Appreciating God for Adding a Year to My Years

124 Appreciating God for Adding a Year to My Years | I’m Thankful for Another Year Birthday Quotes

Interestingly your birthday is one of the most important moments of your life which you will never want to trade for anything. Appreciating God for adding another year to your years is all you want to say to God almighty. You have passed through a lot of challenges, trials, and obstacles, but here you are appreciating God for adding a year to your years.

You know the joy that fills your heart when you are a year older. You look so happy because you are growing up, moving forward and you are looking more handsome and beautiful. Damn, that’s worth celebrating. Appreciating God for adding a year to my years is not too much to say. You should be able to express that joy inside you to God and your loved ones.

It’s very important to let God know how you feel about Him through your appreciation. You can best express how much you love him for adding a year to your years by appreciating him on this special day of your life.

This kind of attitude guarantees God’s protection, favor, and kindness through that year till the next time you will be celebrating another again. This is another year again and it calls for celebrations and indeed, you should celebrate.

I know your birthday is so much important to you and that’s why you are here to look for awesome appreciative messages to thank God. If that’s the reason you are here you have enough of them to make Him know how joyous you are on this page.

Thank you Dear God for another Awesome Year

Thank you Dear God for another Awesome Year
Thank you Dear God for another Awesome Year

When you are appreciative to God for giving you another awesome year of life, these thank you dear God for another awesome year’s birthday prayers are what you need on your status. That you are appreciating God for adding a year to your years is a show of gratitude. So, here are amazing Thank you, Dear God prayers.

1. Through every night and rainy climate, and across every minute that I felt lonely in and out of those moments, thank You, dear Lord, for protecting me.

2. Dear God, words can never be enough to express my appreciation to you, for another year to make improved choices, strengthen our relationship, and know you more.

3. I do have plenty of things to do today, but before anything, I render passionate praise to God, for making today possible for me, all glory be to unto His name. Thank you, Lord, for another year of existence. 

4. Thank You, eternal God, for the promise of another year that’s been fulfilled in my life today, thank You for adding a new age to my life.

5. To be honest, I’d never be able to thank God enough for all He’s done, for blessing me much more than I deserve, and for giving me another year to celebrate, thank You, God.

6. You’ve kept me under the shadow of your wings for a whole year, today I begin another year, thank You for always protecting me, thanks to God.

7. Everlasting God, thank You for the peace of mind, the gift of life, and for your continuous protection upon me.

8. Dear God, life is wonderful, and all glory goes to you. Thank you for all the countless blessings you have given me at every step of my life.

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9. Thank you, God, for always assisting me and giving me the patience to deal with challenges that comes my way. Without you, life has no meaning.

10. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the chance to become a better version of myself in all I do.

Thankful for Another Year Birthday Quotes

11. Dear God, thanks for granting me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m grateful!

12. I will never stop saying thank you Lord because you’ve been faithful throughout my life to date. Only to you, I will be faithful forever.

13. Thank you, God! For never leaving me and always loving me as a father does to his son. My gratitude to you is everlasting.

14. Thank You, Almighty God for Your goodness, mercy, and kindness in my life. I appreciate you for keeping me safe.

15. Almighty God, I thank you for keeping me flourishing today. I pray that you continue to watch over me and guide me as always.

16. O Lord, with you, there’s fullness of happiness and peace. Thank You for filling the life of my dearest friend with so much bliss.

17. Lord, thank You for watching over me, where would I be if not for you? Thank Lord for an awesome experience and I know you will keep on watching over me.

18. I am thankful, Lord, for everything that you allow to cross my path, for the strength and courage to overcome those challenges. I give you them all the Glory.

19. My heart’s clogged with gratitude oh God for your profound love, that’s vast beyond measure, and you bestowed on me another year of deep happiness coupled with peace of mind.

20. My hearty thanks to God for keeping me alive. I can’t stop saying thank you dear God for another awesome year.

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Thank You, Lord, for Another Year Of My Life

In all situations, God is to be thanked for the kindness shown and the goodness extended to you. If He has not made you see another year of life, you couldn’t have made it. It’s always thoughtful to say thank you Lord for another year of life. All you can give Him is Thanksgiving.

Gratitude to God for every act of kindness shown to you get Him committed to you more than ever before. If you thank Him for this year, He will make you see another year until your days are done on the earth. Appreciating God for adding a year to my years’ messages and prayers is very needful to make His wonders known.

21. Your mercy has given me this life again, it’s not of any good work that I have but of you who has shown mercy. Thank you, Kind God.

22. It’s another blissful privilege to celebrate this gift of life afforded to me by God. Grateful I am always. I rejoice in your faithfulness.

23. Through every dark and thick cloud that I couldn’t see further from where I was, you were there for me and you saw me through all the way.

24. Thank you, dear father and God, I made it again to another beautiful and prosperous year to celebrate my birthday in sound health and great progress.

25. Life is a gift and I regard it to be one. I can’t take the gift of life given to me by God for granted. I’m deeply grateful to you, dear Father.

Thank You, Lord, for Another Year of Existence Quotes

26. Thinking about your loving-kindness in the previous years, I’m moved to exclaim your goodness and love towards me in every way I can’t number. Thank you, great and good God.

27. We might have a great vision and beautiful dreams in life but it takes being alive to execute them. Only God determines being alive. I’m grateful for keeping me alive.

28. Traveling through another 365 days is a rare privilege I cannot but give thanks for it. It’s a big deal to be alive and see this precious birthday.

29. As I expire an old year and open another one, I reminisce on God’s blessings, benefits, and favors. I’m at loss for words to thank the Lord but all I want to say is that I thank you.

30. The amount of breath taken in cannot be paid for, gratitude can only be given to them. Here is an opportunity to see a new life again, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Thankful for Another Year Birthday Quotes

31. More than I have ever done, I will appreciate my great king who alone is exalted above all for allowing me to celebrate a new year in sound health.

32. For every second I have spent on this planet earth, it’s worth rejoicing about and giving thanks to God for. I celebrate the privilege of existence on this beautiful day.

33. Your word has taught me to number my days so that I can apply my heart to wisdom. It’s my birthday celebration today, and I’m thankful.

34. I have grown to acknowledge that without God, life is not worth living. It’s the author of life that can make life very beautiful.

35. Thank you for all the wonderful works you have done for me according to the multitude of your mercy. May your goodness continue to abide with you forevermore. Amen.

Birthday Thank God for Another Year of My Life Quotes

36. Looking at my inadequacy and shortcomings, if God were man, He could have turned His back on me. Thank you merciful God for granting me another chance of existence on earth. I won’t stop giving thanks to you.

37. Thank you because you have not only given me a chance to be alive but you have put a smile on my face, prosperity in my life, and sound health in my body. Your name is praised forever. Amen.

38. I deeply get emotional and easily moved with tears looking at how good you have been to me since I was born. All I want to say is thank you, God.

39. Several winds have blown, the storms have raged, and seas have roared but your faithfulness and mercy have not departed from me. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done for me.

40. I’m very thoughtful and that’s why I’m grateful to you God the Father of mercy. You’re great to be praised above all gods. Amen.

Thank You, God, for Another Birthday

With a grateful heart and words of praise, it’s profitable to say thank you to God for another birthday He has made you see in the land of the living.

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Appreciate God for another grace for life with these beautiful words below and praise His name forever and forever.

41. It’s amazing to see another year in the land of the living in sound health and joyful heart. I’m grateful to God for another year of life.

42. The rush of joy in my soul is inexpressible because the great and good God has done it again making me see the light of a new day. I’m forever grateful, oh God.

43. For being able to get out of bed and see the sunlight smiling at me welcoming me into the new year of my life, I’m grateful for this.

44. God has given me many glorious privileges to witness my birthday every year of my life, therefore I’m grateful to Him for another year.

45. It’s exciting being alive today, all glory to God for giving me another opportunity to see the light of the day. My thanks are unto you forever and ever.

Thankful for Another Year of Life Birthday

46. Words alone cannot communicate the depth of gratitude to God for allowing me to see a beautiful day in the land of the living. Glory to His name in the highest.

47. Waking up this morning and finding out that I have become a year older, better, wiser, and greater in Life, I’m thankful for this. Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life.

48. All love and gratitude are unto God who is the maker and giver of my life. He alone is worthy of all praise in my life.

49. You Lord have made every minute, day, week, month, and year count in my life. Thank you, good father.

50. The laughter has filled my mouth because God has been a good God to me all the days of my life. Be exalted in my life.

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Thanking God for My Birthday

51. No other love can be compared to your love dear good God. Your love has been poured forth on me and has made me become all that I am. Thank you, dear good God.

52. Thank you for every privilege of grace and mercy presented to me to be alive at this moment. Great are you, Lord. I love you forever.

53. From infancy till this moment, you’ve been faithful. Another year is added to me to say thank you and also celebrate myself.

54. Every birthday is an opportunity to bless God for His uncommon kindness to me in every way. It’s because of His faithfulness that I’m grateful to Him.

Celebrating Another Year of Life

55. The experience of growth and progress in my life is worth celebrating and rejoicing about. Looking at how advanced my life has become is sweet.

56. Indeed, this is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in my eyes. If it were not of the Lord, no one could have reckoned with me. I’m grateful for Life.

57. Thank you for my life today, it’s blissful and beautiful seeing the progression of growth that has taken place in my life. This can only be God, I’m thankful to Him.

58. Today is another special day, I’m given another chance to count His blessings one by one. Having counted His blessings, I see that the Lord is good to me.

59. This is my birthday, this is another chance to see another fresh year. My thanksgiving to you is fresh and new every morning. Thank you, Lord.

60. Realizing that I have been blessed with another year today at the dawn of a new morning has instigated joy unspeakable within me. With a grateful heart, I say thank you, Lord.

Thank You Jesus for My Birthday

No one is naturally alive. If at all anyone is alive, the goodness of the Lord must have made him so. Thanking Jesus for your birthday should be the first thing you do when your birthday has finally come.

How do you appreciate God for adding another year to your life if not by giving thanks to His Son, Jesus? Make do with these words of appreciation and give Him thanks.

61. The Lord is amazing in all His ways, He’s full of love and compassion, and He has never let me down any day. I’m grateful to Him.

62. Jesus my Lord, I have come to give you the sacrifice of praise for your goodness and mercy over my life. You’re a committed father…

63. Life may not have been stable but the goodness of the Lord is ever sure. Thank you for the surety of your goodness over my life.

64. I have waited for this golden opportunity to give thanks to God and give Him glory to add another day to my life. I’m grateful, Lord.

Another Year Added to My Life

65. Being alive today transcends my power and might, it’s strictly the goodness of the Lord that has made it possible. Thank you, dear Lord.

66. Let every living soul who loves me and cares about me give thanks to God on my behalf for making me see this day. Lord, thank you.

67. If my tongue were hairs, they wouldn’t be sufficient to give thanks to the King of kings. Nevertheless, I’m grateful.

68. The breath of life cannot be paid for, sound health cannot be purchased, and many people aren’t privileged as I am. I’m grateful, dear Lord.

69. The world has to hear how blessed I am today because the Lord has blessed me with His heavenly blessings.

70. I will noise His goodness unto the end of the earth because the great one has shown me mercy. I’m glad He’s with me, happy birthday to me.

71. When it comes to your mercy, I’m undeserving. Your grace has bestowed everything I am unto me. Thank your grace and mercy.

72. Who am I to deserve love and your kindness like this my God, truly it’s not of work but of you Lord who shows mercy.

73. There is an uncontrollable joy that overwhelms a man’s heart knowing that it’s His birthday. The feeling is special, happy birthday to me.

74. Seeing the light of the day and knowing it’s time to celebrate me sends a rush of joy into my soul. I’m elated it’s my birthday. Thank you, Lord it’s another year.

75. In every way God deserves to be praised and extolled for counting me worthy to be an object of His mercy and goodness. Thanks to Him.

76. It’s indeed a rare honor to be given another opportunity to not only be alive but also be found with good health and progress. God be praised!

77. God is exalted, let His name be praised for all He has done for me in time immemorial, I’m grateful to you dear God and father.

78. The unseen joy has dominated my soul, I’m here to say thank you Lord for adding another greatness to me. Happy birthday to me.

79. I have been made to embark on another journey of life to do greater than I have done in my life. Thank you, God, for counting me worthy. Happy birthday to me.

80. Today God has considered me to be worthy of His mercy to start another year of life in this land of the living. I’m grateful to you God, happy birthday to me.

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Thank You, Lord, for Another Day of My Life

“This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalms 118:24). If the Lord has made a day, joy and gladness should be how we welcome such a day.

When the Lord has added another day or year to your life, gratitude is the best way you should gift Him in return. Appreciating God for another in your life is very essential.

81. It’s popularly said that only the thoughtful can be thankful. The beginning of another day ought, to begin with, a sober reflection on the past wonders of God.

82. Thoughtfulness will always inspire thankfulness. As I wake today, thinking of what God has done for me, I cannot but be thankful.

83. I’m here with the offering of praise and thanksgiving giving glory to your majestic name because today begins another day in the history of my life.

84. I want to thank Him in advance for the assurance that He will keep me till the end of time in the land of the living. I’m grateful, Lord.

85. Thinking about the wonderful works of the Lord in my life and everything I’m involved in is worth singing about. Be praised forevermore.

86. Crossing into the new day as I give a wave to an old chapter of my life yesterday, I come with a heart of gratitude to say thank you, Father.

87. How best do I describe or explain the feelings inside of me if not by giving thanks to God excessively? The Lord is good and in His rejoicing.

88. The Lord’s faithfulness and commitment to me are endless and great beyond numbers. It’s His mercy that has given me this opportunity again. Be glorified, dear father.

89. The protection of the Lord has been very certain over my life and all that I have. Thank you for safeguarding me from the hazards of the former years.

90. It’s my celebration day today, acknowledging that life could have been possible without you has inspired the voice of rejoicing in my tabernacle. I’m grateful, Lord.

Thanking God for the Gift of Life on My Birthday

100. This new day you have added to my day has got me thinking of how you’ve been a caring Father and God. Thank you for the favor shown unto me.

101. Every day is precious and important and we should be thankful for it. But being blessed with another day to increase our age should provoke gratitude.

102. It’s been your grace all the way not my works or ability. Thank you, Good God for having everything turn in my favor.

103. I can say that the Lord is interested in my life and he has a project to do with me. I have been blessed with another additional day to my years. Thank you, good God.

104. Celebrating a newer day added to my life today is because of God’s great love for me. I appreciate this great love with which you have loved me.

105. Right from the center of my heart and with joy in my face, I come before your holy temple to express my gratitude to you, dear God.

106. This day marks another beginning and a wonderful year for me. This is the beginning of the new season and I’m grateful I’m alive to see it.

107. Yesterday is gone, and a new day is born. Great are you Lord, you’re great to be praised on all the earth.

108. I’m not only happy for being alive, I’m extremely joyful because that’s the best way I can give thanks to my loving Father in heaven.

109. I’m entering into this new year of my life with so much gratitude and words of thanksgiving to my God the maker of all. Thank you, my good father

110. As another day is born and another year is given, my endless thanksgiving is to my father for His mercy I cannot possibly count.

111. Even though there’s so much to do today, everything I want to do must begin on the altar of thanksgiving. My father and my God, I’m here to give you thanks for what you have done for me.

112. Too many things to be grateful to God for this special day He has made me see in this life. You’ve been good over the years and for this I’m grateful.

113. For this life and sound health you’ve given to me, I’m thankful. Thank you for giving me joy and great progress. I’m grateful, dear God.

114. To mark a fresh start as turn a year younger, I count it all joy to put on my dancing shoes for the beautiful experiences I have had in recent years. Thank you, I’m grateful to you, God.

Thankful for Another Year of Life Birthday

115. Thank you, God, for my life and my loved one, you’re a great God. I’m thankful to you and all that you do for me.

116. This is my birthday and I’m here to give you a multitude of thanksgiving for all that you’ve done for me. I do not take your goodness for granted.

117. You’ve given me so much peace and joy and have increased me in joy and riches. Blessed be your name oh Lord our God.

118. You’ve lifted my head and I’m never going down. Thank you for the lifting dear Lord God, I’m grateful.

119. Thank you for proving your loving nature to me. You’re indeed a loving and faithful God. Your name is praised forevermore. Amen.

120. The Lord has given me so much more this year than in previous years. Thank you so much good and merciful Lord for this token of goodness in my life.

121. Your investment of mercy in my life is nothing but great joy in my heart. I’m deeply grateful to you my great Father.

122. Your mercy in my life is new every morning I will never take it for granted. That I’m alive today is nothing but a show of your great mercy.

123. Who is like you Lord on all the earth? You’re wonderful and glorious in all your ways. I will rejoice in you among all men.

124. Father accept my sacrifice and gifts of rejoicing. You’re indeed a faithful God from time immemorial.

God loves to be praised, everyone who praises Him positions Him/herself for His great blessing. Your birthday is a day of joy and celebration. The celebration should begin with appreciating God for adding another year to your years. This is worth thanking God for.


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