120 Funny Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Friends and Lovers

Funny Inspirational Birthday Quotes

Birthdays are special days. A day marked out of the rest of the days in a calendar comes so fast and leaves swiftly. Having someone wishing you pretty funny inspirational birthday quotes could be a really good catalyst for a memorable day which makes you always look up to such a blessing over and over again.

Getting good birthday wishes, most importantly getting very funny birthday quotes from a very close friend, partner, or sibling would have an inestimable effect on how they would feel. It gives them a big impression of how much you have them in mind.

Have you observed how blown away people are when you shower them with valuable funny quotes both on their birthdays and every other special day of theirs? I am here to give you an easy guide on some of the most heartwarming quotes you can bless them with on their day and trust me, it would make their special day more memorable and wonderful.

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Funny Birthday Quotes for Friends

Your friends are the most deserving of your best words. Funny birthday quotes for your friends would be a good show of the wonderful and wild memories you have shared. Sometimes, a reminder of your ugly days, of the funny laughs you’ve had, of the comical fixes you’ve both been in in the past. It would show how much you cherish the moments and how much you look forward to more.

Friendship is about making one another happy and making life worth living. One of the best ways you could make your friends excessively happy on their birthday is through funny inspirational birthday quotes which you have in good numbers on this page.

1. Happy birthday to you my good friend, I’m excited that you still haven’t changed despite your age. May you never change but for the better.

2. Happy birthday friend, you have to start saving more this year and quit checking grocery stores too often. You spend too much.

3. Happy birthday Buddy, I dropped a long winding emotional birthday message for you in your mail, but never mind I know you won’t see it because you never check your mail. Lazy you! Happy birthday!

4. On your special day my friend, clear your room and get ready your gamepads, I’m coming over to whip you specially as a birthday gift. Happy birthday my friend.

5. After so many years together, I wonder how I still maintain my sanity seeing how exciting you can be my awesome friend. Happy birthday, my King-man.

6. Age hasn’t been doing you a lot of favors my friend, but luckily for you, I’m right here to help you feel like your younger self. Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday my charismatic friend, why haven’t you replied to your messages, let me guess, you’ve been playing away all day.

8. Happy birthday my childhood friend, may your height do you a world of good this year. May you grow as high as a palm tree so that my slap won’t be getting to you any longer.

9. Happy birthday buddy, how have I come across someone as amazing as you? You are such a beautiful pain so pleasurable to desire. Stay painful for me. Smile! Happy birthday to you!

10. Yesterday, I promised you a huge birthday gift, well it’s here, purchased on credit in your name. Do well to pay up. Happy birthday, smart friend.

11. Happy birthday friend, I hope you never grow up this forgetful so that you can remember every moment we have shared together all our lives.

12. Happy birthday dude, surprised you are up this early, did the alarm wake you this time? It must have been an alarm intervention because I know you sleep a lot.

13. Happy birthday good friend, please don’t turn bad. You are better as a good boy. Stay good and gentle with me.

14. Happy birthday big boy, this year, dedicate more of your time to visiting the gym regularly because you have got a lot of Goliath to fight ahead.

15. Happy birthday, Man. Let me remind you that you are getting old. Act fast and go get married. Your kids want to experience life.

16. You must be excited to have thought of yourself to be my friend buddy, happy birthday to you anyways!

17. Happy birthday to a friend with a large heart, large enough to have ten besties and twenty families. That makes you great and exceptional.

18. Really, I wonder how you would have copied without me by your side, you poor little amazing friend. Happy birthday, Lover-friend!

19. Today, I won’t say much because I know you won’t care to listen. The match is on so, my message holds no weight. Happy birthday, my good friend.

20. Happy birthday friend, I’m at your door, open up and let’s rock the party! It’s your birthday, have a blast!

Funny Birthday Quotes for Him

For a man, a good male friend, a fiance, one’s husband, a male best friend, or even a brother. Funny birthday quotes for him regardless of his position in your life are a very smart way to get his attention on his special day. If only you could make him feel you always remember him, he will love you more and treat you very special.

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21. I wish I could see the look on your face the day you were born, I guess you were frowning! happy birthday, my Man.

22. My birthday wish for you may have arrived too late but that’s because I have been working on what exactly to say to you, I still came up with nothing eventually.

23. Happy birthday my guy, you are the best, for now, let’s watch and see what happens from here but I hope you will remain the best.

24. I bet you don’t find it comforting that I’m younger but happy birthday anyway!

25. I’m sorry for not saying anything since, it’s your special day but I gotta do some payback man, happy birthday!

26. Happy birthday bro, this year, learn to place your shots on target and go after them aggressively.

27. It’s not my fault that you would never become any younger, sorry bro. Happy birthday!

28. How many birthdays have you had exactly? Is it just I or you are really that old? Happy birthday.

29. I’m sorry it took me so long to see how old you are, Man. Happy birthday.

30. Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! I bet no one has wished you thrice like I just did.

31. Happy birthday buddy, put the blame on me for your age, I could have come earlier really.

32. Happy birthday to Mum and Dad’s least favorite kid of two kids.

33. I must tell you how annoying you can be but trust me, I want more of it. Happy birthday!

34. Happy birthday man, I know you didn’t see it coming but old age is upon you, embrace it.

35. With new age comes new skills, this year learn to smile more for the camera and smile less for the girls.

36. Tomorrow may be too late to say this, happy birthday to the most exciting friend in the world.

37. My wish for you today, stay strong and grow fewer pimples.

38. Happy birthday brother, have fun and enjoy your interesting company.

39. I love you even more than I get frustrated by you, that’s amazing if you ask me.

40. Happy birthday, may your birthday never go under quarantine and isolation. Laughing! Fabulous birthday to you

Exciting Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Best friends are the most deserving of some of the silliest birthday wishes. Some exciting birthday wishes for best friends are outlined here for your use on your best buddy’s day.

41. Happy birthday to the one who I’ve had to endure his farts for so many years.

42. Happy birthday my best friend, isn’t it a bit strange that you are older than your best friend?

43. I wished I got precautions before I chose to be friends with you, but now I’m stuck with you forever. Happy birthday, Love!

44. How I wished things turned out differently, I could have chosen to be the older of us, but enjoy your position for as long as it lasts.

45. Today is your birthday and I’ve been here calculating your age, but it still does not match your face.

46. You mean you are just 20? You would play a father role in a movie perfectly without any costumes. Happy birthday my friend!

47. Let’s see what happens next year but this year, I will remain your best friend because I love you!

48. You are such a pain but you are indeed a sweet pain. Happy birthday my friend.

49. Some said I changed a lot but ever since we met, you’ve been the one changing me. Now, I’m naughtier! Happy birthday.

50. My friend, rub some makeup on and see if you would become prettier today. Happy birthday!

51. We said we were going to save the world together but here you are rushing towards the afterlife. I mean how could you be this old? Happy birthday, my best friend.

52. Happy birthday buddy, you are my man, though people take me for your younger brother.

53. Let’s take some time to talk about you today, let’s research how you could reduce your age, my friend.

54. Your funny attitude introduces you before you even speak. Happy birthday, big man

55. Your birthday’s a good one. But something seems fishy, I mean, there’s no way you would be this tall for your age.

56. Happy birthday buddy, you don’t have to change a thing about yourself, I love you but change your style of laughter, it sucks!

57. Thank you for being there for me, but no thanks for the 12-0 you handed me on PS4. Happy birthday!

58. Happy birthday my Boy, just know this, I’m the only person in the world that could put up with your snoring.

59. Happy birth… don’t be lazy complete it yourself.

60. Happy birthday my best friend, I’m short of words.. in the honor of your height bro.

Comedy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

The only person who has been through all the most exciting moments with you is your best friend. And as a way of honoring and acknowledging your moments with him or her. Comedy birthday wishes for best friends are a good way to go. Show them, let them feel the excessive love.

61. Stop worrying about your hairline, about losing everything on your head. Worry more about the number of your age, guy it’s much!

62. Happy birthday best friend, you are lucky to have me really.

63. Dear friend, I would like to thank you for knowing all my faults and yet refusing to pass judgment on my girlfriend. You’re such a lifesaver.

64. Party hard on your birthday, in the morning, wake up to clean up the mess yourself. I love you.

65. Happy birthday, this year, complain less and sneeze less.

66. Happy birthday. Congratulations on your new age and your new boil on your cheek.

67. Hey buddy, I wish that this year, babies will fear you less. Happy birthday!

68. Happy birthday. I look forward to you blowing out the candles yourself or should I just call the fire department along?

69. On your birthday, have all the fun in the world because from tomorrow, there won’t be enough time for that.

70. On this day, make memories, and take pictures but don’t forget to smile, and please don’t pose as my grandfather would.

71. Good luck on your new year, while coming over, don’t forget your car keys like you did the last time.

72. Happy birthday my best friend for many years. Cheers to more years of saving you from debt through your ever-failing credit card.

73. Happy birthday, do all you can to make today memorable, don’t worry I will excuse you today.

74. Wake up! It’s your day, thank God for having someone as accommodating of your mess as I.

75. How many years until you are 40? Guy, why the rush???

76. You just had one birthday just last year, why are you having another one again?

77. Do what you want but don’t ever think of getting rid of me because I and you are forever stuck with me.

78. You are not perfect but to me, that’s perfection, snoring is not though.

79. You know over these past years if always wondered if you ever think before you speak. Happy birthday.

80. Who do you think you are? How dare you be older than me???

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Teasing your boyfriend with some amazing sarcastic birthday wishes for boyfriends could be a way for him to love you more.

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81. I got 99 problems and the other one is a special one, it’s you baby! Happy birthday!

82. Since today is your birthday, I promise I would not disturb you. Enjoy the offer while it lasts.

83. Happy birthday my love. Welcome to the age that is past your youth my Guy

84. Happy birthday. This is me giving you all that you’ve always been giving me all these years – trouble and sarcasm.

85. Happy birthday, my Love. I am happy for you, I doubt if you are too.

86. Congratulations on getting older again. I hope you enjoy it.

87. You can never meet up to my expectations anymore since you are rushing to your grave. I love you, baby.

88. Happy birthday sweetheart, let me ask that you watch less football this year.

89. Don’t be deceived by the saying that says age is just a number. Isn’t your vision getting blurry by the year?

90. With your voice, I doubt if you are really your age baby.

91. Happy birthday baby, wait for me, let’s grow old together, isn’t that the promise you made me?

92. Well, congratulations on qualifying as one of the oldest people in the world.

93. Happy birthday Baby! Continue the good work of being a serious pain.

94. Happy birthday my love, this year, quit acting like a girl. Stop competing with me.

95. You are different baby, here’s me wishing that you’ll never change.

96. Happy birthday love of my life, please learn to dance better. Your moves are such an eyesore.

97. We’ve been together for how many years now and yet here you are still mixing colors inappropriately, I hope you do better this year.

98. Happy birthday best man. As a show of my love, I have loads of cokes for you.

99. I would never forget in a rush the day tears dropped from your eyes… because of onions.

100. Happy birthday babe, you are sweet but strawberries are sweeter. I won’t lie.

Funny Birthday Sayings

101. How many candles do I have to buy this year? it was more expensive than the cake itself.

102. I can’t believe I’m a year older. Anyway, happy birthday to me

103. Just live your life and take less attention to your age.

104. Once you’re still alive, your mission isn’t finished. Happy birthday, get to work!

105. So, we would grow out of this middle age someday. That’s frightening if you ask me.

106. This old age of a thing, how does it feel? Tell me, so I don’t get to go through it myself.

107. If you claim to love me, take my life from me, and live it till 120, for me, I would just remain younger forever.

108. From the time I’m 40, I would wake up every morning to start crying. I’ll cry all day and all year. I don’t just wanna grow old.

109. You know today is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you can ever be. Can we just pause it?

110. Well, the secret of staying young is to eat slowly and lie to yourself about your age.

Inspirational Birthday Quotes for a Friend

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111. You’ve done a lot getting here but I believe you can do more. Keep going, my friend.

112. Happy birthday, friend, you will never be alone.

113. Happy birthday, I hope you find strength in weakness and hope in the gloom.

114. Happy birthday Champion, make the most of this new year, I believe in your ability to do amazing things.

115. Happy birthday, may you find the light at the end of this tunnel.

116. I hope on this day that you find enough strength to go after your pursuits. Never give up. Happy birthday!

117. I hope you keep advancing and moving with speed in your life’s journey. Happy birthday buddy.

118. Whatever your endeavors are, I hope you find fulfillment in them.

119. I hope that you experience joy, love, and hope all the days of your life my friend.

120. You have come this far, you can still go further. Never stop dreaming. Have a blast!

In conclusion, funny inspirational birthday quotes are a very awesome way to showcase both your hot and cool loving side to the one person you love.


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