182 New Month Declarations, Prayers and Blessings for February 2023

New Month Prayer Points

Every beginning of a new month is an opportunity to begin again and achieve greater success than the existing ones through a fresh focus and energy. It’s required of everyone who is grateful to God to spend some time to give Him thanks for all He has done for them in the previous months. When appreciation is shown towards God, you position yourself for a greater blessing than all you have received in the previous months.

The beginning of a thing is essential. How a thing will end can be predicted by how it begins. If it did not begin well, it’s most likely not to end well. New month quotes and prayers will help you determine your experiences in the course of the month. What you say at the beginning of your month determines what you see at the end of it. If things must go well with you during the month and the end of it, you must engage in a new month declaration.

The word of God’s mouth was the tool He used in the creation of what He wanted. The same word is as effective as ever. If anyone will engage the word in Faith, such will not be denied of great experiences in Life. God expects you to command your month. God is powerful and can do all things but He needs the prophetic declarations of your mouth concerning your month to act in your space. New month quotes and prayers are very indispensable.

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Declarations in the new month help you sow the right seeds into the soil of your month. If you plant nothing, something will still grow, though it might be what you wanted. To save yourself the stress of reaping what you did not sow, you’ll do yourself a favor through the new month declaration to plant the desired seeds in the garden of your month.

If you have been looking for the right strategies to make your month go well, I have helped you out with that. As you apply what I say, you’ll see the expected results.

New Month Blessings and Prayers

New month inspires happiness in heart of everyone privileged to see it. You may not have all things put together but the gift of life is worth being happy about and being grateful to God for. New month prayers and blessings help you to say thank you dear Lord for life and also to furnish every day of the month with great things.

New month quotes and prayers are so essential for everyone who understands the power of a good beginning. There are no two instruments that could help you travel from the beginning of the month to the end of it except the tool of spoken words. Your new month quotes and prayer points will direct your steps to the good things of the month and direct the good things to you, whichever way, there will be a connection.

1. Blessed be the God who has granted me happiness at the very beginning of this month. What a joy to see this day!

2. I celebrate you dear Father for the grace and mercy that have made me escape every unpleasant situation. Be glorified dear God!

3. I release the blood of Jesus over myself and my family as our covering through this month in the name of Jesus. Amen!

4. I escape the scorching of the sun this month. I’m shielded under the shadow of the Almighty, I’m protected from the negative plans of the enemies that fly by the day and night.

5. I escape every scourge of the tongues of men that can speak to hinder my progress in this new month in the name of Jesus.

7. I’m prevented from accidents this month, I’m protected in my going out and coming in the name of Jesus.

8. Every eye set on me shall favor me. Both small and great, big and small, male or female in the name of Jesus.

9. I neutralize every venom from the pit of hell released to poison the program of God in my life in the name of Jesus.

10. Every arrow released against me is nullified for my sake and they shall not prevail in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for a Happy New Month

11. The Lord shall expose every wicked agenda marshaled against me and turn them to nothing in the name of Jesus.

12. The plan of the wicked ones against my life shall utterly fail and stumble in the name of Jesus.

13. I shall have a celebration galore in this new month and the name of the Lord shall be glorified in my life in the name of Jesus.

14. The days of hardship are over. I make significant progress this month in the name of Jesus.

15. Order my feet dear God, and cause me to be at the right place at the right time. Let me not miss my defining moment in the name of Jesus.

16. You’re the God of new and great beginnings and also the God of new and great endings, cause me to end well by the end of this month.

17. Give me divine inspiration and insights that will lead to the migration of wealth unto me in the name of Jesus.

18. There shall be no wasted efforts this month for whatsoever reason, the Lord shall crown my effort with success.

19. Open unto me the massive door of prosperity, let poverty be forbidden over me in the name of Jesus.

20. My finances shall blossom like the trees planted by the rivers of waters, it shall not wither in the name of Jesus.

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Happy New Month Prayer to Myself

21. Let the dews of heaven flow continually over me and the works of my hands. Let the earth yield her increase unto me in the name of Jesus.

22. You provided water in a desert and honey out of a rock, show me unimaginable wonders as of old in the name of Jesus.

23. I ask for the spirit of persistence to stay through until I have achieved every goal in my heart.

24. I receive a never give up spirit. I shall not faint at the edge of success. I receive grace to stay through in the name of Jesus.

25. Let everything short of blessings in my life dry off. Let streams of blessings flow in the name of Jesus.

26. I turn all my battles to God in the name of Jesus. I’m destined to win, I shall not be overpowered.

27. Let those who rise against me fall for my sake. Let the hand of the wicked ones grow weak in the name of Jesus.

28. Let every effort of Satan to disgrace me be proven futile and let his craftiness be turned to nothing in the name of Jesus.

29. Every force that is challenging the authority and power of Jesus in my life is declared destroyed in the name of Jesus.

30. I bring everything in my life under the obedience of Christ in the name of Jesus. Nothing is allowed to disobey the authority of God’s word in my life.

Command Your Month Prayer Points

Christian faith is activated through voice. Every believer has been given a divine privilege to speak specific words into their lives, businesses, ministries, and families. You’re expected by God to issue specific commands to your month regarding your desires about it.

If you want your month to go well in line with your desires, you need to communicate it. Your month has ears, if you can talk to it, it will listen to your voice. As you engage new month quotes and prayer points, your testimonies are assured.

31. I celebrate Jehovah the God of the whole earth who has everything in His power. Thank you for your unfailing love towards me and mine. Be praised forevermore.

32. Dear God, you created all things through the word of your mouth. I stand on the same ground of your creative power to talk to this month. Let the word of my mouth be acceptable in your sight.

33. I decree that everything in this month will walk for my good because I love God and I’m called according to His purpose.

34. I command nature both the sun, the moon, and the stars to cooperate with me this month and shine in my favor.

35. Let nature serve me as it did to Joshua to bring the counsel of God to pass in my life the name of Jesus.

36. The mighty hand of God shall rest upon me and I shall perform valiantly and excellently in all that I do in the name of Jesus.

37. The anointing of the Spirit shall rest upon me and will empower me to function in the capacity of God. God shall be seen in all my affairs. Amen.

38. The Spirit of God shall be in full operation in my life, I will enjoy the maximum function of the Spirit both in wisdom, might, counsel, and glory.

39. I shall excel this month, nothing shall be impossible unto me henceforth. My adventures shall be accompanied with ease.

40. I shall not be supplanted by the scheme of the enemies. I will outrun the chariot of heathen in the name of Jesus.

Happy New Month Messages and Prayers

41. The fingers of the wicked shall not prevail against me. If they pursue in one way, they shall flee 7 ways and my adversaries shall submit unto me.

42. Every fortune, blessing, glory, profit, splendor, shall find their way unto me. Nothing good shall elude me.

43. God shall protect everything that belongs to me with His eyes. The jealousy of most high shall be made visible upon my life.

44. I rebuke sickness, poverty, misfortune, pains, and lack of progress in this new month in the name of Jesus.

45. I shall be the head and not the tail. I shall be above only and never beneath in the name of Jesus.

46. Great business opportunities shall flow to me, I shall receive an appointment from high places of the earth by God’s favor.

47. Every strange plan to make me sorrowful this month is thwarted in Jesus’ name. There shall be no sorrow, no lack, no tears for me and my family. Amen.

48. God who made Sarah laugh shall make me laugh perpetually. I shall not sorrow over anyone and anybody in the name of Jesus.

49. God’s angel shall maintain their guards over me. They shall bear me up on their wings so that I don’t slide. None of my steps shall slide because I trust in the Lord.

50. Wherever I am God shall be there with me. His presence shall not depart from me. I will enjoy a divine embrace in the name of Jesus.

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Best New Month Prayers

51. Every long-awaited miracle shall be made visible this month. This shall be the best month I have ever had. Amen.

52. I decree peace and tranquility in my community, my state, my nation, and my world at large in the name of the Lord.

53. I will do the will of God and will serve His purpose in this month than I have done all my life. My life shall be an expression of His will and pleasure.

54. Let there be light, let the darkness of this age disappear. I’m rising and shining because God has visited me by His light.

55. This month is my month of greatness and unthinkable victory. I shall not miss the divine placement in the name of Jesus.

56. Show me your great mercy in this month as you used to do unto those that love your name.

57. My hands shall not be found weak to deliver every task that is expected of me. I shall not disappoint God, I shall not disappoint man, and I will not fail myself in the name of Jesus.

58. This month shall be great for me. Beyond what I asked for, the Lord will do for me in the name of the Lord Jesus.

59. The Lord shall give me great success in this month and beyond, let your hand bless me like never in the name of Jesus.

60. The blessing of the Lord shall be evident upon my life that all eyes shall see it and glorify His name.

New Month Prayers and Blessings

God desires that every of His creation walks in divine blessings. Life on earth is not interesting without a touch of divine blessing. The blessing of the Lord is what makes a man stands among His equal. It makes a man appears intelligent and smart among his peers. New month prayers and blessings must be offered unto God to release His blessings upon us.

As you offer new month quotes and prayers to God, you also need to shower new month blessings upon your family, friends, and loved ones so that their lives can be under the divine watch of the Lord. If you make a declaration unto the Lord continually in faith regarding your month, then you should be expecting the wonders of heaven in your life.

61. I give thanks to you dear Father of great lights for your light which has walked me through the darkness of this life. Thank you for providing me with the needed directions in the previous months.

62. I give you thanks for every blessing I have received through Christ in the previous months. Thank you for your blessings upon my life and my family.

63. I look unto your mountain where my help comes from. I depend on you for divine benefits in this new month. Let your Grace and glory be the sponsor of my life in the name of Jesus.

64. Let your mercy pave way for me in this new month, the doors of abundance and breakthrough shall be widely opened unto me. I shall reap your blessings in great folds in the name of Jesus.

65. The favor that makes man labor less and earns more, let it come upon me. You will assist me with your hands to partake of manifold blessings in this month.

66. Let your mighty hands rest upon me to give me a quick lifting. Grant me speed to accomplish great and unimaginable things.

67. I ask that you will make everything beautiful for me. Everything concerning me will receive the touch of your perfection. Perfect everything that has to do with me in Jesus’ name.

68. I’m a partaker of divine heritage this month. Lines will fall into pleasant places for me. You’ll cause me to possess my inheritance in you.

69. I ask for the intervention of your ministering angels. Let them help me and make everything align with your will for me.

70. The plan of the wicked ones is frustrated for my sake. The enemies shall not rejoice over me, their expectations shall fail in the name of Jesus.

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Happy New Month Prayer to my Lovely Husband

71. Let the counsel of the Lord come into enforcement in all areas of your life. Whatsoever that is not God’s will shall not happen to you. Happy new month, great Husband!

72. The wonders that all eyes shall see and glorify the name of the Lord shall be your lots and your portions. God will use the events of your life to announce His name to the end of the earth.

73. You are a bearer of God’s marks. Let the marks of the Lord upon you exempt you from unpleasant situations and enlist you for greatness. Happy new sweetest hubby!

74. The Lord will empower you just as He empowered Christ to walk through this month doing wonders in His name.

75. I ask that you, Lord will match forth before him this month and clear the hurdles on the way. Let your fire burn every hurdle on His way in the name of Jesus.

76. For Everything that needs your intervention in his life, let them receive it in the name of Jesus.

77. I receive the success that his efforts cannot attain this month on his behalf. I receive favor in the place of labor for my husband.

78. The Lord will light his candle and will enlighten his darkness. I rebuke darkness from his pathways in the name of Jesus.

79. Shine your light upon my husband and show him the way to go. Let him not wander like a sheep without a shepherd. Lead him into the fruitful ground.

80. Deliver him from every disaster that roams the street of the earth to waste the souls of men. Keep him under your shadow, dear Father.

New Month Prayer for Wife

81. Dear father in heaven, keep my wife as the apples of your eyes oh God, increase your jealousy on her and make her untouchable.

82. Your words say, you’re able to keep her from falling away and present her blameless before our great God. Keep her from falling, dear Father, and let not Iniquity prevail over her.

83. Let the voice of the adversary be silenced over her life. Let the blood of Jesus vindicate her from every guilt.

84. Deliver her from the hand of the wicked ones and devices, let them inherit darkness and confusion.

85. Let the fountain of heavens be opened upon her continually and grant her joy unspeakable full of glory both in this month and forever. Amen.

86. Let something unusual and uncommon break forth in her life and let everyone who shall see it serve your name. Amen.

87. Every inherited challenge that she has picked from her parent or society, let them be swallowed up in the name of Jesus.

88. She shall not eat the bread of sorrow and anguish in this month and beyond in the name of Jesus.

89. She shall be so prosperous this month, she shall neither beg nor borrow but shall lend unto nations in the name of Jesus.

90. Proof yourself strong in her life and on her behalf in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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New Month Quotes and Prayers

Every new month must be invested with a prophetic declaration which will help you to condition every day of the month to happen as declared and make every event in that month favor you. The mind of God must be sought regarding the month and declared into being. A new month’s declaration, quotes, and prayers  will always bring about new experiences in the month.

91. I give you thanks dear father for making me see the light of another day of another month. Glory to your name for all you have done for me.

92. You created the whole world by the word of your power. Thank you because your power is still the same as in ancient times. Your unfailing love is great.

93. I declare every day of this month shall be fruitful and blessed, the goodness of God shall be my companion every day of this month.

94. No power of the devil shall be able to stand before me all the days of this month. I shall enjoy the great goodness of God.

95. You fowl-spirit of failure that frustrates the efforts of men from making tangible progress, I denounce you in the name of Jesus.

96. Every scheme of the enemies planned against me to frustrate God’s purpose for my life, they are canceled in the name of Jesus.

97. Every stream that supplies hardship and difficulties to men on this earth is dried up for my sake now in the name of Jesus.

98. I declare dryness upon every fountain of tragedies, accidents, pestilences, and bad news in the name of Jesus.

99. I declare that throughout this month, there shall be no loss. All my efforts shall yield maximum profits in the name of Jesus.

100. I receive divine help for a supernatural performance this month and beyond in the name of Jesus.

111. Let your hands lift me and place me above limitations, trials, challenges, and bad luck in the name of the Lord.

112. I come under the strength of the Spirit, I arise and shine in this new month. My success shall surpass the former by divine favor.

113. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, it is immune to diseases and all forms of ailments in the name of Jesus.

114. My resources shall not be wasted on sicknesses, I’m healed of the Lord all the days of my life.

115. Everything shall happen with ease in this new month. Struggles, difficulties, and lack of favor are put down in the name of Jesus.

New Month New Blessings Quotes

116. The Lord will do a new thing in my life that will call for celebration. Men and women shall dance with me this month in the name of Jesus.

117. Dear father, guide my steps this month. Help me to go in the part of your will for my life. Let me not derail your plans for my life.

118. Every plant that God has not planted into my life is uprooted for Christ’s sake. The seed of the wicked one shall not grow up in my life.

119. My life shall proclaim the name of Jesus to the end of the earth. The testimonies of my life shall attract people in their great numbers to the kingdom in the name of Jesus.

120. Every good thing that I have been expecting which has been denied of me shall be released speedily even in this month in the name of Jesus.

121. Let unusual miracles begin to emerge and show forth in my life. There shall be answered prayers in every area of my life.

122. I receive uncommon intelligence to outsmart every scheme of the adversaries. The wisdom of the enemies shall turn against them. Amen.

123. I declare no more delays in my life. No more pain, no more loss, no more lack, no more agony for me. A new day has come in the name of Jesus.

124. The Lord shall bless me and cause His face to shine upon me. He shall give me rest on every side and greatness shall be my portion. My head is lifted above all those who rise against me in Jesus’ name.

125. God who knows the end from the beginning, show me the light through which I will walk and over the darkness of this life. Amen.

126. Grant me restoration of everything that has been lost in the past months, give me double for everything that I have lost in days past in the name of Jesus.

127. Let there be a total turnaround for me in all circumstances. As you promoted Joseph to the palace, turn my stories to glory in the name of Jesus.

128. Let my accomplishment in this month be worthwhile, grant me a great breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

129. Let the splendor of your presence and glory be my lot all the days of my life. Let me not know a better yesterday in the name of Jesus.

130. I receive speedy answers to all my requests in the name of Jesus. Thank you dear loving father. Amen

Powerful New Month Prayer Points

How best should you start your month if not through powerful new month prayer points? There’s no alternative way to command God’s blessings upon your adventures in the new month other than the channels of prayers. God wants you blessed. He loves you too much to have you walk through life without unleashing His blessings upon you.

If you have always desired an exceptional life and a life of great victory, you need to generate the power to make it happen. You couldn’t have generated power through any other means other than prayers. New month quotes and prayers will in no doubt help you make power available for your success in this month.

131. Thank you dear Father for the blessed and assured inheritance I have in you. Life couldn’t have been possible through any other means except through your blessing. I worship you, my God and my Father.

132. Thank you for the rain of grace and blessings upon me, my family, my friends, my loved ones both distant and near, and my businesses. Remain exalted in Jesus’ name.

133. Dear father, I ask that your blessings shall not be hidden in my life but shall become obvious to the eyes of men in the name of Jesus.

134. I ask that your shield shall cover me from every scheme of darkness. They shall not succeed over me in the name of Jesus.

135. I pray that the effort of the devil shall be frustrated over my family, loved ones, and communities in the name of Jesus.

136. Oh God, look down on our earth and take control of every affair. Let the hand of the adversary go weak in the name of Jesus.

137. Grant me establishment in this month, and let there be a harvest of fat things in my life and ministry in the name of Jesus.

138. Make my life become an expression of great grace and glory that has not been seen before in the name of Jesus.

139. Let signs and wonders follow me because I believe in you. Make me a point of reference to your goodness in this new month. Amen.

140. I call forth for help from all over the world from both the people I know and people I do not know. Let your help locate me speedily in the name of Jesus.

141. Father, let your blessings overtake me so that my life shall become a practical template of divine blessings.

142. Let your goodness and mercy flow into my life like rivers without cessation. Let them flow continues until there are no longer rooms to contain them.

143. Dear Father, open the door of abundance and surplus unto me so that I do not understand scarcity and difficulties in anything and I shall be able to meet up with the demands of the day. Amen.

144. Let favor locate me from the rising of the sun to its going down. The goodness of the Lord shall not cease over my life in the name of Jesus.

145. Dear God and mighty Father, arise and fight for me. Give me rest from all my struggles and increase my greatness. Amen.

Happy New Month Prayers to my Mother

146. I rejoice in the Lord who has made my mum see this new month in sound health. His name is praised forevermore. Amen. I pray you shall be a testament to the grace and mercy of God. The written word shall be fulfilled in your life as you walk through this month. Happy new month, mum!

147. I ask for God’s abiding presence to guide and keep you through the pestilence of this life. Nothing shall overpower you in the name of Jesus.

148. The flood of the enemy shall not overshadow you, you will not be drowned in the challenges of life. As you fight in God’s strength so you shall win every battle in the name of Jesus.

149. Jesus has set you free, you shall not be bound by any force. You will not come under the bondage of your oppressors in the name of Jesus.

150. The fire of the enemy shall not kindle over your life. The enemy shall not rejoice over you. You shall not be put to the shame of your hope in God. Amen.

141. Dear God, I put my trust and hope in your holy word, let me not be put to shame. The will of the adversary shall not triumph over mum in the name of Jesus.

142. You shall be filled with abundant peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Nothing shall tamper with your joy in the name of Jesus. Amen.

143. God will arise and send you to help out of Zion. The time to favor you has come, yes! The set time has come. The Lord will Look down upon you and show you favor in His mercy. Amen.

144. The Lord will save you from every harm and danger of this month. You will not sink into the traps of the enemies this month and beyond. Amen.

145. Let everyone who puts their hopes in you not be put to shame. Fulfill their petitions and their heart desires so that the enemies will rejoice over them. Amen.

146. I ask that the Lord will order your steps in His word in this new month and iniquity will not prevail over you.

147. Let the Spirit of wisdom fill your soul, and help you to apply the necessary prudence to amount to greatness in life.

148. Your mouth shall be filled with laughter this month. No cause for the pain of any sort in the name of Jesus.

149. Let God’s angels minister to you the substance of the throne of God. Let them supply you with the vital materials you require to deliver your destiny. Amen.

150. As my mum delights in you and put her whole trust in you. Grant her the desire of her heart, dear Father. It’s of your pleasure to give her the kingdom.

Prayer to Start a New Month

How well you begin your month determines how well it will end. The beginning of the month should not be handled with levity. It must be started well. Prayer to start the new month is the best way you could start your month and program it with a glorious end from the beginning.

Engaging the power of prayer at the beginning of a new month is how to succeed at end of the month before you begin it at all. All the benefits and potentials that are loaded in the new month can only be explored through declarations.

151. Good God, I come to you in the attitude of thanksgiving to say thank you for the privilege of life to see another month healthily. Be exalted, dear Father.

152. Thank you, God, for my family and friends with whom you’ve shown your mercy over the previous months. Thank you for your blessings over their lives.

153. Father satisfy us with your mercy in this month, let the miracle of mercy be exceedingly great in our lives in the name of Jesus.

154. Let every day of this month be loaded with the benefits of heaven, let the earth yield maximally to me and my family in the name of Jesus.

155. Father as we move through this month, let everything be glorious for us as people and our country as a nation in the name of Jesus.

156. Grant us smooth sail, clear the ways for us as your precious children. Make everything happen according to your plans for us. Amen.

157. Let this month be the best month I have ever had. This one shall be better than the previous months in the name of Jesus.

158. Let your angels go before me and level every mountain that might make the flight very difficult for me. Let them lead me into the place you’ve prepared for me.

159. Let angelic activities be on the increase in my life more than ever before. May they carry me upon their wings until your purpose is achieved in my life.

Happy New Month Blessings Quotes

160. Grant me a milestone breakthrough that will change the story of my life positively and completely. Let your wonders break out in my life.

161. Whatsoever that is bent in my life shall receive a divine adjustment. God’s finger will rewrite everything that has been wrongly spelled in my life.

162. Let everything representing the gate of brass and bars of iron in my life be put asunder in the name of Jesus the Lord.

163. The wealth of this earth is hidden in secret. I ask that you will open my eyes to the riches that are laid up upon the earth.

164. It’s your power to give wealth and give strength unto all. Empower me for wealth creation and acquisition in the name of Jesus.

165. Shine your light upon my eyes. Let me see light in your light. Make me see the opportunity that abounds around me.

166. Your word says, “Remember not the former things, neither remember the things of old, behold I will do a new thing” I ask for the emergence of a new thing in my life in the name of Jesus.

167. Teach my fingers to fight and my hands to fight so that no enemy will prevail over me. My hands shall be stronger than the hands of those who rose against me.

168. Let your hand strengthen me so that I can have a superhuman performance this month in the name of Jesus.

169. I ask that this month will usher me into a higher glory, greater influence, and bigger riches in the name of Jesus.

170. Let this month convey lasting joy and unending peace into my life. They shall be with me permanently in the name of Jesus.

New Month Prayer for Family and Friends

171. Let good news without numbers break forth into your life both in your business, career, ministry, and family generally. Amen.

172. Let the limitations and challenges of the previous months be forgotten in your life. Your story shall change for better in the name of Jesus. Happy new month!

173. Everything that has been tagged impossible due to economical limitations, shall all be solved this month.

174. Your health spring forth like the noonday. Receive wellness in every part of your body system. Your cells, tissues, organs, and systems shall function properly in the name of Jesus.

175. Every need is met. Every mission is implemented, every goal is achieved, and every vision is accomplished in the name of Jesus.

176. You shall not understand boundaries this month. You shall experience greatness without borders in the name of Jesus Christ.

177. Father, manipulate times and seasons in their favor. Let the nature and events of the month come to side with me.

178. I decree you shall not suffer a loss this month. Every venture of yours in this month shall be brought to maximum profit unto you in the name of Jesus.

179. Father, compensate and restore unto me the month cankerworm has eaten up. Every fortune that has been lost, let them be restored in double folds.

180. Let them not labor and another inherit it. Let them not wander away. Lead and teach them to make a profit in this month in the name of Jesus. Amen.

181. Prosper us together in all that we do in this new month, let your blessings be evident in our lives. Amen.

182. Let your name be glorified in our lives this month. Do a new thing in our lives by your mercy. Amen.

Oh yes! You have been looking for New month quotes and prayer points! And there you have them at your disposal. I’m sure you have mixed these prayers with faith in your heart which undoubtedly guarantees your answers. God whom you serve with your spirit is prayer-answering God and He’s committed to responding to your declarations.

Just the same way you have been blessed so you should be an outlet of blessings to someone. How do you do this? By sharing this with your family, friends, and loved ones. Your social media platform is a good platform to share this. Do not forget to let me know how this has been of help to you through the comment box.

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