Prayer for Someone Going Through a Hard Time

60 Encouraging Prayer for Someone Going Through a Hard Times or Difficulties

Do you feel you have been neglected by the world, and all your dealings don’t have good solutions? Do you feel lost and renounced and can’t seem to find a way out? Going through prayer for someone going through a hard time will give you insights and revelation knowledge of God’s plan for you and how to scale through challenges.

As charged by the Scriptures, “don’t be anxious about anything but in prayer and thanksgiving, we should make our supplication known to God”. Prayer for someone going through a hard time is an approach to comfort and strengthen our minds and spirit to continue to move ahead without quivering during difficult times.

Pray these prayers with faith and see yourself filled with strength and courage to navigate through impossible situations. On this page, prayers for comfort in difficult times to help you forge ahead.

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Short Prayers for Hard Times

Prayer in itself is vital and it can accomplish anything if worked out with faith. When you merge prayer with the force of Faith, phenomenal things happen. ST James told us that we don’t receive when we pray because we pray amiss, short prayers for hard times are specific and distinct to help give comfort through uncertainties.

Christians are ordained to be soldiers of Christ empowered to face and conquer challenges that come their way. What you are going through is not designed to crush you but rather to activate the nature of the Lion in you. As you engage with prayer for someone going through a hard time, you will receive the strength to surmount your challenges.

1. I am uneasy about what I should do, reveal to me Your paths, oh Lord! Amen.

2. Lead me the way Lord in all that I do, let me be confident in you and feel secure in your loving arms, Amen.

3. Unwrap my eyes God to behold You, my ears that I could give attention to You as I moan, when am frightened and feel beaten, Amen.

4. Empty my soul to You oh God and to others around me to obtain assistance, remedy, and affection in the name of Jesus. Amen.

5. Replenish me, God, with the courage to overcome and praise to render to Your name each passing day, Amen.

6. I feel like a million tonnes of burden is hanging over my head right now, Papa, help me lift it and make the burden light, Amen.

7. I feel depleted, worried, and devastated, Lord I desire You now more than ever, I can no longer fake that I can help myself alone, Amen.

8. Lord enable me to recognize and obtain Your divine assistance when I see it today in the name of Jesus. Amen

9. Oh good Lord please, help me to position favorable people, kind people, and promising people along my path through your mercy. Amen

10. Heavenly Father, possess me with wisdom to produce favorable discretions as it pertains to my breakthrough, Amen.

Prayer for Strength During Hard Times

Strength is needed to carry out daily routines and all activities about life as it may. Thus, if our strength goes weary, then our hope amounts to zero. Guaranteed strength comes from God that’s why it’s significant to say a prayer for strength during hard times to draw strength from God through prayer.

11. I will not be distressed or despaired whatever comes may, for the euphoria of the Lord is my strength, Amen.

12. The Lord is my strength and my song, I am triumphant in all my undertakings, and in this tumultuous time, I conquer every challenging situation, Amen.

13. I will not be humiliated neither will I be ashamed, for you oh God has cared for me and have set my face on high like a flint, I know there is no shame for me in Christ. Amen.

14. Dear God, you are my sanctuary and stronghold, in you, I am confident, under your arms I take refuge for my protection and safety, Amen.

15. Darling Jesus, even though I’m exhausted, I recall that your compassion and strength will protect me from giving up. I will not be afraid because you are always with me in my trying days, Amen.

16. Revive my strength, darling, Jesus. So that I may rise high like an eagle, racing but not faint and soar but not get exhausted, Amen.

17. Clench my hand Lord, do not let me stumble. Let your compassion be upon me during these moments of sorrow, for you are my haven and stability, my existing comfort in discomfort, my hope in a hopeless situation. Amen.

18. My courage comes from you oh Lord. I am entirely placed in your mercy and your commitment of protection and friendship, no matter how impossible the circumstance, Amen.

19. You are the pillar of my strength Lord, may the promise of your existence lifts my heart and bestow me hope no matter how tired I am through these hard moments, Amen.

20. My heart is troubled Lord, hold my hand, carry my yoke upon you that I may learn from you oh gracious and gentle Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Strength and Courage in Difficult Times

When you find yourself in a difficult position, you’ll need a force driving you forward to finish strong despite being full of strength and stability. Being courageous is vital because strength without the courage to deploy is powerless and amounts to nothing. A prayer for strength and courage in difficult times when said with faith will draw for you the courage needed to make good use of your strength to finish strong.

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21. Darling Jesus, encourage and instruct me in all trials, may I constantly know your love, compassion, tender hands, and unflinching assistance in the name of Jesus, Amen.

22. Father, satisfy and defend me at all times of the day, let me entirely surrender to your will. Give me the serenity of mind to meet all that the day will bring in the name of Jesus, Amen.

23. I stand in assurance and confidence in your word. Lord, I ask for resilience to stand in this striving time and to come out triumphantly in the name of Jesus. Amen.

24. Instruct me Lord to submit with a warm spirit and strong confidence in your will for me, in all my utterances and actions, to guide my emotions and beliefs. In all unanticipated situations, do not let me overlook that nothing happens without your knowledge, Amen.

25. Lord, grant me the courage to ease the suffering of the events, guide and instruct me to pray, reckon, trust, tolerate, forgive, and love always as expected of me in the name of Jesus, Amen.

26. Lord, by your Holy Spirit I draw courage and relief in my spirit. My confidence in You shall not grow cold, I shall end strong for I am more than a victor in Christ my Lord, Amen.

27. My triumph is guaranteed in you Christ Jesus, therefore, I shall not surrender or lose out for my faith is in you, Amen.

28. Sweet Jesus, please strengthen and motivate my heart, demonstrate that you are constantly nearby looking after me and not permitting me to stand alone in these hard times, Amen.

29. Dear Jesus, don’t permit my faith in you to shudder, show me that these hardships are for a good purpose of God in my life and that I will one day be victorious through my faith in Christ, Amen.

30. Lord, you see it all, the outward situations, the internal unrest, I crave your direction as I bestowed on you my troubles and fears as you have asked to cast all my cares on you.

What to Pray When Hard Times Come

We often discover it tough and demanding to know what to say and pray for during difficult situations. This occasionally results in turning away from God, compromising our relationship with Him along the way. If you don’t know what to pray, the Holy Spirit does.

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31. Father, comfort me not to worry about what’s coming but to boldly trust that you are in charge of every situation when my feelings drop me down, Amen.

32. Dear Jesus, when am in anguish, when I can’t seem to speak or remember what to say. Comfort me to be peaceful, and know that you are God who comforts, Amen.

33. Lord, my heart is so troubled, serve my heart with peace, a peace that doesn’t make meaning, peace outpouring like a stream, the one which passes all understanding in the name of Jesus. Amen.

34. Take over Lord, strengthen me, and fill my heart with Wisdom. Help me navigate through this storm, and help me remember your promise to never leave me alone in the name of Jesus, Amen.

35. Darling Jesus, permit me to lean on you with my entire soul, don’t let me depend on my understanding. Instead, provide me clear direction and direct my path to walk in your will in the name of Jesus, Amen.

36. I am an adequately watered garden, a stream of water that never runs dry. I will flourish because am grounded in your love, Amen.

37. Help me Lord, to acknowledge and submit your divine assistance today when I see it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

38. Father, bestow me with endurance to overcome these challenges and make my mouth full of praise and thanksgiving in the name of Jesus, Amen.

39. Dear Jesus, through these rough periods, I am open to obtaining assistance from any source that has my interest at heart, lead me and I will follow in the name of Jesus. Amen.

40. All-powerful God, nothing is impossible in my life for you to handle, knowing that you are by my side I will pass over every hurdle that surmounts my way, Amen.

Prayer for Faith in the Days of Trials

Life is about living by faith particularly when temptations and persecutions set in to assess us based on our faith in the realities of the word of God. We must protect our faith in times of trials because it takes faith to overcome challenges. Prayer for faith in the days of trials fills your heart with the hope of conquest. Finding comfort in difficult times is possible by faith.

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41. I trust in the power of your hand, I trust in your intervention. Strengthen my mind to quiet down critics, make me deaf to all negativity but let my ears be clear to listen to you alone, Dear Jesus, Amen.

42. I acknowledge you are God Almighty, there is nothing too difficult for you to do. Wipe out my doubt, aid my unbelief, and take it all away as I surrender myself into your righteous hands in the name of Jesus, Amen.

43. Father, shape me into your character and keep me near you. Guide me to enhance my walk of faith and obedience to your authority. Amen

44. Darling Jesus, fixed my faith in You so it never shakes, despite the trials I face on this earth. I announce that my devotion to You will be strong at all moments and in all situations. Amen.

45. I adore you, Lord, for when am unfaithful and untrue, You continued to be faithful. You are changeless and ageless, please do not discontinue to love me by your mercy. Amen.

46. I thank Father for standing as my rock and defense. Enable me to establish my hope in you, for I desire You now and forever. Amen.

47. Powerful God, I put all my trust and expectation in You, strengthen me, and conserve my courage burning fiercely for You. Amen.

48. Thank you, Lord, for your direction and for aiding me through whatever life brings as a vessel for Your purpose and Your will. Amen.

49. Dear God, enable me to be steady in my faith in You and Your word. Purify my thought of impurities so I can rightly stand before You. Amen.

50. You are my God, Your words never cease to come to fulfillment. May I continue to abide in your strength and faith till I win all battles in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Trust and Strength

Trust in God is broad, and constantly dynamic because while we might think we have confidence and hope in God, we still sometimes, find ourselves faithless. Naturally, when we don’t have stable confidence and trust in God, our lives are loaded with trouble, distrust, anxiety, and a lack of peace and fulfillment. etc.

That’s why these prayers for trust and strength are so essential and crucial for every believer in Christ. It’s in turning to God and yearning for Him above all that will develop your faith, and it will make what you’re trusting Him for come to pass speedily in Him.

51. God, cultivate that deeper trust in me to be undisturbed and resilient. A person who stands strong and confident in You full-heartedly hoping in you. Amen.

52. Lord, I desire your support to release my control to You. Assist me to thrive in my trust and confidence in You in the name of Jesus. Amen.

53. Father, pardon me and prepare me to put my confidence in you, realizing you have my best desires at heart and you will never let me down. Amen.

54. Darling Jesus, enable me to take my eyes off of the hurdles before me and set my eyes on You, the God who lifts barriers. Amen.

55. Spirit of God, enlighten me to trust your guidance. Provide me with faith in your direction and guidance in the name of Jesus. Amen.

56. Lord, turn my life into a significant display of what faith in You looks like and what it means to trust in you wholly in the name of Jesus. Amen.

57. God, I urge You to break through this darkness of unrest I have found myself in and shine your light on every darkness. Amen

58. Father, I can’t confide in my strength and conviction. I crave your love and courage that comes from your power alone. Do not let me down in the name of Jesus. Amen.

59. Dear God, accept my heart, my intentions, and my being and remake them to prepare me for great communion with You in the name of Jesus. Amen.

60. Father, enable me to connect to You better. I yearn for you and choose to improve my relationship with you in the name of our Lord Jesus. Amen.

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