The beginning of peace of mind is the smile on the face. The peace of mind is known by joy on the face. If you want to know a joyful person, the face will speak volumes.

112 Highly-Captivating Quotes About Happiness and Smiling That Put Joy On Your Face

Happiness is important to humanity. If you are not happy with yourself, no one else will. Smiling is an expression of happiness. You can’t be happy and it won’t show on your face. In quotes about happiness and smiling, you’ll see the importance of having personal happiness. When you smile often, it creates a positive atmosphere around you.

One of the freest things in this world is happiness and this is very affordable to everyone. The best way to be happy in life is never to build your happiness on other people. If your happiness is built on other people, it won’t be stable. A smiling life is beautiful to behold everyone!

One of the secrets to permanent happiness in life is to find satisfaction in yourself and what you have. If you’re not content with what you have, your happiness will always be at risk. One of the reasons for my smile is that I’m content with what I have and I have hope for my glorious future.

What often steals people’s joy is when they fix their attention on what others have that they don’t have. If you don’t consciously develop satisfaction in your achievement, your joy will always be attacked. In these quotes, you’ll find a permanent solution to the lack of joy. Live every day smiling and you will really enjoy your life.

Happiness Quotes On Smile

Medically speaking, smiling eases the facial muscles from tension which in turn makes you look younger. Those who frown grow old quickly, but smiling keeps you as young as you were born. Taking just a few minutes of your day to smile intentionally will improve your confidence and attract positive energy. Below you have quotes about happiness and smiling!

1. Smiling is a practical expression of joy, when you smile, no one has to be told that your heart is filled with joy.

2. You can fake anything but not happiness. Happiness is what you should decisively make available to yourself. You may not be able to afford anything but ensure you have happiness at your disposal.

3. Happiness is contagious, it’s the deepest expression of joy from your heart to your face. If you’re truly happy, it will show in every other area of your life.

4. Nothing makes a man live longer than being happy every day. A day without joy is a day without fulfillment. Make being joyful the part and parcel of your life.

5. Nothing is lost when you lost money. Nothing is lost when you lose your job. But everything is lost when happiness is lost. Therefore, keep your happiness like a golden treasure.

6. It will take a smile to communicate your internal world to your outer world which will draw people to you for quality relationships.

7. Sadness repels people from you and extinguishes opportunities. Joy compels people and attracts opportunities. Why not make joy your best business every day?

8. The atmosphere of joy is conducive for all men. No one wants to partner with sorrow and a sad face. If you put on joy, you’ll be surrounded by great people and countless opportunities.

9. Joy expressed through your smiling face is the invitation letter you write to great people and great opportunities. Opportunities will flock in your direction when you’re full of joy.

10. Nobody knows how healthy you are until you communicate it through your smiling face. If you want people to know how happy you’ve been, just smile at them.

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Quotes About A Genuine Smile

If you want to boost your mood, just put on a smile. You improve your relationships, and even your health gets improved. Smiling is a wonderful way to live! Start your day with a smile and positive thoughts. Your cute smile will go a long way.

11. Genuine smile discharges muscular stress from the face and makes it relax. When a smile is constant, facial tension is discharged.

12. When you smile, your muscles send an impulse to your face which in turn alters your mood positively.

13. The beginning of peace of mind is the smile on the face. The peace of mind is known by joy on the face. If you want to know a joyful person, the face will speak volumes.

14. As simple as a smile is, it opens you up to people and opportunities that could usher your life to the next level. If you want more opportunities, then, engage in more joy.

15. The smile on your face can give somebody hope. Your smile doesn’t just do good to you only but also to others.

16. Life is more beautiful and more suitable to live when everyone takes on joy as their daily garment. Wear the garment of joy constantly!

17. Circumstances may want to make you cry but you don’t have to cry. Don’t cry because a negative thing happened, smile because it happened.

18. Your contribution to somebody’s well-being and hope for life may be just your simple smile. Therefore, dare to offer someone a smile daily!

19. If you make someone smile, you’ll never see the reason for sadness any day. Make others happy and the flow of happiness will be easy with you.

20. You may not have reason to smile but rejoice because you’re still alive in good health and great joy.

Short Quotes About Happiness And Smiling

Check out these small quotes on happiness and get smiling!

21. Whatever robs you of your smile steals something from you. If you see anything that wants to sadden your face, that’s a thief approaching you.

22. Those who can smile at trouble will end up troubling their troubles. When trouble comes, smile rather been troubled.

23. A cool smile is a universal language everybody understands. Give it anyhow to people even the undeserving.

24. Smile is the joy you’ll find under your very nose. You have it at your disposal all the time. Express it as much as you want to.

25. You don’t have to have it all perfect before you can smile. But you can smile to have it all perfect.

26. Putting on a pitiable look doesn’t make the situation get better, only joy can change any situation. Joy is a change agent!

27. A simple smile can work incredible miracles and open incredible doors unto you, don’t underestimate the power of a simple smile.

28. You don’t have to feel better to afford a smile, but you can afford a smile to feel better. Smile, it doesn’t cost anything!

29. If you can put on a smile by faith, you can change any situation for good. Smile when it costs the most.

30. You may never need makeup if you only you can put up a smile. Smiling is the best make-up you could ever wear.

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Quotes About Smiling And Being Happy

I Smile Because Of You Quotes

Smile Quotes For Me

31. Happiness and smile are twin brothers, you can never be happy without smiling. The proof of happiness is a good smile.

32. You can smile without being happy but you can never be happy without smiling. Whichever way, just smile.

33. The best beautiful remedy to the challenges of life is smiling. If you want to enjoy your life, smile more abundantly.

34. Smile is a free therapy you can get within yourself without consulting no one else. Afford yourself a smile each day!

35. You don’t have to get so worked up about anything. Laugh as much as you can, it’s the best way to live.

36. Entertain the right thoughts and smile as much as possible. This is the best therapy for you.

37. How to reduce your mind’s tension is to smile as often as you can. Do it often, and you will be very happy in the long run.

38. Smile springs from internal joy but also smile can also inspire joy in your heart.

39. You have a contribution to make to your world. Change your world with your smile, don’t let the world alter your smile.

40. Internal smiles help you keep company yourself. If you can smile a lot, you’ll need no other company.

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Quotes About Smiling Through Hard Times

Quotes About Smiling Through Hard Times
Quotes About Smiling Through Hard Times

41. Hard times are inevitable in life but you determine a lot of what they make out of you.

42. You can walk through fire without feeling it if you can put on a smile all the way.

43. Every hard time comes with both positive and negative outcomes, your disposition determines what you get in the long run.

44. A strong man smiles in trouble and employs a smile as his companion all through. Smiling is how to walk through challenges!

45. Stress will not become a distress if you know how to gather strength from the distress you go through.

46. No hard time is meant to last longer than your state of mind. If you think it is simple, it shall surely be very simple.

47. Your situation is as good as the state of your mind. If you have a positive mindset, your outcome will be very positive.

48. The process may be truly painful but a joyful face makes it bearable. You can bear any situation if you can smile through.

49. Anything that makes you smile is worth your company. Keep company with what gives you joy.

50. If you want to crush any problem with speed, engage with a smile all through the journey and you will see the end of it all.

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Smile Confidence Quotes

51. If you must conquer any challenge, you’ve got to face it with confidence. No one wins without confidence in himself.

52. Your confidence is often seen in your smile. Your facial expression tells if you are timid or confident.

53. Your smile can move mountains and change the history of your life permanently.

54. Nothing is beyond the reach of a joyful heart. Every situation bows to the man of joy.

55. I wouldn’t know you’re confident until I see it in your face. If you’re confident, show it in your face.

56. There is beauty in every man but it remains concealed until it is shown through an endless smile.

57. If you will learn to smile at a stranger, you will change your life. You don’t know who needs your smile to journey to their next phase in life.

58. Encouragement to other people is what everyone can afford without capital. Give to your world what you can freely afford.

59. Your world needs little from you to change positively. That little that is required is your smile. Smile as much as you can!

60. Make it an ambition to get someone smiling, let someone have hope of a better tomorrow because you made it so.

Smile And Simple Quotes

A smile is the best outfit you could ever put on. It makes you beautiful and shining all the time. find your smile and really smile it endlessly.

61. The simplest thing in life is smiling. You don’t require a second party to do it. It’s as simple as that!

62. Life will be very simple if everyone takes on a joyful face to conduct smile at their neighbor.

63. The world gets better and more comfortable to live in if all of us contribute our small quota of smiles.

64. If you will smile more than you’ve been doing, you could release more excitement hormones in your body to make you glad more and more.

65. The atmosphere you put over yourself determines what you will get out of life. Put on the right atmosphere constantly.

66. Languages of the world affect our relationship with one another but smiles bring all of us together and make us speak the same language.

67. Living long requires that you create a smile within yourself and give to other people around your life as much as you can.

68. Do not waste a moment of making someone happy, if you have the opportunity, use it judiciously.

69. Some frets and become envious when others are happy but strong is that person who can smile when others are happy.

70. You’ll find out that life is simple and worth living if you will just put on a smile.

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Caption With Smile

71. The thoughts of the past may invade your heart but you must not let them take over you. Cover every moment with a smile.

72. If your past tends to hunt you, look back and smile at the plight of the past. If you can smile about it, you can feel better about it.

73. There is a divine in everyone and it takes a smile to bring it out. If you will smile constantly, your beauty will glow.

74. Wrinkled faces are prevented when smiling becomes the order of the day. If you can smile often, you prevent aging.

75. If you make someone smile, it’s hard not to be happy either. You can’t lack what you can give to another person.

76. There is a lock on everybody’s heart, it’s the smile that fits it perfectly. A smile can unlock any hard heart.

77. No one is useless in this world, everyone has something substantial to give. At least, everyone can afford a smile.

78. Smiling is an action of love and compassion. If you give it out to someone freely, you are doing so much for the person.

79. Sing, dance, and smile always, it makes life worth living.

80. Smile when you’re alone. If you can smile when you’re alone, then, you mean it.

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Smile With Friends Quotes

Even though there are great differences between human customs and the mode of expression, It has been discovered that facial expression is a universal language that everyone understands. Always wear that beautiful smile and you will find yourself acceptable to all men.

81. Smiling is a symbol of friendship and love, if you give it out there to anyone, they are at peace with you.

82. Be intentional about sharing your smile with your world, it makes the world itself open up to you.

83. If you meet everyone you meet with a smile, they have a sense that you love them and care about them.

84. The beginning of compassion and love is a smile. Make it your first gift and you’ll be happy for life.

85. Aspire to be the first giver of joy to your neighborhood, and your joy will always be at another level.

86. If you want more friends, increase the excitement on your face. To everyone who has joy, more friends will always come.

87. You cannot trek the world alone without friendship. You need as many friends as possible. Acquire friends like properties.

88. Everyone may not understand your language but at least everyone can understand your face.

89. The heart is best known through facial expressions. If you put on joy, you’ll get more joy.

90. Make yourself a house of joy where every friend can come to hide continually. If your friend finds joy around you, they’ll love to stick around you. keep your joy always!

Your Smile Is A Priceless Quote

Your radiant smile speaks well of you among your counterparts. Every time you smile, you send a welcoming signal to family and friends which will make them comfortable around you. Find always be happy and smile quotes and be happy for life. When you smile, smile with your eyes!

91. A smile makes the heart beautiful. A smiling heart is a happy heart. Happiness is often known in the face.

92. Your smile is so priceless, use it as much as you can. Never let anything activate frowning on your face.

93. Surround yourself with happy people and you will be happy for Life. Be mindful of the company you keep, they tell a lot about your joy.

94. You have to choose your friends if you want to be happy in life. Your friends influence your joy.

95. Life may give you a thousand reasons to cry, give life a million reasons to smile.

96. A grateful heart is a joyful heart. If you’re grateful for where you are and what you have, your joy will constantly abound!

97. If you see someone without a smile, be there to offer one. Influence them before they influence you.

98. A smiling heart is unshakable. Nothing moves a heart that can constantly rejoice in midst of all situations.

99. You may smile just for a split second but it could linger in someone’s heart for a lifetime.

100. Nothing you wear that is more important than your smiling. No matter what you put on, put on your smiling regularly.

Smile Is The Best Outfit Quotes

101. If you encounter an obstacle, smile at it. Because it forms the bridge for your next phase.

102. Smiling is inexhaustible, use it frequently. If you’re not using it the way you should, you’re cheating on yourself.

103. The same way your beauty is your power is the same way your smile is your sword to penetrate the heart of anyone.

104. Wake up in the morning and smile at yourself in a mirror and you see a huge difference in direction of your life.

105. Your smile is your incontestable right, you can use it as often as you want to use it.

106. A smile helps you make friends easily, if you want quality friendship, increase your smile.

107. You don’t have to be joyful to smile but you can smile your way into happiness.

108. Your facial expressions give the first impression. Put a smile there constantly.

109. When you frown for too long, a wound is created. A smile is a cure for such a wound.

110. Those who smile constantly do have beautiful countenances that make people comfortable around them.

111. Only those who are alive can smile, the dead cannot smile. Proof yourself to be alive by smiling constantly.

112. Smiling is not expensive, you can always afford it as many times as you wanted it.

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