Leadership Appraisal Comments

51 Inspirational Leadership Appraisal Comments

When good works are done, recognizing and praising those who are responsible for such is important. When a task is given and delivered as expected, it’s good to let those who are responsible for such to be aware of their input and how much it is appreciated. As you make it a culture in your organization, it will motivate and inspire your workers to be more committed and drive your set goals into reality.

Leadership appraisal comments are very important in industry, schools, companies, and every organization. Leaders must learn how to identify the outstanding staff among the people and publicly appreciate them. Staff also must Identify the efforts of their leaders and also say thank you. Mutual appreciation makes the work environment suitable for both workers and the bosses

Appraisal comment is very vital in every organization. This keeps everyone connected to the organization, motivated, and goal-driven. If everyone knows they’ll be appreciated for every little they do, they’ll always be driven to do it. Human responds to words of affirmation and appreciation.

This page has offered you well-written appraisal comments that will help you appreciate your staff and also staff to appreciate the leader.

Inspirational Leadership Appraisal Comments

1. You are a very good leader who pays attention to the well-being of his subordinate. This is very incredible quality, and I appreciate you for that. Thank you for being a phenomenal leader who set the pace while others follow.

2. You have always carried every team member along and encouraged them to share their opinions. You are a very good leader worth learning from. We have learned a lot from you and there is still more to learn in the space of time.

3. Your excellent leadership skill has greatly helped the team in achieving its goals with ease. Congratulations on a job well done. We promise to always give our support and ensure that your visions are driven into reality.

4. The whole organization can record this huge success all because you have been a good leader who encourages and cheers his team members to success. Kudos for a job well done. We are the vivid template that you are succeeding. Keep doing the great work you have been doing!

5. You deserve to be celebrated for being a great leader. Your leadership skill is top notch and you’ve been a great asset to this company. We look back at how much you have contributed and we are amazed.

6. This company wouldn’t have survived this season if not for your exceptional leadership skill. You motivated every team member and supported them through hard situations. You deserve some accolades. We do appreciate you always!

7. Having you lead a team is the best thing that has happened to this company. You have been a source of inspiration to everyone and encouraged them to perform efficiently. Keep it up.

8. You have been a leader by example, you guide your team members to achieve their tasks and encourage them all along. You are amazing. We will do our best to encourage you.

9. I appreciate how you always take initiative in learning new ways to encourage your team members and carry them along in every activity. Kudos to you for an amazing job.

10. Being a leader is not an easy task, however, how you were able to carry your teammates along systematically and work towards achieving your goal through your intelligence, tenacity, and perseverance. You are a great team leader.

Sample Appraisal Comments For The Team Leader

Celebrating a leader is something needful to be done and compulsory for any kind of leader that chooses to be the best in executing certain and authentic questions session. Here you have leadership appraisal comments! Read on!

11. Thank you for showing us your sincere act of servitude. Your work shall surely speak for you anywhere. This is your starting point and we believe that you will yet be greater!

12. Your love for your fellow followers is highly reputable. We love your act of serving others. Thank you for the knowledge shared. Keep doing great work!

13. Your passion for this job is a great motivation for us at your organization. We are always ignited by your passion for work! Thank you for everything.

14. The way you take decisions and show us what to do next is a great challenge to us. we have learned a lot from you and we still have a lot. Well done, Sir.

15. Your act of mentoring is exceptional and a life-changing one. You are a man with unique qualities. We will always emulate you and replicate the same attitude!

16. Your act of correcting yourself is a mind-blowing one. I will love to be mentored over a hundred million times under you. We appreciate your leadership and we will never take you for granted.

17. My past was a very bad one but my life got changed under your leadership and I will never remain the same again. Thank you so much for your transformative works in my life.

18. Your leadership skills an exceptional. I’m glad that I was able to meet you. This has changed my life tremendously. I hope to pay you back very soon!

19. Part of those things I learned from your leadership skills is patience and courage. Thank you for taking us through this aspect of life. Your investment in us has fallen on fertile soil and we will always appreciate you for this.

20. You are the best that one can ever have. Thank you for staying through and showing us what we need to do. You are the best leader anyone could ever have!

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Leadership Self-Evaluation Examples

21. I strongly believe that my skills have been very helpful in raising a formidable team to get the task of our great industry delivered. I have taken full responsibility for driving the goal of our industry to a definite end. You can count on me any day!

22. I’m very confident that I have what it takes to get things working in our industry and make it one of the most desired companies in town. With my team alongside me, we can do something very phenomenal.

23. I sometimes get obsessed with the work that I take total control of everything. This may not be the best I can do but I always want the project delivered on time. I hope to carry everyone along in the nearest future.

24. I have admitted that I need to learn how to communicate the goal of our industry to everyone so that we can all be on the same page and get the task delivered within a short period.

25. I have always ensured that everyone gets inspired and gets running to make the dreams of our great organization a reality. This I will always do to every team member.

26. Meeting deadlines has become my desire since I take over this leadership position. The virtue in me has been properly passed to the team leader which they are already running with.

27. Since I joined this company, I have been able to build a good value system in my team to drive the organizational goal into an accomplishment. With my team playing alongside me, we can make the company great!

28. As an individual who loves perfection, I have spent sufficient time in with my team to ensure they all are on the page and deliver the qualitative job. We’re all driven by the same goal.

29. For the past few months that I have taken over the leadership position, I think I have been living by example. Whatever I want them to do, I get it done first showing them a vivid template of what is expected.

30. I will try as much as possible to promote the company’s value system among team members. This will require me to hold more meetings with them than ever before. Together with them, we make the organization great!

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Leadership Evaluation Examples

31. Over the years, I have shown my problem-solving capacity in countless numbers in my company. There was some problem that appeared insurmountable which I solved with ease. I have done this for other team members to emulate.

32. Before anything is done, the rest of the team members are always in consideration. I put them first so that they can apply themselves and also contribute positively to the cumulative growth of the firm.

33. We have been faced with very difficult problems several times which we have been able to surmount them through our ability to make the right decisions. Our team members are great!

34. Whenever we want to make decisions, we seek advice from those we consider experts to give us a blueprint to work with. This has made us achieve excellence with speed.

35. We do not just jump to swift conclusions about anything, we pensively look at matters from their proper perspective and thereby make decisions. This has helped us to avoid mistakes and ensure accuracy.

36. We do a lot of research which gives us access to the right information which helps to avoid mistakes when need be. We know as we continue this way, we’ll make something great out of this company.

37. If a visible advancement must take place, we know that we must keep consulting with those who consider ahead. This has been found helpful in making informed decisions. We are always open to learning and making the most of the intelligent people around us.

38. Whenever we needed to make new decisions, we usually reflect on the past mistakes we have made so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. So far, we have been able to avoid mistakes.

39. Sometimes, there is an upsurge in demands which mounts serious pressure on us. We have been able to work excellently under any condition no matter how hard. This is a skill we have consciously developed.

40. Because we got a lot to do, we have learned how to prioritize the most important task among ourselves and we deliver excellently. Prioritizing the right thing make our work very effective.

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Executive Leadership Performance Review Examples

41. As leaders, we manage our time very efficiently which enables us to meet the deadline or even deliver before deadlines. Every member of the team sustains the same culture of time management.

42. As much as we commend ourselves, we also admit to the fact that time management is one of our weaknesses. We have worked on this and it’s currently getting better by the day.

43. We have ensured that we pay attention to details leaving no stone unturned. Our efficiency at work has improved drastically and we’re getting better.

44. Our work has been so demanding and because of that, we had to develop the ability to manage pressure. This is a culture we’ll always cultivate.

45. I understand that our organization must make progress, the suggestion from our colleagues is very important. This has made me value the intelligent conversation from our colleagues.

46. I have always listened to the opinions of my colleagues about everything. As we put our minds together, we have always achieved much more than we planned.

47. One of the skills we found out we need to emulate is emotional management. Sometimes, we find it hard to communicate with our clients which have been a loophole for our business.

48. For growth to happen, we must prioritize growth. We have had to constantly grow and adapt to new changes we need to make. It has been an adventurous journey so far.

49. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and we get negative feedback about our delivery. Anytime negative feedbacks come up, we always embraced them with a positive attitude and worked on our deficiencies.

50. While we feel we’re truly succeeding, we also see room for serious improvement so that we can take the entire city. We’ve always been improving.

51. Our emotional intelligence has drastically increased since we had to deal with different kinds of people at different times. This work has opened the door for daily improvement on our end.


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