Good Morning New Week Blessings

70 Inspirational Good Morning New Week Blessings and Prayers

Week by week, here goes the year. The beginning of a new week is so essential to everyone who has been given the privilege to see it alive. How we start our week tells a whole lot about how we’ll end it. Beginning your week with good morning new week blessings positions you for the blessings of the week.

Prayer is the right attitude and disposition we ought to maintain during the week. More importantly, we must begin the week with many prayers. This helps us to set the tone and directions for the week.

These words of blessings are your best plug to start your week very correctly which I know will position you to get the very best from the week. As I will be sharing with you on this page, plunge into it and bless your week massively.

Nothing makes the journey of the week worth traveling like the blessings of the Lord in it. The blessings of the Lord are what terminate struggle and help you get the very best. Check out these words of blessings for the new week and there you will have the blessings of the Lord flow ceaselessly in your life.

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Prayer for a New Week

Beginning a new week with prayers should be your disposition every time you are privileged to see a new day in a week. Start your week with this powerful prayer for the new week.

1. May the Lord make His face shine upon you and give you rest on every side. This week will bring favor your way in all that you do. Amen.

2. May the Lord bring you closer and deeper than you’ve ever been. May you love Him better and deeper. Amen. Have a great week ahead!

3. As you travel this week, may God Himself guide you into prosperity and promotion. May He make every crooked way smooth before your face. Have a joyful week!

4. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and all that is in touch with you. You’re blessed irrevocably this week and beyond. Amen.

5. May God bless you and make you rise, may He bless your works and make them fruitful. All your efforts are made fruitful. Have a great week!

6. May God bless you in all that you do throughout this week and the days beyond. Goodness and favors are your heritage this new week. Amen.

7. The Lord will go ahead of you and bless you this week. I pray you will be overwhelmed with divine blessings every single second of this week. Have a blessed week ahead!

8. May you find the grace to overcome every challenge that comes your way, nothing will be strong enough to stop your operations this week. Have a blessed week ahead!

9. May God make everything come under your submission and make everything come to favor you. Nothing will oppose your advancement. Amen.

10. The right hand of the Lord will strengthen you and make you win every worthy fight. You’ll not be found helpless this week and beyond! Amen.

Good Morning Happy New Week

This is yet another week, it calls for celebration and great joy. Be deliberate about being happy this week and great will be your experience. Begin the day with this good morning and a happy new week.

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11. I’m convinced that this is your week. Stay courageous, and embrace all the successes that are hidden therein. I wish you all the best this week.

12. Welcome to your new week of great and mind-blowing achievements. Nothing will refuse you your expectations. I wish you a happy new week!

13. Yet another week has come meeting you alive and in sound health. I’m so excited that you’re here and that you’ve made it to this day. Have an amazing week!

14. Being part of your life is amazing, it’s a privilege to see you alive and in good health this very week. It’s my joy to say, happy new week to you.

15. I need to let you know that I love you and I’m always by your side. This week will favor you in every respect. Have an amazing week!

16. Ensure you embrace this week with energy and passion, you’ll surely have amazing results in your outcome this week. Have an amazing week!

17. Be smart and alert, I see an amazing opportunity coming your way. Embrace the opportunities that are coming your way.

18. I wish you a great success ahead, this week is bringing you joy, wonderful results, beautiful feelings, and much joy.

19. The journey of success that you have started shall continue, you’ll not be tired nor be wearied no matter what comes your way. Happy new week!

20. May you succeed despite the challenges that come your way, you’ll be made great at all costs in this new week that you saw. You’re blessed, happy new week!

Prayer for the Week Ahead

Engage your heart in the prayer of faith and this week will be fabulous for you. As you have seen this week in sound health, it’s also important to offer prayers for the week ahead of you.

Pray and personalize these good morning new week blessings prayers and your week will be great. Just say amen as I pray for you.

21. The plans of the enemies against you shall not succeed, their plans shall be thwarted. You’ll triumph over the plan of the wicked. Amen.

22. May the mighty hand of God frustrate every effort of the enemies to frustrate you. Your secret enemies will be revealed. Happy new week!

23. You’ll not be disgraced this week, the Lord will grace your head, and His blessings will fill your life like never before. I wish you a joyous new week!

24. Throughout this week, you’ll succeed every day. The anointing of favor will rest on you and you’ll find ease in your adventures.

25. May you find grace to trust the Lord with all your heart. You’ll be directed into His plans and purposes. Have a blessed week ahead!

26. May you be able to see God as your provider and guidance in all your ways. You’ll acknowledge Him in all that you do. Amen.

27. May God fills every part of the week with blessings of the heavens and gives you the massive success that efforts cannot accomplish.

28. Throughout this week, you’ll neither be sorrowful nor sorry. The blessings of the most-high God will attend to your ways. A happy new week to you.

29. No weapon of the wicked will prevail over your life. As you make progress this week so will the Lord guide you jealously! Have a great week ahead!

30. May you escape this scorching of tongues, the counsel of the wicked is aborted over your life. Blessings of the Lord are yours. Happy new week!

New Week New Blessings

Every week comes with its specific blessings. The joy of life is the blessings of God in it. May you not be deficient in the blessings of the Lord this week.

Here are powerful prayers to help you fill the new week with blessings.

31. The Lord will grant your heart desires and make your life and work fruitful. You’ll experience all-around fruitfulness in this blessed week.

32. May your life be made more beautiful and glorious than ever before, you’ll radiate a greater glory than you’ve done in your life. Happy new week!

33. Your enemies will bow before you and submit unto you. May everything working against you start working in your favor. This is a great week for you.

34. May you see your desires speedily accomplished this week, your success will not lag before it arrives. Amen!

35. You’ll not have a reason to lack this year, you’ll flourish like a cedar of Lebanon. Your work is rewarded with outstanding success. Amen.

36. You’ll neither beg nor borrow, you’ll lend to nations and be a blessing to lives around you. You’re heavily blessed.

37. Believe in God and keep believing. This week will deliver maximally to you without delay in the name of the Lord.

38. The blessings of this week are yours and you’ll not be denied. Your efforts shall not be wasted. Your head is lifted high. Have a great week!

39. Miracles and supernatural events shall come your way and they shall not be delayed. Favors are all yours all through your day.

40. Everything bothering your heart shall be answered. Confusions are dissolved for your sake. Have an amazing week!

Happy New Week Prayer Message

Every week deserves prayer messages both for personal use and also in extension to your neighbors. Proclaim the following prayer messages on your week and the goodness therein will be compressed and delivered unto you.

41. You’re highly welcome to this new week, the Lord will make all things new for you and your family. Happy new week.

42. The Lord will make you the head, not the tail. You’ll be above only and not beneath. God will make all things work well for you.

43. You’ll shine and triumph over your oppositions, there shall be no man that will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Happy new week.

44. You will shine in obscurity, your light will not go down. Your adversary will come bending unto you. Amen.

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45. May your feet be enabled to work in righteousness and uprightness in this season. As the righteous one, your path shall shine brighter and brighter. Amen.

46. May your path be decked with honor and riches. You’ll be greater this week than you have ever been. Amen.

47. There will be lifting for you where men are being cast down. Your head will not bow down in despair. Amen. Happy new week!

48. May you be found better than your equals, no man will be able to defeat your purpose this week. You’re greatly blessed by the Lord.

49. The spirit of excellence shall be active in your work, you’ll be distinguished by the grace of the living God. Happy new week ahead!

50. May you receive favor both from the people that you know and the people that you don’t know. God will make the path of your feet very glorious. Blessings are all yours!

New Week Blessings Quotes

Here are new week blessings quotes for your benefit and the benefit of your loved one. You’re sure to have the best come your way this week that God’s mercy has made you see.

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51. May you receive great grace to do things differently than you did in the time past. Nothing will be stagnant in your life in this new week.

52. The spirit of glory and excellence shall be domiciled in you and make you exceptional in all that you’re set to do. Have a great week!

53. You’ll demonstrate a level of excellence that will make you invited to high places on the earth. Kings will come to your rising. Amen.

54. Your endeavors shall be filled with the dew of heavens and make your earth buds. The blessings of the Lord are your portions. Greater you, this week!

55. The Lord will hold your hands and lead you to a place of abundance and prosperity. You’re blessed beyond limits this week!

56. The Lord will walk with you and make you enjoy the maximum benefit of His Grace. May His hands strengthen you in times of weakness.

57. Your adversary shall be weakened and they shall not prevail against you no matter how much they try. Happy and blessed week to you!

58. May your glory shine, may your light never go dim, and the light of God’s glory upon you shall not be put out. You’re heavily blessed by the Lord.

59. Just because everything is possible with God, nothing shall be impossible unto you. Everything you expect positively shall surface this week.

70. The Lord shall increase you in all understanding and prudence. You’ll not be found foolish in your adventures. Happy and blessed week to you!

I’m sure you have walked through these lists of new week blessings messages. Your blessings are assured for the week already. Nothing shall deny you. Have a blessed week ahead!

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