in love with your sweet spirit. You’re such a blessing to me and several uncountable others. Happy birthday!

37. Today is the day I’m privileged to see you alive and celebrate with you for all your kindness and generosity towards my well-being. God bless you happy birthday to you.

38. Today is your day and in a real sense, it’s more special to me than it is to you because you’re such a great personality to me. I’m happy you were born. Happy birthday to you!

39. How could this life have been interesting if your presence was never there? I’m so grateful for the gift of life given to you by God. Happy birthday to you!

40. I’m specially grateful for the fact that you made it today not only to celebrate your new age but also for the progress you have made in life. Happy birthday to you.

Wish You Good Health, Happiness And Success Always Quotes

41. The way you’ve lived your life in the past has shown that you were born to make the maximum impact in this life. Have a glorious birthday celebration.

42. May your health not get worse, and may you increase in peace and substance. You shall be marvelously helped by the Lord. Happy birthday to you!

43. If you were not born on this day several years ago, the world would have been missing something very vital that she is not aware of. Thank God you were born, happy birthday to you.

44. Let me remind you that you’re so invaluable and you deserve to live more on the surface of the earth. May you enjoy sound health and great riches.

45. It’s joyful to know that you came into this world but more joyful to know that you’re in my life. I’m happy we are together, happy birthday to you.

46. Just a thought of you is strong enough to quicken my hope and inspire greatness in me. I appreciate you, happy birthday.

47. I want to confess my sincere love for you today at your special birthday celebration. I love you and I will always do.

48. This is the least you’ll ever be. May all things begin to work together for your good in all respect. I’m thankful for your life, happy birthday to you.

49. You’re so dear to me and I’m indeed grateful that I’m in your company. Such a sweet fellow you are, happy birthday to you.

50. May success not be wanting in your life. You shall be blessed in all that you do. Have an abundant and joyous birthday celebration. I wish you greater success than in your former years.

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Short Birthday Prayer

51. To the Sweetest person living on the earth, happy birthday to you. All your sincere wishes and in-depth heart desires shall come to pass.

52. The mercy of God shall overshadow you and give you undeserving blessings. I rejoice at your birth. Happy birthday to you.

53. Life is tough when it’s void of divine blessings. May your life not be short of blessings. Amen.

54. God gives good gifts and He’s the father of all good gifts. Happy birthday, the goodness of the Lord shall never cease in your life.

55. I pray for you today that the Lord will frustrate all the plans of the wicked ones in your life, and your enemies shall rejoice over you. Have a victorious birthday!

56. Every battle set against your life shall be defeated. The Lord shall fight for you like never before. Have an amazing birthday celebration.

57. This year shall be one of the most awesome years you’ve ever lived. As you are marking this beautiful day of yours, memorable things shall happen to you. Happy birthday!

58. I pronounce great and divine blessings upon you. You shall be great until you are very great. Happy birthday.

59. Rejoice in the Lord for the gift of life. God has made your life beautiful and that beauty shall continually radiate. Happy birthday.

60. May the Lord strengthen your hands and give you great support no human can give. Happy birthday!

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Birthday Prayer Wishes

61. I’m truly grateful to God for bringing you to the surface of the earth. The reason why everyone has been thanking God for your life shall never disappear.

62. Your presence in this world makes it worth living. Thank you for the manner of the person that you are. Happy birthday God bless you.

63. Whatever God has planted in your life that has made you happy shall not be found wanting. More joy in life and success in your soul. Happy birthday to you!

64. You’re without doubt one of the most excellent works of the Lord on earth. Happy birthday to you, a great one.

65. May you live long and have a life filled with fantastic experiences. Have a happy and successful birthday.

66. You shall continually be prosperous in all the works of your hands. You will flourish in every segment of your life. I wish you a prosperous birthday celebration!

67. The shower of blessing shall flood your life, and you shall succeed beyond hard work. The grace of God will answer for you in what you are set to do. Happy birthday!

68. On this birthday of yours, may destiny helpers locate you and show you uncommon favor and mercy. Happy birthday, Dearest.

69. I’m glad it’s your day and the whole world is set to celebrate and rejoice with you. May the rest of your life be more glorious than the former years. Happy birthday to you.

70. The beauty and glory of the Lord shall shine upon you, your glory shall not be turned to shame. Happy birthday, I’m happy for you.

Birthday Wish You Good Health And A Safety Message

71. May the Lord keep you and give you uncommon success in all areas of your life. Happy birthday, I rejoice with you.

72. You’re sure one of the most favorite people I have ever seen. I appreciate the quality of your personality. Happy birthday to you.

73. Having you in the journey of my life has filled my heart with gratitude towards life. I have been so blessed knowing that you are in my life. Happy birthday to you.

74. You’ve been a virtuous person to me, may the Lord fill your life with virtues. Happy birthday to you!

75. You’ve been a precious and invaluable gift to me all these years. I want to wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

76. May the Lord guide you through every phase of your life. You shall be saved from the disasters hunting people in the world. Happy birthday to you.

77. You shall be stronger and richer than ever before. The name of the Lord shall be glorified in your life. Happy birthday to you.

78. Your birth into this world is an answer to prayers. I’m bold to say thank God you were born. Happy birthday to you.

79. This day is a special gift from God and that you’re born today makes it more special. I rejoice over you, happy birthday to you.

80. May you keep enjoying the flow of everlasting peace in your soul. You shall be greater than you’ve ever been. Happy birthday to you.

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May God Bless You With Good Health And Long Life Quotes

81. Good God who has given you the gift of life shall also give you great success. Your life shall not be deficient in great success. Happy birthday God bless you today and always.

82. The blessings of the Lord shall not depart from your life. It shall be constantly flowing till the perfect day. Happy birthday, God bless you today and always.

83. You’re currently one of the best people walking the earth. I’m happy for you on this special day of yours. Happy birthday to you.

84. Forget about what was once difficult for you in the yesteryears. This is a new day for you. May everything be made easy with you.

85. I’m certain that your tomorrow shall be greater than yesterday and you shall be exceedingly great. Happy birthday to you.

86. You’ve been profitable to me and countless others all over the world. I’m grateful for you, happy birthday to you.

87. Keep chasing your long-time dreams, may God make it easy for you to accomplish. Happy birthday to you.

88. God has made you come this far and He will take you thus far. Be excited, and have no worries. Everything shall be made perfect for you.

89. It doesn’t matter what you have lost in the past years, all I know is that the Lord will restore everything that you’ve lost so far. Happy birthday, have a restoration experience!

90. This day shall mark the beginning of greater accomplishment for you. Happy birthday, and have an accomplished experience.

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May God Bless You On Your Birthday

91. I desire that the Lord will bless you on this birthday and beyond. Happy birthday to you.

92. You’re strong and indomitable, you have what it takes to cover all challenges. Happy birthday to you.

93. I’m proud of the manner of person you are becoming. Happy birthday to you, may God bless you greatly.

94. May the blessings of the Lord grow and become a mighty tree in your life. Happy birthday, and have a gracious birthday celebration!

95. This is an opportunity for another beginning. You can do something great and greater than you’ve ever done. Stay inspired, happy birthday to you.

96. May you not grow out of relevance, you shall be greatly taught and blessed by the Lord and great shall be your peace.

97. Everyone who has encountered you in one way or the other has always admitted that you are a blessing. You’re truly a blessing, happy birthday to you.

98. Thank you for being a true and amazing friend to me and my family. May you never lack divine support in this life. Happy birthday to you.

99. You’re such a person who has sacrificed so much for everyone. I’m grateful for your life and the manner of the person that you are. Happy birthday to you.

100. A bad past cannot define your personality, better days are yet ahead of you. Be strong and be future-driven, better things await you. Happy birthday to you.

101. Your existence on earth is so important to everyone around your life. Keep living, and have a wonderful birthday experience.

102. I pray that you shall be great and be lifted above your enemies, nothing shall be difficult for you. Happy birthday to you.

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Birthday Prayer Message For My Love

103. Happy birthday to the sweetest person in the world, I want to thank God for the gift of life that He has given you. Thank God for you, happy birthday, my Love.

104. I call you Honey because you brought sweetness into my life, thank you for everything that you have done for me. Happy birthday, my Honey.

105. I’m happy I belong to you, you are a special gift to me. I’m so happy that the time to celebrate with you has come. It’s your day, celebrate Honey.

106. Nothing makes me glad like knowing your day of celebration has come. What a beautiful day today is! I want to confess my love for you afresh and I love you forever.

107. What else can I ask for that God has not given me in you? I’m really blessed to have you in the boat of my life. Thank you for making the journey of my life so lovely. Happy birthday to you.

108. I deeply appreciate your endless investment in my life from the very day that I met you. Thank you for what you do for me. Happy birthday, my Sweetest.

109. I want you to look into the future with so much hope and expectation that all things shall be fine. Relax, God has got your back and He will make all things beautiful for you.

110. Look straight into the future, the best of God is never behind you, it’s far ahead of you. I do trust the Lord to make all things beautiful for you. Happy birthday, my Love.

111. I pray for you from the depth of my heart that nothing will die in your life, you shall be fruitful in all that you do. Happy birthday to you.

112. The Lord who has brought you this far will also help you to go further. Keep going further, you shall be blessed in all the works of your hands. Happy birthday to you.

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