Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

70 Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

Birthdays are times to celebrate with family and friends. Such moments come with lots of wishes from well-wishers. There are inspirational birthday wishes and hilarious birthday wishes for best friends you can find on this page to celebrate your best friends and loved ones. This adds fun to the birthday celebration and makes it a memory to cherish forever.

We are humans and life happens sometimes. We need people we cherish to help us navigate our highs and lows. why can’t you try sending hilarious birthday wishes to your best friend? Believe me, your friend will laugh all through the day. You’re probably thinking of what to send. You don’t want to send the usual birthday wishes but you want to send something unique such as these birthday wishes.

Are you eager to wish your friend well on his/her birthday and you don’t know where to get them? You’re in the right place as hilarious birthday wishes for your best friend were put together for you. Try them and see how your friend will appreciate the wishes so much.

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Wishing your friend funny expressions on his/her birthday has a powerful way of energizing your relationship with your friend. heart touching birthday wishes for a friend are wishes with which you can reach your best friend’s heart.

1. You’re indeed a special person and my life has changed so much ever since you became my friend. I cherish our friendship so much and will not exchange it for anything. Happy Birthday to you, bestie.

2. To have a wonderful friend like you is heavenly. Thank you for being a life changer. Happy birthday to you.

3. There was a time I was happy with the way my life is but when I met you, you pumped me with happiness. May your sunshine never wane.

4. I wish I could gift you with the sun to illuminate our friendship more but you are the sun itself. Happy birthday, friend.

5. Today I am wishing a special person a happy birthday. I can’t imagine myself doing things without you.

6. One of the best relationships that can make you a better person is friendship. See how you’ve brought out of me a better me. Happy birthday.

7. Today I am celebrating two things; another year that’s added to your life and another year to our great friendship. More joy to you, bestie. Wishing you a happy birthday.

8. Great friends like you deserve the best things in life. May the ocean of good things flood your life, my friend.

9. To have you in my life is to be blessed. You’re an embodiment of blessing dear.

10. A very happy birthday to the most special person in my life. You alone know me inside out, you alone know how to counsel me in times of distress.

11. For my special pal who has been with me through the highs and lows, you deserve more than just a happy birthday. Thank you for being with me.

12. Friend, there’s nothing more beautiful and great than the love you’ve shown me. Happy Bday pal.

13. I wish you happiness and love every second. Have a splendid birthday celebration.

14. Birthdays come every year but a friend like you comes once in a lifetime. Your kind is rare. Happy Birthday to you.

15. Some friends are like the seasons, they stay for a while and leave but you’ve been with me forever. Thank you for this. Happy birthday to you.

16. It’s impossible to describe how I feel about you. You’re such an amazing person. I wish you much love on your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

17. I consider you to be my best friend as you’ve shown me what being a friend is so for being such a great person, I am wishing you great things in life. Happy Birthday to you.

18. Our friendship is not written on paper nor is written on stone nor the sky for these things shall fade but our friendship is carved upon each other’s hearts. It’s hidden in our memories. Have a wonderful birthday.

19. Hurray! today’s your birthday. Another year is added to our blossoming friendship.

20. Friendship is beautiful. You’re beautiful. Happy Birthday to you my friend.

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Heart Touching Birthday Poems for Best Friend

To reach your best friend’s heart, you need wonderful lines of poetry for your friends. They do not have to be complex but simple and let them carry your love. These poems cover birthday poems for a best friend.

21. In this poem,

You’ll find my heart dancing for you.

In this poem,

You’ll find the words breathing. They breathe

For you, it’s your birthday friend.

22. Happy Birthday to you dear

I wish I could cage the sun and hand it to you.

These lines can’t hold all my love for you.

Happy birthday dearie

23. You’re more beautiful than the dawn of a new morning

Your love shines brighter than the sun

Happy birthday

24. Today,

I will climb Kilimanjaro

I will say loud and clear;

I love you, friend! Happy birthday!

25. Hard but firm,

Soft but strong,

You pushed me to dream big today,

I declare you my true friend.

Have a great day today.

26. One thing I ask,

That you may live forever

That I may live forever

And I write these lines

To speak of our friendship.

27. You’re the sky that

Rains waters to slake my

Thirsty earth.

Just as the sky can’t roll away,

May our friendship never roll away.

Have a blast today, friend.

28. Your love is a magnet

That draws me to you.

We are bound in it.

Wish you a happy birthday

29. When grief dug its claws into my soul

I looked at the sky

And I saw a rainbow

That rainbow took me to itself

It said its name is hope

In hope, I saw your name.

Happy birthday, friend.

30. A day, when shared with you,

Is always fresh like palm wine tapped

From the palm tree’s breasts.

Forever, you will be my friend.

31. With you by my side, I can hold

The wheels of my dreams so dear

With you by me, I can stand tall.

32. Wishing you more joys that

Man can experience

More peace beyond mortal understanding

33. Darkness built a wall around me

Beyond the wall, I saw the sun rising

In its beaming rays, the wall of darkness crumbled

In the rays, I found you.

Happy birthday to my treasured friend.

34. Cut the cakes

Blow the candles

Let’s carry you high

You’re a great one

35. On this day,

I renew our friendship

You were made for heights

Happy birthday to you.

36. How do I write these lines?

How do I make them rhyme?

You’re worth more than lines and rhymes

Happy great birthday to you, best friend.

37. You’ve crossed into another year

May you attain heights.

38. This is a tender moment.

I declare my love for you

For you more than the sky.

Friend, happy birthday.

39. You’re such a deep well of wisdom.

Out of you, every day I draw.

You’re such a large clear river.

In you, every day I want to bathe.

Wishing a happy birthday with much love

40. You’re the love itself

Displaying so much passion

A rare gem.

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Cool Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Birthdays are cool days so you are looking for cool birthday wishes for a friend? You’re right about coming here. It’s his/her birthday, send cool wishes to spice up their day. They will appreciate you. Trust me.

To make your friend’s heart glow with love, there’re cool birthday wishes for your great friend. Just check out the list.

41. You’re a rare gem, a special breed, and a kind being. Happy Birthday.

42. Friend, thank you for being the perfect definition of love. Happy Birthday.

43. My sincere wishes to you this day dude. Glow and blow in prosperity.

44. You see you don’t have to be an old man all the man. Act strong! It’s your birthday.

45. When I remember the stuff we did back then, I can’t believe we are still alive to celebrate this day.

46. Today we celebrate ourselves. We’re younger and older today, Happy birthday.

47. You should be happy with your age. You are aging in grace and very soon, you’ll be receiving heavy discounts at the grocery store.

48. You’ve reached another age. Wow! Happy Birthday to the coolest guy in town.

49. Great people like you sweeten the world and make it a better place. Thank you for being a hero.

50. As some people age, they decrease in wit but you’ve still got your wit juices.

51. Some people do not know their worth so they are trampled upon. You know your worth and you’re doing what you love.

52. You’re a great fellow pal. Honestly, I am glad I met you.

53. Do you know what I think? I think you are the oldest person in the world but you’re going…kidding, have fun today.

54. A toast to this day. I do hope your day is fantastic and great.

55. More wine, please! It’s my friend’s bday. Let’s merry. Happy birthday, friend.

56. May your life be forever full of sunshine, rainbow, and water. Happy birthday. Pass me that cake, please.

57. It’s your birthday again. I am out of wishes but all I can say is… I love you!

98. Friend, blow out the candles. The firefighters are here to fight the fire.

59. It’s your birthday. Eat like no one’s watching. Social media is asleep.

60. You owe no man. Jump, shout, scream, love and eat. It’s your day

Famous Funny Birthday Quotes

61. A man is getting old when he’s walking around bending instead of standing up straight.

62. Age is a number and yours is unlisted. Your age only advances you, it does not diminish you.

63. Age is simply a mindset about a matter. If you don’t mind, it wouldn’t matter.

64. The best way to forcefully remember your wife’s birthday is to mistakenly forget it once. I bet you, you will never forget it again.

65. Celebrate your birthday and your birthday will give you a memory you will never forget.

66. A birthday is just the first day of the beginning of another 365 journeys around the sun’s orbit. Enjoy the trip.

67. Aging seems to be the only way to remind yourself you are no longer young.

68. When I was young, I remembered everything without struggles, now it’s not as before.

69. They say age is all a number. Anyway, it’s beyond a number for everyone who can be honest with themselves

60. Age has made your brain so cloudy that you forgot your birthday. Anyway, happy bday

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