Happy Birthday to a Special Woman

110 Happy Birthday To A Special Lady or Woman in My Life

Celebration adds color to life, nothing makes life as attractive as having a special day when one is celebrated. This could either be that you’re celebrating yourself or someone else does. Life is boring when celebration ceases.

Women in their nature are special creatures, they should be treated very special not only on their birthdays but also every day of their lives. Celebration brings out the true beauty of a woman. A woman you take time to celebrate will glow. Saying happy birthday to a special lady or woman gives her a sense of importance.

Nothing makes a woman glow like an everyday celebration. If you want to see the true beauty of a woman showcased, fill each moment of her life with celebration and admiration. Putting happy birthday to a special lady messages together and sending to your woman on her birthday makes you see the best of her manifest.

You would never know how kind and soft a woman is until you express your love to her on her special day both with gifts and words of admiration.

Here are a variety of birthday wishes quotes for your reference on girls’ birthdays. Of course, if you also prepare other special gifts to go with the birthday quotes, she will be more touched and love you. Girls are always impressed by your sincerity, so why don’t you choose to custom a unique birthday coin for her, with the girl’s name and birth date engraved on it, showing your sincere love for her? Custom coins with no minimum at GSJJ, massive customize templates for your choice.

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Make the most of these messages below and give that beautiful and special woman in your life the most awesome experience of her life.

Birthday Wishes for a Strong Woman

1. Due to the specialty of your personality, many wishes will be insufficient to express my love and wonderful wishes to you. Nevertheless, I still must say, happy birthday to you.

2. Whenever I say you’re special, I truly mean that you are. Only a special person can do this much for me. You’re highly cherished and loved. Happy birthday to you.

3. Your presence in my life has been characterized by a lot of unforgettable feelings and experiences. This has made me forward-looking to your birthday. Now, it’s here and I want to say happy birthday to you.

4. You’re one of the greatest personalities that I know. Your presence in my life has been filled with a lot of beautiful feelings. I love you dearly, happy birthday.

5. Your arrival into my life is known for something very significant that the heart cannot but celebrate. Blessed is that day that I know you. Beautiful birthday to a beautiful lady.

6. To the most amazing woman, I want to seize the moment to express my congratulations to you on your birthday. I’m glad I’m part of this celebration. Happy birthday to you.

7. The world is blessed to have such an amazing woman like you. You’re here obviously to make the world a better place. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul I ever knew!

8. Being part of your life is quite a privilege I can’t take for granted. You’re always a blessing and a greater blessing will you be. I celebrate you greatly!

9. Having a selfless, caring and kind-hearted woman like you is not easy to come by. You’re a rare privilege walking the heart. Happy birthday to one of the greatest born of women.

10. You’re an embodiment of virtue, excellence, glory, peace, and beauty. You’re in every way worth celebrating. It’s my pleasure to say happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for a Lady Friend

11. You have been a blessing to humanity, it’s time to bless you in return just as you have been a blessing. May you have the feel of what you have been sending out to the world today.

12. You occupy a special space in my heart and I have always looked for an opportunity to express a bit of the Love I have for you. It’s your birthday and I want to say, have it happily.

13. Another great year is opened upon you, I’m highly excited to stand by you and usher you into this new year of great experience. Happy birthday to a special lady.

14. I could say happy birthday to you countless times without numbers because you’re worth more than anything that could be used to celebrate you. Happy birthday to you.

15. May your happiness double and the joy in your life be appreciated. May the river of your joy never dry. You fulfill the number of your days on earth. Blessed birthday to you. Much Loves!

Happy Birthday To A Special

16. In blessings, you’ll be more blessed than you’ve ever been. You’ll be more favored than you have been. Greater things will happen to you this year than the previous. I want to say happy birthday to the special lady in my  life

17. It’s your day, rejoice and be excited because the Lord has done all things well for you. Nothing will make you sorrowful. Happy and joyous birthday to you.

18. You’re one of your kind, precious and peculiar in every way. May you be uniquely blessed just the way you’re unique. I’m excited you’re born into this world. Happy birthday to you.

19. You are a great woman, you’re precious to me and humanity. It’s nice having you around, stay more alive to remain a blessing to everyone.

20. May your wealth increase, may your joy overflow, and may your name be pronounced. You’re blessed and not ashamed. Happy birthday to you precious lady.

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Happy Birthday Classy Lady

Ladies generally in their nature are special and classy. They must be celebrated at any given opportunity you have got. Celebrate a classy lady with these birthday wishes and there you have her glowing.

21. It’s your big day and I’m glad I’m part of it on this special day of yours. This is a new beginning for you and I want to rejoice with you. Happy birthday to you.

22. If there is anyone who deserves a day to be set aside and celebrated, that person is you. You’re in every way amazing. Happy birthday to a special woman like you.

23. Your life has been well-lived and it’s worth celebrating all the way. A life well-lived is worth celebrating. It’s my joy to say happy birthday to you and have a great celebration.

24. Spending time with you is always a loving experience that’s worth looking into. You’re full of fun and love. For all you represent in my life, I want to say thank you.

25. Oh how wish I could call a world party just to celebrate an exceptional being like you. If the whole world gathers together, you’re worth it and you’re worth more. I wish you a classy celebration.

26. You have always been a joy bringer to me, the same way you have brought joy to me so will joy flow into your life ceaselessly. Happy birthday to you.

27. To the most awesome and exceptional woman in my life, I want to extend my warm wishes to you. Your best is yet to come!

28. It’s your birthday and it’s time to celebrate you for the consistency of character and virtue you have displayed over the years. Thank you for being amazing.

29. Being one of the most magnificent women I have ever seen has made you deserving of endless celebration which begins today and does have an end. Rejoice incessantly, happy birthday to you.

30. I wish you knew how much you mean to everyone around you especially me. You’re treasured and cherished by your world. You’re special.

Happy Birthday to the Strongest Woman I Know Quotes

31. Your stunning smile and accommodating nature has made everyone flock around you for solace and comfort. May you excel in doing more for humanity.

32. You have come to fill and complete a major space in my life. I feel the space you occupy cannot be filled by someone else. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday to you.

33. Nothing but the best is coming your way as you mark this beautiful birthday of yours. Expect the best in the coming years. Keep smiling, it’s your day of Joy.

34. Thank you for being simply you and who you are to me. You have not ceased to be amazing and beautiful. Wonderful birthday wishes to you.

35. You’re classy yet simple. You combine impossible virtues. Everyone cannot achieve this. This makes you deserve a celebration without limits. I love you, happy birthday.

36. The growth seen around you has always been an inspiration to me all the way. Thank you for being an inspiring woman to me. Happy birthday to you.

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37. A gentle and beautiful soul like you deserves celebration in every moment of Life. But this day is special to you and I want to hold it so. Happy birthday to the most beautiful person I know inside and out.

38. Your love and care towards me are to be compared to nothing I have seen anywhere else in this world. Thank you for the service of love you render to me. I rejoice with you greatly.

39. Being together with you in the past years is a fortune I don’t want to stop experiencing. It’s a beautiful feeling knowing and being identified with you. I wish you more impactful years ahead.

40. I hope this day will give you a beautiful feeling you have never felt before. It’s time we reminded and expressed to you how much you mean to us. Happy birthday to you classy lady.

Happy Birthday Fabulous Lady

Everyone is not the same in your life, some are very special and to be held in high esteem. A fabulous lady is special and that’s why you should celebrate her with a happy birthday to a special woman wishes. Here you have quite a number of them.

41. Fabulous, you are. Beautiful, you are, kind you are, friendly you are. You are a host of virtue and exceptionality. Happy birthday to you.

42. Celebrating you gives me special and joyous joy because of who you have been to me in the past times. This is a golden opportunity to say happy birthday to you, my Love.

43. I have learned quite a whole lot from you being the fabulous lady that you are. You’re so precious, happy birthday to you.

44. Let everyone who knows your true worth and value celebrate you alongside me. I sincerely appreciate your manner of person.

45. A beautiful woman must be celebrated beautifully. You’re so blessed and beautiful. Thank you for your peculiar nature. May your day be blessed. Amen.

46. Your heart is undoubtedly filled with great dreams and goals you want to see achieved. May all your dreams and wishes come to pass speedily. Amen.

47. Today stands to be your special day and everyone and everything around you have to consider it so. This is the time we’ve always waited for. It’s time to dance and celebrate. Happy birthday to you.

48. When it comes to looking for the most gorgeous among all that is called women, you are one. Your beauty is appealing and appalling. Keep being beautiful.

49. You’re one of your kind and you have to be celebrated as one. Every schedule is canceled just to say happy birthday to you.

50. Who else will call for a party if not me whom you have been a blessing to? I’m wishing you nothing but happiness and great goodies in this life.

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Happy Birthday to a Special Woman in My Life

51. Sending love to my special and fabulous woman is a desirable service I have longed to render to you. Here am I doing it endlessly at this moment saying happy birthday to you.

52. To the coolest and calmest woman I know, happy birthday to you. This day cannot pass unless I have celebrated you enough. The entire day was meant for you.  Celebrate!

53. Congratulations to you on turning another year older today, it’s a beautiful and bright day for you. Rejoice exceedingly because you’re breaking forth gloriously.

54. I have been awake quite a long time just to ensure the day doesn’t pass unless you’re celebrated. It’s my joy to celebrate with you.

55. A new day and seasons are opened upon you. You’ll break forth on the left and the right this new season of yours and beyond. Amen.

56. I have determined that my message will be the first that you will see this morning and I’m sure it is. Happy birthday to you.

57. You’ve been a great friend and companion to me and my world. In conjunction with my family and loved ones, I want to say God bless you for all you represent.

58. You’re alive today and I’m excited that you are. Your being alive is nothing but a golden privilege to humanity. This is why you’re being celebrated specially. You’re simply the best!

59. I just need to appreciate the quality of a woman you have projected over the year. Thank you so much for being authentic. I Love you. Happy birthday.

60. May you gain speed to travel fast in this new year. May the peace around you multiply and favor upon your life be doubled. Happy birthday to you.

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Happy Birthday to a Very Special Woman

Do you have a female friend in your life that you’ll like to celebrate? Best birthday wishes for a female friend will be very needful for you. Wishing a female friend happy birthday with these messages!
61. It’s a new year, a new birthday, a new becoming, a new experience, a new glory, a new favor, a new possibility. All things are yours, rejoice!

62. Being a special friend in my life, I cannot but extend a special happy birthday to you. I celebrate you, the joy of this day shall last. Amen.

63. Looking at you advancing in age yet looking younger is pleasurable to my sight. I’m excited that you’re advancing yet getting younger. Keep glowing!

64. Your birthday only comes around once a year. This is why we must celebrate it with all we’ve got. I celebrate you, and happy birthday to you.

65. Someone I love and esteem so much is born today, I cannot but scream in celebration of her. Happy birthday my special friend.

66. This awesome message is for an awesome personality like you. Awesome birthday to you and have an awesome celebration, great friend.

67. Being privileged to take a trip around the 365 days alive and healthy calls for celebration. It’s time for celebration, let’s make it big.

68. This is another revolutionary birthday for you my dear friend, I’m so glad you made it. Celebration shall be in style. Happy birthday to you.

69. This birthday isn’t meant to remind you that you are older but help you see how much advancement you have made over the years. Celebrate, it’s your day.

70. Knock, knock, knock, knocked. Your beautiful and blessed day is here. Let’s celebrate it in style, I rejoice with you.

Happy Birthday Friend Woman

71. Get up my great friend, this is your birthday. It’s time to be thankful for the benefits you have enjoyed in life. Happy birthday to you.

72. Checking in to wish you a fabulous celebration today and beyond. Remember I love you greatly and forever I will do. May you be blessed in all that you do. Amen!

73. This is the beginning of a new and great celebration for you. The best of your years are still ahead of you.

74. My great and highly cherished friend, your birthday has come knocking again as it has been in the previous years. Let’s celebrate, happy birthday to you.

75. A friend like you has made the world worth living. Thank you for making my life an awesome one. Beautiful birthday celebration to you, my great friend.

76. Every moment spent with you is heavenly and sacred. This is much reason I long for time with you. Happy birthday to you, my Precious Friend.

77. I’m forever grateful to have someone as beautiful as you in my life. Your companionship is second to none. I’m grateful dear, happy birthday to you.

78. Wishing you a wonderful and joyous birthday on this special day of yours. You’re the center of attention today and so should you celebrate. Happy birthday to you.

79. Thank you for being a best friend, lover, and confidant. You’re the real deal, happy birthday to you.

80. Obviously, I cannot celebrate you enough because reminiscing on how wonderful you have been to my life has made your day a special day to me. Happy birthday to you, a Great One.

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Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl Quotes

81. To the most beautiful lady in the world, it’s your day. I hope all wishes of your heart come through this day and beyond.

82. Sending you this thoughtful message is a recognition of your usefulness and impact on my life. Thank you for being amazing. Happy birthday to you.

83. You’re so beautiful inside and out, I know you are aware of that. Keep being beautiful. I appreciate you. May you be blessed in all you do!

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84. The birthday is a special day and it’s for you specifically. You’re deeply loved and celebrated my beautiful lady.

85. Celebrate it big, it’s your birthday my princess. You deserve the best life has to offer. Happy birthday to you.

86. Such a beautiful lady and unique princess deserve a laudable celebration which you’ll get today. Get set, surprise packages are on the way.

87. Birthday is beautiful and it should be celebrated just as beautiful as you are. It’s your birthday, have pleasure all through the day!

88. How has your celebration been? I hope it’s as beautiful as you desired it? Have a blast, the celebration is all yours.

89. You’re such an amazing lady, I hope everyone around you recognizes that? I do anyway, that’s why these birthday wishes are pumping out from me to you.

90. Just as you’re beautiful both inside and outside, I desire that you get the best out of life. Enjoy it, it’s your birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Beautiful Woman

91. Nothing makes life worth living as much as living it for a worthy course. This is what you have done over the years. What a powerful woman you are!

92. Have a better birthday than ever. It’s your birthday. Celebrate it like no other, you’re the best. May you have better days ahead of you!

93. Every day shines a little brighter because you’re in it. You make my world shines brighter, I cannot deny it. Keep shining!

94. Have a gorgeous celebration that is as gorgeous as you are. Have a wonderful celebration, my dear powerful Woman.

95. Happy birthday to my beautiful Bestie full of joy and winning energy. This world is worth living in because you are there.

96. It’s no surprise that everyone adores and celebrates you. You’re beautiful in every way, my Darling. Happy birthday to you.

97. Happy birthday to a Good looking and Pretty Lady of all time. You are blessed and more of God’s blessings can only manifest.

98. Sending you some wonderful vibes on this special day. Have wonderful vibes today. Happy birthday to you.

99. To my beautiful and precious friend, you deserve a special celebration with wonderful packages. Trust me you’ll get these packages soon. Happy birthday to you.

100. Beautiful friend, have a spectacular birthday. Your friendship with me is my joy. May we be friends for life. Amen.

101. I rejoice with you as the one who has found favor in the sight of God and man. Everything is working well for you, happy birthday to you.

102. Thank you for being my friend all these years. Thank you for showing support by being on my side. May you never lack the capacity to keep doing good work.

103. May this birthday brings you an ocean of joy and rivers of peace. I rejoice with you. Happy birthday to you, my powerful Friend.

104. May happiness, peace, joy, and love abundance follow you wherever you go in Life. Happy birthday to you.

105. As the star in the night, may you shine amid darkness and glow in glory. Your joy shall be permanent. Amen.

106. May your days be prolonged like the days of a palm tree. God bless all that you have set your hands to do. Happy birthday!

107. The joy of today shall not be the last one you will ever have. May your soul be filled with unending joy. Happy birthday!

108. You shall be great, you shall not be small. May your path shine and shine brightly. Happy birthday!

109. This birthday shall be one of the best birthdays you have celebrated. You shall prosper greatly than you have ever been.

110. Happy birthday, I wish you a prosperous journey ahead.

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I have just shown you how to say happy birthday to a special woman in your life. Engage with the messages to give her a special day.

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