Attitude Breakup Quotes

120 Soothing Attitude Breakup Quotes for your Emotional Wholeness

A breakup is very unpleasant. Nobody wants it even though sometimes, it happens inevitably. Regardless of where the faults lie, a breakup remains a sad event that no one should experience. In an unforeseen circumstance like a breakup, it can only be right to bid a proper farewell as attitude breakup quotes will be educating you.

I have witnessed some myself. I have found love and lost it. I have parted ways with one I so adored and thought would last forever. It’s not an easy burden to bear. The morning after, I saw to it that I did what was right – I arranged the right attitude breakup quotes that would serve as a goodwill message for us both while we journey alone.

No one sees a breakup coming and even if one does, there is no better gesture than to be of the highest comfort and be a little bit more organized as usual to say the right words. Breakup quotes can be tough when you are trying to string words together under a very tense emotion. It has a way of deciding what happens next after the moment has passed.

If at any point in time you find yourself in this bad turn, you need the right application of words, you need these quotes I will be dishing out here. To help you navigate through tough times and tough demands with your emotions already on the roof. I hope you find these helpful and handy when you need them the most.

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Breakup Quotes For Her

In a relationship, when a breakup occurs, everyone deserves a portion of the blame. But in fairness, she might be excused a bit and given a bit of benefit. In most cases, especially when she is less at fault, she bears the pain more. Responsibility demands that you offer some soothing words, and some breakup quotes for her to help her through the struggle.

It wouldn’t seem out of place if you take the blame and do your part in easing the after-effect of your breakup. There are a lot of things you can do, she has her own role to play too but when words fail her, you should step up. Attitude breakup quotes would help heal faster than usual and it will be of good to both parties in this case. Your attitude after a breakup matters a lot if you must be happy again or remain broken. But I can assure you, you can be happy again!

1. I’ve given my all and I’ve done all I could. Your efforts no longer match up to your words. For how long am I to continue forcing things? Farewell, my lady.

2. You never really turned up in this relationship. I had dreamt of a better ending but it was never meant to be.

3. Your love felt real for some moments and all of a sudden became an illusion. What am I to make of this? I have tried my best and given my all but so far, it never really worked.

4. I used to think this relationship meant a lot to you because it really did to me. It meant the world to me but I guessed my convictions led me astray. Goodbye.

5. I loved you, I love you and I will continue to love you but for the good of us, I’m leaving. Please take heart and look ahead.

6. I am sorry for wasting your time and making your life this unpleasant. It was never my intention to break your heart. I had other plans, breaking your heart was never a part of it. I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me.

7. You are not interested anymore and I know you don’t know how to break the words. Permit to opt out of your misery, it’s over and it’s for good. Goodbye, my one true love.

8. Your attitude towards this relationship is plummeting. Your energy is dwindling. I have tried all I could but I guess I can’t save a sinking ship.

9. I am in love and I have lost myself in it. But going by your attitude, I would not continue to humiliate myself before you try to fix things. Good luck.

10. Of course I will miss you. Living without you is a life I have never envisaged and I’m fully unprepared for it. But it’s best for both of us.

11. I hope that someday we will meet again and start over again. Maybe by then, we would work out perfectly. But for now, it’s a goodbye.

12. The truth is we were not meant for each other and I don’t see anything wrong with it. It is better if we split than join to ruin ourselves. Goodbye, my Love.

13. The time we spent together has been memorable. We’ve really had a great time and I do hope we stay in close quarters and remain friends for as long as we live.

14. You’re amazing and the truth is I like you but I just don’t think we belong together. It is better we do this, go our separate ways but keep in touch forever.

15. I can’t believe I spent this much time with you. You are absolutely not prepared for this. I think you should settle and take your time to work on yourself first so someone else would not be victimized by your unreadiness.

16. We are in a relationship but it’s not healthy anymore. We don’t have what it takes anymore and one day if we keep going like this, it would crash really badly. This to me is the right thing to do. Goodbye, baby.

17. People come, people go. Soldiers come, soldiers go. Let’s not make a big fuss out of this. If we are being truthful to ourselves, we were both not made for this.

18. I feel exhausted. I feel tired of this relationship, and I know you feel it too. We need to take a pause and reflect to push things further.

19. I need you to know that doing this is a hard one for me. I feel so heavy and it’s unbearable. I still love you and I don’t know when this will end. But for now, I need to move on and I can’t do that with you around me. Goodbye, my sweet love.

20. It’s been fun. It’s been amazing. It’s been two years of sweet memories but it’s becoming stale and the life in it is getting sucked out. Let’s put an honorable end to this. You and I will be fine, I believe.

Breakup Quotes For Him

Men are strong, so they say. Men are stronger vessels, agreed. But in matters of the heart, men are not! Or better put – all men are not! Most especially when they have done their all and put in all of their efforts. When they have paid their dues and done everything in the way that seemed right to them, it breaks them a lot. Find some breakup quotes for him. Console the giant in him. This way, it will only help him recuperate and give him a chance of rising again.

21. This was never my motive from the start, you never really understood me, hence, we never got along pretty well. Goodbye.

22. For most of our stay together towards the end of it, things drifted apart and I don’t know how much longer we would keep this relationship afloat. For the good of all, it is advisable to split up.

23. This decision will break me I’m sure of it but it is time to say my goodbye for good.

24. You never loved me, you only pretended to. When I found out, I tried to look over it not until it began to show forth in your attitude and you left me with no other choice.

25. Our relationship was always operating on a solid basis of love until you came up with other ideas and stopped loving me.

26. That we are going apart is not my regret. My biggest regret is the beautiful times we’d shared together and with a promise of a lifetime. This hurts!

27. You abused my love and commitment. I gave you all I had to offer but it wasn’t enough. I don’t know what else would but for me, I can’t hold it any longer. Goodbye.

28. Embracing this heartbreak and the regrets that come with it is much better than having to deal with your lies and deceit.

29. I never stopped loving you, I never did. But with time, you changed and your love waned off.

30. Every moment we have spent together will stay with me forever but sadly, that will be all that will remain with me because your heart is with someone else.

31. I asked for this breakup and I will regret it. But the good thing is, I know you won’t feel it which makes my decision justified.

32. I don’t hate you nor do I love you less but my heart is weak and it might stop loving you anytime soon.

33. I never planned for this day but you brought it to life just like you’d done multiple times over. The only difference is, this time, it is the last event you would bring to fruition cos it is over!

34. In This relationship, our relationship will die but what we have and what we share will live on.

35. You changed and my feelings for you changed alongside which left me with no option. Goodbye love, I’ll miss you.

36. Bit by bit, you damaged my heart. The same heart that nursed your love for these past years. This is your doing and the blame is on you.

37. Our misunderstandings have shaken our relationship to its root. It’s no longer growing and it’s gradually becoming lifeless.

38. I walked away because you were busy finding my flaws but all I did was overlook yours.

39. I am sick of being a second option. I need to be the priority but you are not willing to make me so.

40. I will leave now, don’t come back for me just like you never did when our love was down spiraling.

Breakup Quotes For Girls

Girls are the quickest to fall under the weather of breakups. Little events similar to breakups get to them and thereby, finding it so hard and tasking to heal from it and move on. I’ve never seen a girl take a breakup lightly. It remains heavy in their hearts for years. They get depressed and beaten down. Breakup quotes for girls are the toughest to compose. In situations like these, the words could fail you. In most cases when the circumstances that have brought about the breakup are harsh ones, then it becomes harder.

You wouldn’t want to leave a girl to heal on her own. You wouldn’t want to sulk when you know the girl should be attended to as a matter of urgency. Help a girl get over it. Send her these quotes and see if they help her in any way. They will. All you need is to pull the appropriate words together and hope that it helps her get better.

41. I can’t say what happened cos I really don’t know but I guess our love was too good to be true.

42. The problem with our relationship was, you were molding it according to what people painted it. You didn’t listen to your heart.

43. I never asked for a lot, I only desired to be loved by you but it was too much to ask I guess.

44. You always doubted me – that was where the problem lay.

45. You were my one and only priority but you had so much you forgot me on your list.

46. All you needed to do was to hear my heart cry and come for me but you stayed too far away. I hope you never come back cause by that time, I would have been long gone.

47. I hope this breakup doesn’t leave some lasting scars. Even though it would be bitter and had to stomach.

48. I never stopped adoring you but sometimes, I wondered if I was just a friend or a side lover.

49. You failed to clear my doubts about you and you never bothered to know. You failed us.

50. Someday, after this is over, I will look back and heave a sigh of relief.

51. You have made things complicated for me. I love you, but at the same time, I have to let you go.

52. I hope you find comfort in whoever comes your way next. But for me, I don’t want another like you.

53. I was warned but I didn’t listen. They told me to be wary but I cared less because I truly loved you but all you did was make me regret my decision.

54. By walking away, I am setting you free and I am giving your heart the independence it always cried out for.

55. Thank you! Even though you didn’t deserve any of it but thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson, I will never forget it.

56. Honestly, I can’t justify this breakup. I’m tired of finding excuses for your numerous faults.

57. You led me on for too long. I didn’t deserve any of your treatments. Now, I’m free.

58. Even though we are going our separate ways, I would never part ways with the beautiful memories we created together. They mean so much to me.

59. Your cunning ways and lies reduced the love I had for you to nothing.

60. You gave me early signs but I didn’t follow them. You gave me guts but I suppressed them because I loved you next time, I would do better, but not with you.

Quotes About Breakups and Moving on

Breakups are generally unforeseen and dreaded. The shocking reactions that accompany a breakup are mostly beyond control and largely seismic.

Breakup is hard to take, moving on is the only way to go. Yet, it remains the most difficult thing to do. Quotes About Breakups and moving on would go a long way in easing the process. Never allow the fear of the unknown to make you stay in a wrong relationship, learn to move on.

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61. When a breakup happens, always see the positive in it and move on.

62. A breakup hurts more when you try to fix it.

63. When you leave the wrong relationship, it sets the tone for the right one to start.

64. Never give in to depression. Good things happen when you can think straight even after a heartbreaking occurrence.

65. It gets darkest before dawn, a breakup is a launch of beautiful and amazing times that lie ahead.

66. What seems to be the end is not the end. It is an opportunity for a new start.

67. It is better to be on your own than to be with someone who makes you feel alone.

68. Hold on to the treasurable memories you had, look past the sad moments and move on.

69. It’s okay to cry, but when it’s all over, pick up the pieces and rebuild.

70. Don’t leave yourself behind when you are hurting. You need to start all over again.

71. Your life is more valuable than your relationship. What ended is your relationship, not your life. Be glad.

72. Show anyone concerned that you are getting better and you are on a better path after the whole rough episode.

73. Everything will change for good. Times will change anew and new opportunities will arise.

74. When you are heartbroken, just remember that there’s always someone better than the person who left you.

75. You need to pull yourself together. A better person awaits you with a better offer.

76. You might have broken up from your relationship but never allow yourself to be broken.

77. Move on. The breakup is over. Get back on your feet and be happy again. You deserve it.

78. Don’t brood over someone who would throw a party after leaving you.

79. Be strong enough to let go and move on. But more importantly, be patient enough to find a better person.

80. It is during these dark moments of a breakup that we must learn to allow the light to shine through.

Breakup Messages For Girlfriend

I’ve seen my friends split from their girlfriends. I’ve seen close ones depart from their true love. And from what I’ve witnessed so far, breaking up with one’s girlfriend is one of the toughest trauma to handle, most prominently, for ladies. I documented some breakup Messages for girlfriends, and I’ve sent out a lot to friends who had at one point or the other needed them.

Your girlfriend is, without a doubt, the most affected by your breakup in the majority of the cases. They take it hard upon themselves and find it very tasking to move on. They even find it intriguing to come to terms with the fact that their relationship, one they have trusted so much has come to an abrupt end.

81. Why this happened, I don’t know. I loved you too much and I believe you did too but it has all ended in pain. I hope to find the strength to bear this pain.

82. When you left me, it felt like the world would end, and even now, I still have the feeling that tomorrow will be the last day of the World’s existence.

83. Losing you is my greatest loss. There is no way back but if there was, I would take it and walk it through. I love you baby and I want you back.

84. In my dreams every day, you always appear. Showing me images of what would have been for us both. But now, the reverse is the case.

85. My friends told me some time ago when we were still together, that someday, soon, you would find someone new and I didn’t believe it. Now, I’m living in my friends’ predicted reality.

86. I no longer have any means to suffice. This has made this decision a wise one but painful. I hope that one day, I would find my happiness back.

87. When you left, you took a part of me with you. I have been walking about a half-man with a half-life. Please for the sake of what we shared, return my other part to me even if it takes you returning to me.

88. It was just you and me, the love we both shared seemed enough for us but it unexplainably petered out and out of gas.

89. As our episodes of love kept unfolding, I was seeing the writings all over but I ignored them all. Girl, you have made my worse dream come to life and I don’t like you for it.

90. I wanted the love to be real but it just wasn’t. My heart craved more but it wasn’t there. I know that in my journey through life, I will come across one.

91. Due to the cracks, our trust was broken. I tried to repair it but you didn’t put in any effort.

92. It has taken so long to admit but I finally have to, your way and my way are different.

93. You broke my heart and you found peace in it. I wonder how you did it cos I’ve not found peace ever since.

94. I guess destiny had some other plans for us. That was why our effort bore any meaningful fruit but it’s a good thing we still have ourselves.

95. I never really understood you. And I never had a full grabbing of my place in your heart. Enough of the confusion though, it’s a good time now.

96. This is sad! After all, we’d been through together, there is no love left to spare.

97. You never cared and you showed it. The only problem was, you showed it late, you could have been earlier.

98. Somewhere along the line, it all went wrong. I had the feeling that the ship would capsize someday soon but I never thought we wouldn’t stay afloat to safety.

99. I know that this breakup will hurt you badly and it will cause you a lot of pain. But I need you to understand that you were the one who left me with no choice. I hope it treats you right though.

100. We never had a real connection from the beginning. We struggled and strived to make it work. But the good thing where it ended, was there would be not much cause for regrets, we tried our best.

Moving On From An Ex Quotes

Days, weeks, and months immediately after a breakup are the most crucial periods of one’s love life. It tends to determine how one is going to take it. How one is going to move on and what path to tread next. Decision-making at this vital and fragile point is mostly done emotionally. Some of the quotes I have on moving on from ex quotes should serve as a pointer towards acting logically after a breakup has occurred.

I know how hard it is to move on from an ex. At least one that was fondly loved and adored. Circumstances that lead to this separation matter less and what’s more important is, how to cope and adapt to the new reality. Check out these quotes and see if they help, I honestly hope they do…

101. If you really want this pain to be over, then you have to shut the door and leave it that way.

102. Give your heart time, your mind knows it already. Let it settle and get over things naturally.

103. For your heart to heal, stop meddling with it. You must let it be at this moment.

104. If you don’t leave your past relationship in the past, it would have a way of influencing your future negatively.

105. Don’t give room for people to hurt you. That way, you lay down a marker and decide how you wish to be treated.

106. It has happened, accept it! Be careful what you accept the next time.

107. Stop searching for happiness in a portal that only oozes pain.

108. Let go of what is eating you deeply. You know what they are, let them go.

109. The more hatred we nurse, the less likely we love now.

110. Quit brooding over the last chapter of your life, let a new one begin.

111. Let go of the baggage you carry, you need to reach for what’s ahead of you.

112. Broken pieces of yesterday will ruin your beautiful whole of tomorrow.

113. Make room for the future, and let go of the past.

114. Live for now, not for then.

115. No one progresses by holding on to the unfortunate events in their life.

116. Don’t try to fix what is already broken. Start over and create something better.

117. You must accept what is gone to really move on.

118. Find the courage to proceed, the courage to let go of what you can’t change.

119. Move along with time. It is the only way by which you can be healed.

120. To start over is a good development, embrace it. It is only by then that you can build new opportunities.

Whenever you find yourself in an unwelcome and unfortunate condition like that of a breakup, the right words spoken or written from the depth of a genuine heart like this will help in sailing through moments.

When you don’t know the words to say, when you are out of speech but you sure can’t keep silent, these words will come in handy for you and help you navigate through the pressured times.


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