Appreciation Words for Kids

100 Appreciation Words for Kids In School or at Home

One of the greatest ways to motivate your kids is by appreciating them. Whether they have done something excellent and remarkable or going through a hard time. Speaking some nice appreciation words for kids will make them feel supported and motivated to keep going. A child that is not performing excellently well today may be the most excellent child tomorrow with the right words of motivation.

Kids are likely to face some difficulties among their peers in form of harsh or unkind words, So, complimenting them and sharing some appreciation words is a great way to make them feel motivated and shielded against the negative comments received from their peers or the environment. Hence, making them develop healthy self-esteem.

While appreciating your child with words, ensure you are intentional about it, specific, and sincere. Avoid praising those things they can’t control and also ensure you are giving a genuine compliment.

This article provides you with an amazing list of appreciation words for kids to give you an idea of the right and effective ways of crafting the most beautiful appreciation words for your kids. Let’s take a look at them as we make your kids feel great;

1. I’m so proud of you, kid. Thank you for being a great and awesome kid. I love how you are always helpful in picking things up around the house. Thank you for helping in keeping things well arranged in the house. I love you so much.

2. You are just so amazing! Smart, diligent, and very obedient. I admire you so much. I’m proud to be your mom.

3. I can tell you read a lot and pay attention to things around you. You always have something interesting to share. Keep up with this pace!

4. You are such an awesome kid. Thank you for being kind and friendly. I am so proud of you. I love you so much.

5. I believe so much in you. It’s so exciting to see you do the paintings very patiently. You are such a creative and amazing kid!

6. I feel so lucky to be your mom/dad. I so much enjoy spending time with you and I am always excited to see you happy.

7. I love you so much. You are such a generous and helpful kid. I love how you always reach out to help others around you. You are so amazing.

8. I love how you make me smile. I always think of you even when you are away. You are such a rare treasure to me. I’m proud to be your Dad.

9. I appreciate it when you offered to help your kid brother. You are one of a kind, and I’m so proud of you.

10. I love you so much. You make life so easy for me, and I’m exceedingly grateful that you are in my life. You are such a treasure that I’m always grateful for.

Why Is Praise Important To A Child

Now you might want to ask, why is praise important to a child? The truth is, everyone loves to be appreciated, including kids. Whether for a job well done or for a good effort put in completing a task, it is important to give them positive feedback by praising them.

The next few lines show the reasons praise is important to a child and why appreciation word for kids is important.

11. Praise boosts the child’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem: A child who receives praise from those he/she looks up to will feel loved and accepted, hence boosting his/her confidence and self-worth.

12. Praise to motivate the child: Praising a child is a good way to motivate them and encourage them to become better and more enthusiastic.

13. Praise helps in grooming a child to become a better adult: A child with a good sense of self-worth will treat him/herself positively, and go on to treat others positively too.

14. Praising a child is a great way to nurture and shape a child’s behavior: Children who receive praise can easily know that they are being approved and that what they are doing is pleasing to their parents. This serves as feedback for them to know when they are doing well and when they need to do better.

15. Praises help the children’s overall performance: Children who receive praise develop better self-worth and feel motivated, do not give up easily, and are eager to face challenges. This helps them to be more productive both in school and in life generally.

16. Praises help in building a strong bond between the child and the parent: Giving compliments and praising a child makes them feel secure around you and helps in building a good relationship with them.

Words To Praise a Child

17. Thank you for tidying the room up. I love how you neatly arranged your shoes and made your bed. You’ve done a very good job.

18. I’m so impressed watching you trying to tie your shoelaces. I’m so proud of you, for being so patient and calm till you are able to get it. Kudos to you. Note: be specific, praise the effort put into the process and not necessarily the outcome. This will greatly help in motivating the child and make them feel that you believe in them.

19. I really love the prints on your shirts and how you combined the colors! You’ve got a great eye for colors.

20. These paintings look so great. You must have put in a lot of patience and hard work. Do you want to tell me why you chose the colors?

21. I can tell that you have a good heart. You always show love to people and have kind things to say about them. That’s so good of you.

22. You are an amazing older sibling. Thank you for being patient with your younger siblings and caring so much for them. I’m sure they have a lot to learn from you.

23. I’m super proud of you, Dave. I love how you were calm in relating with the other kid in the neighborhood. You’ve got great interpersonal skills.

24. I love how you were polite in making your request known to me. I will definitely work on your request soon.

25. You are such a wonderful singer. I can tell you practice a lot, and it’s really paying off. Good job!

26. You must have really put in a lot of hard work and patience in solving this puzzle. This is a good try, dear. Kudos to you.

27. I’m so impressed by your performance. I love how you skillfully played the violin with all boldness. I’m proud of you. Thank you for making my investment worth it.

28. I love how you offered to help your classmate in solving the problem. It shows you are a very kind and helpful kid. That’s so good of you.

29. It’s great to know that you are learning really fast. This is a good move, Ella. I’m super proud of you.

30. You are such a fast learner! This is a cute drawing you have made there. Keep it up, dear. I’m sure you’ll get better with time.

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Words To Appreciate a Child

Words to praise a kid
Words to praise a kid

31. The answer you came up with for the problem is so excellent. You are indeed a great thinker. I’m glad you are growing to become your best.

32. It’s so kind of you to help your sister in lacing her shoes. You are such a helpful brother; I really appreciate you.

33. The suggestion you came up with was very helpful. I love it. That was so thoughtful of you.

34. I love the way you thankfully accepted the offer from Mrs. Anne. That shows how appreciative and well-trained you are as a kid. I’m proud of you.

35. Wow! The strategy you deployed in solving this puzzle by arranging the shapes is so impressive.

36. You’ve got a knack for trying out different methods of solving a puzzle. You are really putting in great work in this.

37. You’ve done really well on those paintings. I love how you used bright colors and how they blend perfectly. This is nothing but a high level of creativity!

38. You are so good at playing this game. It’s nice to see you also enjoy it and find it very easy to play too.

39. I’m glad you were able to stay focused and determined till you were able to solve this problem. You’ve done well, keep developing your skills.

40. Your effort really made a big difference. I’m glad you were able to get a better grade on your tests this time around. Keep it up, dear son.

Appreciation Words for Kindergarten Students

41. This is a well-deserved feat. Congratulations to you on your excellent performance, you’ve worked really hard for it.

42. You should be proud of yourself! These are wonderful paintings! You’ve done a great job during this period, keep it up.

43. Oh wow! You were so calm as you carefully stacked the blocks. That was amazing. See how tall it is. This is so good of you, I appreciate it!

44. I saw how focused you were while working on this project. You’ve done really well. Good of you, Bryan!

45. You’re being such a generous friend. That was so thoughtful of you to offer your friend some fries.

46. Thank you for caring so much for your sister. You are such an amazing brother. I’m very sure Joyce would love the gifts.

47. You have such a kind heart. Thank you for offering to assist your friend on this. I’m sure you will enjoy the process too.

48. That shirt really looks great on you. You’ve got a unique sense of style, I must say. All I can say is well done.

49. The ideas you came up with were appropriate. That was so thoughtful of you, Dave.

50. I can see you are finding this puzzle exciting; you are finding it very easy to solve and you are doing well in it.

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Encouraging Note for Child

51. You are not doing badly, Dan. Remember, it’s more about how much you’ve learned, not how much you’ve won!

52. I’m sure you have learned so much and had fun playing this game. You have not lost after all. I know you will be able to use the knowledge in improving your skills.

53. I admire how resilient you are. Not giving up and consistent practices are your best trait. You are just so amazing.

54. What defines who you are is you. Winning or losing in a game doesn’t define who you are. You are wonderful, and you’ve got amazing skills.

55. As long as you remain focused and do not give up, you’ve got so much room to grow. Just believe in yourself.

56. You’ve got great skills and talent. You are such an amazing kid, and I’m sure you won’t give up on yourself.

57. That’s a brilliant move there! I’m sure you’ll master the skills over time. Just keep pushing and enjoy the process.

58. What a brave decision you have made. I’m super proud of you. I know you will come out stronger and better.

59. I’m sure you’ll get the best out of this, Jane. You are such a good action taker and I’m super proud of you.

60. I’m glad you figured out the task. Keep moving Dan! You are doing really well. I’m super impressed.

How To Praise a Child With Words

61. You are such a wonderful storyteller. I love listening to you telling stories. It’s always an exciting moment.

62. You speak so calmly and confidently. I’m super proud of you, son. Keep being amazing.

63. You are a very good listener, and I appreciate that in you. I hope you know that is a very wonderful skill you’ve got there.

64. Your work is quite impressive. You’ve worked so hard and I can see how greatly you have improved.

65. I love how calm and well-composed you were in handling the loss. That shows you have great emotional intelligence.

66. Despite being hurt, you were quick to forgive and offer to help the kid next door. That was super fantastic! I’m very proud of you.

67. You’ve got a great smile that melts the heart. I love to always see you happy and optimistic. It gives me joy.

68. What a super amazing kid you are! You are always kind and friendly to people without discriminating. That’s awesome.

69. You are such a sweet brother. Thank you for looking after your sister and taking care of her. I can see she’s so fond of you already.

70. I love how you politely expressed your feelings to me. Thank you for letting me know you do not enjoy eating broccoli.

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How To Compliment Someone’s Child

71. You are such a helpful kid. I’m sure your parent would be super proud of you. Keep it up, sweetheart.

72. You are solving this puzzle so effortlessly. Your parents are so lucky to have such a smart kid like you.

73. I’m sure your parents would be excited to see how excellent you are doing. Keep it up, dear. That was amazing!

74. I can’t wait to meet your parent to tell them how productive you have been. I’m sure they would be excited to hear about it.

75. You always think of others and put their feelings first. Your parents have done a great job in raising such a selfless kid like you.

76. You’re always so well-mannered and talk to people so pleasantly. You are such an amazing kid and your parents are so blessed to have you.

77. You’ve got such a wonderful kid. She’s so friendly and always eager to help her mates. You’ve really done an excellent job in raising her.

78. Your boy has gotten a very cute smile that lights up the room. I’m sure people would love to always be around him.

79. Your son is very skilled in encouraging people. He’ll make a great team player. Kudos to you for raising such an amazing kid.

80. Your daughter is always asking brilliant questions. Little wonder why she does so well in school. She’s proven to be very intelligent.

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Words Of Encouragement for Children in School

81. Your rate of assimilation is superb. I can see that you also pay rapt attention to details. I guess that’s why you do so well in school.

82. I’m impressed by how you always do your homework early. You are such a responsible student. Keep it up.

83. You have been such a thoughtful sister. Thank you for always looking out for your kid brother and making sure they don’t get into trouble.

84. It’s so exciting to hear you speaking the new language so fluently now. You are such a committed and resilient learner.

85. I can see how you effectively guide and lead your classmates in completing the group task. You are such a great leader.

86. You are such a deep thinker. I admire how you speak so intelligently and always have something interesting to say.

87. This is so good of you. Your line of thought is superb, and you’ve got great writing skills. Keep it up, Ryan!

88. I can tell you are really trying your best and working so hard. Your grade keeps improving. That is amazing!

89. I can tell you are going to achieve success in whatever you set your mind to. You are such a hard worker.

90. Your report card is very encouraging. I can see you are really working hard and devoted to your studies. It’s paying off now.

How To Praise a Child For Good Grades

91. Your level of understanding is so amazing. I’m so glad to see you grow into a very smart adult. Keep being awesome!

92. Congratulations on your performance. You really put so much effort into the work. I’m glad that your teacher also noticed that. I’m so proud of you.

93. I knew you are a great problem solver. I’m glad you were finally able to solve the math, you worked really hard on it.

94. You are an excellent go-getter. You really achieve a lot whenever you put your mind to any task. This is amazing! I’m super proud of you.

95. I know it can be challenging. But I appreciate how you always pay attention in class. I’m super proud of you.

How To Praise a Child For Doing Well In School

96. I know you didn’t love mathematics. But I’m very impressed by how you put in extra effort in learning the subject and performing so excellently. That was so good of you.

97. Your grades are quite impressive. I can see you are doing a lot to come out with good results. This is so amazing.

98. You’ve made your teacher proud with your results. Thank you for being so committed and working so hard to pass all of your tests. You should be proud of yourself.

99. I am very excited to see how well you have improved in writing. Your work is so amazing. This is quite impressive.

100. I’m glad you are coping and adjusting to the school environment very fast. Your grades are so excellent. You are such a fast learner.

Remember, as helpful as appreciation words for kids could be, your appreciation must be perceived as sincere and genuine to be effective. Focus more on the process rather than the result. This will help the kid in paying attention to the process rather than blindly pushing hard for the result which might have a negative effect in the end.

I hope this article has been helpful in providing you with some wonderful ideas on words you can use in appreciating your wards.

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