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115 Sending Prayers Messages and Wishes to Your Family, Friends, and Loved Ones

Gifts come in different fashions. You could gift your family members with shoes, bags, and other valuable items. While all these gifts are good, sending prayers messages to your loved ones is equally vital. Are you asking; can you text a prayer? how do you give a blessing message? You will find amazing ways you can get this done on this page.

Sending prayers messages to your loved ones help you express your heart desires to God concerning them and also to them. This must be done continually as proof of your affection for your loved ones. As often as you do this, you make them feel loved and get the best out of the day.

What are some good prayers to say? Prayer is imperishable, it’s ever alive and active. Whatever is expressed in the context of your prayers should be expected to materialize. If you can offer prayers to God, then, dare to expect answers from Him.

Are you in search of prayer messages to go on an errand for you and you seem too busy to put them together thoughtfully so that you can send them to family, friends, and loved ones? Here are well-constructed prayer messages for your use. Copy as many as you can and get them across to your loved ones swiftly.

Prayer Message for My Helper

1. I deeply give thanks to God for allowing your existence till this point in life. His grace has been evident and undeniable in your life. I praise Him for all that He is to you.

2. It’s my intense prayers for you that the doors of massive blessings are opened unto you in every way you turn. Everything concerning your life is heavily blessed.

3. God has specially designed this day for you. This calls for joy and gladness in it. Rejoice exceedingly because the Lord will do all things well for you today.

4. From every direction you turn, may His favor find you. May His blessings locate you and make everything work in your favor. Expect a miracle this very day.

5. Your Angels are released for your sake to bring favors and fortune your ways today. You shall not miss every benefit the day has in store for you. You’re highly blessed and favored.

Sending Prayers Your Way Messages

6. It’s another beautiful morning, a highly cherished friend. I rejoice greatly over your life because God’s mercy has never been out of work in your life. I’m persuaded that the blessing of this day will not elude you. Have it beautiful today.

7. The fatness of life shall drop on your path, your experience shall be very awesome today. Nothing shall frustrate your efforts and your success shall not be limited. Amen.

8. I consider this day as the beginning of another glorious experience for you. The great success assigned for this day shall be all yours. Have a glorious day!

9. Your fortune shall spring forth like the noonday. Your glory shall get brighter as the day gets brighter. Nothing will go dim in your Life.

10. Today, as you match out towards your goal, beautiful and unimaginable surprises will attend to your ways. Today is heavily pregnant with great surprises for you.

Prayers and Inspirational Messages

11. Today, as you get up, you’ll shine and your light will not go down. Your head will be lifted and you’ll be glorified. You’re blessed, you’re not ashamed.

12. Beautiful doors of opportunities are opened unto you this day. Blessings without bounds will come knocking at your doors. Nothing will hinder your expected breakthrough. Amen.

14. The achievements that were not possible for you in the past days will be made possible today and you shall exceedingly rejoice in the goodness of the Lord. Amen.

15. God will lead you into a green pasture of your life, He will water your life and make you like a watered garden. This is a blessed day for you.

Sending Prayers and Positive Thoughts

16. As you have transited from the dark to dawn, so will the new season dawn on you. Your light will exude brightly like the sun or the moon. Blessed are you in all that you do.

17. As you go out today, lines will fall in pleasant places for you. Nothing will be found difficult for you. You’re returning home with great testimonies of the goodness of the Lord.

18. No evil done against you today shall prevail. Every arsenal fashioned against you shall be rendered null. The Lord shields you from all evil and gives you abundant peace. Amen.

19. You shall not be defeated in the battles of life. Victories shall be your experience every day of your life. Whatever cannot overpower God will not be able to overpower you.

20. The Lord will make a way for you wherever you turn. Rivers of life shall refresh your soul in the time of thirst. Blessed are you and you shall not be ashamed. Amen.

Prayer Message for Today

What is the message of a nice day prayer must have been your question, That is why you are here, I guess! This is the day the Lord has made, rejoicing and gladness should be your disposition at the beginning of it. Nothing you desire will ever be denied you as you make do with the prayer message for today.

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It’s a beautiful morning you have never experienced before and I know you’re excited about it. Of course, you should be excited because the Lord has packaged special blessings in there for you.

21. This is the day you had to sleep all night to experience. Here it has come. Your expectations for this day shall not be cut short. The dreams of your heart shall be actualized. Amen.

22. The gracious God shall fill your life with His great goodness. He will show you His kindness like never before. His hands will lift you and make your way prosperous. Amen.

23. The Lord Himself shall go before you and make everything crooked on your path plain. Every mountain and stumbling block is leveled. It’s a great day for you, good morning!

24. It’s a bright morning and a bright day! No need to exercise anxieties. Relax, the goodness of the Lord got you covered. This will be one of the best days you have ever had.

25. I have knelt in prayer this morning, I have sent good numbers of angels before you to aid and guide you through the day. You will enjoy Angelic intervention today. Amen.

Sending Prayers and Blessings

27. The glory of the sovereign God shall be evident all over you. God’s grace shall be obvious in all you do. God’s handwriting will endorse all your activities in the name of Jesus. Amen.

28. I ask that the blessings that will be envied by all my peers shall be released upon me by the heavens. I’m not to be pitied but to be envied. Amen.

29. Pleasant surprises and beautiful experiences shall be my portion of this day. I will excel above normal men by the strength of the Lord. Amen.

30. As I step out today and go about my daily ventures, the Lord would protect me from all evils and preserve me blameless unto His perfect days.

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Prayer SMS for Success

These prayers have been personalized but you can as well send them across to friends and family. All you need to do is change the pronouns in the context.

31. The rivers of blessings shall flow over my life ceaselessly, milk and honey of life shall flow into my life until there is no room to contain them. Success galore shall be my experience.

32. I receive the fullness of God’s favor upon me, it shall greatly increase and shall not diminish any day. I’m anointed for divine favor and it shall not run dry over my life.

33. May everything be beautiful for me today through the mercy of our God. The light of God’s glory shall shine brightly upon me and I shall not be hidden in my generation.

34. All my endeavors today shall be successful. Every man that comes in contact with me shall favor me exceedingly. The favor my Labor does not deserve shall locate me.

35. The Lord shall abundantly bless me today and give me great blessings that my lineage cannot exhaust. I’m blessed with the Lord Himself.

36. Just as it is God’s will for me to prosper, I shall prosper and be in good health. This shall become a reality in my life and among family members. Amen.

37. This is another day and I’m persuaded the Lord has made it just for me. Unexpected blessings from the blessed Lord will flow massively unto me. Amen.

38. Everything that has proven tough for me shall be made easy for me today. The Lord will crown me with honor and glory. I’m accepted by everyone who comes in contact with me. Amen.

39. My stories are changed completely by the reason of the goodness of the Lord showed unto me. The Lord fills my mouth with new songs from this and forward. Amen.

40. May the mercy of the Lord speak for me wherever my voice cannot reach. May I be mentioned for wonderful things in high places in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Daily Prayer Text Message

Pray ought to be done daily. As important as oxygen is to you, so is prayer. This is strict to your benefit which keeps the blessings of God in an unceasing flow over your life. You can always use daily prayer text messages for your family friends and loved ones.

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Here you have some daily prayer text messages for your personal use and loved ones.

41. The mercy of the Lord that makes one inherit the blessings he doesn’t deserve will come suddenly on you and your stories will change forever. Amen.

42. Because this day has been made just for you, you’ll not have a reason for sorrow. Rejoicing and gladness will be your only experience in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

43. The Lord who keeps you surely doesn’t sleep nor slumber. His soul will watch over you carefully, the hand of the wicked one will not touch you, and He will preserve you from dangers. Amen.

44. The pits dug against you shall not catch you. You’ll be found invincible, unstoppable, and indefatigable both today and in the days to come. Amen.

45. This is my heart’s desire for you. Your light shall break forth and your health shall spring forth like a new day. The Lord will make the path of your feet glorious today in the name of Jesus.

Sending Prayers Quotes

46. There will be sufficient bread to eat on your table. You will not understand what it means to lack. You will be successful in your daily work.

47. Your enemies shall flee before you, they shall pursue you in one way and run away from you in seven ways and your enemies shall submit unto you. Amen.

48. Just as the sun doesn’t struggle to shine, you’ll never struggle to shine. Your light will shine and it will not be hidden. Your head is lifted above your enemies.

49. The goodness of the Lord will be manifestly evident in your life. You will not be deficient in the blessings of the earth. Amen.

50. Your space is created, no man shall dominate you. You’ll be found favored and lifted in your field of interest. You’re blessed forevermore.

51. Darkness will not dominate your soul. Everything that looks dark in your life shall be turned to light. Everyone shall come to the brightness of your shining. Amen.

52. You’ll be a blessing to your world. Everyone who is in touch with your life shall call you blessed and shall be blessed because of the wonderful things the Lord will do in your life. Amen.

53. Your peace shall multiply like rivers. Your faith shall be unmovable like mountains. Nothing will shake your confidence in the Lord. Amen.

Sending Thoughts and Prayers Your Way Quotes

54. The Lord will meet you at the point of need. Everything you need today shall be supernaturally supplied and met in the name of Jesus. Amen.

55. Blessings beyond measure shall flow ceaselessly from the Lord to you. The glory of this day shall surpass the former days and years. Amen.

56. The Lord will give you peace in turbulent situations. The peace that surpasses all the understanding of men shall dominate your soul. Amen.

57. Sickness shall be far away from you. Your healing shall multiply and congeal like a mountain that cannot be moved. Blessings of the Lord are all yours.

58. You’ll not suffer rejections of any sort. You’ll be accepted by the people that matter. God will send you destiny helpers in the name of Jesus. Amen.

59. You will be found fortunate today. You’ll not be found disadvantaged. Everything that happens today shall be to your advantage in the name of Jesus.

60. God’s mercies and favors are upon you, and they will bring manifold blessings from the throne of God upon you and your businesses in the name of Jesus. Have a great day!

My Prayers Are With You Messages

Prayer is a companion, if sent on an errand, it will always keep company with anyone. You may not be able to be with your loved ones in all places all the time but you can also send your prayers to be with them.

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Here are prayers you can send to keep company with your loved ones.

61. This is a glorious day for you, God’s mercy has made you see it in joy, sound health, great peace, and hope for the future. Everything shall be in your favor today.

62. My sincere prayer for you is that the Lord will bring fortunes to your ways and make your ways prosperous. He will prosper all that you do. Have a beautiful time, today.

63. All the Lord wants for you is the very best out of life. At your very best, you’ll get it today. You will not miss anything profitable for you. Amen.

64. The wasted opportunities shall be restored, and everything valuable missed shall be regained in abundance. Your joy shall be full today. Amen.

63. Nothing may be certain or forthcoming. But do know that I’m praying for you. You’ll have great testimonies and the joy of the Lord will fill your heart.

64. You’ll never be stranded of any good thing. Your life will be filled with precious ointments that will make your life exude God’s glory and greatness.

65. Help will come for you where you least expect it. God will lift you when you are down and He will be glorified in all that you do. Amen.

66. The Lord will greatly reward your efforts and sacrifices, you’ll not labor in vain. Peace will fill your spirit soul and body in the name of the Lord. Amen.

67. You’ll be blessed beyond your biggest dreams today, your heart desires shall be fully materialized and your expectations shall be fully fruited. Amen.

68. Amid scarcity, abundance will flow massively in your ways. You’ll not lack anything good. You are lifted about your peers. Amen.

69. Your path will be brightened and straightened. You’ll glow unto perfect days. The greatness of the Lord shall be seen all over your life. Amen.

70. Whenever and wherever you need help today, help will respond to you massively beyond what you needed. No insufficiency around your Life. Amen.

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Prayer Messages from Bible

71. May you never lack support, the Lord Himself will show you favor beyond your efforts. Be joyful, all things will be well with you. Amen.

72. I know your expectations are quite big, but I pray that the Lord will exceed your expectations and do more abundantly than all you have ever dreamt of. Amen.

73. The riches of God’s glory shall flow ceaselessly into your life. It will touch everything around your life and nothing will be left untouched. Amen.

74. The care of the Lord will be abundantly shown to you. The jealous of the Most-High God shall abide with you. No evil will touch you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

75. Your path will shine, everything that represents darkness around you will be encountered by the light of God. You’re blessed and lifted. Amen.

76. This day is filled with every good thing you could ever think of. Approach the day with so much confidence and expectations and be sure you’ll get all you’ve desired. The Lord is giving you the expected end today. Amen.

77. This day shall be the beginning of new things in your life. Abundant blessings, Peace, unspeakable joy, and happiness without boundaries are all yours. Amen.

78. The rain of divine blessings is falling upon you, it shall rain continually until it has touched everything in your life. The Lord will cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace. Amen.

79. You shall be celebrated today. The events that will cause joy to break out in your life shall happen to you and nothing will hinder your blessings. The word of the Lord shall come to pass in your life speedily.

80. I call you blessed and so will you be throughout today and beyond. The blessings of this day will be evident in your life. Amen.

Prayer for Today Quotes

Before prayers can get answers, they have to be prayed first. If they are not prayed for, answers cannot come. Prayers for today’s quotes guarantee you answers as you move towards the day.

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81. The beauty of an offered prayer is the answered prayer. The Lord will speedily grant your requests today and your prayers will be answered without delays of any sort.

82. Heavens will not refuse your request but shall speedily make it manifest. You’ll never be found wearied in your prayers adventure to God.

83. When good things happen, the heart rejoices. The rivers of joy around your life shall keep flowing, it shall not cease today and in days to come. Amen.

84. The dew of heavens will fall upon your life, the glory and honor of the Lord will decorate your Life. The Lord will make your life a point of attraction and glory. Amen.

85. He’s the God who answers prayers and He expects that all flesh come to Him. As you approach the throne of grace, may you obtain mercy and find grace to help. Amen.

86. You’ll have a glorious and fruitful day today and beyond. The Lord will show you mercy where you least expected. Happy day to you.

87. The Lord has made this day beautiful and glorious for you. Tomorrow will yet be made wonderful and your future will be amazing. Amen.

88. May God’s presence be with you and guide you jealously in every step that you take. Enjoy an amazing day. Amen.

89. You’ll have one thousand and one reasons to give thanks to the Lord every second of today. Your joy shall not be mixed with sorrow. Amen.

Sending Prayers to You and Your Family

90. I pray for you to have an awesome and wholesome moment today. The blessing, peace, and favor will keep you company with you till you’re satisfied with the benefits of the day. Amen.

91. Every minute of the day will come with pleasant surprises. You’ll be celebrated, not be pitied. God bless you greatly.

92. God will make this day memorable to you, glorious things beyond imagination will happen to you and you’ll have such a lovely experience all over your life. Amen.

93. My prayers and intense desires for you this day are the Lord will bring you unending happiness, great peace like oceans, and enviable success. Amen.

94. The light of God will shine on every situation in your life that needs illumination. No darkness shall take hold of your soul. Amen.

95. No matter how yesterday has been, I pray that God will make tomorrow glorious and make your future amazing. Amen.

96. God will be a light and a strength to you in times of great challenges, no challenge will sink you today. Everything you have missed is coming back double folds. Amen.

97. You’ll find absolute tranquility amidst turbulent situations. May you experience the peace which only God can give. Amen.

98. Today shall end in praise, peace, and many blessings. These are all yours and nothing shall refuse you. You’re blessed and lifted forevermore. Amen.

99. All things will work together for your good this day. Nothing shall work against you. Your peace will multiply like rivers. The Lord who has created you will help you today and beyond. Amen.

100. The toughness of life shall not choke you. No matter the wind that blows, it will not blow you away. At the end of it all, you will testify of the great graces of the Lord. Amen.

101. Your life is filled with ease, nothing will be difficult for you. Before you knock, the doors will be opened and the name of God shall be glorified in your life.

102. God will give you comfort and strength in times of trouble. His blessings are all yours and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Amen.

103. I see you smiling at the end of it all today. Expect that everything ends with joy for you. You’re blessed and not ashamed. Amen.

104. You’ll look back at this day and remember the great things the Lord has done for you. The Lord will perfect everything concerning you. Amen.

105. The Lord will turn everything all around for your good. Just as the Lord turns again the captivity of the Zion, so will He turn your captivity all around. Amen.

106. Every giant in front of you shall be brought down. Every mountain before you shall crumble. Your hands are made strong by the energy of the Lord.

107. You’ll not lose your mind or head in battles. Be persuaded that the Lord has you covered and He will never let you down. Amen.

108. May the goodness of the Lord overtake you in all that you do! Amen!

Sending Prayers for Healing

109. May the strong hand of the Lord be upon you and give healing in your body and may you walk in sound health all the days of your life.

110. May your healing spring forth speedily and may you enjoy sound health. Blessed, are you!

111. You shall be made whole, no disease shall have a residence in your soul in the name of Jesus.

112. May God give you peace in your body and joy in your soul. May everything giving you concern be as nothing at all.

113. The balm of gilead will do wonders in your life and make you become impenetrable to disease in the name of Jesus.

114. May you recover swiftly from every health challenge in the name of Jesus.

115. The hand of the Lord shall be strong and mighty in your life. No sickness shall have a place in your body in the name of Jesus.

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I know you have said these prayers in faith to yourself and your loved ones. If you have done this, expect great testimonies today. You shall not be denied in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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