Wedding Quotes for Bride and Groom

60 Wedding Quotes for Bride and Groom

The boldness to be separated from father and mother and be joined to a spouse for the rest of your is a great one. This is a journey into a zone you have never been to before. Marriage is a beautiful thing and so greatly to be desired. The day you seal up the covenant of marriage becomes the most memorable day of your life.

The day we were born is so beautiful and memorable but higher than that day is the day we get married. What makes marriage a special day is that it is one of our conscious celebrations on earth. You didn’t know when you were born but that is not the same case with your wedding. Therefore, you have every reason to celebrate.

A wedding anniversary is worth celebrating. If you want to celebrate your loved one that is celebrating their marriage anniversary or if you and your spouse are celebrating your marriage anniversary, send compassionate wedding quotes for bride and groom on a card.

It can get arduous when trying to get the ideal words to express your joy. For this reason, we have put together wedding quotes for the bride and groom that can give you the inspiration to express your thought very fast.

Emotional Wedding Quotes for Bride

When two hearts fall in love and decide to make it permanent and official by getting married, everyone is excited and we all get caught up in the preparation for the big day. It’s a special day so everyone tries their best to make everything perfect.

In all of these, good wedding quotes for bride and groom shouldn’t be left out. The couple would definitely appreciate a nice quote written on a card showing that people around them are happy about their decision to take their love to a next level. Here, you’ll get sweet, relatable wedding quotes.

1. In love, actions speak louder. Do not just say I love you, let your action speak it. Don’t just make your lover hear it, make him/her see it.

2. Good things come to those that wait and love finds you when you’re not looking. Now that you have found love, nurture and cherished it.

3. The strongest foundation a marriage can be built on is love, grace, and mutual respect. Ensure you cultivate this.

4. At the beginning of a marriage, you never have it all figured out but an ever-growing love can overcome all challenges. Keep going forward in the spirit of love and you will overcome.

5. Never go to bed angry with your partner. Always communicate and sort out all issues.

6. Love is beautiful when both parties are fully involved so in marriage, love your partner as much as you would want them to love you.

7. Love comes easy when you’re with the right person. Having found the right person, let love grow.

8. I’m excited to take part in your happiness. I pray your home is filled with love continually.

9. Your love for each other makes me want to find the right person for me as soon as possible. Congratulations on your wedding.

10. You love someone when you always want to see the happy and their happiness automatically makes you happy.

11. Best wishes on your special day. May you enjoy love and happiness together, forever.

12. I’m so happy for you that you have come this far in your love journey! Congratulations!

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Marriage Quotes for Wife

Marriage Quotes for Wife
Marriage Quotes for Wife

To keep the spice up in a marriage, you need to remind your wife consistently how much you love and appreciate her. Thoughtful quotes can help you pass a message of love across to your wife. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married, being expressive about your feelings and love for your spouse helps to maintain the honeymoon phase in your marriage.

13. No matter how tough we might seem on the outside, we all need reassurance from the one we love consistently. Your wife is the most intimate person with you so why not express how much you love her with some sweet quotes?

14. Your eyes sparkle with love every time I look into them. I love you now and I will always do.

15. My wife, it’s easier to face the world every day because I’m assured that I’m coming back home to meet the one I love.

16. I’m always at peace when I’m wrapped around your arms. You are the sweetest place I want to be.

17. Life’s worth living when I’m going through it with you. Let’s keep the journey on, we’re meant for the top.

18. Love of my life, I’m excited that I get to call you, my wife. I smile whenever I think of you and I’m forever grateful that you’re in my life.

19. I catch myself smiling randomly during the day and I realized it’s because thoughts of you run through my mind all day.

20. You make me feel like I’m in a dreamland. Thoughts of you keep me on cloud nine constantly.

21. When I hold your hands, nothing else matters. I’m assured that I can overcome any challenge with you by my side.

22. I love that you are respectful, loving, and kind to me. As your husband, I promise to reciprocate this every day till forever.

23. May our love wax stronger by the day. May we grow old and strong together. I love you, my sweetheart.

24. Love and understanding are important in a relationship. I love that you understand my feelings so well. You consistently go out of your way just to see me happy and it melts my heart every time. I love you forever, my wife.

25. The day you came into my life, you lit it up and to date, your light is still as bright as ever. You give me joy- and butterflies too. I love you.

26. Of all the stars in the world, you- my wife- shines the brightest. You’re the most beautiful.

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Marriage Quotes for Him

Guys like to put up a façade of toughness but deep down they want all the sweet loving. Your husband wants all the gifts, random “I love you’s” and sweet quotes. We know that it can get a little difficult to come up with perfect words so we’ve created a list of quotes that you’ll find really useful.

27. Distance doesn’t matter. My heart will always beat for you.

28. You’re everything I want in a man and even more. I hit a jackpot with you. I love you, hubby.

29. What I feel for you is more than love. I don’t think English has the perfect word. You mean everything to me, my husband.

30. I would love for you to see yourself as I see you. My heart, partner, number one fan, everything. I love you now and always.

31. I don’t want to imagine life without you. You make me whole and I want you to know that I am with you every step of the way and it doesn’t matter what hurdles we have to cross, I’ll stand by you till the end.

32. My love for you is at every sight. I fall in love with you over and over again. You’re my only true love.

33. You support me like it’s all you can do. You want me to be happy always and you go out of your way to make that possible always. When you’re with me, I have the assurance that I can do anything. You’re a special person to me and I love you wholeheartedly.

34. I’d go over and beyond to prove my love. I’d scream till I lose my voice just to tell the world how much I love you. All these still won’t be enough to express what I feel inside for you.

35. I’m always grateful that I found a confidante, lover, best friend, leader, and lots more all in one person. I’m a lucky woman.

36. Every day I see you go into the world to show them how brilliant and smart you are. I’m proud of you, my husband and I are proud to be your wife.

37. With you, I understood how I should be loved- softly and purely. You make loving easy and sweet. I love you, my husband.

38. The whole of my heart is filled with love for you. You’re my number one.

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One-Line Caption for Husband

Public displays of affection can be really cute. Showing off your husband on social media can be a type of PDA. It’s like sending a message to the world saying, “He’s taken” or “He’s mine now”. This can be a struggle too. I mean, getting the picture or video to post and confirming if it’s perfect.

39. You want to know if both of you are looking good in the picture/video or if your eyes are both open and if you’re using the perfect filter. After all that work, getting a sweet caption to describe your perfect picture is another bridge to cross. Not to worry, below are some one-line captions for the husband;

40. Hey world, I married the love of my life today.

41. You’re my favorite person in the world.

42. Waking up to you by my side gives me so much joy.

43. Thank you for accepting me and all my flaws.

44. I’m with the most handsome.

45. Here comes the cutest couple in Africa.

46. I love more than chocolates. That’s a lot!

47. Your love makes me the happiest.

48. You have my heart and everything part of me.

49. I asked for a gift for my birthday and God gave me you.

50. I love you, all of you.

51. You’re the perfect one for me.

52. This man right here is my whole world.

53. My own Prince Charming.

54. Every part of me belongs to you.

55. I’d choose you over and over again and if there’s a next life, I’d like to be your wife again.

56. If I’m allowed to rearrange the alphabet, I’ll put U and I together.

57. This man you see is high on vitamin me!

58. God knew that I needed someone by my side to face challenges with and He gave me you.

59. You’re a perfect specie, the right one for me.

60. You complete me.

61. Thank you for being my lover and best friend.

62. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my favorite human.

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