Before Marriage After Marriage Quotes

100 Before Marriage After Marriage Quotes to Make Your Union Great

Marriage is great and it’s worth waiting for. One of the things that you must desire to experience in this world is marriage. Marriage was meant for the pleasure and comfort of humanity. However, for the full benefits of marriage to be fully actualized, you need to prepare and sustain the right mindset about it which is why you need to glean into before marriage after marriage quotes.

One of the things that makes a marriage great is having an access to the right knowledge. It is the right knowledge that builds the right mindset. Until you have the right mindset about marriage, you cannot build a great union. It is for the benefit of having the right mindset that I have put before marriage and after marriage quotes together for you.

If your marital life must be well enjoyed, you must crave to access the right knowledge that makes it work to the point of application. What you know will not benefit you if you don’t apply it. As you learn what you need to know on this page, I expect you to fill them with your mind and make your marriage great.

Life After Marriage Quotes

1. When we first met our partners, we always strived to be good, after marriage, the story shouldn’t change, but we must strive to be better.

2. A couple who communicates well before marriage bonds faster after marriage. One of the things that must be built is effective communication during relationships.

3. No matter how well you know your partner before marriage before you say I do, remember that you are saying yes to an entirely new life with a total stranger.

4. A happy and successful marriage is worked not after the wedding but right on the first day before marriage.

5. The best and the most effective way to resolve most conflicts in marriage is actually by resolving them before marriage.

6. Marry a partner you find attractive, not only physically but also in character, for that is the only beauty you will be left it after marriage.

7. If you have not created friendship before marriage, do not try to force companionship after marriage. Get your grand game right and you will be very happy in your marriage.

8. A happy married life begins with two people who understand that more work is required to live before marriage than after marriage.

9. Stay happy with your partner, and enjoy the pleasure and the reward of being so bold to step out of being unmarried to being married.

10. If you have not learned to embrace all of your partners before marriage, you are not prepared to really see all of them after marriage.

Starting A New Journey in Life Quotes Marriage

Marriage is entirely a new journey you have not embarked on before. The same person that enters the world of marriage is not the same person that will remain months after. If marriage must work, the couple must be ready to make adjustments where necessary. The way you lived your bachelorhood or spinsterhood is not the same way you will run your marriage.

Before marriage and after marriage quotes will educate you, a lot and prepare your mind for an excellent and beautiful marriage. I have beautiful quotes for you on this page.

11. As you start a new journey in marriage be ready to learn and unlearn, compromise your values and communicate your thoughts. But all must be done in the spirit of love and honor.

12. Starting a new journey in marriage could be exciting and scary, but with proper preparation and strong determination, it shall be well.

13. As you start this new journey in marriage make your partner your best friend, and fall in love with him/her every day.

14. The secret to a happy married life is to start seeing your partner as yourself, and be committed to seeing them happy.

15. As you start a new journey into marriage make every effort to nurture it, though it might take time to grow. The harvest will surely be worth it.

16. Marriage is not held together by physical chains, but by tiny bounds of love with two forgiving hearts.

17. As you start a new journey into marriage, welcome to the beginning of love stories that have no endings.

18. The beauty of the marriage might not be fully seen as you begin, but over time with patience, it grows and knows no bound.

19. As you start this journey, learn to grow together and enjoy your difference, as this is the key to a perfect marriage.

20. As you journey into marriage, let this always be your watchword: “I am for my beloved, my beloved is for me”

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Starting A New Journey with Life Partner Quotes

21. As you start a new journey in life with your partner, I wish you a lovely everyday experience and an amazing love story. Enjoy your new journey.

22. This new journey with your partner might come with its challenges. But I know you are strong enough to weather it. I wish you a beautiful and fulfilling life journey.

23. Enjoy every moment, smile, play, love, and work everything out together. It’s the beginning of a life new journey. I wish you a blissful one!

24. Never forget the selfless commitment you have made today. As you start your new life journey with your partner, their well-being becomes your priority and their happiness becomes yours.

25. As you start this new life journey, may every day bring you wonderful experiences and sweet memories. May your joy know no bounds, and your happiness ever end.

26. I wish you all the best as you begin a new journey with your life partner. I wish you a wonderful journey full of love and peace ahead.

27. As you begin a new journey together. May you continue to grow in love, and stay happy forever. I wish you the best, dears. Congratulations!

28. As today marks the start of a brand-new life journey with your partner. May new blessings begin to spring forth in your union. I wish you a happy married life.

29. Your journey might not be perfect, but remember, it’s all yours. Be ready to stick with your partner and make every moment count.

30. Today marks the start of something new in your life. I wish you a new journey full of exciting adventures ahead. Happy married life!

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Husband And Wife Journey Quotes

Husband And Wife Journey Quotes
Husband And Wife Journey Quotes

31. It’s the beginning of a new husband and wife journey. Never compare your beginning with someone else’s middle. Grow with your partner, trust the process and watch your dream future unfold.

32. A husband and wife journey is that of two annoying people who had agreed to happily annoy each other for the rest of their lives.

33. Welcome to a new journey in life, I wish you a blissful union with eternal happiness together.

34. As you journey as husband and wife, I pray that you grow more in love and understanding of each other. Happy married life.

35. Welcome to the beautiful journey, where you get the full value of your joy because you are now having someone to share it with.

36. Husband and wife journey is such an interesting one. We’ll laugh, we’ll fight, we’ll smile, and we’ll weep, all together, without shame.

37. Getting married as husband and wife, the essence of the journey is not only to help you birth babies but also to birth visions.

38. Marriage itself might be risky, but as long as the parties embarked on the journey with a worthy partner, it could be an adventurous and beautiful risk.

39. Husband and wife’s journey could be exciting, but remember the journey of marriage is like a graph that has its ups and downs.

40. Facts about the marriage journey: It’s exciting, it’s challenging, the journey is far, make sure to go with a friend.

Quotes About New Love Beginnings

41. Finding new love after heartbreak is like finding an oasis in the desert. It is always refreshing and highly rejuvenating.

42. Although I’ve walked through the darkest moment in life, finding you has brought me into my light and I can’t wait to journey with you on this beautiful path.

43. As we begin this beautiful adventure, I want to be with you forever, and I want to be nowhere else but your arms.

44. It’s so exciting to be around you all day long. You are my newfound love and I’m so addicted to you. I do not pray to recover from this obsession.

45. Don’t see me as a stranger, though we’ve been together for a moment, my heart has been with you for a very long while.

46. Beginning a new life with you is my dream come true. I’ve always longed to see you, and now that I have, we will be together just forever.

47. Your arms are the best place to be. I know we are meant for each other, and we are made to love each other. As this journey begins, I don’t ever want it to end.

48. Our love story would be so interesting. Our lives would be so beautiful. And our future would be so bright. I can’t wait to spend mine forever with you.

49. Just like new wine, our love will get sweeter and never go sour. I will never stop loving you, my darling. Let us keep moving!

50. A new love beginning comes with a different spark, but the spark can be ignited and made to keep burning if we could feed it with the right fuel.

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Fresh Start Relationship Quotes


51. It’s the beginning of a fresh season, this is the moment I’ve ever dreamt of. Come with me, my love. We will surely write a beautiful love story as we progress.

52. I know we’ll make a great couple; I bless the day I met you. I’m so glad our paths crossed, my love. I can’t wait to start my life adventure with you.

53. I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of my life with you. How great it is to have found you, my darling. I’m in love with you already.

54. Every moment around you brings new excitement. I always look forward to a new day with you. I love you so much, darling.

55. From the first day I met you, I knew you are the one for me. Your love is so thrilling to my heart. I love you so much.

56. I’m so glad we found one another. You are the most precious thing I’ve found. I love you so much, babe. I look forward to a “happily ever after” relationship with you.

57. Great relationships are built, not on how long we’ve been together but on how committed we are. You are such an amazing person; I look forward to building something great with you.

58. We’ve got all it takes to create a beautiful future together. You are my dream come true. I can’t wait to start a beautiful life journey with you.

59. I couldn’t figure out why my past relationship couldn’t work, but when I met you, I realized that it was all for my good. That I may meet a sweet soul like you.

60. It’s so amazing that we have fallen in love so deeply with each other. Your presence in my life is so soothing. I love you so much, dear. I’m glad I’ve found you.

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Starting New Relationship Quotes

61. The exciting thing about this new relationship is that it keeps my heart beating and longing for more of my lover I have just found.

62. Your love keeps me expectant and longing for more of you. I couldn’t have been favored more than this way.

63. This new relationship has been with new surprises every day. I’m deeply grateful for having to detach from my former relationship to start a new one

64. The moment I met you, I just had a feeling that you were special and that you were meant for me. I appreciate your presence and I will never take it for granted!

65. Every part of you thrills me up and I cannot but say thank you for coming to start a new journey with me. I appreciate you so much!

66. What I have seen in you tells me that there’s a future waiting for us together. I cannot wait to have all my life spent with you.

67. Getting to know you have made me feel more loved more than I ever felt elsewhere. Every moment with you is heaven and I will do anything to keep this love running.

68. I have always looked up to seeing you every time and bonding more with you. You’re just my special friend and I will love to be with you forever.

69. I have so much respect and love for you I cannot deny it. This is where I want to really be. I appreciate your presence in my life

70. This relationship has been so beautiful and I want it again and again. You’re just the best among all people. There is no one under the sun that I can compare to you.

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Journey Of Married Life Quotes

71. The journey of married life is the most exciting journey on earth if one is rightly hooked on a good spouse. Until you find the right person, you are not yet at peace.

72. The conversation in the right marriage is always exciting and endless. No matter how long it is, it’s still very short.

73. The joy of marriage is finding a true friend whom you’ll live the rest of your life with. Keep searching until you find one that is meant for you.

74. Nothing makes marriage very sweet like having someone who loves you genuinely and who would love to spend the rest of his life with you.

75. If you have found a woman, happy are you. If you find your best friend in your wife, the happier are you. It may be difficult to build friendship but once built, the dividend is great.

76. A happy marriage is no accident; a happy marriage is intentionally made. If you want it, you need to work for it.

77. You cannot be happy alone; you need someone to share your happiness with. The true value of joy is obtained when there’s a partner to share it with.

78. Marriages aren’t great because there are no challenges, marriages are great because those challenges are overcome. To make your union great, you have to be given to fighting challenges.

79. The secret of a happy marriage is locating the right person. The secret to a happier marriage is staying with the right person you’ve found.

80. Good marriage is a promise. If you want it, you can always have it. Go for it, if you wanted it.

Short Wedding Quotes for Couple

81. True love stands shoulder to shoulder both on good days and the unpleasant ones. Stand by each other and you’ll always win

82. Congratulations to you both. Stand by each other through the test of life. If you’re united, nothing can break you.

83. What will make your marriage successful is not that you are perfect but that you’re ready to perfect each other. If you don’t give up on each other, you’ll always get better.

84. As you begin this new journey, learn to accept each other and work on each other until you’re both perfected. Keep forgiving each other you’ll both be happy.

85. Love and laugh together and live happily for all the days of your union. You’re meant to be with each other. Stay happy together forever!

86. One of the things that will make your love last longer is to laugh and rejoice together. Keep enjoying together in your love.

87. Learn to stay together and never live without each other. Maintain the bond at all times and your union will last longer.

88. In marriage, you’ll have to share your challenges and shortcomings together but never forget to share joy and love together afterward.

89. This day you’ve started this new journey, may you enjoy ease all the way to the expected end. Have a beautiful union.

90. Love requires sacrifice. One of the languages you have to speak continually is a language of sacrifice. If you will keep walking in the path of sacrifice, your union will be great!

New Beginning Quotes for Couples

91. This great journey has just begun and it will continue by the grace of God as both of you make efforts to keep it going

92. There are no paths without obstacles, obstacles can only be overcome. It will take the love bond among you to weather the storms.

93. One of the best gifts that God has given humanity is marriage. Enjoy it to the fullest because that is your portion of all the days of your life.

94. Whatever has happened in the time past doesn’t matter, all that matters now is that a new chapter has been opened.

95. Where true love is established, there’s progress and joy unspeakable. If joy matters to you, ensure you keep the bond of love among you.

96. The past hurts and mistakes must not be transported into the present time. Let go of the past and make the present great.

97. Efforts have to be exerted to make a marriage work. You cannot make love function correctly if you don’t give it full attention.

98. Ensure you always strive that you give the best of yourself to your spouse. In giving your best, you get the best.

99. This person that you want to spend the rest of your life with is no angel. You’ll need to learn how to live with him/her. Live with your spouse in all wisdom.

100. The functionality of your marriage is up to you. If you work for it, you’ll surely enjoy it. Enjoy your union!

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