Relationship Fighting Quotes

105 Relationship Fighting Quotes for Conflict Resolution in Marriage or Relationship

There are no perfect relationships, every relationship has its ups and downs. There are times when you have serious fights or arguments with your partner in a relationship. Every fight is to be resolved if a relationship must continue. We are sure that you will find these relationship fighting quotes very relatable and ultimately will help your love life.

Though this period could be quite painful, sometimes, they are inevitable and could also be an avenue to build a stronger bond between you and your partner. You may not be able to avoid a crisis in your relationship but you can always determine what they make out of it.

A crisis is not a disaster where the couple is mature and can seat down to settle everything amicably. To an understanding couple, crisis makes the love grow stronger, it does not hamper it. It takes two mature and understanding hearts to bring beauty out of every ash in their relationship and marriage.

Are you looking for the perfect quotes to help you through the moment? Then we’ve got you covered! Read on and feel free to select any of these quotes to share with your lover. And more importantly, apply the wisdom you have learned so far.

Relationship Fighting Quotes

1. Sometimes, the goal is not to always have our way, but to be sure we were heard and correctly understood. You will not always have your way if your relationship must have a safe landing.

2. Everything is for a reason! What if the essence of that moment of conflict we have in our relationship is an opportunity to make the relationship stronger? Do not waste your crisis, make the most of them.

3. It doesn’t matter who makes the move for a change. Whoever it is so far there is an improvement, it’s okay. All that matters is that there is a change!

4. Strive to make every fight an avenue to make your relationship and the people involved a better person. Your fight cannot break you if you hand it well with wisdom.

5. To keep the excitement going, you must learn to accept healthy conflict in your relationship. Appreciate each other’s uniqueness and allow for diversity.

6. Understand the uniqueness of each individual, no humans are the same, we all have our differences and we must allow accommodation for disagreement.

7. If you are not fighting for peace in your relationship, you are probably fighting for the wrong thing. Break your fight so that it won’t break your relationship.

8. It’s funny how some couples go through life, fighting for something they already had but never appreciated.

9. The beautiful thing is that love, just like solar energy is a renewable resource. You can always make your love grow stronger in the face of challenges.

10. One thing about a relationship is that if one person in the relationship changes, the relationship itself changes.

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Husband-Wife Fight Quotes

Husband Wife Fight Quotes
Husband Wife Fight Quotes

The relationship between husband and wife is so precious that no one can speak light of it. However, it is not so cheap, even though possible to live together without having one fight or the other. As fights happen so we must be intentional about resolving those conflicts with immediate effect.

In these Relationship fighting quotes, you will find helpful tips to help you resolve a conflict of any intensity in your relationship or marriage.

11. Sometimes, it is better to be a desperate single with many options than a desperate married with no options.

12. Fight for your marriage, never be a quitter who runs from challenges, a liar, who fails to keep your marriage vows, and a coward who is even too afraid to try.

13. No matter how skilled you are in an argument and how rich you are in words, there is someone you must never try to always win an argument with- your wife. So save your energy, and just love her.

14. One key to a peaceful home? Make it your rule not to speak to each other with a raised voice, except if the house is on fire.

15. Let the couple not speak less of each other, everyone has their input, and the efforts must be recognized.

16. The moment you stop fighting against each other and start fighting for each other, there is no for strong enough to tear you apart in your marriage.

17. One thing I have learned, no matter how serious the fight between a husband and his wife gets, a third party must not find his way to the wife’s heart and her way to the husband’s arms.

18. A happy relationship isn’t one void of a fight, it means the couple fight but after the fight, they forgive each other and start loving each other again.

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19. No matter how much a couple fights, they still need each other. If you know you cannot do without each other, then make peace your utmost pursuit.

20. Never be bothered when I fight with you, but be worried when I stop, because it’s a sign that we’ve got nothing left worth fighting for together.

21. Interestingly, the couple that fights the most, seems to be the most in love. It shows they love each other enough to see their partners becoming a better person.

22. Just as you learn the art of making love, you must learn the art of conflict resolution with your partner. You must learn to be objective, honest and non-vicious.

23. Sometimes you’ll fuss and fight, sometimes things won’t go right, and sometimes, we’ll frustrate each other, but in all, we will always need each other.

24. Sometimes that person who loves you the most will be the one fighting you the most, but whenever things go wrong with you, they will use the whole of their energy to fight whatever it is, just to see you happy.

25. As a couple, we must be a lover and not a fighter. But sometimes we’ve got to do some, all for love. That sounds funny!

26. The main keys to a healthy marriage relationship are apologies and forgiveness, without these, no man shall see peace.

27. Whatever you say to your partner matters, but much more important is how you say them. Speak with wisdom always!

28. The moment a husband and a wife decide to stop fighting with each other and start fighting for each other, the journey to a happy marriage begins.

29. While some says ”I’m done!” True love says; “I would rather argue with you than be loved by someone else”.

30. Sometimes it’s not those butterflies in your belly, neither are those mushy feelings that tell you that you are in love, but the pains you feel whenever you think of letting go.

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31. It’s not going to be all smooth, sometimes you have to fight through some terrible days to get to the best meant for your life.

32. When you fight with your partner, be sure you are actually fighting for each other, if you do not care so much, why bother?

33. No matter how hard you fight, never let a single day pass without telling your partner how much you love them. A fight may happen but it should never stop you from showing love to your partner.

34. True love isn’t when the relationship is without a fight, true love is, even after the fights, we still realize how much we love each other.

35. Some relationships are not worth fighting for, but if you find yourself fighting with your partner, probably it’s a sign that you care so much for them.

36. A couple in love doesn’t always look for excuses, they don’t look for errors or faults. Instead, they accept the faults, pardon the errors and overlook the excuses.

37. Having a relationship without any fight is impossible, but making the relationship worth the fight is necessary.

38. You’ve got to fight like a couple, talk as if you were best friends, protect each other like siblings, and flirt with each other like first love.

39. Sometimes you have to fight and argue, not necessarily to know who is right or wrong but to show that your love is worth fighting for.

40. A spouse who truly loves you will see how loudly you can yell, how badly you can talk, and how annoying you can be, and will still want to be with you.

41. A perfect couple is not one that doesn’t get irritated with each other. It’s those who resolve their issues quickly and finds it easier to bounce back to normal.

42. Until we start going into a relationship with the intention of giving than accepting, and start thinking more highly of our partners than ourselves, the challenges we face in a relationship won’t be reduced.

43. Fight with your partner and not against them. It is better to fight with each other and fight against each other.

44. The only ‘shortcut’ to a happy marriage is going intentional. Nothing works until you are very intentional.

45. It’s much easier to tame your tongue and avoid spitting some words to your spouse than win them back after the damage has been done.

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Quotes About Couples Fighting And Making up

46. Though they fight, A couple who are truly in love stands by each other during the good days and stands closer to each other during bad days.

46. When you marry the right person, no matter how many times you fight, no matter how much you misbehave. Their love for you remains unchanged and unshaken.

47. A couple that truly loves each other never gives up on each other, no matter how long time separates them, no matter how distant they go apart, they will always find their back in each other’s arms.

48. Even when the two of you fight and your partner puts up a wall, you don’t let go, strive to climb over the wall and show that you still care.

49. The longest distance between two people is pride, let go of it or you let go of your spouse. It’s either you let go of your right or your marriage.

50. Though we fight a lot, one thing is clear, we love each other and that’s why we must be together.

No Matter How Much We Fight I Still Love You Quotes

51. No matter how much we fight, matter how badly you annoy me, one thing is unchanged, and that is my love for you.

52. How can I give up on someone on whom my happiness in life depends? I’ll rather let go of my breath than let go of you.

53. I love you so much, and you know it. We might have fought a lot but I’m sure we can still make things work for us.

54. Nothing can ever separate me from your love, not even your behaviors or weakness, I have chosen to love you for who you are.

55. We have a few differences which cause arguments. I’ve realized that the key to a happy marriage is learning to accept your partner’s differences. No matter what your differences are, I choose to love you.

No Matter What Happens I Will Always Love You Quotes

56. I’ve realized that the worse thing to do is not to be together, despite the fact that we both love each other. I find it easier seeing you around me even when I am angry with you than being out of sight. No matter what happened, I still love you, Darling

57. After we fought, I just realized how desperately I need you in my life. I love you so much, no matter what has happened.

58. In a relationship, sometimes we’ll hurt each other, but it’s just an opportunity to see how much we are ready to accommodate our partner. I still love you, no matter what.

59. I realized that I love you so much, no matter how much you annoy me, I am ready to spend every annoying moment with you.

60. I might be angry with you for your mistakes, but just because I got angry doesn’t me I’ll ever stop caring about you and loving you.

Quotes About Arguing With Someone You Love

61. Even though we argue a lot, one thing is sure we love each other so much more.

62. After the hot argument and the petty fight we had, it dawned on me that I still can’t stay away from you.

63. When you argue with someone you love, it’s a sign that you are so free around them that you aren’t scared of being called.

64. In the face of an argument with someone you love, two things are involved, it’s either you are fighting for their interests or defending yours. However, a good partner does the former.

65. Sometimes, a relationship includes arguments, fear, jealousy, and tears, but a real relationship fights through and wins all of these with love.

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Trying To Save A Relationship Quotes

66. We wanted to be free to love, we wanted to be free to choose who we share the love with, and now we must be ready to fight for the love.

67. Because we are humans, and humans are imperfect, there will always be fights in our relationships, and we must be ready to forgive each other.

68. Even when the love seems to fade, with adequate treatment and effective communication, it can be redeemed.

69. Even at that moment when your partner seems unlovable, you must decide to still love them and show them that you care.

70. In trying to save a relationship, always remember that true love fights, but you can’t fight alone.

I Will Always Love You No Matter What Happens Between Us

72. Though the journey might seem rough and hard, all I want to say is my love for you is forever and nothing will strong enough to change it.

73. It looks as if this is going to end, but trust me we have just begun. No matter what happens, I will always love you.

74. I love you so much and I will always love you, no fight will ever be serious enough to break us and no argument is hot enough to pull us apart.

75. I am yours forever, we might not be happy with each other at the moment, but I am sure we can not be happier while we are apart. No matter what happens between us, I will always love you, my Darling.

76. You mean so much to me. Forget all the past arguments and fights we’ve had, one thing remains, I will love you forever.

77. No matter what has happened, it is just a test of time. I know it will soon pass, and I will be here ready to receive you back into my arms.

78. I will love you forever and ever, no matter what you’ve done, it doesn’t change anything, not even my love for you.

79. The issue between us made me love you even deeper, whatever the situation is, I know we will overcome it. I love you so much.

80. You are the only one for me, and I’m ready to give up anything for you. Whatever has happened, know that my love for you remains forever.

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Through Ups And Downs Message for Boyfriend

81. Darling boyfriend, you are the only one for me. I don’t care what anyone says, I am ready to walk with you through the ups and downs of life, and love you till the end of time.

82. Life is always colorful with you, whether in storms or joy. I don’t want to be anywhere else. I love you so much, Darling.

83. My love for you is forever, through the good, bad, and ugly moments. You are the one my heart beats for. I will stay with you till the end of time.

84. I know it might not be smooth, but I am ready for the journey with you. I love you so much, my sweet boyfriend.

85. You’ve been with me in my lowest state, and I am ready to be with you too, through ups and downs. You are the best boyfriend in the world. I love you forever.

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Through Ups And Downs, I Love You

86. We might not be perfect, but we’ve found perfection in our differences. I love you forever, even in dark moments.

87. Just because things don’t look as good as I wanted them to be right now doesn’t mean I will stop loving you. My love for you is unconditional.

88. We are going to get through this mess together. It doesn’t matter, whatever happens, it is me and you against the world. Nothing shall ever be strong enough to separate us.

89. We’ve come a long way together, nothing is worth breaking us apart. Through thick and thin, we will stand forever.

90. I love you through all seasons, and I’ll be there for you in every moment. I will walk with you through the darkest tunnel.

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Fight With Husband Quotes

91. I’m sorry we had to fight, I might not be able to behave perfectly, but I can assure you that I am the most perfect for you. Don’t doubt it, I’m the perfect match for you.

92. I never promised you a fight-free relationship, all I promise is to always love you and bring you peace all the time, and we might need a little argument to establish it.

93. Dear husband, when we argue, it doesn’t me either party is wrong, it’s just a little difference that can be resolved when you just understand that I am right.

94. If he does nothing to keep you with him, then what’s the essence of you fighting to stay with him?

95. I dislike fighting with my husband, it makes me sick and makes me miss those sweet moments we do share.

Relationship Worth Fighting For Quotes

96. For real, some relationships are worth fighting for, but obviously you can be the only one fighting. It takes two to fight!

97. If it’s worth the fight, fight with all your strength, remember good things don’t come easy. You can weather the storm; strive to stay together.

98. If you want your relationship to be amazing, you must start treating it as the most amazing thing on Earth.

99. Sometimes you won’t know the value of what you have until you lose it. You might argue, you might fight, but never let go of that one person who truly cares about you.

100. No differences are irreconcilable, except the ones we made so. Fight for your love, and never back down.

I Will Fight For You Quotes

101. It takes a lot of hard work to make a relationship functional, if you decide to make your relationship work, it will work.

102. There is nothing the power of true love cannot overcome, stay in love no matter what happens. Love always wins.

103. I never came into your life to fight against you, I’m in your life to stand with you and fight for you. No matter what happens I will always fight for you.

104. No matter what happens, you are a treasure worth fighting to keep. I will fight to keep you regardless of the challenges.

105. I hold you in high regard and I will do anything in my capacity to keep this relationship together, you are a treasure, and I won’t let go.

It’s pretty normal to face arguments and fights in a relationship as a couple. However, when you love and care for your partner, those arguments can be settled.

These quotes will surely help you with the right words during those trying times. Don’t forget to drop your comments and share this post with your loved ones.

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