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61 Happy Birthday Wish You All The Best Quotes and Messages

Birthdays top the list of the most important events of the year for most people. It’s a day we get to look at how far we’ve come through the years and count our blessings. If you are privileged to see a new year, I think it’s worth celebrating and worth rejoicing about. It’s the beginning of another new year in your life and you deserve to receive a happy birthday wish you all the best messages and wishes from family and loved ones.

You may not have had an opportunity to celebrate somebody whom you consider so dare to you but his/her birthday gives you a chance and opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the input of that person in your life. A well-crafted birthday wishes will show how much you appreciate the celebrant! Appreciation can be communicated both in gifts and words!

We know how important birthdays are especially the birthdays of our loved ones. We want to wish them well and tell them how much they mean to us and how much we love them but sometimes, when we pick our pen to write, we just go blank.

That’s okay, I understand! Writer’s block can be so annoying and that’s why this article is here. Do you need a birthday wish for your loved ones? Or do you want a short quote saying how much you wish someone well on their birthday? Then this article is for you. You can read through and pick the one you feel is perfect or as many as possible.

Happy Birthday Wishes Message

Do you desire to be part of people’s joy and give them wonderful greetings and wishes on their birthdays, you do have enough messages on this page that you can thrive on to communicate your deep regards for them on their birthdays. Below is a Happy birthday wish you all the best messages!

1. Happy birthday Sweetest One, It’s the beginning of another phase in your life. Count your blessings, give thanks, and have a blast.

2. Hey Sweetheart, break a leg today—not literally though. I got you now and always. Happy birthday, rejoice exceedingly and be glad!

3. I’ve been clueless as to the perfect gift to give you on your birthday and it struck me that you’re the perfect gift so I’m going to take the perfect gift (you) out today and show you to the world Happy birthday. Be ready at 6 pm.

4. As you become a year older, focus on your smiles and not the tears. Focus on your friends and not the years. Happy birthday.

5. I hope the angels protect you and troubles neglect you in this new year of yours. Happy birthday.

6. May all your requests be granted. May you find all you seek and may your happiness and peace be plenty. These are my wishes for you. Happy birthday.

7. Hey! Another year is here. Another opportunity for adventures. Allow every bit of it and enjoy every moment. Have a fun-filled birthday today and have a happy year ahead.

8. You exude so much light and joy with your smiles. I hope you find reasons to smile daily and I pray your light never goes dim. I wish you a wonderful birthday.

9. Happy birthday! Your life is about to experience a great turn in all the right directions. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Have a blast.

10. The great one has made this a great and beautiful one for you. Have a great and fantastic experience today!

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Happy Birthday Day Wishes

11. As you enter a new phase, I hope you find joy, peace, and plenty of reasons to be happy. May all your wishes be granted. Happy birthday to the kindest person I know.

12. Happy birthday, it’s your day, your special day, and I hope you get all you’ve ever wished for, and that the universe blesses you on this day when a beautiful soul was born.

13. The fact that no matter how old I get I’ll still be a little younger than you makes me smile. Happy birthday.

14. Work hard. Play hard. Eat lots of cake. That’s a good motto for your birthday and life. As this new day is added to your life, you shall be greatly blessed henceforth. Amen!

15. We sync so well and you understand my funny jokes and it makes life wholesome to me. Happy birthday.

16. Hey, today I want you to be happy, live in the moment, and have a great time. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

17. I love how birthday parties make you act 10 years younger even though you’re a year older. Enjoy your party today and act like you have no worries. Have a blast!

18. Hey! Let’s take a day off today and declare it a national holiday because it’s your birthday. Yes, you deserve that because you’re so special. Happy birthday!

19. As you grow older, you tend to forget things often. Use that newfound superpower and forget about your past pain and sorrow. Enjoy every moment starting from the cake. Happy birthday.

20. I wish you the fulfillment of all your desires and the actualization of your dreams. Have a fulfilling birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday Short Message

21. The stars are shining brighter today. Yes, they know it’s a special person’s birthday. Happy birthday!

22. To the one that’s getting old and still know how to have fun and party, I say happy birthday and a wonderful celebration!

23. Happy birthday to the sibling that annoys me the least! You are such a wonderful and beautiful soul. May beautiful things never depart from your life.

24. I know why I’m in your life— because you deserve the best of everything. You shall continually get the best life has to offer you in this season! Happy birthday!

25. “Staying alive” is like a full-time job and you’re doing great on it. Keep doing well and basking in glory! Happy birthday.

26. Get a bigger cake this year, because there are going to be more candles and surprise gifts. Happy birthday, Dear.

27. A day filled with smiles and a year of abundant happiness, that’s what I wish for you. Happy birthday!

28. A heart filled with love, a face filled with smiles, and a life filled with happiness. That’s all I wish for you. Happy birthday!

29. Roses are red, violets are blue, but my love for you cannot be described. I love you so much, Happy birthday to you.

30. By this time next year, you shall be gloriously decorated with the goodies of life. Have a fulfilling and rewarding celebration!

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Birthday Wishes Health Happiness Success

31. You get to be young once in a lifetime and you don’t even get to enjoy it for so long because time passes so fast during this period so enjoy every bit of being young to the fullest. Happy birthday.

32. May your heart be filled with much love and your day with loads of happiness and every blessing life has to offer. Happy birthday.

33. I hope that your spirit is filled with love and you give out light and hope on this special day of yours. Happy birthday.

34. I wish you the very best on your birthday. I hope you keep on spreading love, light, and hope as you always do.

35. You take another step in this journey called life today. May you have lots of blessings and achieve your goals and be successful.

36. Welcome to the best of your life. Live it, cherish it, unleash your potential, and step into a future of plenty of opportunities. Happy birthday.

37. Yesterday is in the past. Today is a gift and that’s why it’s called “present”. Your mistakes don’t define you so leave them in the past where they are supposed to be and start a new phase today with a positive mind. Happy birthday, Dear.

38. You’re an angel to me and today I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate you. Happy birthday!

39. I sing a very happy birthday to you as you celebrate today. You mean so much to me and I hope you have a blissful birthday celebration.

40. The bliss that has filled your soul today shall never depart from your life. Have a blissful celebration!

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Happy Birthday Wishes Words

41. Thank you for being that friend that knows and understands my past and believes in my future. You accept all my flaws and love me just the way I am even if I’m getting older. Thank you for being amazing and happy birthday!

42. It’s a privilege to be young and attractiveness comes from genes but being cool is just all you. You define being cool. Happy birthday.

43. You’ve had a great impact on me and I’m grateful for your gift of you. I’m using your birthday as an opportunity to remind you how dear you are to me. Happy birthday!

44. You’ve touched every aspect of my life and you’ve shown me what it means to be loved rightly. I hope you get the right amount of love you need every day and even more. Happy birthday!

45. Thank you for holding my hands when I needed help to get on my feet. Thank you for pushing me to always be the better version of myself. You’re amazing and I won’t change a thing about you. Happy birthday!

46. Today, I want you to look in the mirror and say every positive thing that comes to your mind and know that you are all of that. You are beautiful, brave, loving, kind, and lots more.

47. Focus on the positives today and for the rest of the year. Happy birthday, my love. The best of this life will yet come to you!

49. One minute you want to break someone’s head and the next minute, y’all are getting along so well. That’s the beauty of having a sibling. I’m grateful for all our fights and cute moments.

50. I cherish every moment with you and I hope you have a blast on your birthday. Happy birthday, Sister.

82. It’s funny how we went from being total strangers to being best of friends in a short while. I’m glad we were able to connect so well and I love you loads. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday In Short Words

53. You deserve the best and I hope you get it and a lot more. Happy birthday.

54. Forget about the pains of the past and focus on making today and the future count. Happy birthday!

55. You’re enough and you deserve to be loved. Put that in mind as you step into this new phase. Happy birthday!

56. Happy birthday, my strong one. It may not seem like it right now but you’re stronger than you think.

57. You beam with light and even the sun gets jealous sometimes. Happy birthday, my Sunshine.

58. I bless the day I met you and every other day after then. Happy birthday!

59. Hey Babe, we are growing older so let’s start acting like it— or not. Happy birthday!

60. Remember this is the age where we get to have premium fun. Let’s make good use of it. Happy birthday, Dear.

61. May your tears come from laughing. May you find friends worth having. I wish you all the best on your birthday.

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Go through this article and pick the perfect birthday message for that person that you love. Write it on a card and get some other thoughtful presents to make the person smile. I hope you find a perfect message.

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