Congratulations Message To Expecting Parents

62 Congratulations Message To Expecting Parents and Family

It is one thing to be married, it is another thing to be able to conceive. Being able to conceive is a blessing and must be appreciated. It happens sometimes that the couple will have to wait for some time before the conception happens after marriage. Eventually, the wait is over and the child is kicking in the womb! Glory! I think such a couple deserves a congratulations message to expecting parents!

The joy of knowing that you will soon be a parent cannot be measured. This is so exciting! Have you sighted a couple right before and around you expecting a baby and you want to say something nice to send to them through messages? On this page, you have congratulatory messages to expecting parents.

Expecting parents are the ones with the thrilling mind of delivering their child within a moment without passing through any process. Those processes are somehow wearisome but must be passed through definitely. Here are some congratulations messages for expecting parents.

As little as sending a congratulatory message to potential parents may appear, it will go a long way in showing love and moral support to the incoming parent. This is important! You can walk through this list of messages and say a word of congratulations to the incoming parent!

What To Say To Someone Expecting A Baby Soon

Congratulations on expecting a baby is important to do for any newest couple or long-awaited couple expecting a baby. This congratulations message to expecting parents create a more vibe in their hearts, towards their fruitful journey.

1. My Sister, I’m utilizing this medium to express my untarnished congratulations on the expectancy of your baby. I wish you good luck. Stay joyful!

2. I can’t stop imagining how your feelings are. You guys are indeed great people. Congrats on your expectations.

3. My dear brother, your expectations are winding up. Hopes are rising and winds of uncertainty are measuring up beyond the limit. However, Bro, I want to congratulate you that your baby will be a wonderful one just like you.

4. I vividly remember the day of your engagement till your marriage ceremony period and now you are in another phase of expectancy. I wish you all the best in this Journey.

5. I love your passion for the preparation for the incoming baby. Congratulations on your pregnancy journey. You will deliver safely!

6. I was shocked to see the message about your incoming baby. I’m proud of you dear. I wish you a productive journey.

7. I know very well that you have been expecting these days. Sweetie, I congratulate you on your new achievement as a mother-to-be in your husband’s house.

8. I congratulate you on this great news of yours. I wish you safe delivery, my Dear.

9. You deserve this great news. You have immensely contributed to the growth of your home. The universe has decided to bless you with this pregnancy. Congrats!

10. I now believe that hard work and consistency are important. Both you and your husband have sowed and it is time to reap. Congratulations expecting parents.

11. Honestly, I can’t express how much joy I feel for your family. You guys have been an amazing couple to date. I love your commitment and I congratulate you as you proceed on a journey of new production.

12. Paramountly, waiting is good. But I’m happy that your wait is over. No more waiting. Congratulations.

13. No one would have thought that it will be this soon but thanks to the creator that makes this happen with ease. Congratulations guys!!!

14. You have eaten from a fruitful branch. You must bear much fruit. I’m happy for you. Congrats for being a parent!

15. I thought of how much you have waited enough to witness today. At last, you have witnessed today. Congratulations as you begin to expect a newborn baby from God.

16. Congratulations to the latest parents to be in town. I can’t wait to know the gender reveal of your baby. I’m excited for your family.

17. No words can be adequately used to show how much you feel about this coming baby. I know you love babies and finally, your baby is coming. Congrats!

18. Certainly, you have done well with your wife. You have sowed a seed and it has germinated. Wow, congratulations on your newest achievement as a man of the house.

19. I can’t stop being thankful to God for all He has done for your family. I wish you both a set of two bouncing baby boys.

20. Your family is blessed to be expecting such a baby at this awesome time. It is a matter of process but I’m sure this raised tree will bring joyous fruit for you.

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Congratulations On Expecting A Baby Boy

When a set the couple is expecting a baby boy either as the firstborn or as the secondborn. There is a supreme need to send over a congratulatory message to the expecting parent to celebrate what God is about to send into such a family. Hence, check on the below outputs about this.

21. I’m happy for the gender review of your pregnancy, my dear daughter, and as you go over this journey till delivery. I shower heavenly blessings on you. You will experience strength.

22. Very soon, you are identified as a mother of a baby boy. I’m so delighted to hear such. You deserve more than that. Congratulations, friend.

23. My pal of life is now ready to be identified as a mother of a boy very soon. What a great joy. Congratulations!

24. What a great way of starting a parenthood journey. You will soon become a father to a baby boy. I’m so excited to hear this news.

25. I’m imagining how the handsome boy will start calling you mother. Wow! What joy overflows. Congratulations.

Congratulations On Expecting A Baby Girl

Babies are pleasant surprises from the creator but most profoundly, baby girls are treasures among them. And the reasons are not far-fetched. This is because they have this nature of tenderness from birth till death. So a well-composed message on how to congratulate those expecting a baby girl has been done for your views.

26. At this time God has decided to bless you with a baby girl. All thanks to him. I congratulate your family on these huge blessings.

27. I am extremely hopeful that the delivery of this baby girl will be a stress-free one. I deeply congratulate you.

28. You are an amazing wife and husband. I believe you have waited for this great news. I celebrate your steadfastness.

29. No matter what people may say, you deserve this baby girl. I wish you good luck as you continue to raise her.

30. Your baby girl will not disappoint you but will make you happy. Congratulations on the gender review!

Congratulations Mom To Be Messages

It is highly good to congratulate a mom-to-be. Sincerely, it is not an easy thing to be identified as a mother. Therefore, it is essential to celebrate the mom in the process.

31. I can’t think about your new role. It is certain that very soon you become a mother. I wish you good luck as you start, my dear friend.

32. You are gradually leaving the post of being a mere wife to a mother. Lucky you, my dear friend. Congratulations on your new position.

33. You deserve every bit of joy as you celebrate your new position. I’m happy for you. Congratulations in advance as we are eagerly waiting to rejoice with you!

34. Well, I choose to be happy for you as you mount on this ladder of existence and relevance. This position of yours will elevate you to your best. Enjoy motherhood!

35. Never mind anyone that says motherhood is stressful. It is a joy to raise children. I congratulate you for deciding to be one.

36. Welcome to the world of motherhood, my Dear. Yes, you are still in the process but I’m congratulating you ahead. Well done, Dear.

37. No one could ever think that you are not capable. Motherhood is not a talk about readiness but it is all about you.

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38. I can guarantee that you will enjoy what you are about to become. Just keep focused and guided. Congratulations, Darling.

39. Very soon you will be called a mother to a particular gender. How awesome will that be? I’m happy for you. Congratulations!!

40. At your naming ceremony, I will be there to witness your story and pains during birth. But I’m celebrating your motherhood in advance. Keep up, woman!

41. To my darling wife, who has been a great blessing since her arrival, I appreciate you for making me a father very soon. I will love you without retreat. You are always a blessing!

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Congratulations Dad To Be Messages

Daddies are the best part of mummies. They hold a significant role in the family. They are known as the strong backbone of the family, especially to their children. That is why they need to be celebrated as they are about to become one.

42. Don’t feel afraid, my friend, fatherhood is tasking but very interesting. I wish you a blissful journey as you ride on this part.

43. My friend, congratulations as you start your new step of being a father very soon. I’m enthusiastic about this.

44. You have taken a bold decision by choosing to become a father over a family. I wish you heavenly blessings as I care.

45. You are about to father a child and you will be highly identified as one in the nearest future. I’m so happy about such a bold step. Congratulations.

46. Father-to-be, that is what you soon become. You will soon become a father. Congratulations as you move into the next point of action.

47. I will shout to the whole world that you are about to become a father that will prevail against the enemy at the gate. Congratulations!!!

48. You can now be counted on for a role. Your unborn children will be happy to have you as their father, and husband. You are a darling.

49. I love your new role. As you step into your stage, may you find ease in this your new responsibilities.

50. Fatherhood is an exciting thing to do. You can become older after much observation. I celebrate your willingness to do this.

51. Your new job is about to commence and it is going to be profitable for you. I pray that the heavens will send their support for you.

52. It is time to celebrate, our long-awaited blessing is almost here. Congratulations, my darling husband. I know you will be a great father.

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Messages From Soon-To-Be Dad For A Wife

Are you trying to write a message to your wife for her tremendous work done to be to your wife and to also in advance celebrate her for the birth of our child? If ready, slide into the following golden contents.

53. You have successfully become my wife after many years of waiting for you and now, after much waiting to get them. I’m so happy that we will be birthing our child together.

54. I know very well that it is going to be a painful one while delivering but I will stand by you and support you.

55. I love you my dear wife for everything. You made me happy after much time of waiting. Finally, the universe answered us.

56. I will continue to care for you even during and after this golden stage of yours. I love your enthusiasm. You are forever loved in my heart.

57. You have been pictured in my heart as a loving woman. I love you for that! Thanks for choosing to allow this baby to stay with you.

58. I can’t explain how much I’m feeling right away after knowing that you currently carry my baby. You are a darling to me. Thank you for making me a father.

59. My baby must take care of you no doubt about it because you fully deserved it in every aspect. I can’t wait to see our baby’s face.

60. Congratulations to us in advance, I celebrate our togetherness as a couple. Thanks for making me happy even when you are in pain. I love you.

61. I will continue to celebrate you now and forever even after the birth of our child. I appreciate you for going through the pains of birth for me.

62. I will hold unto you and try to love you more than anything else. It is our turn to be happy. I celebrate you, my darling wife.

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