Messages Of Support And Encouragement

101 Quotes and Messages Of Support And Encouragement for Everyone

Sometimes, we wake up to see things not happening the way we’ve wanted them to be. This ends up making us feel sad and discouraged. And we get to the point of losing hope and even giving up. But hey! Understand this, it’s okay not to feel okay. But we must not let the feeling control us. Hence, we must look for ways to get shake off that feeling and move on with life.

At this point, we need someone who will support and encourage us, because it’s easier to walk out of a difficult situation when we have people that help us with words and messages of support and encouragement.

Likewise, if you have someone around you whom you feel is sad or losing motivation for life, you can help them jerk back to their feet by sending them messages of encouragement. This is the least you can do to help them recover quickly and get inspired to try again.

Remember, words are powerful, whether spoken or written. A word can make or mar a situation. It can bring to life and it can destroy. So, engage the power of your words and help that person dear to you by sharing these Messages with them, either as messages, written in cards, or even spoken directly to them. It will surely help them feel better.

Messages Of Support And Encouragement

1. Always remember that everything you need to achieve your dream is already in you. Do not be afraid, stay focused.

2. Never give up, never stop moving. Trust me, I am rooting for you. Remember, sometimes, it always seems impossible until we summon the courage to do it.

3. Sometimes, we feel lost and lose hope. Not knowing that being in the dark doesn’t mean that we are done for. It might just be a place for our preparation to be launched.

4. I promise, in just a little time, you are going to look back on this period of your life and be thankful that you kept going and never gave up.

5. Be a fighter, be rest assured that things will be better in no time. I promise to always be here to cheer you up. Never give up.

6. Hi darling, always bear in mind that this too shall pass. You will win at last. You are too strong to be defeated.

7. Keep hope alive. Even when nothing seems possible, stay positive. Once you believe, you’ll achieve your goal, no matter how long.

8. A winner is not one who has never fallen, but one who finds the courage to rise again whenever he fails. So, get up and start again. I believe you will be fine.

9. I believe in you. I know you to be smart, intelligent, and very resilient. This is too weak to break you. I know you will be more than a conqueror at last.

10. One of the most interesting things about life is this; sometimes some of our greatest pains end up becoming our greatest strengths. So embrace the phase, and remember that I’m here to help.

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Best Supporting Messages

You will find the best messages of support and encouragement on this page to encourage your friends and loved ones. Pick as many as you can to encourage the people around you.

11. I will always be here to give you the shoulder to lean on. I will always be the ear to listen to all your complaints. I promise to always be here for you and give you the support you need all along.

12. Darling, I know you might be passing through a whole lot, but know that you can always count on me. I will support you with whatever it takes, and be with you till the end of time.

13. Don’t you think I will ever judge you for showing your emotion? I appreciate you so much. much, and I understand that showing your emotion is a sign of strength. No matter what, you’ll always have my support.

14. When you walk through life and it seems you are all alone, always remember that my heart is there with you. I will stand by you, and stay with you through thick and thin.

15. You can always count on me. No matter what you are passing through, whenever you need someone to encourage you, just turn around, and ill be there.

16. You are the treasure of my life. Supporting you is my pleasure. Wherever you are, and no matter how rough the journeys, you will always hear me cheering you on.

17. I am made to support you, I am made to stand by you, I am made to encourage you, I am made to be all yours. I love you, Darling.

18. You are the strongest person I’ve ever seen. Nothing in this life can break you, and when you need someone to remind you of this. You can always count on me.

19. You are very smart and hardworking. But always remember that life happens, and sometimes things go against our plans. So whenever it looks as if you are losing the courage to keep going, I will be here to give you the best support I can.

20. I will support you with all I’ve got. Whatever it is, go for it, and bear in mind that I’ve got your back, my Love.

Short Encouraging Messages

21. Sometimes we can scream all we can, we can cry all we can, but in all, we must never give up.

22. Sometimes, we have to face situations that will bend us lower than we have ever been, so that we can rise higher than we had ever been.

23. Sometimes, we will never how strong we can be until the only choice we are left with is to be strong.

24. When you feel like giving up, remember why you started. The just journey has started, keep going.

25. Hey Darling! Here’s a quick reminder. God has given you this life because he knew that you are strong enough to fight for it.

26. Stop feeling bad and beating yourself up. God’s not done working on you.

27. Remember that you are a work in progress, your becoming will definitely shock your world.

28. Trust me, you have much more ahead of you. You will surely scale through this.

29. Don’t be discouraged, when you are faced with a hardship, remember that it is to prepare you for a greater destiny.

30. Making mistakes is a sign that you are getting your hands on something. If you haven’t made any mistakes, probably you haven’t made any decisions.

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Message For Hard-Working Boyfriend

31. My heart leaps for joy whenever I see you. I appreciate how you give your all to your work. I’m so proud of you and what you do. I love you so much.

32. My darling boyfriend is the most hardworking man I know in the world. I admire your positive energy and grit. Thank you for being so dedicated to your job. I love you.

33. I love you so much, and I am proud of you. I feel so lucky to have such a hardworking man like you in my life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

34. I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments. You are such an amazing boyfriend. Thank you for being so hardworking. I appreciate you.

35. I love you so much. Your great personality assures me of a beautiful future with you. I’m sure with your level of hard work, you are capable of achieving great things. I admire you so much, my Love.

36. When I look at you and observe how dedicated you are to your work, I’m always amazed. I can’t but just appreciate the kind of my you have become. I love you so much, Darling.

37. You are my best friend and also my mentor. I feel so blessed to have you, and I can imagine my life with anyone else. I appreciate how tirelessly you’ve worked to build a good life and a better future for yourself. I love you so much.

38. Hey Cutie! You are working really hard and I admire you so much for that. You are such an amazing man. I love you so much that it hurts!

39. You bring me so much joy that I can’t just stop smiling. I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. Thank you for being a hardworking boyfriend. You are the best.

40. I love you for the way you are calm, I love you for the way you are strong, I love you for the way you are hardworking, and I love you for the way you are. Keep being an awesome, darling boyfriend.

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Encouragement Message For Her

41. Your personality has always inspired and challenged me. You are such a powerful woman full of grace and virtue. I love you so much. Keep being amazing.

42. I am so proud of the woman you are becoming. You never cease to amaze me with your strength and passion. I pray for you every day and I can’t wait to see the powerful woman you are becoming.

43. I’m so glad to have such an amazing woman like you in my life. Thank you for being so helpful. You are a blessing to me. I appreciate you, Darling.

44. I’m so proud of you and your positive attitude. I understand how difficult it could have been to get to this level. Thanks for making us proud, Girl. I love you.

45. To you my Queen, I couldn’t have asked for a better woman. You have been very supportive and inspiring. I’m so glad to call you my woman. I love you, Darling.

46. You are a wonderful gift to me. I promise to always be by your side whenever you need me. I am so in love with you, Babe.

47. My darling angel, you are the best thing that has happened to me. Thank you for being so hardworking, I promise to always support your dreams and help you along.

48. Your happiness matters a lot to meet, that is why I will do anything to make you smile. I know you are a very ambitious woman, and I promise to stand by you and support you if that will make you smile.

49. My queen, I am so proud of you and the great things you are doing. Be sure that you will always have my love and support.

50. I hope this makes you smile. You are the best woman I could ever meet. You are so passionate and dedicated to your job. Whatever comes your way today, bear in mind that there is someone here who cares so much about you, and will always encourage you.

Words Of Support And Comfort

51. It’s in times of challenges you discover the strength you never knew you had.

52. Even if it seems like happiness is far from you, encourage yourself, and never allow yourself to be far from happiness.

53. A courageous person is one who has got the strength to go on, it’s the one who has decided to go on, even when the strength is lacking.

54. You will only discover that you are strong when you are faced with struggles.

55. You don’t become stronger by doing what you could do, true strength comes when you overcome those things you once thought you couldn’t.

Uplifting Quotes For Friends

56. Hey friend, just to remind you that everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, then it’s not the end.

57. I know it’s been tough, but trust me, I’ll always be here cheering you on.

58. Always remember this: you are stronger than you could ever believe, smarter than you could ever imagine, and braver than you could ever think.

59. Just because things a tent going well with you does not mean that it will never do. Just keep hope alive.

60. Hey dear, I love you so much and ill like to remind you that your present situation is not your final destination. This too shall surely pass.

61. Hey Buddy! Remember that you are just having a bad day, not a bad life. So calm down, you’ll soon be alright.

62. Darling, you know you don’t have to dwell on one obstacle for too long. Remember tomorrow is another day, and you’ve got another chance.

63. You are so strong, friend. I know you will get over this soon. Remember, we might have come across many defeats, but we must never be defeated.

64. There will always be resistance between you and whatever goal you might want to achieve. The bigger the goals, the stronger the resistance. But we’ve got the choice either to give up or face our fears.

65. Hi Girlfriend! Never be discouraged, keep trying. Remember it’s the last key of the bunch that opens the lock.

Uplifting Messages For Her

66. I believe so much in you. You are strong, you are smart and you are too intelligent for your age. Stay calm. You’ve got this, Girlfriend.

67. You look too beautiful for the kind of battles you’ve fought and won. You are a true warrior and I’m proud of you. This is just one of those challenges. And I’m sure you will win again.

68. Hi Girl! Today may not be so great. Remember, every day may not be good but it is good in every day. So, cheer up!

69. Some day, you will be so excited that you will forget all the pains you’ve gone through. Hope you believe that?

70. You are unique in your own way. Nothing will ever stop you from shining, not even in this situation. I believe you’ll fly so high, never give up on yourself.

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Encouraging Words For My Best Friend

71. The road may be rough and tough. Never stop believing, you will surely win at last.

72. Hey Bestie! I hope you find the hope and encouragement you need in this period. I want to let you know, that all will be well.

73. My best friend, I just want to encourage you, and remind you that sometimes when we face difficulties, bits not because we are doing something wrong, but because we are doing something right.

74. Hey Bestie! hope you find a reason to smile. Remember no one can ever make you feel bad without your consent.

75. Whenever you are opted to doubt his far you can go, always remind yourself how far you have come. I love you bestie!

Encouraging Words For Sad Friend

76. When you go through some challenges and decided not to give up, your strength is built. This will definitely be over, and I know you will come out stronger.

77. I love you so much, friend. Please stay encouraged, and remember that you’ve always got the power to stay determined about how the story will end!

78. Don’t be sad, Darling. Get up and start again. Whenever you are looking at the reason why you can’t, always give yourself a reason why you can.

79. I know you are sad right now, but I’m sure all will be well. Stay strong, my Darling friend. I love you so much.

80. You are strong and powerful. You have the power to walk through this phase and come out better. Don’t worry, friend. Everything is going to be fine.

Words Of Comfort And Support For A Friend

81. I’m so sorry you have to go through all this, dear friend. Please know that I am always here for you, and you can call on me whenever you need someone to talk to.

82. You are a very good person, and you deserve the best things in life. I believe sometimes when some things happen to us, it’s not because we deserve the bad thing, but just to prepare us for the best things we deserve in life.

83. I wish you wouldn’t have to pass through this. Please always remember that my prayer is with you, and I will do anything to show my support for you. Please, be strong, God will see you through.

84. You have been an amazing person. You are so selfless and always concerned about other people’s well-being, trust me, posterity will take its cause. You will soon get out of this.

85. You are my best friend and I wish you the best. Please stay strong at this moment and keep hope alive. We are more than a conqueror.

Quotes For Supporting Someone

86. Never let your fear make you forget what you deserve. And while you go for it. I’ll always be here cheering you to victory.

87. You deserve all my support and encouragement. I promise to go all out and be right there with you. I love you so much.

88. I believe you can do this. You’ve got a lot of scars that were proof that you were stronger than whatever might want to hurt you. And you survived. I know you will survive this again.

89. You are my best friend and lover. I promise to always be there for you and encourage you. I love you so much.

90. I know this is the time you need me the most, and I promise not to let you down. Trust me, we will walk through this together, and come out better and stronger.

Words Of Comfort And Support For A Friend

91. You are the sweetest person I’ve ever met. It’s so sad seeing you down. I pray your hope will be restored soon and find a reason to laugh again. Cheer up, friend! This struggle will not last.

92. I want to assure you that this struggle will soon be over. You will soon forget that this ever happens and smile at last. I promise it will all end in praise.

93. Dear friend, I want you to know that the stage you are in now is a training ground for that beautiful future you’ve seen ahead. Stay calm, and hang on. You’ll win at last.

95. I’m trying all I can to make sure that all is well with you. My sincere prayer goes out to you, and feel free to call me if you need any assistance. This will soon be over.

Courage Words For A Friend

96. You are a rare friend, your happiness is my utmost concern. I will go to any length to make sure you are alright. Stay strong, Dear.

97. If life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it. Never let any situation make you bitter but better. I pray that you have the strength and the energy you need to make the best out of this situation. Keep cool, Dear.

98. I will always be your shoulder to lean on. I will always give you the support you need in this hard time. I love you, Dear.

99. You are the best gift I ever had. I can’t stand seeing you discouraged. Please stay strong, Dear, everything will soon be alright.

100. I’m glad you were able to handle this situation with a positive mindset. I am so proud of you, Dear. Please don’t hesitate to call me when you need any support. My heart goes out to you.

101. Dear friend, stay courageous because I am sure you will overcome these challenges. Stay strong, you are the winner.

When discouraged, simple words of encouragement can go a long way in bringing life to our souls and healing to our hearts. Share any of these messages with someone whom you would love to encourage and see their spirits being revived!

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