I Wish You A Very Happy Birthday

Congratulations, I Wish You A Very Happy Birthday | 111 Great Birthday Messages

Birthday is such a time of joy and celebration. Many people don’t get celebrated from the beginning of the year to the end unless on their birthdays. Your family friends and loved ones always can’t wait to celebrate them on their special days. This is the time when you are given an opportunity to express your love to loved ones and friends.

One of the best ways to share in the joy of your family and friends is to make their birthdays worthwhile by sending them wonderful birthday wishes such as I wish you a very happy birthday and glorious years ahead. This is more important than gifts or anything you can present to them.

If you care about someone in your life, you’ll do all you can to make their birthday celebration a memorable one. A birthday is one of the days in a man’s life when he wants to know who cares about him. If you truly care, then you should show it through your wishes and greetings.

Gifts are good but heartfelt birthday wishes can overshadow gifts no matter how costly they are! Make do with these wishes and messages to overwhelm the heart of your lovers.

Wish You A Very Very Happy Birthday

1. Dear Precious One, it’s your day and it’s time to celebrate a great personality like you. I wish you a very very happy birthday and many glorious returns as you turn a year older today!

2. This is yet another year again to begin on a clean slate and re-strategize for your next feat. May every wish of your heart come through with speed.

3. A wonderful soul like you deserve a wonderful celebration. This is yet another wonderful season for you. May your dreams find quick accomplishment!

4. The desires are like a well of waters, they keep troubling one’s soul until they are birthed. Every desire of your heart shall find quick delivery! Happy birthday to you!

5. This day is unique and very special because a glorious personality like you came into this world decades ago. I want to wish you a very happy birthday!

6. My sincere desires and prayers for you are that the Lord will lift your head and make all you do prosperous. Happy birthday to you!

7. Wishing you very special birthday wishes give me personal joy because it’s a service I have always looked up to doing for you. This is yet another year, happy birthday to you, my Dear.

8. May I seize this moment to congratulate you very specially for such a time that has come upon you? It’s a season of joy and endless celebration. Rejoice, it’s your day!

9. You’ve been the best over time and better will you be as you advance in years. Everything about you shall be glorious henceforth.

10. May the joyful day bring you the most joyful gifts and experiences in this life. This is your day, have a glorious celebration!

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Happy Birthday Have A Great One Quotes

11. This is your day and no doubt, God has been very good to you in every respect. You should rejoice with everything you’ve got, happy birthday to you!

12. I desire you nothing but joy peace, progress, and much joy. I wish you a very happy birthday and many glorious returns on earth.

13. May everything work in your favor, and may things that you once found difficult be made easier for you. I appreciate the manner of person that you are! I wish you the most fantastic birthday celebration!

14. You’ve been such an important person to me and my loved ones. Thank you for all you do to make my life a meaningful one. Happy birthday to you!

15. The place you occupy in my life is a very special one, I can’t take it for granted in whatsoever way. Thank you for being you, I wish you a happy birthday and a peaceful year ahead!

16. As I see you advance in years, I see that every day has made you wiser and more mature in the affairs of life. I appreciate you for what you are becoming. Happy birthday to you!

17. May the joy of a new beginning overwhelm your soul and your happiness beyond borders. This year shall make you experience greatness. Happy birthday to you!

18. Here are my warmest wishes for you at this special birthday ceremony. May this day never be forgotten in the history of your Life.

19. I declare showers of blessings upon you and all the works of your hands. You shall be flourishing and prosperous in all ways.

20. On this special day, I desire that things that make you sad shall be turned to joy, and things that give you joy shall produce more joy unto you. Happy birthday!

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Many Many Happy Birthdays Wishes

21. This is one of your birthdays on earth and many more years to come. I wish you wonderful and many happy returns!

22. It’s a day of joy and endless enthusiasm. It’s time to have fun and celebrate. Happy birthday to you!

23. May this wonderful day of yours be filled with lots of gifts, love, fun, and a memorable celebration! Happy birthday to you, great friend!

24. You’re in every way wonderful and you deserve a wonderful celebration. This is yet another season of wonderful celebration for you. Enjoy!

25. I must confess that I love you and every bit of you. Everything about you appeals to me. I wish you a wonderful celebration!

26. May you live the rest of your life in comfort, joy, peace, and greatness without borders. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

27. Health and wealth are very important to man. May you be blessed with great wealth and sound health as you turn a year older today. Happy birthday to you!

28. You’re such a wonderful soul that everyone who walks the earth must not miss. I thank you for the manner of the person you are! Happy birthday to you!

29. Seeing you advancing in both age and knowledge gives me a special joy about you. This is just a version of you, the best of you is yet to come! Keep working on yourself!

30. Thank you for being the best companion and confidant in my life, I have been so blessed knowing you and having you in my company. I wish you much happier on earth!

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Great Birthday Messages

31. A great person like you deserves the happiest birthday wishes. It’s my pleasure to be part of those who are alive to celebrate you. Happy birthday!

32. Here are my cool and wonderful wishes for you. Everything that gives you concerns is taken care of by divine mercy. Happy birthday to you!

33. One of the things that have happened to me is to have such a wonderful soul like you in my life. I’m happy I met you. Happy birthday to you!

34. I have seen you grow in joy and happiness. May you always be happy and healthy all the days of your life. This is yet another year for you, happy birthday to you!

35. I can’t be appreciative enough for the privilege of having you as my partner in this journey of life. What a great privilege to have you with me! Happy birthday!

36. What you represent in my life is so lovely and goodly, I deeply want to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. May your celebration be glorious!

37. This world is filled with wonderful and amazing things in store for you. You’re such a wonderful being, may you be endowed with all the world’s good!

38. Your presence has brought me so much joy and progress to me. This is my opportunity to celebrate with you and show my appreciation. Happy birthday to you!

39. Your life has been radiant and so beautiful! May you yet have another brilliant life ahead. Have a radiant birthday celebration!

40. Oh, Glory! You made it to another year alive. I’m so glad and excited about your day of joy and celebration. Happy birthday to you!

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Happy Happier Happiest Birthday

41. Your life has been a source of happiness to different categories of people across the world. As you have been committed to making others happy, may happiness never depart from your life.

42. Happy happier happiest birthday to you. May you become happier every day of your life. There is no sorrow of any sort for you. I rejoice with you today and beyond.

43. You’ve seen great things in the land of the living, may you yet see greater things in this life. Joy galore shall be your experience.

44. I know you’re surrounded by well-wishers and enemies. May the wishes of your enemies not stand in your life. You shall be victorious in every way!

45. Every aspect of your life shall give you joy, peace, prosperity, amazing results, and glorious things. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration today!

46. I wish you great laughter and an ocean of fun as you turn a year older today. You shall be great as you continue the journey of the next year!

47. The coming years shall bring positive and relevant increases into your life. This year shall open the doors of new things unto you. Happy birthday!

48. I know your heart is full of strong desires. May all these desires be translated into physical reality. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration!

49. What a year! What glory! What a joy! This is a beautiful year for you. I’m happy you made it. May you yet enjoy the blissful years ahead of you!

50. I pronounce blessings upon you, may you be blessed in all your deeds. Happy birthday to you!

51. Nothing ever gives you more joy other than to see you advancing toward your dreams. I’m glad you made it to this day! Happy birthday to you!

52. You deserve all the smiles and care anyone could ever show you today. It’s your day, make it worthwhile. Happy birthday to you!

53. May the wonderful things you’ll receive today leave you with a memory that will last you the rest of your life. I celebrate you greatly!

54. You’re such a being filled with amazing treasures that no one else can gainsay. This is your birthday celebration, enjoy it to the fullest!

55. Receive these wishes as my proof of love for you. I truly love you and I’m committed to you for life. Happy birthday beautiful soul!

56. You’re simply the best in every form and shape. I’m glad you made it this far. May you make it yonder. Happy birthday to you!

57. This is yet another memorable year for you. May your soul be filled with bliss and amazing wonders. Happy birthday to you!

58. I’m so excited about you because I have seen you become the best and turn out to become an enviable entity the whole world wants to partner with. Happy birthday to you!

59. May you live the rest of your life remembering today for good. You’ve been a blessing. May you also be blessed in return!

60. This day is specially designed for you and it shall be filled with joy, happiness, and wonderful gifts from family, friends, and loved ones!

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Best Birthday Wishes Messages

61. You’re the best and so you deserve the best. Here are my wishes for you that your life shall not suffer loss. You shall advance greatly on every side!

62. How else will I celebrate you than to let you know how much of a blessing you’ve been to me over the years? You’re just a great mind! Happy birthday to you!

63. I’m persuaded that prosperity and joy are following you all the days of your life and you’re blessed forevermore!

64. This happiness that is surrounding you today shall also last with you for the rest of your life. Every day of your life shall be filled with celebration!

65. I’m sure without a doubt that your day is filled with refreshing celebrations from your loved ones. This is your year, happy birthday to you!

66. I couldn’t have deserved a better friend than you. You’ve made my whole life worthwhile and I’m grateful that I belong to you. Happy birthday to you!

67. Hey, look ahead! Your life is filled with the hope of a bright future. You’re a blessing to me and many others. May you keep getting better all your life.

68. It’s obvious, that the joy has overwhelmed your heart. You deserve to be joyful. May you be further blessed all your life.

69. May you be favored in all that you do in this new year of yours. Happy birthday and many joyous returns!

70. I have prayed for you and I’m sure my prayers have been heard over your life. May the divine will prosper in your Life. Happy birthday to you!

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Happy Birthday Have A Great Day

71. It’s your day and it’s a great one for you! I’m so joyful that you’ve been counted worthy to celebrate this new year. The joy of the day shall last long with you!

72. This birthday has decided to be a vehicle of goodness and peace unto you. May it leave you with a great package of peace and goodness!

73. Today is your birthday and it is so special to me because you’re such a special person in my life. Be expectant, special packages are journeying your way today!

74. Some things that happen to a man on his birthday makes make him expectant of another one. May those things take place in your life today!

75. This celebration has brought you an order of blessings. May the coming ones bring you greater order of blessings. Happy birthday to you!

76. Success and great riches should be a portion of a personality like you. You deserve it all and I’m excited that you are getting all these packages.

77. Every day is not the same. Every season is different. This is a different day for you and I’m sure peculiar and wonderful things are taking place in your life.

78. You should be celebrated because days like this birthday of yours don’t come often as you have today. Enjoy your wonderful celebration!

79. This year will bring you the realization of your hope and desires. The blessings are all yours! Happy birthday to you!

80. This is a beautiful version of you, I’m persuaded that another version of you will yet surface. May you be great in this life!

81. Knowing you has been a plus in my life. I won’t take you for granted. I’m sending all my wonderful wishes your way.

82. You have made me happy and you deserve to be happy in every facet of life. I’m happy I know you. May you be surprised heavily today with wonderful gifts

83. May your life be ushered into a never-ending river of joy and prosperity. You shall yet be alive to witness more years!

84. On this big day, you shall not know any sorrow. The joy of this day shall last longer with you. Happy birthday to you!

85. The same way the sea is full of sands, so will your life be full of joy and outstanding success. You’re blessed always!

86. Knowing that today marks the day you were born gives me so much joy because an opportunity has just been presented to me to express my joy to you. Happy birthday!

87. You have been very wonderful and awesome to me. In the same way, you’ve been wonderful and awesome to me so will awesome things begin to happen to you from this day!

88. I know you’ve had a lot of opportunities in the years past, may the coming years be filled with greater and more marvelous things for you. Happy birthday to you!

89. I’m glad you’re alive to this day. I pray that you’ll be given sound health and a bounty of wealth to enjoy in the coming years. Happy birthday to your precious one!

90. You’re the best place to be! There’s no better place than to be with you. Your life gives me joy and joyful will you be as you advance in years!

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Wish You A Happy Birthday To You

91. Happy birthday to the most soul in the world. It’s great that you are alive and in sound health and peace of mind. I’m happy for you, happy birthday to you!

92. I wish you a year full of surprises, promotions, abundance, and wonderful things in life. Happy birthday to you!

93. I do not wish you only increase in your age, but also that you’ll increase in all areas of life. I celebrate and appreciate your manner of person.

94. Happy birthday to my good friend! You’re so blessed and favored. May you be wonderfully decorated with the good things of life. Happy birthday to you!

95. May the goodness of life overshadow you and fill your path with so many goodies. Happy birthday to you!

96. It’s a good thing that you are seeing the light of day. You shall be more blessed than you have ever been. This is your day, rejoice and be exceedingly glad!

97. I’m glad to be part of your joy and progress. This is the beginning of a new thing for you. May the new thing which has begun never cease. Amen.

98. Today is a day of joy. The joy that accompanies today will last with you for the rest of your life. I’m so glad about your celebration. Keep rejoicing!

99. I’m glad I’m part of your joy. This is the day uniquely designed for you to be celebrated. Let nothing interrupt with joy! Happy birthday to you!

100. Your birthday is a special day and I’m privileged to be part of this day. I want to lavish my love on you and let you know that I love you. This is your day, happy birthday to you!

101. Your contribution has made the world a better place to be. You’re so impactful and relevant. Thank you for being an amazing person.

102. A very happy birthday to you my precious and dear friend. This is nothing but a time of joy and excitement for you. I pray that your joy shall not know bound! Amen!

103. Your celebration has been on my mind so much that I have been seeing it in my dreams. I’m glad I’m awake to be part of this celebration. Happy birthday to you!

104. You’re so cherishable and lovable! May this day bring you cherishable memories and everyone who celebrated you. I wish you a joyous birthday!

105. This is your day, you deserve all the happiness and joy. Be intentional about spending your day with people who make you the happiest on earth. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration!

106. Life is a journey and it is lovely how God has been helping you to journey through life. May you be accompanied to the end of your race successfully.

107. I want to congratulate you for the mercy you enjoy to have come this far. I wish you uncountable blessings and favor in this life.

108. You’ve been so favored and greatly helped to have come this far in life. This is the year to make another beautiful celebration. I’m standing by you to celebrate you.

109. You deserve immense joy and great enthusiasm. May all your heart desires come to pass in every aspect. Better and stronger will you be.

110. Everything that your heart desire shall come to you very swiftly. You shall be blessed and favored. I wish you a wonderful celebration!

111. This is your time and season! Everything has been made beautiful for you. May the beauty radiating over your life never depreciate. Happy birthday to you!


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