Finally the Day Has Come for Marriage Quotes

60 Finally the Day Has Come for Marriage Quotes

Marriage is a delightful thing. Having to spend the rest of your lives together and staying in love with one person forever, that’s wholesome. The coming together of two friends that have decided to finally take it to the highest stage of friendship, marriage, is beautiful. Friends and family will definitely want to express their excitement and sharing wedding quotes are one of the best ways.

Wedding bells, the groom and the bride in their gorgeous dresses, the bride walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, and all the fun. That’s a wonderful thing to watch. During this period, every little detail is important and must not be missed. From the toppings of the cake to the color and feel of the event, the vows, and also songs that should be played.

Wedding quotes are also as important as all these little details so when planning, don’t forget to select nice quotes for the bride and groom. Not to worry, you don’t need to think too hard to get these quotes, this article contains numerous finally the day has come for marriage quotes you can select from.

The bride and the groom are not left out too. Finding a perfect finally, the day has come for marriage quotes to describe the happiness you feel about finally getting to spend the rest of your life with the one your heart beats endlessly for can be a little difficult. You can get inspired by the following quotes.

Finally, We Got Married Quotes

A marriage lasts longer when both parties are willing to strive to always make it work. The following finally the day has come for marriage quotes will inspire you on the things you need to do to make your marriage work. You can also add some of these quotes to your vows on your wedding day:

1. Marriage is all about actions. I’m glad that I get to do it with you and I hope that our love blooms every day. Welcome to the place of enjoyment.

2. I feel whole when I’m with you and that makes me love you more. You are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you forever.

3. The serenity in a happy marriage is like that of a calm ocean. I’m so happy that I am finally going to experience that serenity forever with you. Yes, we’re going to be happy together forever.

4. True love is always tested by time and challenges and only two hearts meant to be can fight against the tide and let love win.

5. Ask me what can keep a marriage forever. It’s the choice to stay and not give up on each other no matter what. A couple who doesn’t give up on each other stays together.

6. You make the vows; God gives you the ability and grace to fulfill them. A marriage that has God at the center forbears all things and remains forever.

7. As couples, always make a conscious effort to laugh together and watch your relationship last forever. At all costs, keep the joy of your union.

8. Physical attraction is as important as emotional attraction. Marry a person that your face lights up when he/she walks into the room, someone you can’t live without.

9. Remember to always love and respect your partner, especially on days when it seems difficult. Those days when your feelings go on a break, make an intentional decision to love your significant other despite all odds.

10. It’s beautiful to have someone walk into your life randomly and that person becomes an important part of your life, choosing to stay when things are exciting and also when things are not so great.

11. Create a lot of memories with the one you love because when the body gets frail, you’ll be grateful you have things to look back on and smile about.

12. A love that is reciprocated is the best thing ever. Knowing that someone loves you as much as you love them and even more makes one feel special. Possessing that kind of love in one’s life is heavenly.

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Love Quotes for Newly Married Couples

Marriage is a whole series with lots of episodes and scenes. This series is coupled with different emotions and genres. A happy marriage can only be achieved when there’s mutual love, trust, and encouragement and the sustenance of the newlywed feels is probable when both parties put in equal efforts.

For you that want to get the appropriate words to celebrate your loved ones getting married or a wedding guest trying to find the right quotes to write on your wedding card gift and even the bride or groom searching for the perfect words for your amazing spouse, this section got you covered. Below are some handpicked quotes, just for you;

13. Learn to let go, disclose every feeling and never keep secrets from each other. That’s the way to make your marriage a happy one. Where secrets are kept, affection is buried!

14. Before marriage, you marry the one you love. After marriage, you need to learn to love the one you marry over and over again. Ask your spouse how they’d like to be loved and shower them with that love.

15. The right person for you makes your heart warm, puts a smile on your face and your eyes light up whenever you see them. To be happy in your marriage, you need to marry the right person.

16. The excitement that comes with finally being able to spend the rest of your life with the one you love cannot be explained. Every day, as D-day gets close, you want forever to start as soon as possible. We understand because that’s what love feels like.

17. When you fall in love the spirit of poetry automatically falls on you. You always want to express your feelings both in words and actions. Everyone is rich with words when love is involved.

18. The gist never ends when you’re happy in your marriage. There’s always tea to spill and experiences to narrate.

19. There is a kind of strength that comes to you when you know you’re loved and you feel courageous when you love someone else deeply because it takes strength and courage to love and be loved.

20. Love overcomes all evil and challenges. With love, you can climb mountains just to get to your final destination. Evil may defeat everything but love.

21. Everyone is weird in their own way. Just find your own kind of weird and love up. This is what makes marriage, work.

22. Starting a married life is like planting a seed. You have to patiently tend to it to eat good fruits by the time of harvest. Where there is no labor, harvest should not be expected.

23. Threads of love followed by actions, bonded together year by year make a marriage grow stronger. Marriage is like a garden; it has to be watered continually to see growth.

24. A penny for every thought of you and a dollar for every time I tell God how grateful I am to have you will make me a billionaire forever. I feel wealthy getting married to you!

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Finally, The Big Day Is Here Quotes

The sole purpose of organizing a wedding is to celebrate the commitment of two hearts that beat each other. One’s wedding is said to be one of the happiest days in one’s life. It happens just once and making the right choice of partner and enjoying your big day is very important.

Every activity performed on that day is very significant. From walking down, the aisle to saying your vows and the first dance as officially married couples. The focus is on the couple and they certainly get butterflies in their belly. In case you are a guest needing to express your happiness for the new couple or you’re the bride looking for inspiration for your vows and toast, below are some quotes that are perfect for you.

25. Love brings life and wholesomeness. It’s exciting that you’ve found that one person that loves you and as you have found the person, stay together with each other till the end of life.

26. The word “barrier” doesn’t exist in the dictionary of love. Love finds a way to overcome all things. With the fire of love burning in your heart, there is no battle you cannot conquer.

27. True love shines bright. It brings light to the lives of those involved. It isn’t blind like many think.

28. Love realizes all your flaws and choose to remain unchanging. A person that loves you knows everything about you- good and bad- and still love you regardless.

29. Today, I promise to love you over and over again. I choose to fill our jar of marriage with love till it is overflowing.

30. The highest form of happiness you can get on earth- after the one in your relationship with God- is in marriage. I hope happiness and love never cease in your home.

31. Marriage is two souls coming together to be one, two hearts becoming a twain. This is an eternal covenant!

32. Unconditional love sparks fire in the heart and makes the soul yearn for more. It brings tranquility and makes our souls at peace.

33. Start a journey to forever with me today. Let me love you till we grow old and frail.

34. Let our love beam with happiness and joy. Let’s build a home where Christ is our example of love and we’ll never grow apart.

35. Just a glimpse at your face and I can feel a burst of emotions. One look at you and I feel at peace. You are my home.

36. More often than not, we fall in love with people that are the complete opposite of us. I guess that’s God’s way of completing us. I’m glad you found your perfect match.

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Unique Wedding Quotes

Do you need distinct quotes to use on your wedding day? Get inspiration from the following quotes:

37. Love has a way of finding us and giving us a fairy tale when we least expect it.

38. My heart is full and overflowing with love for you. The sweetest arena of life is love, you don’t know how sweet life is until you have found true love.

39. You come to mind when I think of first love. With you, I have come to agree that love comes to you at random times when you’re not looking.

40. Once we tie the knot in a few hours, your family becomes mine and mine yours.

41. We may not have it all figured out right now or foresee what the future holds, but with your hands in mine and love binding our hearts I know that we can get through anything.

42. I couldn’t relate to love until I met Jesus. Then He brought you into my life as my physical representation of the love He has for me.

43. I think I believe in love at first sight now. The first day I saw you, my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but now I do.

44. Love’s gaze sees beyond the physical appearance. It sees hearts and knows the perfect one.

45. You’re what I prayed and wished for. I will stand by you and nothing shall separate us.

46. All the random characters that you never notice make me fall in love with you over and over.

47. The budding of a rose petal, the rising of the morning sun, and yet, nothing is as perfect as you are in my life.

48. To love someone means that their happiness matters more than yours. Now that you have found a lover, stay in love.

49. My heart belongs to you now and always. I will keep this heart beating for you forever.

50. There is no greater thing than love. Two souls coming together to strengthen each other in hard times and share happiness in good times.

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Wife And Husband Marriage Day Quotes

51. Dear wifey, doing life with you makes time pass by so quickly and that’s because I’m the happiest with you. Thank you for making me happy always. Happy wedding anniversary.

52. Sometimes I wonder if I deserve you. I encountered someone that is my friend, closest companion, biggest fan, and critic all in one person. I won. Let’s continue forever, my love.

53. I fell in love so hard with you that I’ve not recovered since I met you. I hope I never do. I love you forever.

54. I asked God for something good and He gave you to me, the best gift ever. I took it a step further and decided to marry you- the best decision. I’m sure God is proud that I did the right thing with the gift He gave me. Happy anniversary, baby.

55. You came into my life, picked all the scattered puzzles, arranged them, added your pieces, and made me a complete person. I’m grateful I said yes to you. Happy anniversary, my love.

56. Your love for each other inspires me. As you celebrate another year of being together, I hope that love and laughter never cease in your home.

57. Seeing the both of you happy together is an amazing sight to behold. Wishing you both a joyous marriage anniversary.

58. Let’s make a toast to the unconditional love that you both share. Love like yours is rare and I hope I find one like it. Happy marriage anniversary.

59. Right from the point of exchanging vows, it was evident that you two were meant for each other. Happy anniversary to the sweetest couple I know.

60. Another amazing year being your wife. I’ve never regretted the decision I made to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy wedding anniversary. I love you.

Marriage is filled with a rollercoaster of events. There are days when it’s all fun and vibes- filled with adventures and laughter- and challenges will surely surface sometimes too. But it’s amazing to go through it with the one you love. I hope you find the right quote here.


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