What Makes A Man Open Up To A Woman

What Makes A Man Open Up To A Woman: A Must-Read For Every Lady

Life is in phases, there comes a time in man’s life when they seek a companion to talk to, who to relate with, and also who they can trust. Not minding this need and this longing to be loved and shown attention, men find it difficult to open up to women, they find it difficult to pour out their minds to women based on different reasons, and one of them is their ego.

Men are blessed with ego and you cannot change that about them, rather you can study what makes a man open up to a woman to appeal to their ego and get all that is gently moving in their head and the flow of emotions running through their heart.

Like charges repel while unlike charges attract, this theory also finds expression in human relationships. Men are attracted to the female gender and vice versa. In fuelling mankind’s relationship, communication cannot be put aside, this includes opening up about what you like and hate, your achievements, problems you’re facing, your past, and a lot more.

There will always be a reason for discussion, there will always be a reason for you to speak up and trust someone since this planet earth comprises of male gender and female gender then learning what makes a man open up to a woman will be a good way to start building your relationship skill because men are a special creation which needs to be studied to get the best out of them.

One of the mistakes women make is to compare themselves to a man by using the same logic used on a fellow woman on men. Even if you feel like stopping here, learn this before you proceed, because I know you will read this article through. Men are different from women, their ideology is different from women’s ideology, the way they are programmed is different from yours.

Men think things through even before they take that step, they evaluate it, do a risk assessment, and lots more before they can open up to you. Most especially, men have an ego, this is the way God created them, they see themselves as a man, independent person, a responsible person and because of this they do not want to jeopardize all this in the name of opening up to you, they don’t want to lose their respect just in the name of opening up to you. So, as the wise woman that you are, you need to acquire this skill, you need to know how to get into a man’s head to open up to you.

In this article, I will share with you things you need to know and do to help you get any man you get in touch with start talking and of course open up completely to you. At the end of this reading, you will be able to identify what stage you are with any of your relationships with a guy, what to do to make him open up, things to do and to say when he is opening up, how to make use of your body language in opening him up, what to do after opening up, how to continue the flow, what to say whenever he opens up and lot more.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Opens Up To You About His Life?

Knowing what it means when a guy opens up to you about his life is the first step in making a man open up to you. So, when we say a guy opens up to me about his life what does that mean?

Well, when you hear that word or when you think about that word, it simply means that the guy finds you worthy to know much about his life, his visions, his past, his accomplishments, what he likes and what he dislikes, and most especially his goals and dreams. In summary, you can say a guy is opening up to you when a guy tells you personal things about himself, especially what can’t be found on social media and what most people do not know about him.

It’s very hard for a guy to disclose this much, so when you see a guy talk about all these to you, count yourself lucky because this simply means that the man finds you worthy for you to know him and for him to tell you these much. So, when you get to this junction you can say he is opening up to you about his life.

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When A Guy Opens Up To You About His Past

When A Guy Opens Up To You About His Past
When A Guy Opens Up To You About His Past

One’s past comprises of the bad memories and good memories that were buried, the times one enjoyed and the times when one felt frustrated, the time when one was hurt, seasons of regret, and seasons of love. Talking about one’s past means opening up healed wounds and taking you on a journey to their past experiences which they love or are scared of, and this little step takes strength and also the courage to take.

What makes a man open up to a woman, especially in the context when a guy opens up to you about his past is of importance and this needs to be understood. A guy opening up about his past means the guy has fought with his inner man, laid down his guard, and is willing to tell you everything about him most especially things that happened in the past before you met or became close.

This means your relationship has gotten to the level in which he can confide in you and share with you things that are personal, it also means that he sees some qualities in you that make him feel at ease and want to talk to you. This step is also taken when he is sure that you will not judge or condemn him.

If A Guy Opens Up To You Does That Mean He Likes You?

You have this guy who always opens up to you, he tells you things about himself, his past, his feeling, ambitions, and a lot more and you don’t know how to interpret it.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation then there are many things to consider because the heart of a man cannot be seen, you can only interpret it through whatever that comes from the heart which is either through the word of the mouth or by actions.

Yes, if a man likes you then he will find it easy to open up to you, nevertheless, this cannot be correctly said for all situations. You can say that a man likes you when a man opens up to you by measuring the words of his mouth and also his actions which also includes body language.

A guy that does any of this likes you:

i. A guy who shares personal issues with you, especially issues that seems private and confidential, or a guy who shares his emotions with you.

ii. A guy that opens up about his finances especially when he doesn’t have much. Like I said earlier, men like to be independent and also want to be financially secure, they want to look responsible as the community expect them to be, so, a man coming out plain to tell you that he is not finically stable might also be a sign that he likes you and respect your view or contribution.

iii. When a man takes you out on a walk in a quiet place to talk, gist, and offload what borders him then he likes you.

iv. Watch out for his body language, a guy that likes you will long towards a soft tough, or physical contact like a hug, leaning, handshake after opening up to you. So when a guy opens up to you and you sense him giving you body contact then he probably likes you and feels secure around you.

v. When a guy appears weak, when he tells you about his weaknesses or how weak he has become, coming out naked before and not hiding the real man that he is then you can start thinking he likes you.

Meanwhile, for some guys it’s just alike and not love, do not mix up these two terms together and also pay attention to this as well. The encouraging part of this is that like can turn to love over time.

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When A Man Opens Up To You Emotionally

When A Man Opens Up To You Emotionally
When A Man Opens Up To You Emotionally

As human beings, we are all created with emotions but the way we all manage them differs. It is mostly said that the way male gender and female gender manage their emotions varies.

Women are known as emotional beings while men are known for their bravery and strength. Men are known to have control over their emotions and find it difficult to lower their guards and appear weak, especially in front of a woman, they rather bottle up their pains, fears, and feeling instead of appearing weak or vulnerable.

So when a man opens up to you emotionally or is being emotionally open it’s called emotionally openness. Emotionally openness is the ability to share your emotional life with someone. This includes your fears, thoughts, pains, past experiences, what makes you extremely happy or depressed. This means someone appearing weak and vulnerable when not sure whether the emotional exposure will be rejected or accepted.

Here are a few things that this can also mean

i. This can also mean that the guy trusts you

ii. He is comfortable and feels safe around you

iii. He feels comfortable speaking about his problems to you rather to his male friends

iv. He knows you will listen to him, understand him and not judge him likewise

v. He is interested in you and he wants a relationship with you. (This can be a romantic relationship or a non-romantic relationship)

vi. He counts you as a wise woman or wants to get a female perspective on the issue

vii. He is just offloading his heavy mind

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How To Respond When A Guy Opens Up To You

Responding to emotional openness is a very delicate phase in a relationship and especially in this scenario. The way you attend to a guy will communicate so much about you and will also portray your type of person and of course, strengthen or weaken your relationship with the man.

How to respond when a guy opens up to you is based on your existing relationship with the man. Is he an intimate friend, a lover, your co-worker, crush, or more? There are different ways to respond to a guy that opens up to you. Below I will discuss different ways you can respond when a guy opens up to you pertaining to the different relationships bound between you.

Firstly, you need to give him a listening ear. This first step is applicable in all relationship ties, it is expedient that you give the poor guy time to pour out his mind. He is the victim in this case and not you, so give him time to say what he has to say without you coming in between while you can gently nod your head or give a body language or gesture that you are with him.

An example of this can be by putting a smile on your face especially if it’s a happy emotion or body gesture which can be eye contact, sitting straight, doing away with your cell phone, or another thing you are engaged with. This simple step will give him the impression that you’re with him, you are listening, you are concerned and that alone will give him the boldness to continue talking.

Secondly, after listening to his side of the story, do not condemn or judge him. This step is applicable to the entire relationship ties and of course, this is mostly used when the person is discussing something emotional i.e. something of concern or sorrow.

Remember that one of the reasons this guy is discussing with you is because he trusts you and he feels he his safe with you, so, don’t jeopardize this with your judgment. If at all you have to tell him the truth or the role he played in the event then you can look for a polite way to introduce it to him after he is settled without hurting his ego or your existing relationship.

Thirdly, celebrate while he is celebrating. He is in a happy mood or he just heard the good news and you are part of those few people he is sharing it with, please celebrate with him, let him see that you’re happy for him and that you want the best for him. Do it in the way he will appreciate you and of course, do it with a genuine heart.

Fourthly, word of encouragement and good advice. This can as well be used within any relationship tie, just like I stated above about celebrating with a guy who is in a happy mood or sharing something that brings joy, you should also pet and encourage a person down in the spirit. The kind of discussion you guys are having will determine how to calm him down. For example, if the guy is talking about his past and he is being emotional about it then you should be gentle with him, and say words that will calm him down and will lift his spirit.

Furthermore, offer a solution to his problem. A lady’s smartness and wisdom can also make a man open up to her because he doesn’t see her as just any lady but he sees her as a smart woman who is well informed, connected, and can help him out of his situation. So, when a guy opens up to you, let your mouth be seasoned with joy and salt that he will be happy he opened up to you. Be a problem solver and a solution provider.

In addition, give a little body touch. There is a way a slight body touch revives the spirit especially when the spirit of the person is down and this is coming from the opposite sex. This little move also communicates many things to the guy, one of it is you’re loved, you’re not in this alone, I’m here for you and with you, and lots more. You can take this little step by hugging him, patting or rubbing his back, putting your hand in his hand, sitting close, and a lot more.

Moreover, check up on him, show that you care by asking him questions about his wellbeing, the state of things, and also drop words of encouragement when needed. Going the extra mile praying for him can also go a long way.

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Lastly, keep everything that was discussed with you personally. He is sharing this with you because he likes you and he chose to share this with you alone and not the public. On circumstance should you open up other people’s matters, I mean things that were discussed with you to a second party, doing anything contradicting to this means you’re breaking the trust the guy has for you.

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My Boyfriend Is Opening Up To Me

My Boyfriend Is Opening Up To Me
My Boyfriend Is Opening Up To Me

Your boyfriend opening up to you is really a great deal, a lady suffers it when the man they love cant confide in them, and it’s more heartbreaking when they don’t know the guy they are in a relationship with. Knowing someone starts from knowing their present, knowing what their past look like knowing their future i.e. goals, vision, and all, most especially knowing what they are capable of doing, what runs in their head how they feel, and a lot more.

For you to say that your boyfriend is opening up to you, there has to be something significant about him, there must be something he use to do that he is no longer doing or something he does not do before that he is now doing. Earlier in this article, I talked about what it means for a guy to open up to a woman, emotional openness, what it means when you say a guy is opening up about his past and all. So, if you skipped that part please go back and read it because that’s the foundation of this topic.

Quickly, let’s talk about the new gist, your boyfriend opening up to you! Wow! This is great news, with the knowledge of what you’ve acquired so far, I know you now know what you mean by saying your boyfriend is now opening up to you. I will like to also congratulate you on building up your relationship to this stage, you’ve played a role in achieving this and you deserve an accolade.

Now, that you’ve attained this growth, is this all? Oh no! this is not all, you can still go deeper you can still enjoy more, you can still get the sweetest part of the wine my dear. So quickly follow me as I discuss a few points on how you can come up hither and take your relationship to another realm.

Like I said earlier, you’ve done a great job by achieving this growth and I am so proud of you. Nevertheless, there are still things you need to know, there are still some mountains for you to conquer, this is not all. So what next for you to do after you’ve made him open up to you is to maintain, keep this new status and grow it. This can be done by showing your self-approved by doing the following;

I. Show him more love and of course attention which can also be defined as giving him listening ears.

II. Be observant. By now you should know when his mood changes or when something is off. Be observant and ask questions. This will show him that you care about him and make him want to talk. Giving a reassuring hug can also go a long way.

III. Tell him reassuring words, for example, you know I will always be here to listen anytime you have something to say, I love you, you can count on me always, you’re not perfect but I am willing to walk this imperfection phase with you, we will grow through this phase together, I got your back, etc.

IV. Don’t condemn or judge him anytime he opens up

V. Find out his love language and speak it often

VI. Be trustworthy and responsible

VII. Don’t tell others about what he told you. Learn how to keep secret

VIII. Never use his words or secret against him

IX. Open up to him as well. You not opening up to him may look like you’re too perfect for him or you’re hiding something. This can even make him look like a fool believing to be less of the man he is supposed to be. So, let the opening be mutual.

X. Let all you do be genuine.

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What To Say When A Guy Opens Up To You

Have you ever been in a situation when someone opens up to you and you’re short of words? Oh yeah, that can be embarrassing right, especially if the situation is a little bit sensitive. Then, you can agree with me that picking the words you say at this time is a big deal and you need to trend the ground wisely.

Below I am going to give you hints on how you can react or how to know what to say when a guy opens up to you. Note; what you say to a guy depends on the situation at hand, the environment, his feelings, the relationship you share, and a lot more, so while trying to say something to this guy you have to understand all these factors, work on it and make a distinct and awesome comment. These hints can also be used in your day-to-day relationship with people as well.

♦ Don’t be in a rush to make a comment

♦Try and think over what he has said and while thinking about what to say, you can move close to him and make body contact, the type of body contact you use here depends on you and your relationship with the guy. Please don’t go overboard with this.

♦ If he is down, say comforting words to him.

♦ If he is happy, make sounds of joy and smile

♦ If he is opening up his past wounds or being troubled. Encourage him, say assuring words to him, and if possible state out some opportunities or proven steps you know that will help him. This is where what you know comes in. So, as the wise woman that you are, you need to build up yourself and be filled with virtues, so that you can easily dispense from your wealth of knowledge anytime it is needed.

♦ Always give a reassuring look or smile.

I am confident that you have learned one thing or the other, you now know what makes a man open up to a woman and you have also acquired other related knowledge that will be useful in your day-to-day relationship with men and with your other women out there.

Don’t forget to drop a comment below and also share this with your family, friends, and loved ones. Do you also have a question on this, please drop it in the comment section as well.

To also get notification whenever I drop a new content, do drop your email address below.

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