How to Know If a Girl Is hiding Her Feelings and Secretly Wants You

26 Tips on How to Know If a Girl Is hiding Her Feelings and Secretly Wants You

Falling in love and expressing love are two different things; the latter is often difficult for a girl. A girl who falls in love with a guy will hide her feelings because of what others would say. She wouldn’t express her feelings because she does not want to feel cheap. But as a guy, there are ways through which you can know if a girl is in love with you. Do you seek how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you? Delve into this article and discover.

It isn’t easy for a girl to express her feelings as she may be seen as cheap or immoral. A girl who’s fallen in love with a guy will not state her feelings directly but will indirectly state them through signs and body language. These signs show she’s hiding them but wants you to discover them. Read further to discover how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you.

Unexpressed love can so much be anguish for a girl. Unexpressed, hidden and undiscovered love brings much more anguish for her. As a guy, you need to be sensitive to the emotional longing of that girl for you. Do you want to save that girl the anguish of unexpressed love and know if she secretly desires you? This article you’re reading through will be of help to you.

How to know if a girl is hiding her feeling and secretly wants you is a way to open your mind to a girl emotional needs; that longing for companionship, love, care, attention and trust. The knowledge will help you navigate her heart and earn her respect and trust for you. Once you can identify these needs, you will enjoy a blissful relationship with her.

Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings

One major reason a lady will hide her feelings from a guy she wants is that she wants to protect the pride and dignity of womanhood lest she will be said to be cheap and ‘untraditional’, and because of this, she will do everything possible to conceal her feelings from any guy regardless the depth of her emotions.

Below are the signs she is hiding her feelings from you.

#1. She Communicates Her Feelings with Her Body

To know that she truly hides her feelings; rather than speak, she will communicate it with her body when you’re around her which one of the ways is touching. She could hold your hand, cup your face with her palms when your discussions are intimate. And she could also give you a hug.

Please, whenever she does these things, don’t view her as being immoral. That’s how she can express herself. You will do a lot of damage by maligning her or saying negative things about her. See to her heart and you will discover her soul thirsts for you.

#2. She Flirts In Your Chats On Social Media

On your social media chats, she tries to be flirty. She jokes about your marital status, about you two being married and being together ever after. You will notice in her voice that she wants to be intimate with you.

#3. She’s Full of Apologies Even for Offences Not Committed

Due to her love for you and her secret commitment to you, she will do anything for you and this includes excessive apologies even for offences not committed. She loves you and doesn’t want to see you hurting. So if by human error she hurts you, she’s full of apologies. No girl wants to lose a guy she loves. When you notice these signs, please hold her tight to yourself.

#4. She Looks Into Your Eyes With Interest When You Talk

The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. You can know what goes on in the heart through the eyes. When you talk, she makes eye contact with you which shows her admiration and love for you. This is another sign. Hold her as though she’s your life partner if you notice these things.

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Signs She Is Developing Feelings

When the feelings of love are fed or nurtured, they develop and become a flame in the heart. A girl who falls in love with a guy has been able to develop feelings for him. And it becomes great if you, as a guy can identify this.

This piece is meant to show you how to know if a girl hides her feelings and secretly wants you and one of such ways is that she develops feelings for you. These are the signs below;

#5. She Laughs When You Crack Jokes

This is a very good sign for you to identify her love for you. If she laughs a lot when you crack jokes then you have found a soul mate. If you’re able to make her laugh, you’ve found love.

Love is good when the couples involved are truly devoted to you. Be devoted to your girl, make her laugh and you will enjoy a blissful relationship with her.

#6. She Buys You Gifts

Giving gifts are ways to show love. It’s one of the channels through which love can be expressed. If your girl buys you gifts on your birthdays, on special days like Christmas, New year, Easter or other festivals, she’s the one for you. Her gifts to you are a sign of her developed feelings.

#7. She Recalls Things About You Which You Consider Unimportant

You may consider some things unimportant like; wearing a tie, combing your hair or even missing a meal, seeing movies or other negligible things. These things seem little to you but she notices and recalls these things so as to make you feel special about everything about yourself.

She could prepare you a meal, help you with your hair when she notices its roughness or helps you with your tie. She can even throw a surprise mini birthday celebration for you. These signs show her heightened feelings for you. Never take her for granted!

How to Know if a Girl is Hiding her Feelings and Secretly Wants You

When you secure the knowledge of how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you, you will dwell with wisdom. And she will in turn love and treat you with love and respect. To know these signs, read these;

#8. She Is Always Keeps In Touch With You

She does this through calls, SMS and chats. She wants to feel you around her so replying to her SMS and texts is a way of reciprocating her love. She does this because that’s the only way by which a girl can show her love. A call, a text message from you means a lot to her. Never ignore her!

#9. She Wants To Hang Out With You

Your girl wants to hang out with you. She wants to be with you to feel you. This assures her of love and security from you. You take her on a date, you can both visit a cool restaurant, the beach, a resort park to enjoy yourselves. This will spice up your relationship with her.

#10. She’s Nervous Around You

This happens when she feels insecure. It takes a lot for a woman to fall in love. Disappointing her will be a waste of her emotional investment. She wants you to hold her to yourself and tell her all is well; that you’re the man for her, that you will not disappoint her. She wants you to give an assuring kiss. When you do these things, you will gain her heart and love more deeply.

#11. She’s Possessive

This is another sign. She becomes possessive of you. She doesn’t feel happy seeing you around other girls. This sign should make you stay faithful to her as her kind can never disappoint you.

#12. She Also Communicates With Her Body Too

She tells a lot through her body so you can decipher the message. Body languages speak louder than words.

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Signs She Loves You Secretly

Signs She Loves You Secretly
Signs She Loves You Secretly

Another way to decipher how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you is that she loves you secretly. She will not make this obvious but at nights when she’s all alone, her thoughts are about you.

At times, she will clutch her pillow to her chest thinking it’s you, she will call out your name in the silence of the night and at times she can write out your name in a diary; staring at it for hours. These signs will help you know she loves you secretly;

#14. Shares Everything About Herself With You

If a girl lays bare her life to you, this shows that she trusts and secretly loves you. She will want to be with you so as to communicate her heart with you and it’s good if you’re a superb listener who takes time to listen with a smile on your face.

#15. She Asks Questions About You

Questioning is a great way to connect bonds with people. A girl who secretly loves you will ask questions about you to get to know you better as this will help her a lot. So guy; work on yourself, be a better person and don’t miss that girl.

#16. She Cheers You Up

Life sometimes is just a basketful of challenges. There’re times when life will knock you hard that you fall and scuttle to your hideout not wishing for another bout. A girl who loves you secretly will give a reason to go on, not to give up. In a nutshell, she will cheer you up and draw the man out of you.

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Signs She’s Attracted To You

These signs will also help you identify a girl who hides her feelings and secretly wants you. She will be attracted to you. It could be your intelligence, brilliance, looks, voice, physique and even your spiritual life(for the “religious” girl). These things attract a girl to you.

Attraction begets love. It kindles the flame of love as it burns and burns until lovers are eternally consumed by it. They have each other but they still can’t have enough of each other so they desire more of each other and this leads to a relationship of bliss.

#17. She Touches You

This happens due to the attraction. She wants to feel you so she can brush her arm against you so you feel her smooth skin. She can hold your hand while you walk side by side or even hug you.

#18. She Says Nice Things About You

She will do this not just to make you happy but also to show her attraction. If you just had a haircut, she can pass a nice compliment like; “nice haircut,” “wow!” “Uhhhnn…you look sweet.” These compliments are a way of showing her love for you and you will never regret it if you take such a girl seriously.

#19. She Knows Your Interests And Creates Conversation Around It

If you’re the foodie type of guy, a girl who’s attracted to you and wants you both to connect emotionally will try to create a great conversation about food. The same with a guy who’s a nerd. She will create talks about books you’ve both read and how it has changed your lives.

Signs She Confused About Her Feelings

At times, a girl becomes confused about her feelings. She doesn’t know if she’s in love with you or not. She doesn’t know if it’s love or just pure infatuation. She’s confused and some signs will help you know this. To know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you, she becomes confused about her feelings. The confusion is a result of her bottled-up feelings of love for you. Below are some signs;

#20. She Doesn’t Express Her Feelings For You

Due to the fact that she’s unsure of her feelings about you, she wouldn’t want to invest her emotions so she wouldn’t express her confused emotional state. She would rather hide it hoping that you discover that she’s confused.

#21. She Distances Herself From You Emotionally

She creates that distance and this happens when you chat on social media like; Facebook, WhatsApp etc. She keeps the conversation as formal as possible and if you create an intimate conversation, she smartly avoids it.

When she’s around you and you discuss intimate issues, she fidgets and this is because she’s unsure about you. She doesn’t want to be emotionally traumatized. So don’t take this for granted when you notice this. Show all seriousness and be faithful to her.

#22. She Plays With Your Mind

This is what a lot of girls aren’t sure about their feelings for a guy. They play mind games with the guy. The guy thinks the girl loves them, the guy reciprocates only for him to be disappointed by her non-reciprocal action. They show signs of love but deep within them, confusion lurks. As a guy, be patient with a girl who shows this. Just be faithful to her.

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How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Pretends Not To

A girl can love a guy but can pretend not to. This happens because of what she thinks people will say so she picks up fights with the guy. She finds faults in everything the guy does. All these are done to get the guy’s attention.

To know how if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you, she pretends she doesn’t like you even when it is obvious she does. These signs will help you in relating with her.

#23. She Pretends She Cares Less About You Even When She Cares A Lot

This is quite peculiar to most girls. One thing a lot of guys don’t understand is that a girl can’t state her feelings via words so this sign is a way of showing her feelings towards the guy. She could see you fall down or hit your feet against something hard that it hurts and she’ll pretend she doesn’t care. She’ll give you the serve-you-right attitude.

When she exhibits this; no need to pick a fight or quarrel with her. All you need is patience and you will win her heart.

#24. She Picks Petty Quarrels With You

Never be offended when she does this. It’s all a part of her strategies to get your attention, love and companionship. She loves you so much. As a guy, no need to get hurt. Deep within her, she burns for you.

#25. She Likes Your Posts On Social Media

She will like your posts on social media. She does this out of love though she pretends she doesn’t love you. She secretly loves and wants you to discover the love for yourself. When you start noticing this sign, know for sure that you’ve found your missing rib.

#26. She Looks At You When You’re Not Looking On Her Side

This happens a lot of times. She looks at you in admiration when you aren’t looking her way. Perhaps she loves the shape of your eyes, lips and your physique. She can’t help but look at you. And when you look in her direction, she frowns or hisses. Never mind, she’s in love with you. Just stay faithful and lead her to the altar for an eternal and blissful marriage.

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And now having read through this content and been enlightened by it, do well to act on them and do not forget to leave a comment on what you’ve learnt from this piece. Share with family friends and loved ones.

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