Thank You Birthday Message to God Family and Friends

100 Thank You Birthday Message to God Family and Friends

Congratulations! I have completed another 365 days on earth! It is essential that on a day like this after greeting myself, I render a thank you birthday message to God family and friends for bringing me thus far, granting me the grace to be alive and the moral support I enjoy from family. On this page, you’ll find birthday thank you message sayings and messages.

Often as humans, we easily take things for granted. It is profitable for you to know the power and importance of gratitude by giving thanks to God for another year. As you celebrate God for all things, you should also appreciate men for their impact on your lives.

Sending appreciation birthday messages to God, family, and friends is necessary to show gratitude to God and friends. God has sent the most incredible people to your life as friends and has placed them in strategic positions to be a source of joy and blessing to you all through your journey so far. These people ought to be appreciated.

Thank God for Another Year Happy Birthday to Me

It’s good and acceptable before God to seize this golden moment to express your endless gratitude to God for considering you worthy to be alive in sound health and great joy. Birthday appreciation to God and friends help you achieve this. You can make do with emotional thank you messages for birthday wishes to express your gratefulness to God and friends.

1. Lord, thank you so much for illuminating my life and giving me peace. I thank you for blessing me through the wonderful friends you have placed in my life. I will forever be grateful to you for the gift of men.

2. I am overwhelmed with the love I received today on my birthday. I am so grateful to God for keeping me and my friends for this long. Thank you for all your blessings in my life! Happy birthday to me

3. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say a big thank you to all my friends for making my day a memorable one, and of course God for making it possible.

4. Thank you God for a chance of another 365 days in life, I’m grateful to all my friends for being a part of it. May you all be rewarded. Amen.

5. Deepest thanks to God, my colleagues, co-workers, and friends that celebrated me on my day. May God reward you all.

6. Lord, it is of your mercy and grace that I’m still alive to witness today, thank you for all that you have done for me.

7. Thank you God because it is only you who has made me have the breath to breathe this day. I will never be ungrateful to you for your wonderful work in my life.

8. Life is conceived and breathing is given only by you God, thank you because I  have life and breath! It can only be by your doings.

9. On a day of celebration like this when one has been given grace by God to witness another birthday, my endless gratitude is to you the father of great mercy.

10. Thinking of how you have been bearing me through on your wings has been so amazing. I can’t thank you enough for this show of goodness and mercy towards me and all that I do.

Thanksgiving for Birthday Wishes

11. I have walked through waters and floods yet you have always been there to show me the way out of all the situations I have found myself in. Thank you for your uncommon favor in my life.

12. Who could have made a way where there is no possible way out if not God almighty who specializes in doing wonders without numbers? I’m deeply grateful for all your investments in my life.

13. Nothing could be worth using as an object of gratitude to God as the fruit of my lips, giving Him thanks without cessation. I say thank you dear Father for all you do for me.

14. I thank my earthly father and family for their care and love but much more to my heavenly father, I say thank you for all you are to me.

15. Faithful and merciful God will you be called because of your benevolence and careful watch over my soul. Thank you, darling Jesus.

16. In hopeless situations, you have always given me hope, in times of difficulties, you have always been there for me. Only you can do this for me, Abba, Father.

17. I come in the multitude of your mercy to say thank you benevolent father for all you do. You’re worth to be glorified, Jesus.

18. The life that you have given me will be used for your Glory and praise in the land of the living. Nothing will take me away from you.

19. I know my times are in your hands and my future is secured with you. I leave everything in your hand, take over, my great God.

20. All honor, glory, blessings, and adoration are unto you the most merciful and gracious Father for all that you represent to me. Thank you, Jesus.

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Speech of Gratitude to God

Life is not deserved, life is a gift and blessing from God. The one who has given you life as a blessing from Him deserves all the glory and praise. Speech of gratitude to God helps you express your heartfelt gratitude to the creator of all the ends of the earth.

Thank you birthday message to God, family, and friends does only excites God and your friends, it also helps them to do more for you and be more committed to the affairs of your life. If you are grateful, you will always get more.

21. Thank you God for giving me another day in the land of the living, another chance to grow and become better. I praise you for all you do for me.

22. Thank you, for being there for me all the while, and thank you for never leaving me alone and always loving me the way I am.

23. Thank You, God, for showering me with a beautiful life and blessings from your throne. I am forever grateful to you for this life. Thank God for everything in my life, your name is praised.

24. Thank you Dear God for making my life blissful and peaceful. I give you all the credits due to your name. Thank you for all the countless blessings you have given me all days of my life.

24. Saying thank you is little for all the joy and happiness you have given me along with my loved ones. But all I still can say is thank you, Lord, for my birthday. 

25. I’m still alive today in sound health and in perfect condition. I’m forever blessed to have you as my loving Father. Thank you for another day of life and a beautiful experience.

26. Thank you, God, for always aiding me out and giving me the patience and wisdom to deal with everything that comes my way. I’m deeply grateful.

27. I appreciate you for giving me a life filled with blessings and amazing people, all your works are greatly endless. Thank you Jesus for my birthday. 

28. The existence in this life has no meaning without you, God. I’m grateful for knowing you and knowing my purpose in you. Be praised forevermore.

29. Your excellence is great and it’s glaring all over me. I cherish this precious gift of your favor radiating all over my life.

30. Everything in my life is worth thanking you for. You’re the one who knows the best out of every situation and season. Be praised in the highest.

31. Keeping me alive has allowed me to be a better version of myself, great Father, thank you for all you’re doing for me.

32. I don’t deserve every blessing you’ve been bringing to my table each day of my life, your grace has counted me worthy. Thank you, dear God and Father.

33. Thank you for the privilege you have given me to be a partaker of all the blessings that are hidden in you. I’m grateful to you forever and ever.

34. It will take an eternity to talk of all the wondrous works that you have shown me and my family. I will keep talking of your goodness forever.

35. Thank you for giving me the strength to overpower the challenges that come my way and become a better person. Be praised in the highest.

36. Every second I have spent has been meaningfully spent because you have been my abiding shepherd in the days of confusion. Thank you, dear God.

37. Thank you for giving me the required knowledge and wisdom to lead my life in a perfect and enviable way. I’m grateful to you forever.

38. Thank you for all the good things that have been happening to me in my life, my business, and my family. May your goodness continue to happen to me.

39. You put a smile on my face, you put joy in my heart, you put money in my pocket, and peace in my home. Thank you, Father.

40. I have come to say thank you, my dear Father, I’m that little child you have helped to come this far in life. Thank you, my God, and my Father.

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Thank You Birthday Message to Family and Friends

41.  I’m thankful to you my friends and loved ones for always being there for me during each moment of my life. Your support is noteworthy. I’m grateful to you all, thank you everyone for your warm wishes. 

42. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to celebrate me on my special day, thank God for your life and your show of love. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.

43. To my great family and friends, thank you for lavishing me with love and gifts. May the Lord replenish you always.

44. Your light has been a guide to my pathway, thank you for guiding me with all the required knowledge and wisdom to go the right way. Thanks for making my birthday so special my love

45. I thank God for the great favor and gifts that I have received from all of you, may the Lord replenish you and add more blessings to you.

Birthday Thank You Message to God and Family

46. Things have happened to me that I couldn’t comprehend but your God’s faithfulness and your individual help have always borne me through every thin and thick. Thank you, everyone!

47. I have come before God in humility of heart to say thank you for the things around my life both the seen and the unseen, for the great family and friends He has given me.  Dear family and friends, I pray that joy shall not depart from your life. Amen!

48. Who can love me like you, who can care about me like you? No one is due of praise and adoration like our great God. To you be all the glory and honor.

49. God is the best Father I could ever have, and you friends, and family are the best gifts I could ever receive from Him. Thank you family and friends for staying true to me. I’m grateful!

50. To everyone who has been a blessing and support to my life over the past years, I’m deeply grateful for where I am now and where I will yet be. Thank you all for being a support system all the way!

Thanking God for Another Year of Life Quotes

Gratitude can never be too much, it should be a way of life for everyone who truly knows the wonders of God in their lives. We get happy when God blesses us but God gets excited when we bless Him in return through our thanksgiving.

Who else deserves our highest praise if not our God in the heavens who does all things according to the good pleasure of His will? His name is praised forevermore!

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51. I’m so excited and grateful for another year because it’s another chance to look back and be filled with gratitude unending. Thank you for another year of life.

52. This is another opportunity to say thank you to God and also make amendments to everything that I have not done well in the years past. I’m grateful for seeing this day.

53. Making the most of that which God has freely given is a strong reason to be grateful. Such an opportunity is not given to everyone. I’m grateful because He has counted me worthy.

54. Words cannot be articulate enough to properly express my gratitude for yet another year to make better choices. I know I will do well in this new year.

55. Years keep coming and going, yet you are unfading and unchanging. I’m fully grateful for this new year, happy birthday to me.

56. I appreciate you for the sound health and sound mind to journey this far in Life. You’re indeed a loving and worthy father.

57. Yes, there have been painful moments, and Yes, there are having trying times but amidst all these, I have a chance to experience another year in this life.

58. You’re the true sense that makes life meaningful, without you, life wouldn’t make any sense at all. For making life meaningful, I’m grateful.

59. I do not deserve all the benefits you have loaded my life with, I’m grateful for the completion of another circle of 365 days.

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60. This is a new year full of hope, better potential, great accomplishment, and the actualization of dreams. For all these, I’m grateful!

61. I thank you dear God for the grace to be able to successfully walk through this year and begin another one. Be praised forevermore.

62. Seeing a new day is worthy of celebration and gratitude, how much more a year. God, thank you for another year in this life.

63. My life is only worth it because I have been given as a gift by God. This gift of life is deeply appreciated, darling Father.

64. I can’t simply express sufficient thanksgiving to my father in heaven for the blessing of another year. All I want to say is thank you, Lord.

65. I live to give praise to your holy name in my lifetime. As long as I breathe, I will always worship you, dear great God.

66. I have reasons to be thankful for the uncommon privilege I have enjoyed in the past years of my life. I say thank you and I believe you for another.

67. It’s good we give thanks for all things, the blessings, health, and favors all around but most importantly, it’s good we give thanks for the gift of life.

68. The things I have been denied in the past year could be painful but yet I’m still grateful to God for making me see this life.

69. Waking up to see a new year today is amazing. I have looked forward to this day and here I have it in sound health and great joy. Thank you, great God.

70. I’m deeply indebted to express my thanks to you for all that I have and what’s coming on the way. Thank you, God, for the privilege of the new year.

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Thank You Message to God for My Birthday

Make do with these messages to say thank you to God for your birthday.

71. Life is a precious gift and we need to be thankful to God for it in every way. I want to express my endless gratitude to you the father of light.

72. All my treasures and what I have laid up as wealth cannot be compared to the precious gifts of life I have received from you. Thank you for the grace for another life.

73. Of all that I have and all that I am, I’m sincerely and eternally grateful to you God. Thank you for this precious year.

74. I may not have as much as I wanted but I’m grateful for the breath that I take without cost. Thank you for another year of my life.

75. Thank you for lightening my path and giving me directions in the time I seem confused. Glory be to you in the highest.

Thanking God for My Birthday

76. I’m grateful for your never-failing protection over my life and family. Only you can do this, dear God. It’s new a day and I rejoice in it.

77. You have been the one preserving me, my properties, my family, my business, and everything of importance to me. Thank you for another year of life given to me.

78. This is the completion of another new year entirely that only you can give. Great God and father, you’re worthy of all the praise in the highest. Amen.

79. Your sufficiency in my life has put me in a position where I have had more than enough. You’re indeed a faithful Father in every way.

80. Your love for me cannot be quantified. How intelligent could I be to be able to measure it? No way, I cannot. This is why I’m deeply grateful to you God.

81. You have taken away sorrow and anguish from my life, thank you for filling my life with joy unspeakable, full of glory.

82. There is nothing more amazing and exciting than having you almighty God as my standby all the times of my life. To you alone, I give all honor for taking me as I am.

83. I have learned never to take for granted the gift of life, the gift of love, the gift of sound health, and the gift of people. This is the reason I’m forever grateful to you, God almighty.

84. Life is precious and it is to be treasured. The privilege of being alive is great and exciting. It’s God who has made this a possibility. Thank you so much, dear God.

Thank You God for Giving Me Another Year of Life

85. This is a brand new year I have never been to before. This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in my sight. I rejoice in my God exceedingly.

86. Everything may not have been as planned out but at least I still got life, I still got the joy, I still got peace. All glory to you in the highest.

87. You have crowded my life with wonderful people that have made my life worth it. I give you thanks for the gift of men. Glory to you in the highest.

88. I will never be so obsessed with the future that I will not be grateful for the present moment. Only you deserve all the glory in my life

89. I thank you for every difficult time I have experienced, dear God. My eyes have been opened to see the lessons I have to learn from them. Thank you for teaching me wisdom through Life.

90. Thank you for yet another year, there is no way I could pay for all the benevolence in my life and all that concerns me. I’m grateful, Lord.

91. This is a new year the Lord has made, I have chosen to rejoice and enjoy every moment. I receive grace to make all the difference in this new season of my life.

92. Blessings embedded in this new year are all mine, I shall not miss any of them. I’m grateful for the better things that you have prepared for me.

93. I’m not here to ask for anything but to give you praise purely for what you have done in the past years. My heart is ever full of thanksgiving unto you my God.

94. I never would have made it without you. Thank you great God for yet another life in this flesh. I’m grateful, dear God.

95. I’m more than grateful to the father of mercies who glories and does all His works in mercy and truth. Be lifted high forevermore.

96. I count myself blessed and favored to have a father whose love and affection are this much on me. Thank you great and merciful God.

97. Everything about me, my past, my present, my future is in your hands, dear Jesus. Take charge and never let me down.

Thank You Birthday Message to God Family and Friends Quotes

98. A birthday comes but once a year. This celebration should be coupled with thoughtfulness and thankfulness. As we celebrate, we must meditate. This will help us prepare for the years ahead of us.

99. Life is a precious gift and it must be appreciated as one. Gratitude is one of the secrets of longevity. Be grateful for where you are so that you can get to where you should be.

100. Praise the Lord, appreciate the people, and pray for your future. This is how to prepare for the new year you have been privileged to see. Have a wonderful celebration.

Birthday Appreciation to God and Friends

Here are appreciation prayers for birthday wishes which you can express to God and your friends all around.

101. To God my creator and the lover of my soul, I’m here to give you thanksgiving as a token of my appreciation to you for another privilege of life.

102. Thank you for giving me grace for life and also keeping my friends alive in peace of mind. To you alone be praised forevermore.

103. I wish you were a God who has pleasure in sacrifices, I would have loved to offer you one. All I have to say is thank you, Lord.

104. All the friends who have been there to keep tap with me on this special day, I appreciate you, Lord. May the heavens appreciate you all for me.

105. I have received several credit alerts today that I cannot even count. I give thanks to you Lord who has initiated willingness in the heart of men to give to me and I also appreciate men who also yielded.

106. My birthday has come and it will soon go but God is the same forever. I rejoice in you Lord who has blessed me greatly.

107. I’m not only alive but also in peace and sound health. This is nothing but a gift of mercy from your throne to me. I’m forever thankful.

108. Dear Lord, thank you for being there for me at a time when no one can stand for me. You are a faithful God.

109. I’m happy to be alive today, I rejoice in God my salvation. May your name be praised forevermore. Amen.

110. To all my good friends, words would never be good enough to express my gratitude to you all. May the Lord thank you all on my behalf with heavenly blessings.

I can see the excitement on your face saying thank you birthday message to God, family, and friends. This is indeed a new year for you because you’ve started it all in thanksgiving and great gratitude to God the giver of life. Make it your point of duty to always give thanks to God.

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