What To Write To An Unborn Baby For A Baby Shower

61 Tips on What To Write To An Unborn Baby For A Baby Shower

Welcoming a newborn baby into the world is a good and pleasurable thing. Congratulations to every pregnant woman out there. To conceive a baby is a blessing from above and it’s important to congratulate every pregnant woman.

Congratulations messages are parts of what to write for a baby shower, as you keep sending these messages, the heart of the pregnant woman will be excited and will keep expecting the baby.

Are you in need of what to write to an unborn baby for a baby shower? Here are words of blessings and congratulations to help you celebrate a conceiving mother.

What To Write To An Unborn Baby For A Baby Shower

1. My sweet angel, it’s so exciting to know that you will soon be here. I want you to know that I love you so much, and I can’t wait to have you in my arms.

2. Being a mother is an experience I’ve been looking forward to. I’m so glad that my dream is finally coming to pass. Welcome to my world, baby. I can’t wait to have you in this beautiful home.

3. My sweet baby, I know you will be as cute as I am. I can’t wait to finally see you and carry you in my arms. You are already a joy to us even before your arrival. Thank you for being a part of this family in advance!

4. Sweet baby, I can’t wait to finally meet you. I am so looking for to the day I will take care of you and watch you sleep. The thought of your coming is sweet and pleasurable to my soul!

5. My cute little angel, I’m already preparing for the sweet songs I will sing for you and the bedtime stories I will tell you. I’m so excited to have you in this home.

6. I love you so much, my baby. I can’t wait to watch you smile and hold your tiny little hands.

7. As you are coming to begin a new journey in life, I promise to take care of you, nurture you and give you the best pampering in the world. Come around quickly, little prince, you are having the best must parent in the world!

8. It’s a few days to go, Angel. I hope you are prepared for a beautiful new life ahead. We can’t wait to have you as a new member of the family.

9. My darling Prince, it’s exciting that the day is finally here. I have been counting down to the day I will finally meet you. I love you, Darling.

10. You are my treasure, a gift from God to me. I see it as a blessing to be your mother. I can’t wait to see you, my Love.

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What To Say To Someone Having A Baby Soon

11. It’s so exciting to see that you are having a baby soon. Congratulations on the new baby on the way. I wish you safe delivery.

12. I can’t wait to hear the news of the arrival of your bundle of joy. Congratulations, Dear, I am glad for you. I wish you safe delivery.

13. Being a mother is a very great experience. I’m so glad you are also becoming one soon. Congratulations, Dear. I wish you a safe delivery.

14. You look so beautiful with pregnancy, however, it’s great to know that the baby will soon be delivered. Congratulations to you, the newest mum-to-be in the neighborhood.

15. I know you’ll be a great parent. I can’t wait to hear the good news about your delivery. I wish you a safe and hitch-free delivery.

16. Cheers to the arrival of a new drama queen in the family. I’m sure the baby won’t just be as energetic as you are, but also as cute and kind-hearted as you are. Congratulations, Dear.

17. It’s high time we started hosting parties for the arrival of this new bundle of joy in the family. I wish you a safe delivery and a healthy baby

18. Yippee, our cute little angel is on the way. Congratulations, Dear. We look forward to celebrating the safe delivery and healthy baby with you.

19. Let me use this moment to start inviting you specially to the nursing mothers’ club! Congratulations dear. I can’t wait to witness the arrival of the cute little angel.

20. Congratulations, my good friend. It’s so exciting that you are finally reaching your due date in a few days. I wish you a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

21. It’s so exciting that we will soon be welcoming the newest member of the family. Congratulations, Dear.

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Baby Shower Wishes Wording

22. I’m so excited for you. Someone special, someone sweet someone worthy of your love is finally here.

23. Your baby is so lucky to have you as a mom! Congratulations Dear, I am so happy for you because you are changing states.

24. We can’t wait to finally meet the pretty little cutie. We will be so glad to shower him with gifts and all the beautiful smiles on earth.

25. Congratulations on your baby shower, Dear. I wish you a peaceful delivery and unending happiness.

26. I want to use this medium to join you and welcome your new baby. May his arrival double the joy and happiness in your life.

27. It’s exciting to see that you are finally free to jump up and stretch the way you want. I’m wishing you all the best as you expect your baby’s arrival.

28. I wish you lots of love and the best of wishes as you anticipate the arrival of your cute baby. Congratulations, Dear.

29. Now you can finally have someone to share your make-up with and replicate your dream princess dresses on. Congratulations, dear friend as you expect the arrival of your baby.

30. Hi friend, I’m glad you are expecting a new baby. And I want to say congratulations on your new alarm clock.

31. Now, you can finally see the little cutie that has been doing the wonders of all the kicks and rolling in your tummy. Congratulations, Dear. I am glad because you are seeing this beautiful day!

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Baby Shower Wishes Quotes

32. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. I wish you all the best and safe parenting ahead.

33. I wish you all the strength, energy, and love you need to nurture the baby. Congratulations friend.

34. It’s funny how the greatest thing sometimes comes in tiny packages. Congrats on your new little blessing.

35. Having a baby gives you the chance to legitimately deeply fall in love with another person. Now it’s your husband and the new baby.

36. The birth of a baby gives birth to a new beginning of life. Congrats on your baby shower. May you have more of it.

37. Sometimes, the smile of the baby is all we need to keep us hopeful about life. We are glad we are welcoming a beautiful baby into this home.

38. The birth of a new baby is God’s sign to us that the works should go on. I am glad that we at this time are raising after our kind in no time.

39. When someone told you they slept like a baby, it’s an indication that they do not have one. Now that you are welcoming one on board, I am so glad for you!

40. As a baby is a gift from God. May your family be truly blessed with the arrival of the new baby. Congratulations in advance!

41. I thank God for your life and for blessing you with such a great gift. Congratulations to you, Dear. I wish you safe delivery.

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Baby Shower Quotes For Boy

42. Thank you for inviting us to grace this occasion of your baby shower. We look forward to meeting your little prince. The day of delivery will be so filled with joy!

43. Now, Dad can freely have access to the new set of toys. What a lovely feeling! Congratulations on your baby shower.

44. I can’t wait to meet your cute little boy. My heart is filled with not little joy. I am so glad that it’s time to celebrate you

45. I wish you a safe and happy delivery. May you and your little boy come home safely to glad this family!

46. We wish you endless joy as you prepare for the arrival of your little prince. He’s sure lucky to have such a great family.

What To Write In A Baby Shower Card Funny

47. Congratulations, friend. Here comes the cutest alarm ever. May you receive the strength to walk through this season!

48. Congrats darling. We are counting down, just five more and you have a basketball team. What a beautiful feeling!

49. It’s exciting you are expecting a baby soon. I hope you are also getting some Karate.

50. Congratulations on the arrival of your little ‘home keeper’. Let the adventure begin now and never ends!

51. Hey friend, this might be the last baby shower you would want to have. So enjoy it to the fullest!

Baby Shower Quotes For Girl

52. May your cute little bundle of joy grow up to be as sweet and sassy as her mum. Congrats!

53. Congratulations on your baby shower. May your princess be blessed with sound health, happiness, and a bright future.

54. I rejoice with you as you welcome the most precious gift in the world. Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby girl.

55. I’m sure your daughter will be an advanced version of her mum- smart, energetic, and beautiful.

56. It’s exciting you are having a baby girl soon. The special one you can play with, love a lot, and pamper a little. Congratulations, Dear.

Wishes For Baby Examples

57. As you embark on the beautiful adventure of being a mum, I wish you a healthy, strong, and smart baby. Congratulations, my Dear.

58. May your baby be sound and healthy, and may she bring joy and pride to the family forever.

59. Here’s to welcoming your new baby with plenty of joy, happiness, a strong body, and plenty of sleep.

60. May your new baby grow up with a healthy body and sound mind. I wish you all the best as you welcome your new baby.

61. As the baby starts a new life, may the hand of the Lord be upon him. May he grow in strength and knowledge of God.

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