92 Powerful Good Morning Prayer for Him to Have a Successful Day Ahead

Good Morning Prayer for Him

One of the best ways to make your man feel so special is to make him feel that he’s in your thoughts always. It takes whatever is important to you to deserve your attention and prayers in the early hours of the day. Good morning prayer for him will prove to your man the kind of space he occupies in your mind.

Life is too stressful to be lived without a companion. It’s very frustrating to be alone. Life was not structured to be lived in isolation. You need the support of a lover and a friend. One of the ways support is given to your man or woman is by offering prayers for him/her. Good morning prayer for him opens your boyfriend to heavenly intervention on the daily basis.

The success of your crush is your success. Whatever affects your spouse affects you. After all the successes have been acquired, you need a lover to share it with. But I must submit to you that success is a game of struggles without God’s help.

“The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their cry” (Psalms 34:15). God pays attention to those who call upon him. How to keep God’s attention upon your fiance, fiancee, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife is by making prayers on their behalves to God. If you have been looking for answer-bound good morning prayer messages for him, here are good numbers of them at your beck and call.

Good Morning Prayer Messages for my Husband

Good Morning Prayer for my Husband
Good Morning Prayer for my Husband

A man feels at rest when he knows that he has a praying girlfriend. Prayer is how we secure God’s help over our lives in this world. Nothing gives a man a sense of security in life like knowing he’s under God’s watch and cares. You have to lift your boyfriend to God in prayer no matter how short it is. Short prayer for boyfriend will go a long to help him advance in life.

Prayer is a sacrifice and expression of love for your boyfriend. It’s the only thing that makes boundless possibilities available to him across all the segments of his Life. Your boyfriend’s success is guaranteed on the day when you offer good morning prayer for him. Make it your custom to raise your partner to God in the early hours of the day.

Below are some sweet good morning prayer messages for him to keep him fearless, courageous, and smiling throughout the day.

1. I give thanks to God for his mercy and favor over your life. I appreciate him for keeping you as the apple of His eyes. His endless mercy shall not cease over your life.

2. I pray that your life shall not be destitute of God’s mercy and favor in all that you do. His mercy will speak for you in the name of Jesus.

3. May the shield of the almighty overshadow you and give you permanent rest from all your struggles. You shall not be beaten by the scorching sun of this life.

4. May you be protected from the evil ravaging the world by His mercy. You shall not fall victim to the evils in this world, the Lord will keep you under His everlasting arms.

5. May He protects you from the dangers of this life and keep you safe. The enemies shall not hunt you down in the name of the Lord Jesus.

6. The Lord will crown you with greatness and outstanding success in all your endeavors. Your efforts shall not be proven futile and abortive. Amen.

7. Your mouth shall be filled with success stories that will make everyone around you receive hope. Your season of trials shall turn to triumph for you. Amen.

8. May God’s hands rest on you and give you a lift that your efforts cannot earn you. The hand of the Lord shall help you in the name of Jesus.

9. The door of blessings is opened upon you continually and it shall not be shut. The blessings that you will have no room to contain shall locate you.

10. You will enjoy the fruit of your hard work in happiness and pleasure. You shall not labor in vain in the name of Jesus.

11. Every good thing you’ve ever desired in this life shall be cheaply delivered to you by the hand of God. The mercy of God shall help and give you stressless lifting.

12. The Lord shall deliver you from stress and give you rest in all areas of your life, my Crown. Your days of struggles are over and a season of ease is opened unto you.

13. Darling king, you shall be equipped with what it takes to fulfill the purpose of being a man. The days of your life shall be decorated with God’s beauty.

14. Your pool of joy and ecstasy shall not run dry in the name of Jesus. Everything giving you joy shall be sustained by the mercy of the most-high God.

15. Your steps are guided by the Lord into the place of fruitfulness and profit. The Lord shall lead you into the fruitful ground and shall teach you to profit in the name of Jesus.

16. You shall not labor in vain. You will not labor and another man reaps. The favor you don’t deserve shall be shown to you at this season of your life.

17. May the fingers of God be evident in your life and make you great in all respect. The hand of the Lord shall make you stronger than your haters. Amen.

18. The effort of the wicked ones is frustrated over your life. You shall prevail without fail. You’re blessed and not ashamed, My dearest Crown.

19. May your light shine and beam forth like the noonday. You shall not be hidden. You’re a house set upon a hill that cannot be hidden.

20. The Lord will deliver you from the hands of the wicked ones and you give you safety from the hazards and disasters ravaging the world.

21. The source of your joy shall not turn to sorrow. You shall experience the true meaning of joy in your life as you advance in your endeavors.

22. May the Lord empower you for relevance in your generation. Obscurity is not your portion. Your impact shall outlive you and you shall be a joy to many generations.

23. You shall be great and be lifted significantly and you shall not come down. You shall not know a better yesterday. Your life shall greatly increase, no downturn for you.

24. Your life shall bring joy to many generations. Many shall know joy through your impact. For your sake, lives will be lifted, and be blessed.

25. Your path will shine brighter and brighter till the perfect day. Your tomorrow shall be great than today. Brighter and brighter will you shine in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Morning Prayer for a Long Distance Relationship

Morning Prayer for a Long Distance Relationship
Morning Prayer for a Long Distance Relationship

Every lover likes to stay together under the same roof all the days of their lives. But the demands and activities of life necessarily do not give room for this all the time. Situations may warrant that your partner has to move away in response to a particular task. When situations or needs of life call for this, morning prayer for a long-distance relationship will bring your lover’s heart close to you as though he/she were here with you.

Distance only exists in the physical world. There is no distance in the spirit realm. You can touch any life from where you are through prayer.

26. It’s not a coincidence that we are brought together by the Lord. I thank the Lord for bringing you my way. Thank God for the manner of person you are to me.

27. It’s my deep desire that the purpose of our coming together shall be largely accomplished regardless of the distance, my Love. Amen.

27. May my God keep you for me and guide every step you make. May He make you escape the potholes along your path and make your journey smooth. Amen.

28. The desires of your heart shall be granted to you. None of your expectations shall be cut short in the name of Jesus.

29. The Lord shall frustrate the scheme of the enemies over your life. You shall prevail against every wicked force arrayed to hunt you down.

30. I keep you under the shadow of the Almighty. You shall find rest and shield in Him who is your keeper. You’re far above powers that be in the name of Jesus.

30. The Lord shall step ahead of you and make every crooked thing straight. Every valley and mountain shall be leveled for you and you shall walk on smooth grounds.

31. Good morning my darling sweetheart. May the goodness and mercy of the Lord be with you throughout today and the rest of your life.

32. As the fulfillment of your dreams has made a distance obvious between us, may you return home with maximum profit. You shall not labor in vain.

33. The Lord shall strengthen your hands and make you great on earth. May you never be found weak at the point of need in the name of Jesus.

34. I put your life under the watch of the Lord’s angel to keep you in the way and bring you into God’s plans and purpose for your life.

35. Good morning to my hardworking love, it’s another day again to venture further into your dreams and purpose. My deepest prayer for you is that your input shall not be proven futile.

36. The hand of the Lord shall be strong in your life. May He strengthen your hands and give you a lift that only His hands can afford.

37. The Lord shall bring you out of obscurity into visibility. You shall not be hidden in your generation. Success only and ever I desire for you.

38. Setting my eyes on you is my everyday desire. I wish you were here to have a smell of you around me. However, you left for a good reason and for our mutual interests. Your efforts shall not be proven futile.

39. You shall become praise on the earth. The Lord shall bless you with enviable blessings. You shall not become an object of pity.

40. The light of your life shall not become darkness. You shall not die in the middle of your days. Your days will you fulfill on earth. Good morning Darling.

41. The kings and queens of where you currently are shall come bowing to you. You shall be served by giants of the land and the precious things of the land.

42. The Lord will make His face shine upon you and give you rest. He will bring you comfort and joy all day. Nothing shall break your heart.

43. May He crush your enemies before you and grant you a lift significantly. You shall reign and not be ruled in the name of Jesus Christ.

A Prayer for Me and My Boyfriend

The culture of praying for one another is God’s method. Intercessory Prayer for your partner is expected of you as a token of your commitment. A couple that prays together stays together. Prayer is a force that strengthens the bond of affection. A prayer for me and my boyfriend will be a guiding template to pray for your spouse.

Early morning prayer for him is so essential that you will not want to relegate it. Prayer must be consistent and incessant. Your love life will never outgrow the need for prayer. I have listed some key prayer points for you and your boyfriend. Pray with faith in your heart and you will see wonderful results.

44. I thank you dear God and father for giving me the very love of my life in you which has brought rest and peace into every segment of my life. Thank you for keeping us together since we began.

45. I pray that you who have begun a good work in our lives will perfect till the glorious day. Nothing shall separate us until our time is done on earth. Amen.

46. I pray that you’ll crown our lives with blessings and our years with outstanding success as we synergize to deliver the purpose of our union.

47. May you make our union like the garden of God which grass is green and brings forth fruit always without cessation in the name of Jesus.

48. I ask that you will set our lives on the upward path. We shall not come down no matter the attacks launched by the wicked ones in the name of Jesus.

49. May we get stronger in the bond of affection. The wine of our love shall not grow sour but shall get sweeter and sweeter by the day. Amen.

50. Renew our strength and give us practical wisdom to stay together in love. Lack of wisdom shall not separate us from each other and give us the wisdom to handle the crisis that is peculiar to the relationship. Amen.

51. Everything that makes us happy and joyous shall not go out. We shall advance in grace and favor of God in the name of Jesus the Lord.

52. May the pleasure of the Lord be established in our home. The counsel of the Lord shall stand and the enemies shall be put to shame. Amen.

53. Our offspring shall be great upon the earth. They shall be fat and flourishing. They shall be great from cradles till the end of their lives.

54. Make our union a practical template that everyone around shall emulate. Many shall love being in love because of what they shall see in us.

55. Grant us strength and skills to be productive in all that we do. Nothing shall die in our hands in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

56. Keep us from the dangers that ravage the world. Shield us from the onslaught of the wicked ones that prey on the lives of men.

57. None among us shall die young. We shall fulfill our days on earth. The Lord shall fill each day and year of our lives with pleasure and prosperity.

58. Let your miracle break forth in our lives. Do wonders in our lives that will attract praise and glory to your name.

59. Anoint our hands with the oil of success. Let everything we lay our hands upon become prosperous. There shall be no futile endeavors in our lives.

60. Grant us ease in the journey of this life. Make every desire of ours come to us very easily. We shall not struggle before we make success happen in the name of Jesus.

61. Let your presence and attention get stronger in our lives. May you make us enjoy the fullness of you in us in the name of Jesus.

62. Everything that is connected to us shall prosper. I rebuke hardship and difficulties for our sake in the name of Jesus.

63. We shall be relevant all our days in this world and your coming Kingdom. We shine forth your glory till the very end of our lives in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for My Man to Love Me

Love is a beautiful thing. We’re wired to love. Everyone has an inclination within them that yearns for love. We can even say, no matter how happy you are, true happiness hasn’t come until true love is found. Prayer for my man to love him is a perfect way to keep the love aflame

Love was not ordained to decrease, it was ordained to grow exceedingly we are done with life on earth. Your spouse was not supposed to love you yesterday and hate you today. Every day of your life must get you better at loving each other..

64. I appreciate the goodness of God for giving me a lover-man like my dude. Thank you dear father because of your uncommon love shown to me for this man.

65. God is the best lover and perfect expression of love. May the Lord God give you the strength to love me the way He loves you in the name of Jesus.

66. Every resource you will ever need to show affection the way you will desire shall be given to you by the hand of God. You shall not lack in Jesus’ name.

67. My sweetest dude, may God show you mercy and grace to find success in all your endeavors in life. You shall not be found without outstanding success in your life.

68. May you be the kind of man that exemplifies the fatherhood of God to His children. May you not be found wanting in your manly duties. Amen.

69. Father I ask that you will teach my man how to love like Christ loves the church and gave himself for her. My man shall love me selflessly and unconditionally like Christ.

70. Give him the understanding to treat me like a precious jewel you have made me to her. Teach him how to love unconditionally.

71. May you fill his heart with no other love but mine. He shall be delivered from strange women who hunt after innocent men. Amen.

72. Give him a large heart that can love me both when convenient and when it’s not. May you grant him grace to be a genuine lover at all times.

73. Deliver him from the stress of this life that could make him aggressive and unloving. Give him rest and solace from the stress of this life.

74. Teach me how to conduct myself as the holy woman of God who brings peace and joy to their husband. I shall not be a headache to him.

75. I ask you to purge me of every flaw in me that can frustrate his efforts to love me. Give me the wisdom to adjust in every necessary area of need.

76. I ask for the grace to lay off everything in me that can be a hindrance to serenity in our home. I shall not frustrate the grace of God in the name of Jesus. Amen.

77. Make me a woman of peace, joy, and rest to my man so that he will be excited in performing his roles to me without hesitation.

78. I pray that I will be loveable, he shall not find it difficult to love me. Loving me shall be a pleasure to him and what he wants to do always.

79. Dear God and father, assist my man in his endeavors. Never leave him alone in the ventures of this life. Show him Mercy and favor all the days of his Life. Amen.

80. Success and prosperity make the heart of man rejoices. Give my man wealth beyond his labor. Grace him with the ability to get wealth. Amen.

81 As he sets his heart to love me, grant him sound health in his body so that he can perform all his roles in health and soundness in the name of Jesus.

82. Dear father, you’re the best burden bearer. Help me to carry everything that is a burden to him. Help him at every junction he’s confused about.

83. My king shall be aided by the hand of the Lord. He shall wax stronger in wisdom, wealth, understanding, influence, and love for me. Greater life I desire for you and together with you in Jesus’ name. amen.

84. May you not lack divine help to achieve your dreams today. Blessings shall flow ceaselessly in your life.

85. Morning dew shall fall upon you and you’ll enjoy the ease in all that you do. Match into blessings today.

86. May everything life has to offer flow to you without cessation. You shall be greater than you’ve ever been.

87. I pronounce shame upon everyone who gathers against you. You shall be greatly lifted above your enemies. Amen.

88. May God grant your heart desires and fulfill all the dreams of your heart. Go and prosper today and beyond.

89. I pray that favor will come to you, the helps you don’t ask for will locate you. Go and succeed like never before.

90. I ask that the Lord will make you wiser than your enemies. May you receive grace to outsmart them all. Have a blessing-filled day!

91. I declare that you’re blessed and you shall never know shame. Your life shall be decorated with glory. Amen.

92. Your head shall be lifted above your enemies. The blessings of the Lord shall overtake you speedily in the name of Jesus.

Wow! I have just taken you through an amazing session of prayer to fuel your love-life. I do not doubt that you shall see the results of your prayer in your partner, knowing that you’ve prayed in faith. Surely, your relationship is blooming like a well-watered garden. Do not hesitate to share with your family, friends, and loved ones so that their relationship can blossom like yours. Leave a comment!

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