Good Feedback For Teachers From Students For Online Classes

100 Good Feedback For Teachers From Students For Online Classes

After a major lesson has been passed by a teacher whether online or onsite, every student ought to take a little time to say thank you for the lesson passed. Good feedback for teachers from students for online classes is generally acceptable and it is proof that such a student loves the class during the lecturing hour.

Moreover, when a student likes a particular class and seems to love what he or she is learning, there is this need for such a student to render or give out a feedback response to the teacher to show her feelings towards the class. This gesture often encourages the teacher to pass on more relevant knowledge to the student.

Not every teacher is skilled in using online mediums as a means of teaching their students. Some believe that it is not necessary. So it is very good for any student to show their act of gratitude towards any teacher that chooses to teach them using online platforms. To pass a lesson accurately online requires skills that should be appreciated by the student.

It is a valuable thing to give good feedback for teachers from students for online classes as a fellow who has learned something from the online classes through the help of the teacher who took out his/her time to teach and guide one effectively throughout the online coaching or classes.

Positive Feedback For Online Classes From Parents

Giving feedback for online classes from parents is something every teacher will love to receive from their student’s parents for a fantastic job. Teachers love to receive words of appreciation from the parents of their students.

1. The way you teach my child tremendously changes his academic life. It is an amazing thing to see my son’s academic life improving. Thank you.

2. There is nothing left for me to say other than to appreciate you for the work well done. You have added more colors to my child’s life. I’m grateful. Thank you.

3. What an amazing teacher you are! You are exceptional in your teachings. I’m sure my child is happy to have me as her coach. Well done.

4. You are an integral part of my child’s life because of the role you played in his academic life. You are indeed an amazing teacher. Thank you, I will make you proud!

5. No one would think that my ward is capable of reading. How you did it, I’m still amazed. Thank you.

6. Thank you for taking the time to teach my child using this online medium. This brought me joy seeing that my child is learning effectively.

7. Immensely, you have done very well. You possess the true spirit of teaching and impacting your online student with knowledge adequate for their learning. Keep up the good work.

8. No words can be used to describe what you have done for my child. My child has gotten indescribable changes academically.

9. As a parent, I want to show my act of appreciation for your effort in seeing the success of my child in his academics.

10. You are like a sent guide to my child’s life. Thanks for all you do. My child’s life has developed greatly and is still experiencing changes day by day.

Parents’ Feedback To Teachers For Online Classes

Parents’ feedback to teachers for online classes is something that needs to be carried out to show how much the online classes benefited the student. So it is highly important to give us feedback for any good outstanding scene in the student’s life.

11. I’m so delighted to tell you that my child is capable of reading well without the help of anyone.

12. We are using this medium to say thank you for how you have contributed to the success of my son’s academic journey. We are glad that you saved our son from academic havoc.

13. We haven’t met you but we are glad to see your handwork in our daughter’s academic life. You have done very well. Thank you.

14. You are the best thing that has ever occurred in my child’s life. It is a good thing that he met you. Thank you.

15. You have successfully shown my daughter the way to academic upliftment. We are happy to see her succeeding in her academic life.

16. Nothing can be used to express our act of gratitude. You have helped our future. Our child is our future and you have invested so much in our child. We are happy. Thank you!

17. Good day. We are your student parents. Without much ado, we are so excited to see our only child improving academically. We are thankful to you teachers. Thank you!

18. Without much ado, we appreciate your efforts and support for seeing the success of our child’s academic life.

19. We will joyfully be glad to have a small meeting with you after you have completed this online class with our daughter. Thank you.

20. You have taught our child well. You adequately taught him to the fullest of the needed requirement. You have done a great job!

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Parents’ Feedback On Online Classes For Kindergarten

The joy of every parent is to see that their child excels in whatever they are doing, most especially In their academics. So, for anyone that chooses to train or teach such a child, It is expedient for such parents to extend their feelings and show gratitude.

21. The joy I derived whenever I see my child reciting those poems and rhymes you taught through this online class, is unexplainable. Thank you for helping my child’s destiny.

22. Dear teacher, you have proven to me that you are capable of how you have described yourself. Thank you.

23. My joy knows limit, my hope was satisfied when I saw how you added more ginger to my daughter’s glorious destiny through the improvement in her academic performance.

24. Thank you for taking the time to teach my child effectively and adequately. You have helped to change my child’s life.

25. You have rewritten the foundation of my child’s educational life. You are such a rare gem to my family. Thank you.

26. I love how you have taught my baby daughter. You have taught her to give me peace of mind in the future. I’m glad about this. Thanks.

27. You don’t know how much you have done for me by teaching my child up to that extent. Thank you.

28. Good day master! Today marks the end of the online classes for my kindergarten child. I’m so blessed to have registered him under your care. Thank you for what you have done.

29. Good morning dear teacher. It is an awesome thing to have my ward registered for your online classes set apart for kindergarten. I’m so happy, thank you.

30. Dear teacher, this online class is the most suitable thing that added much goodness to my son’s life. Thanks.

Parents’ Feedback On Online Classes During Lockdown

During the lockdown, a lot of things occurred and many hopes were flustered. Schools are shut down and students are forced to stay at home. But one thing that sustains the academic life of the student is the online class. So parents can decide to give feedback on how the online classes have helped to boost their wards’ academics life.

31. Online classes were unforgettable for my children. They enjoyed every bit of it as if it was a physical class. I appreciate you for this, dear teacher

32. No more doubt in my heart. Online classes have contributed to the success of my child’s academic life. We shall always remember this period in our lifetime, no matter what may occur. Thank you.

33. You are a very vibrant and sound teacher. Thanks for teaching my daughter, very well.

34. With what you did, my daughter now expresses the joy of writing anytime. What a great job! I will never forget in a hurry.

35. It doesn’t matter what others may say about this online class. I love it and my children also show the same impression. Thank you for your effort.

36. When the world, school, and the physical teacher are forced to shut down. Thanks to online classes that helped my wards to become their best.

37. It is much more than what one could write home. Online classes brought us the fact that education can be made possible with physical classes.

38. Nobody ever thought that there are times when they can be limited to a known phenomenon. Online classes revived our hopes for education.

39. It is the most surprising thing to see, things change. Technology has bought those changes. Thanks to online classes.

40. As a parent, I engaged my children in online classes. It tremendously changes their way of thinking and widens their scope of thinking.

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Parents’ Opinions About Online Classes

Parents do engage in act of giving out their opinions about what they have seen about online classes. It is awesome to see parents engaging in such a thing. If you are on a journey of looking for such things, then the following are for you.

41. Online classes are the most suitable thing for children. I do love it for my children and I wish everyone can engage in such a thing.

42. My children’s lives were changed due to these online classes. Their academic lives were transformed into wonders.

43. As a parent, I can boldly say that one of the most active ways of teaching children even after physical classes is online classes. It gives more explanation on aspects that need more clarification.

44. Most parents never knew about the importance of taking online classes but I choose to personally nourish my kids in tending on that path. Now, they are doing fine with it.

45. Seeing how things are going with the present world. Online classes are a necessity and everyone must pay attention to them.

46. To me, online classes seem the best and most convenient thing for me. It makes education look more simple and more adaptable to me.

47. Following the new tune, technology has bought something that seems so great and dashed from the old ways of learning. Online classes are the new tune and they must be embraced by everyone in this age.

48. Embracing the new technology systems and their new wave brought about a lot of changes to student learning processes.

49. Online classes have come to stay and dwell with humanity. It has transformed the academic life of many and it is still performing its work.

50. Everyone seems to be getting aligned with the online class and this seems to be helping a lot of people.

Students’ Feedback On Online Classes During Lockdown

Most students nowadays prefer taking courses online and they can go to the extent of paying for the class just because of their interest in such a course. Here is Good feedback for teachers from students for online classes to express your opinion about online classes.

51. Wow, online classes have helped to ignite the love for reading and most especially studying in my precious heart. It makes me stay so glued to the act of wanting to learn more.

52. Nothing else can be said, but to appreciate those that bought the idea of taking a course online. It makes me forget about my fears of failing.

53. I feel equipped with online lessons to complement physical lessons. Oh, what a perfect match!

54. The online class brought me overflowing joy and added knowledge to my intuition about schoolwork.

55. During the lockdown, the most precious thing available was online learning. That was where my source of overcoming pressure from within comes from.

56. I will never forget the fact that the lockdown was a total blessing to me. My eyes were open to the fact that I can achieve more knowledge with online learning.

57. No period can ever be compared to a period like a lockdown period. It renews the mind of seeking more alternative help. Thereby, online classes come in.

58. From two years ago, lockdown period moments still ring in my mind as if it was still fresh and currently happening. It makes me switch my attention away from physical learning to online learning.

59. It is good to feel the impact of online classes. It comes with comfort and ease for adequate learning and development.

60. Very soon, online classes will replace the old ways of teaching. Virtual classes fascinated most students and most learners.

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College Students’ Feedback On Online Classes During Lockdown

During the lockdown, most schools embarked on the act of using online classes to engage their students in the house in order to reduce their playing rate or idleness during the period.

61. As a student, the online class organized by our school kept me academically active and focused.

62. For me, the online class helped to bring out the best in me and show me my weakness. So before the physical resumption, I was able to subdue all the weaknesses in my academics.

63. I was immensely blessed by the medium provided by the school for us to continue our studying and finish with some syllables even during the lockdown.

64. It was such a great opportunity for me to continue learning and enhance my learning.

65. During the lockdown, the online classes organized by the school kept me busy and aiming at being my best.

66. The online class brings eye-opening words and things that can make one feel stronger for the next stage despite the suspension of many things.

67. For me, the virtual class helps to bring more necessary and ineffable experiments to a greater level.

68. Online classes added value to my existence as a student and enabled me with the ability to learn in my comfort zone.

69. Learning through online classes is something I learned during the lockdown. It boosted my academic journey.

70. Learning by using online classes as a medium is something the world will love to do. I love doing it and it has changed my mind about the advantage of lockdown.

71. I was able to get a lot and I got a lot of time to do my research before submitting any assignment or class project.

72. I gained an understanding of what I need to know in my academic journey and get an accurate understanding of my course of interest.

73. As a student, a lot of things were communicated to us through the online medium and we use it as a means of getting more knowledge.

74. It seems that online classes period should not stop because of the fun attracted to the moment of learning.

75. Varieties of things are learned during the lockdown period when online classes were introduced.

76. During the lockdown, there was no moment but we, the students, were able to see ourselves through online classes. And this makes us feel happier.

77. No doubt that online class makes me feel happy, which is also the most alive thing during the lockdown period.

78. Anyways, this lockdown period makes me feel bored and the online classes introduced by the school added more to my boredom.

79. No fun, no happiness, no rest….this was what online class bought for me during the lockdown.

80. I hate the lockdown period and the online classes introduced to keep us busy but the sad thing is that it brought a draught of weariness.

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My Experience With Online Classes

My Experience With Online Classes
My Experience With Online Classes

Online classes are most interesting and easy to access at a convenient time and pace. Most especially, during the global covid19 lockdown, this online class has helped several people to elevate to their next point in life. So it is important to express your experience with online classes when you have successfully finished them.

81. The online class was a stress-free one for me. I learned immensely and could never forget those things because I was able to go back and learn those things being taught.

82. Online classes undoubtedly bought me lessons that I will never be able to forget for the rest of my life.

83. Taking classes online is one of the most devastating things in the world. It is time and data-consuming. I hate it.

84. The time spent on online classes is limited to the ones you will spend on physical classes. Online classes give you more time to spend on relevant things.

85. My personal experience with online classes is that I can go back to take any missed classes when I feel available.

86. Online classes give me the adequate freedom I want for my private life. With online classes, I was able to schedule my day with adequate timing.

87. Life makes a lot of sense in taking online classes. I learn, relearn and unlearn a lot of things. All thanks to online classes.

88. The online class makes me learn in the comfort of my home and still engage in conversation with the outside world. It is AMAZING!

89. Through online classes, learning becomes easy and accessible for me at my interest. I never thought I would gain more knowledge in my life but my online classes helped me.

90. I have gotten more knowledge about my weak point academically. After taking a few courses online about my area of interest, my whole story changed.

Positive Experience In An Online Class

Most times, people need to feel your experience about how you started courses on online classes. To help others coming up or others who will want to join any online classes to take any course.

91. Well, my experience in online classes was an interesting one. And I was taught immensely beyond my expectation at my comfort.

92. When I was taking my course through the online class medium. I was able to get most things beyond the physical explanation my teachers could have given me.

93. I like the use of online classes for my learning because it enables me to learn effectively and accurately beyond a reasonable doubt.

94. I love online classes! They make me learn at my convenience and in space. It is easy for me to access it at my convenience.

95. Life becomes more fun with online classes. I study and get engaged with other students in other parts of the world.

96. Through online classes, my weaknesses are concealed from the outer world. Nobody knows my color, what I can do, and my level of accuracy when it comes to English grammar. It seems all perfect for me.

97. Nothing is as perfect as learning online. It may consume data, but trust me. You will have no issue worrying about attending class and other stuff.

98. Online classes are easy to access at a convenient time. It is available to me anytime and anywhere.

99. My life changes miraculously with online classes and their teaching. All thanks to this learning medium.

100. Learning a course through online classes shaped and remodeled my feelings toward education.

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