Happy After Break Up Quotes

120 Comforting Happy After Break Up Quotes to Help You Move On

Break up is the separation of two people in a relationship, that is yet to be joined together by marriage. This separation can have an unpleasant effect on the individual(emotional pain) termed “heartbreak” which may take a while for such an individual to be happy. Happy after break up quotes are efficient quotes that gradually help an individual get back on his grounds emotionally.

Break-up should never be seen as the end of life. A broken heart can be happy again. The break up from a well-desired relationship is not a good thing but it’s not also as destructive as you handle it. What determines if you are happy or broken is how you handle it. There is always somebody better waiting for you out there if only you can be decisively happy after the breakup.

Happy after break-up quotes are a set of words that have been proven to give encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to anyone going through a breakup or still hurting from a broken heart. It gives insight, wisdom, and hopes that people tend to give up on after experiencing a breakup.

How Can I Be Happy After Breakup

How to be happy after a breakup, depend greatly on your decision. Breakups can be extremely hard and difficult a times and if you have just broken up with someone you cared for or loved, it can be heartbreaking, scary, and annoying. But the great things are that it would only last for a while, although that short while might feel extremely painful, there is always a good way and a consistent way out of every trauma

After any breakup, it is advisable to take a break and give yourself some time to grieve, don’t try to force yourself into this decision if you’re not ready. Being ready requires an intentional decision to move on and when you’re ready to move on, read through the Happy after breakup quotes as it would help in the process.

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Steps To Take To Be Happy After A Breakup

1. Be ready to forgive, it is the first step to being happy. It may pain to forgive but in the long run, it will pay. Forgiveness is doing yourself a favor, not the person that offended you.

2. Accept that you are going through a tough time and you need some time to grieve. Don’t prove strong when you are weak, admit that you are weak and you will find strength.

3. Confess to yourself how you are feeling and know that it is only temporary. Feelings don’t last, don’t feel odd when you’re overwhelmed.

4. Tell yourself some sweet words, as they help in bringing the best out of you. You can raise your hope alive by your word.

5. Associate with friends and family as you are really in need of love. Don’t dissociate yourself from your loved ones and well-wishers, there is strength in an association with the right people.

6. Believe in yourself that you can go through the day and the next without the person who broke your heart. Convince yourself that life is possible.

7. Practice the act of self-love. Spend your time, thoughts, and resources to love yourself. You are sure to find a better lover if only you love yourself enough.

8. Accept the fact that he/she is gone and it is time to move on. It may be difficult to accept but nevertheless, do accept.

9. Tell yourself how beautiful/handsome you are. Make yourself feel wanted by the best people in town.

10. Don’t fill yourself with negative energies, it’s not healthy for your mental and body health.

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Feeling Happy After Break Up Quotes

A lot of people have suffered from break up for a while now. Encouragement, support, love, and quotes. Feeling happy after break quotes with the other qualities mentioned above have been responsible for taking away such pain and putting a face on the face of disappointment.

Is happiness possible again after a breakup that left you shattered? Happiness is possible! You can be happy again and live a better life. these quotes will help you achieve this very effectively.

11. If you want to be happy, do not live in the past, and do not be anxious about the unseen. The fear of the unseen can rob you of the present joy and fulfillment. Focus on living fully in the present to the fullest and the future won’t deny you.

12. A happy person is not a person with a happy set of circumstances, but rather a person with the right attitude towards all circumstances. Your attitude determines the outcome of the circumstances around you.

13. Happiness transcends excitement, true happiness is about peace. Prioritize your peace over excitement. That a relationship makes you excited doesn’t mean it gives you peace.

14. Happiness is about having freedom, and freedom largely depends on courage

15. People are always the limiters of happiness if you build your happiness depends on them. Be a stream of happiness yourself.

16. Surrounding yourself with happy people makes you productive. Bored people consume energy for productivity.

17. Every new day opens you to new opportunities and new people. Be open enough to see opportunities and meet new people, the best is not in the past.

18. Happiness is to be absorbed into something complete and great. Whenever it comes to one, it comes naturally.

19. You have everything it takes to be completely happy, peaceful, and fulfilled. Do not allow anything to rob you of it.

20. Your happiness is assured when you can be decisive enough to allow the past to be the past and completely dissociate yourself from its effect of it. The bad past can rob you of the best future. DO NOT ALLOW THIS!

21. Keep believing, stay happy, and don’t be discouraged. Break up is not designed to break you down, things will work out.

22. Some of the beautiful things we have in life are gotten from our mistakes. Mistakes can be profitable if you learn from them.

23. A happy heart always gives rise to a happy person. Never allow any situation to overwhelm your heart.

24. Your current moment is filled with joy and lots of love and happiness, you just need to be attentive and you would see it.

25. Happiness and sorrow are two inseparable things, they all have their seasons. Develop a reason to be happy always.

26. You alone should be the determinants of your happiness, do not allow anyone to interfere.

27. Three is happiness in love if only you have found the right lover- break up is allowed as long as you have not found the right person.

28. You will never be able to find a new and better person if you are not ready to move on. Progress is in the movement.

29. Crying only lasts for a while, pleasure, and happiness always follow as long as you will stop crying to see the new opportunity made available to you.

30. You have the right to choose your happiness, choose it and stay with it. so do not suffer.

31. Breaking up with a person hurts but losing someone who doesn’t respect, appreciate, or cares about your feelings is better.

32. Better things are always the reward of losing a good thing if you move on and face the future.

33. Worry no more, smile often, do not regret, and just learn and grow because life is a process. In a process of time, everything shall be fine.

34. Sometimes what appears to be the end may just be a new beginning. Your attitude will determine if you will see a new beginning at every end.

35. Some people think that letting go makes you weak, but it shows you’re strong and courageous.

36. Don’t cry because it’s all finished, smile because it has happened. Make smiling your only option in the face of every challenge.

37. Even though it hurts really bad, always put a lovely smile on your face. It takes strength to smile when nothing calls for it.

38. Always smile because you don’t need anyone before you do so. Be strong enough to afford a smile always.

39. The great thing about goodbyes is that you are very close to a new hello

40. Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re strong enough to stand on your own and wait for what is coming. Patience positions you for the best.

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Healing from Breakup Quotes

It’s very normal to be depressed, sad, and broken, but just remember when you’re trying to recover, make sure you are not in a hurry to get things along. Take your time to relax, soften, and draw wisdom from healing from breakup quotes.

Do not pretend all is fine when nothing is. It’s not healthy to leave a wound untreated. If you have been heartbroken, you sure need healing to be fine again. These quotes will be of help to you. Below are 20 healing quotes that you heal from a breakup

41. Your heart might be broken, but it hasn’t stopped beating, therefore, there is hope for you again.

42. Not forgiving is like taking poison into your body, decongest unforgiveness from your heart at all costs. Forgiveness truly costs but unforgiveness costs more.

43. Everyone at one point is allowed to be with the wrong person, staying with the wrong person is a crime you don’t want to commit.

44. Choose to be happy than suffering. Sadness brings torment, choose happiness over it.

45. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy is bound to come in the morning as long you are decisive about being happy.

46. If you don’t know how to cry with your whole heart, you may never know how to laugh with your mind either. If it calls for a cry, cry and move on.

47. To enjoy happiness, one may first suffer the pain of betrayal. You may never know the real value of happiness unless you have been heartbroken before.

48. Patience is an important key to getting over a breakup. With patience, you can handle any situation.

49. The heart lives by being wounded. Do not feel odd or unfortunate when you are wounded.

50. Healing others is another way of healing oneself. Do not hurt others all because you are hurting. Happiness lasts when you make others happy.

51. Before healing an emotional wound, you must first admit that you’re wounded. Admitting you are wounded makes the healing happens faster.

52. Loving and winning is a good things, but loving and losing is also not bad. You may have to lose to win sometimes.

53. Mistakes made in life are mistakes, it can never be a mistake to have loved someone. It will only be a mistake to keep loving the wrong person.

54. Don’t allow someone that isn’t worth your love to fill your thoughts and sap your energy. Invest your emotion and energy in someone who is worth it.

55. Love yourself first, then love others. Nobody will love beyond you love yourself. Be rich enough to afford self-love.

56. For a heart to be wise, it has to have been broken. You may never value a thing unless it has cost you something.

57. Love births heartbreaks and heartbreaks may also improve love as long you are with the right person.

58. To heal a wound requires you to stop stressing it. Learn to calm down and relax. You will be fine at last. This too shall pass.

59. The past has a strong will on destroying the future if you don’t let go. You are not ready for the future as you claim unless you divorce your past.

60. Let go of what was and accept what is. You cannot change your past but you can always do everything about the future.

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Breakup Attitude Status

Being in love is an amazing experience, a breakup can be horrible, but we all have to love through all of that. Sometimes, life is a cycle of both pleasant and unpleasant. Our break attitude status is a set of displaying emotions that are shown when a person is going through a breakup. This status is encouraging and is the attitude that most individuals who live happily exhibit.

Here are some breakup attitude statuses;

61. I still love you with all the broken pieces of my heart, even though you broke it. I love you no matter what!

62. My heart would be marked with you even though it heals. I won’t easily forget you.

63. The pain I feel is the only thing giving me an assurance that am alive. I don’t regret meeting you.

64. Busy I am during the day, but at night my heart sinks as the thought of you fills my mind. It’s not easy forgetting about you.

65. Silence is another way I show my pain. I remain silent over this matter until I forget about it totally.

66. You are the reason why I don’t want to love again. My experience with you is awesome.

67. Smiling just to stop the tears from falling is more painful. Your love is a pain I don’t take for granted.

68. Losing those feelings as fast as I lost you is all I wish for. I do not have a choice other than to let go of you and yours.

69. I gave you to be my happiness, but I guess I was wrong. I do not regret my wrongs.

70. I disappointed my own heart by falling for you without control. I will never do this again.

71. Your first love is always the one who draws the first blood. Unfortunately, the first love may not take you first.

72. When someone you loved breaks your heart, crying to make a river is one thing, building the bridge to cross to the other side is another.

73. When someone hurts your feelings, let him go there is always a bright light at the end of every dark tunnel

74. Stop crying because you did not lose him, he lost you. I think that makes you feel better.

75. You acted as though you were going to heal me, but now you broke me even more.

76. Loneliness never hurts, meeting the wrong person does. Staying lonely is better than hooking up with the wrong person.

77. Everyone only self-trust, it always ends badly. Learn to forgive yourself in case you disappoint yourself.

78. Selfless love is great, but it always hurt. Love but love carefully and intelligently. No matter the depth of the ocean of love that has drown you, be in charge of your heart.

79. Sometimes, the pain we feel is best expressed through silence. Silent can be golden.

80. You don’t need anyone before you put a smile on your face. Let your joy depends on you.

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Sad Breakup Quotes That Make You Cry

Life is not always filled with joy and laughter, there is also a lot of painful experience that comes with it. Filling heartbreak is a difficult emotion to curb and let go of. Words are often very difficult to say in expressing your emotion to the one responsible for the breakup. Sad breakup quotes that make you cry are those words that can help to express the sadness you feel.

Here are some sad quotes to express your feelings after breaking up.

81. Some relationship started with a smile, grow into a kiss, and ends with a broken heart. What a life!

82. It is a very sad thing to love someone that once loved you but no longer loves you, and you do not know.

83. It is difficult to forget Someone who gave you so much to remember, but sometimes, you can do nothing but let go.

84. Wanting to forget someone you once loved is like trying to remember someone you never met. It’s pretty difficult.

85. Being in love and getting hurt is like a wound in the heart, it heals, but it always leaves a scar.

86. Having someone you love is great, not until they leave and you realize that they don’t feel the same.

87. You are responsible for your life, so stop blaming someone that hurts you. Be in charge of your emotion when the ocean of love is about to carry you.

88. The only thing I learned from love is the power it gives others. Some use the power so well while some misused it.

89. What is left behind is that which makes moving difficult. If you must move forward, then you must completely detach.

90. Love is the hardest habit to break from and the most difficult task to satisfy. If you are in love, you live to satisfy the interest of others.

91. I missed what I thought he was, not him. An assumption is a deadly virus in the practice of love.

92. Sometimes, the hottest love may have the coldest end if a system of fanning the flames is not created.

93. Memory doesn’t change, but people do. Be smart enough to know when somebody has changed from who he/she was.

94. You would always be the first to break my heart and the one that hurt it the most. I will not forget you so easily.

95. Only when it’s dark enough that the dates become visible.

96. I hope you would realize someday, how much I love you. If you know how much I do, you wouldn’t have departed from my life.

97. I try to calm my emotions, but my eye is never calm. It’s painful that you are gone without notice.

98. How do I change the memories we had together, knowing that you have changed? It’s rather painful but I have to let go.

99. It’s easy to love someone, but extremely hard to get over it. When you’re loving, love with caution.

100. You are responsible for your life, so make sure you live it well not at the mercy of anyone.

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Happy with New Life Quotes

Are you ready to take a new step in life? Move one! To have a new beginning, then here are some great quotes that would motivate you and push you past whatever is pulling you back. Happy with new life quotes are encouraging words that get you out of your comfort zone and put you back into the world with enough defense and wisdom to walk through life.

Interact with these quotes for a happy and healthy life.

101. Every sudden end always brings about a new beginning. Enjoy your new beginning and detach from your sudden end.

102. You don’t have to see anything clear before you take the step of faith, move on, and your next will be glorious.

103. Making a new start might seem impossible, but choosing to create a beautiful ending is possible.

104. Failing is another opportunity to have a better beginning. When you fall, do not stay down.

105. When you let go, you are truly free. Whatever you hold on to ties you down, let go and live free.

106. Change is ever constant, do not be afraid of it. Embrace the change the sudden breakup has brought and move on.

107. Do not wait until the conditions are perfect before you can move on. Beginning again makes the conditions perfect.

108. Night comes before the morning. the darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest morning. Don’t be afraid of the dark moment.

109. A time will always come when you will think everything is finished. The old one has only finished for the new one to begin.

110. Starting over may be challenging, but that’s only the opportunity you have to do things differently.

111. Nothing in the universe has the capacity to stop you from letting go and starting over, only you can stop yourself.

112. You will never be able to go backward and start a new beginning, but you can always start today and make the newest ending.

113. The secret to going far is starting now and never looking back no matter what’s calling your attention.

114. It’s okay to get scared on the way, it’s just a sign that you’re doing something brave. Only the brave can forge ahead.

115. The only way to move on is to quit talking about the past and push forward to the new day.

116. But there’s a beginning in every end. Indeed, you can’t reclaim what you have lost, but you can choose to put it behind you.

117. You need to learn to allow the last year to be the last year and determine what you want out of the new year and make it what you wanted.

118. Every day is an opportunity to begin again. Don’t focus on the failures and hurts of yesterday, start today with positive energy and expectations.

119. And now we welcome the new beginning, full of things that have never been and what you have not seen before.

120. One day you will wake up and you won’t have the opportunity to mourn again. This is only possible if you move on.

Don’t forget that, healing is a process, it cannot be rushed, so take your time and be intentional. All this being said, I believe you would have the bright and shining light at the end of the tunnel.


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