Thank You Quotes For Employees From Managers

63 Heartfelt Thank You Quotes For Employees From Managers

There’s this saying that says “It takes a village to raise a child”. Well, I want to modify it and say that “It takes a team of committed and hardworking employees to make a company work”. Employees do a lot of work that helps the company to run smoothly. They are the engines that make the machine work.

It’s just right for employers or managers to recognize the hard work and dedication of employees and send thank you quotes for employees from managers to them, and probably a bonus too!

Working hard and being dedicated to your work is the right thing to do as an employee but it feels good to be appreciated by your boss for your dedication. There’s this motivation that comes with appreciation be it just a thank you quote or a bonus.

Dear employer, in this article, you’ll find a lot of befitting and appropriate thank you quotes for employees from managers. Pick the one that you feel is perfect for your employees and let them know that you appreciate that effort.

Employee Thank You Quotes

There’s a kind of encouragement that comes with getting appreciation from your boss. It makes the employee feel seen. Just the fact that you acknowledge his/her work is enough encouragement to do more.

Here are some thank you quotes for employees from managers:

1. I’ve been so keen on your growth since you joined this company and I so much appreciate your dedication and submission to the goal of this company. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

2. Your performance in this company is mind-blowing. The way you give in your all when you work is inspiring to all of us. Thanks for all you do for our organization.

3. I’m grateful for how you commit to your work and bring up amazing ideas for the whole team. Thumbs up for your brilliant performance.

4. Hey (employee name), you’re amazing! The hard work you’ve put into our recent project is top-tier and I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say we’ve all learned a great deal from you. Thank you!

5. Your consistency and commitment to your work should be studied. I’m even tempted to crown you the king of consistency and hard work. Thank you for all your effort.

6. (Employee’s name), I see you. I see your resilience and tenacity. I see how you get excited about each project and make sure it’s executed and completed perfectly. I want to say thank you.

7. This team is so lucky to have you. Every day you step up the ladder and choose to beat your last record. I’m grateful to have you on my team. Keep up the amazing work.

8. Most of the time, we get all caught up in our work and it seems as though no one sees what effort the other person is putting in. I’m using this opportunity to say that I see you and I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you.

9. You’re a perfect example of how talent and hard work are such a good combo. Thank you for your consistent hard work, we are all inspired by it.

10. Having someone I can rely on upon without fear is something I’m grateful for. Your great performance on the last project really impressed me. Thank you,(employee’s name)

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Employee Appreciation Thank You Quotes

Recognition of employees’ work and proper appreciation is positive company culture. When an employee’s work is appreciated and recognized, it motivates and encourages him/her.

Below are some quotes that you can use;

11. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything you can’t do. You always step in and bring up great ideas on every project. Thank you so much for being a great employee!

12. The day I knew that I’m so lucky to have you on my team was when you excitedly volunteered to hop on a project that you were almost clueless about and the result of it was a great success. Your courage and commitment amaze me. Thank you so much.

13. Your talent, skills, and way of thinking are an amazing combination. You perform greatly too and that’s a super addition. Thank you for everything.

14. This is me letting you know that I appreciate your dedication to work and how you put so much energy into what you do. The results are obvious and I’m saying thank you for your commitment.

15. Hey (employee’s name), you’re an amazing person to work with. You share your ideas with the team and inspire us with your commitment. Thank you so much for all the good work.

16. Dear (employee’s name), your attitude and personality have taught me a lot about self-respect and respect for others. The way you treat everyone that comes your way with kindness is worthy of emulation. I appreciate your kindness and good work.

17. Working with you these past months on [x] project has been amazing and I’ve learned a lot from you. I hope we can do this again. Thank you.

18. I never thought it’d be possible to have a cool and fun teammate. Knowing you changed my perspective. You are a cool teammate that brings good ideas and thinks so widely without making it feel boring. I enjoy working with you. Thank you!

19. Lately, I’ve discovered that your can-do and optimistic attitude gives the rest of the team the encouragement and motivation they need. We’re grateful to have you on our team. Thank you so much.

20. Hey, thank you for being such a great employee. I’m always certain that I can rely on you for commitment, consistency, and good results.

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Staff Appreciation Quotes For Employees

Appreciation breeds motivation. It’s a nice gesture to appreciate your employees when they do an amazing job. Here are some appreciation thank you quotes for employees;

21. Hey (employee name), you’ve been of great assistance to me today and I’m grateful. You have so much knowledge about (x) and your ideas are amazing. I think you should consider teaching other people about it.

22. In the process of working on the same team with you I’ve learned the importance of loving what you do. Your love for your work is an inspiration to me!

23. The way you think out of the box so easily amazes me. It was fun collaborating with you on this project as usual. I’m already excited and anticipating our next project together.

24. I’m using this opportunity to let you know that the whole team is grateful to have you on board. Thanks for being a great person to work with.

25. Your smile and lively spirit bring a ray of sunshine to the office. Thank you for always staying optimistic and cheering us on.

26. It’s my first time meeting someone that’s dedicated, hardworking and fun at the same time. You always stay positive and I admire your commitment. Your future is so bright, I know.

27. You stand out in our department and we all appreciate your kindness and optimistic spirit. Thank you!

28. You have a way of finding a positive side to every difficult situation. Your great ideas and optimism help the whole team to go through hard days without fear.

29. You’re a star! The positive energy you bring to the office every day is something I admire and to be honest, the office will not be the same without your optimism and good vibes. Thank you for such an amazing attitude.

30. Hey (employee name), you make Mondays so much more bearable. Your skills and commitment make it obvious that the sky is a starting point with the right attitude. I’m sure that you’ll make great achievements in life.

Heartfelt Thank You Messages For Employees

There’s a level of dedication and commitment an individual put into his/her work that deserves recognition and a heartfelt thank you message for employees is more than deserving.

It is courteous for an employer to send an appreciation message to his/her employees. If you’re that employer that needs to appreciate his employees today, below are some heartfelt thank you messages for employees;

31. Just saying thank you wouldn’t be enough for your hard work and commitment to this company. You deserve a raise!

32. A hardworking, kind, and consistent employee is not so easy to find. I’m grateful to have you on my team.

33. You make work easy and fun for me and other teammates by constantly bringing in your awesome ideas and great sense of humor. Keep up the good work.

34. From the day you started working with us up till now, I’ve seen tremendous growth and I’m proud of you. Thank you for the good work!

35. Your commitment and love for your job cannot be overlooked. You inspire the whole team, (employee’s name)

36. This team feels so lucky and thankful to have you. You work hard and your can-do attitude is so contagious. Thanks for all you do.

37. When you walk through the door every morning, you’re always surrounded by a strong aura of happiness and full of life, and everyone taps into this. Thank you for being the coolest teammate.

38. Thank you so much, (employee’s name). We’re happy to have you work with us on this next project as always. Let’s smash this together!

39. Dear(employee’s name), your work ethic is amazing and your hard work and commitment are an inspiration to us all. Thank you.

40. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for this company. For giving your time and talent to the growth of this company, we’re grateful.

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Appreciation Words For Employees

Year-End Thank You Message To Employees From the Ceo

The end of the year for every company is always a time to reminisce on the year and see how far the company has come. It’s always amazing when the company has made a huge profit throughout the year and it’s also the perfect time for the CEO to acknowledge his/her employees and appreciate their efforts. Below are some year-end thank you messages to employees from the CEO:

41. I’m grateful for your excellent performance throughout the year. This organization has benefitted tremendously from your hard work and dedication.

42. The year didn’t start so great and honestly, I had my fears and doubts but you all came through with your dedication, hard work, and commitment and you saved the year. For this, I am grateful. Thank you so much!

43. I count my blessings and reflect at the end of each year. One of my greatest blessings is having amazing and talented employees. Thank you for your hard work this year. With your help, we’ve provided amazing and satisfying services to our customers this year.

44. Dear Esteemed Employees, I’m grateful for your hard work and patience during the renovation process of this company that lasted throughout this year. Thank you for your dedication and can-do attitude. I admire you and I hope that you continue to reach for the better every day.

45. Your hard work and commitment are the reason this company is sitting at the top today. Thank you for all your positive input.

46. Thank you for all your work towards making this place a successful and conducive work environment. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated. Have a wonderful holiday filled with good things!

47. Your loyalty and commitment are what makes this company stand strong. Thank you for all your amazing ideas throughout the year. Thank you for your cooperative spirit and togetherness. I’m really lucky to have good employees like you all.

48. This organization is super proud of every one of you. We see your resilience and commitment to your work and we are grateful for all your excellent service.

49. This is a perfect opportunity to say that this company is thankful for your amazing service all through your stay here. It was fun working with you and we wish you all the best in your future engagements.

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Appreciation Speech For Employees

When an employee’s work is not appreciated, it leads to a lack of motivation which in turn decreases productivity. Appreciation is very important in building a positive company culture because it brings motivation. The following are thank you speeches to employees for hard work;

50. Everything we’ve achieved in this organization is thanks to you all. Your talent and skills have made every project a success. I’m grateful for how everyone comes together and cooperates when it’s time to work. Your dedication and sacrifices are not unnoticed. Thank you so much.

51. Both the architect and builders deserve praise. Every one of you on this team is the builder of every successful project. You work tirelessly, giving in your best and sacrificing your time just to make sure we achieve our goals. I’m honored to work with you and I hope this continues for a long time. Thank you.

52. You all put in so much effort to be better than how you were yesterday. This organization appreciates your commitment and hard work.

53. The way you put in equal effort and cooperate as a team even under pressure is admirable. You have proven that you’re reliable and committed to your work and this company is grateful.

54. Also, your excellent leadership skills are worthy of emulation and your passion for your roles is applaudable. This team is everything we need and we’re grateful.

55. On behalf of this company, I would like to say a very big thank you for your hard work and dedication.

56. First, I’d like to say thank you to everyone. You all have been super excellent. I love that despite challenges or pressure, this team always finds an amazing way to get the job done effectively and on time.

57. The success of this company is a result of your hard work and dedication. Thank you.

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Thank You Letter To Employees For Hard Work

An appreciation-rich culture is very important in an organization that wants to be productive. Appreciating employees’ work can boost the productivity of the employee which leads to the growth of the organization. Writing a thank you letter to employees for hard work is a nice and appropriate appreciation move.

Below are some examples of thank you letters to employees for hard work that you would find useful;

58. Dear (employee’s name),
Hiring you is one of the best decisions this company has made. You have done so well during your probation months. Your work ethic and out-of-the-box thinking have been of great help to everyone and we appreciate all your efforts. We hope that you continue the good work. Thank you.
Best Regards.

59. Dear (employee’s name)
Here at (company’s name), we are confident to say that all our staff is competent and hardworking. You also have these qualities but there’s something about you that stands out and that’s your always lively personality. You’re a ray of sunshine in this department. When you enter a room, you make sure that the room is bursting with life before you leave. Even Mondays are less gloomy because of you. The whole team appreciates you. Thank you so much.
With immense appreciation,
(Your name)

60. Dear (employee’s name)
Thank you for putting your best into every project. It’s not surprising to see you achieve so much in the outside world. The whole team is rooting for you.

61. Dear (employee’s name)
I am writing this letter to appreciate you. I want you to know that all your hard work and dedication are not unnoticed. This company sees you, we see results and we’re grateful. Thank you so much.
Best regards,
(Your name)

62. Dear (employee’s name)
Your talent and skills combined with dedication and hard work inspire me. You do your job meticulously and give good results. Your concentration and ability to cooperate easily with others even under pressure is amazing. You make every job look easy and you put in all your effort. I’m grateful for that. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

63. Dear(employee’s name)
Thank you for successfully coordinating a team and delivering an excellent result. Your leadership skills are amazing and you’re an inspiration to other employees. I know this project took a lot of work. Congratulations on acing it. Thank you.
Yours sincerely.


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