Sample Positive Comments for Teacher Observations

81 Sample Positive Comments for Teacher Observations

Giving a sample of positive comments for teacher observations is all about reporting on how the class and the teacher have successfully impacted and effectively communicated the necessary ingredients to one life in school and the life after. This should be done on a periodic basis to encourage the teachers.

What are some examples of positive feedback for teachers? A sample of positive comments is a copy of valuable comments to render to any teacher that accurately deserves it and to show our utmost love for the work well done. Teachers often need to be constantly encouraged through comments and positive remarks.

There are things that are meant to be done to show how thankful you feel towards the teacher and how well the teacher has pleased your heart during the class teaching. It is one thing to have a teacher, it is another to have an impactful teacher. Having an impactful teacher is a privileged you must appreciate.

However, it is an unprecedented experience to write positive comments based on the observations made about the teacher whether in the physical or online classroom. So here, we have a few samples that are very essential for your usage and help to relieve your stress of writing. Read on!

Sample Observation Comments

There are various sample positive comments for teacher observations that can be used by any teacher whether in the classroom or online classes. These are useful in showing our most delightful comments about the work they are doing.

1. After much observation about your classes and the way, you used to teach. It can be observed that your mannerism in class is awesome. We would always love to be taught by you again and again.  Keep it up, Sir.

2. You are the best in your mode of teaching. You know how to handle a large crowd and control the audience’s attention. We are really being trained by the best. Well done.

3. No words can be used to describe your heart for teaching. It’s just natural and organic. Just trying to control your manner of cracking jokes. Thank you.

4. My observation about how you teach is a great one but I will want you to change your mode of approach to the class before teaching.

5. You can improve more on your step of explaining to your student so that we can always get the best from the class. Keep moving on and never relent.

6. I will undoubtedly say that you are good at teaching and driving your point to the mind of the students. You are one of the most unique teachers we ever had. Well done.

7. From the introduction of the course, you have effectively captured our hearts and sowed our minds to you. You made us love your subject. Be our teacher.

8. Thanks to goodness. You are going to teach us every step we must take in that course. Initially, we thought your subject was difficult but your approach has simplified it. Thank you.

9. You will be loved by many because of your method of teaching in class. Each time you come up to deliver your class, our hearts are always full of excitement. Well done.

10. It is very important to tell you that you are exceptional at teaching. We are always interested in having your class beyond the scheduled period. Keep the good work going.

Sample Feedback to Teachers After Observation

Giving Feedback to teachers after observation is a needed thing to be done. We have written out a few samples for your use. Kindly slide in and read on.

11. Your teaching was a great one and the student must have learned a lot from your numerous examples. Just keep teaching and don’t change your method.

12. My dear teacher, you rejoice while teaching. Wow! What a passion. No others have shown such excitement. The atmosphere you brought into this work has made it lovely and lively.

13. The only way to teach is to communicate from the heart and never from the head. You have proved this to me during all your classes.

14. I have seen your work and they are great. Just be your best and relate well with your student. I strongly believe that if you continue with this level of intensity in teaching, you will be one of the best teachers this school has ever had.

15. Good day ma, l used to enjoy every bit of your teaching, most especially that conclusive aspect of your class. Thank you, ma for bringing a clear understanding into my area of confusion.

16. Your class has been very informative to me, I have been able to demystify something that I found confusing recently. I look forward to more of your teaching.

17. Awesomely, you can teach very well. Your teaching in class always summons me to read after class. Thank you for being a blessing to our world. You are a teacher with a difference!

18. The whole class always feels your presence when you seem absent from us. You know how to conjugate words and communicate to our mind at ease. Thank you, Sir.

19. We never for once lack someone that will teach accurately in my school. You are the best teacher for this job. We can note the difference from the first day you started this course with us, We love you and we will implore you to continue with us.

20. We have seen how you lecture the student and your kind gesture during class is remarkable. Since you came into this school, everyone has been talking about you. We can see that you have a good knowledge of your course.

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Good Feedback Comments for Teachers from Parents

Good feedback comments for teachers can also be done by parents when any significant changes and positive impact is noticed in their wards’ life, especially in academic life. So, we have prepared some carefully selected words for your usage.

21. Honestly, you have taught my child very well in calculating well. You have effectively done well, thank you.

22. Well done, my child teacher. My ward can now read on her own after three years of trying to get her the right teacher. Yes, you are the right teacher. Thank you, my teacher.

23. You are a unique opportunity for my ward. I thank God for maximizing the opportunity. Thank you for choosing to teach my ward and make them become better every day.

24. You are the right teacher for my child. You are doing a good job by teaching the right step to be the best academically. I’m grateful for skillful teaching.

25. My child has tremendously changed positively over time in the space of two months of meeting you. Thank you.

26. I will forever be grateful for your love and the act of teaching my child about his upcoming common entrance. You are a special spec for my ward.

27. I don’t know where exactly I need to start my state of appreciation. You are a wonderful person to me and you have left an indelible impact on my life. My family will forever be grateful for your act.

28. Dear teacher, you have always been the song of my child after school. Truly, you are teaching them well. No doubt about this, thank you.

29. On behalf of myself and my family, we are saying thank you for all the good contributions to the success of my child’s academic life.

30. Words can never express what you have done for the growth of my child’s academic life. Dear teacher, We are grateful for your wealth of knowledge and impactful life over the years.

Good Feedback for Teachers’ Examples

Good feedback for teachers’ examples is those words composed for the teacher’s act of taking out unique examples to teach effectively. These sets of words are important and necessary to show our gratitude for their work.

31. Your teaching is full of knowledge and well-accumulated words for easy understanding of any context. You are an amazing teacher.

32. I will continue to value your good work and excellent teaching. Thank you for your diligence.

33. Your honest act of teaching with examples can blow up one heart. You are so intentional with all your classes. Thank you.

34. The way you use good examples to drive home your point is so exceptional. You are indeed a useful instrument for any child’s academic growth in life.

35. You will be remembered for your unique ways of teaching with adequate examples. Thank you.

36. Dear teacher, you are a great example to others for teaching with illustrations and examples for easy understanding. Well done a good job.

37. Your manner of teaching is proof that you know what you are doing and how to do it by those examples you give in the classroom.

38. No need of looking for any other substitute for you. You are the best. Well done for teaching well with accurate examples.

39. No wonder many students don’t want to miss your class for anything. You are indeed a genius.

40. You are always full of the right examples to use. Thank you for taking out quality time to teach well with examples.

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Positive Comments on Teachers’ Performance

The teacher’s performance needs to be complemented and appreciated. In doing this, their spirit of working will be geared up to work effectively to impact the students.

41. Your manner of doing things in the classroom is a perfect one. Starting from your dressing to your manner of communicating is an amazing one. You are a good teacher in every sense.

42. Thank God, I’m in your class. Your way of teaching has been an intensive and life-changing one. Thank you for choosing to teach us.

43. I will never forget your sacrifice and mindset of teaching effectively. Thank you, dear teacher.

44. Your talk has been in the mouth of many. The value and worth you have earned for yourself through this teaching job are ineffable. Just keep it up.

45. Thank you for doing a good job. No one can do what you are doing now. You are the best match for this job. Keep up the good performance, teacher.

46. Your performance has brought many to continue to seek your services. You are indeed a good teacher with the ability to teach.

47. You are an excellent teacher with a heart for teaching well. Your act of teaching had a great impact on the minds of people.

48. A good teacher is known for his performance. Your good performance is a unique one with a remarkable impression. Thank you, teacher.

49. Faultlessly, you are a unique teacher. You deserve to be upgraded to a greater level. Thank you for your efforts.

50. We will continue to celebrate you for your great performance. You are a good teacher to emulate. Keep moving and doing good.

Teacher Evaluation Comments from Principals

Principals can as well give comments to evaluate teachers’ attitudes toward their mode of teaching. Most times, all these words go a long way in motivating the teachers to keep on doing their job correctly.

51. You are one of my best teachers. You have impacted the students in the school with the right values and correct moral conduct.

52. You are such a unique teacher with standards. Your mode of standards is just too exceptional. Thank you for choosing to teach at my school.

53. Such a teacher like you has no competitors. Your manner of doing your things is different from others. Thank you.

54. I have assessed your work; you are a great teacher for the job you are doing. Our school will need many of your kind.

55. Your ability to teach is something great. I always feel overawed by your manner of explaining effectively to the student’s understanding.

56. I love your personality and manner of teaching people. Thank you for your sacrifice.

57. You are a teacher with knowledge and a skillful act of teaching pupils to the fullest. Your knowledge knows no bounds. Thank you for being a great force in this school.

58. I will never forever forget your act of sacrificing your time just to teach the students. Thank you, my students

59. I will never forget your great contribution to the growth of our student’s academic life and success. Thank you.

60. You deserve to be praised for what you have done for the student. You have excellently helped in elevating our student’s academic life. Well done.

Sample Negative Teacher Evaluation Comments

Sometimes, when unexpected things are found in the work of a so-called teacher. Their work needs to be thoroughly evaluated and checked for correctness. Therefore, there is a need for a sample of negative evaluation comments.

61. You are unbelievable. Your works do not add any relevance to our lives as students. You have not taught us well.

62. We will look for a teacher to lecture us on this course. Your class was the most unsatisfactory one.

63. We could have preferred that you take us on another course apart from this. This is because we don’t want to fail this tangible course for this session.

64. I love the way you send us relevant notes to us before the class but your explanation is not well detailed for us to pass. Try to improve.

65. The way you taught us is very hard for us to comprehend. Please try to change and teach us well.

66. We hope to get more improvement from you. Currently, we don’t know how to comprehend those lessons you have previously taught us. We hope to get a better you.

67. Your class is getting us confused and uncertain about the result we will get after our exams.

68. Your method of teaching us is not accurate enough, please engage us more in your classes.

69. Learning from you is such a waste of time and energy. Teach us more facts and reality in your lessons.

70. Encouragement is different from teaching. Teach us and stop engaging in more conservation and unnecessary talks.

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Principal Feedback on Teachers’ Examples

The following can be used by the principal to commend the effort of the teachers working with him/her.

71. No further analysis, you are good. You teach with excellence and with a sense of strong morale.

72. Your patient act of using examples to teach is a very unique one and it proves to us that you know what you are doing. Thanks.

73. Teaching with fulsome examples makes the student quickly remember the subject matter anytime and on any day. You have done this.

74. Thank you for taking out the quality time of using sufficient examples to teach and thereby making the student understand.

75. You are an amazing teacher for using numerous examples to teach the pupils. They will love you for this and everyone who has hated mathematics before will begin to love it because of the uniqueness of your explanation.

76. Those examples of yours are just too exceptional and unique, we recognize the wealth of knowledge that you possess. Thank you.

77. Dear teacher, it is now crystal clear that you love what you are doing. Thank you for taking out time to teach with examples.

78. You are setting a very good record for yourself. Thank you for being so passionate about teaching.

79. You are good at teaching, especially using various examples to illustrate your point. Thank you for doing that, my dear teacher.

80. Very soon, you will be rewarded for teaching with diligence. Your diligence reveals your honest heart for teaching with a couple of examples. Well done for your great sacrifices.

81. Everything that you are doing to ensure that our students are doing well is very noticed and appreciated. Thank you for everything you are doing in this school.

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