Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text

101 Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Texts and Quotes

One of the most special days in a man’s life is his birthday, it is usually celebrated once a year. It is imperative to carefully choose happy birthday wishes simple text which can make a dear one feel loved and special. A handwritten birthday message coated with adoration and love could be an excellent gift to make the day memorable.

Birthday affords us the chance to celebrate a loved one and express the value they have brought into our lives. Whichever way you want to express your love and appreciation, attach a card to their gift or send a direct happy birthday simple text to celebrate with them. This will communicate your thoughts to them effectively.

Celebrating and rejoicing with people on their birthdays is usually sweet and lovely, it changes that day and gives them unforgettable memories for the rest of the year. Happy Birthday wishes simple text to a loved one gives him/her a pleasant feeling all day long. Here you have well-articulated birthday wishes to celebrate your friends, lovers, and loved ones.

Birthday Wishes for your Favourite Person

Hurray, it’s my favorite birthday, anyone who is blessed to have such an amazing individual in their life knows that birthdays are the right time to celebrate such an asset. Select from these birthday wishes for a favorite person to celebrate with him/her.

If you are looking for happy birthday text to add color to the special day of a special one in your life, these collections below will help you show how much you care for and love him/her.

1. What a beautiful privilege to witness this special day of yours, it’s so exciting to know such an amazing person like you. I wish you on this earth a sweet happy birthday, may the memory of this day be sweet for you.

2. You have been amazing all these years, you deserve the best and I must confess; you mean so much to me. May you increase in greatness.

3. It is a moment of celebration, you are blessed with good health, prosperity, and long life. Have a joyous birthday celebration!

4. You occupied a special place in my heart, you are a dear one to my soul. I celebrate you for your impact and input. The best is very much ahead.

5. Birthday comes once a year, I wish you a lovely and sweetest birthday. Ensure you had the best time with yourself, family, and friends.

6. I celebrate a special one in my life. May all your wishes and aspiration come true. You’re welcome to a season of big surprises.

7. As you grow older, your wisdom will not reduce. May you grow in influence and affluence. Happy birthday, dear Favorite!

8. Cheers to a more wonderful year with a sweet experience. You will not have any reason to sorrow both now and in the coming years.

9. My dearest was given birth to this day several years ago, I cherish your calmness and sweet spirit. Having you around my life is nothing but a blessing. Keep enjoying the best life has for you.

10. Your company is the best! what could I have done without you? I’m privileged to have a great friend like you.

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Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text for Friend

11. Happy birthday! Keep smiling girlfriend, you’re designed to get the best from life, nothing will deny you of such an experience.

12. This new year will bring out the best in you, may you get bigger and better as you advance in age. I wish you a beautiful birthday celebration!

13. Hurray! It’s my sweetie’s birthday, you are getting more beautiful as the year goes by. It’s my desire that your beauty glow more and more.

14. Nothing can take your place in my heart, you have a special place on my inside. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable Friend.

15. Happy birthday dear Brother, you are the best, and I wish you more beautiful years to come.

16. I will forever be grateful to God for giving me the gift of a caring and loving Friend like you. Happy birthday, sweetest Friend in the world.

17. Happy birthday, my dear Colleague, God bless the work of your hands and expand your coast. The blessings of this life are all yours.

18. I wish you all the best on your special day, this will be a birthday to remember. May the joy of this day last you till the next year.

19. Happy birthday amazing Friend, thank you for all you do for me. Your labor and investment in me are recognized. You will experience peace on all sides.

20. Happy birthday Girlfriend, I wish you all-around fruitfulness and success without borders as you advance in age.

Simple Birthday Wishes Quotes

21. May you always have reasons to celebrate daily, your Joy shall increase every day of your next year. I wish you glorious and awesome years ahead.

22. You are one of the few supportive and encouraging friends I have ever met. You have always been there to energize me toward the right course. Thank you for all you do! Happy birthday, Dearie.

23. Cheers to the good and bad memories we had together, you have been amazing all through. You are always preferred and chosen. I celebrate you specially today!

24. I am so blessed to have such a talented and intelligent colleague like you. I wish you all the best in life.

25. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, you are always cherished and loved beyond what I can express in words. The best is yet to come.

26. Happy birthday, Brother, you have stood during hard times as a cover indeed, thanks for going through a lot because of me. Your labor is highly recognized and compensated.

27. You are a great source of inspiration to me, thanks for being there for me always. I appreciate your unflinching commitment to my life.

28. It has been awesome growing up together, life has been beautiful with you by my side. Cheers to your new year.

29. Happy birthday, Dearest, hope there was enough cake for you to celebrate with? Whether cakes or no cake, just celebrate.

30. It’s barely a year since we knew ourselves and it is looking like we have known ourselves for eternity. I cherish you, Sweetheart.

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Happy Birthday Sweet

Is it your lover’s birthday and you want to wish them in a special way? Here are top romantic birthday wishes for lovers that can help thrill your choice and make the day memorable.

31. Happy birthday to my Hero, knowing you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I celebrate the privilege of a relationship with you.

32. I Celebrate my beloved, soulmate, and heart-rob, thanks for choosing me among many others. It’s another sweet year for you.

33. To the woman that stole my heart and make my world interesting, I wish you a fantastic birthday. May you never lose your capacity to be an amazing woman.

34. Since you came into my life, the world has been a better place to live. No one can be as awesome as you are. Happy birthday, Sweetie.

35. Happy birthday, Honey, I’m in love with you, nothing can make me change my heart about you. Be rest assured that I’m with you permanently.

36. I celebrate my Darling, I am always captivated by your love, knowing you, is one of the best experiences I have had in life. Thank you for being an authentic and genuine Lover.

37. Happy birthday to my Baby, your love is irresistible and keeps drawing me to you. Your magnetic love has kept me stuck to you. You are the best gift life has offered me!

Simple Birthday Wishes For the Husband

38. You are truly amazing; you possess all the qualities I admire in a man. Happy birthday, my Darling Husband.

39. You gave me the love and satisfaction that I needed, you indeed complimented me. I celebrate with you and I desire that God’s blessings shall rest on you.

40. Thank you for so many things you are doing I am not even aware of. You don’t only love publicly; you also love secretly. I love you, my Baby.

41. My greatest joy is that I married my best friend. Sweetheart, you have made life a lot easier and the world a better place for me. Have a beautiful celebration!

42. Happy birthday, Sweetie, I long for your kisses because your kisses are sweeter than honey. Let’s have a celebration filled with kisses today.

43. You always make me feel like an angel, thanks for the show of love and care. I celebrate you, my Love. Have a lovely celebration!

44. Happy birthday, Dearie, I want you to know that you are super special to me and your role in my life is irreplaceable and indispensable.

45. You gave me peace and rest of mind which has made my life beautiful both inwardly and outwardly; may you get all you desire in life. This is the least you will ever be!

Smart Birthday Wishes

Here are collections of smart birthday wishes! If you are looking for the best ways to celebrate with your friends, you can as well choose from these long lists of wishes.

Gifts are lovely but sending well-constructed sweet wishes as these, will go a long way in giving your lover or friends an amazing celebration. Spark their day with these awesome wishes and watch them smile endlessly.

46. You are so valuable to me; your birthday is a good time to let you know how important and valuable you are. I treasure you highly, I can’t say it loudly enough.

47. Celebrating your birthday is one of those things that gives me joy and pleasure. This is simply because you are so indispensable to me.

48. As there is no life without challenge, I want to assure you that success is guaranteed all the way. No matter what you go through, be assured that you are winning and getting the best of life.

49. On your birthday, I declare that whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper, Kings and Queens will serve you all the days of your life. May you succeed in all your ventures.

50. You have brought endless joy into my life, you are one of the reasons for my endless happiness, and the joy we share will never cease. Joyous birthday celebration to you, Darling!

51. Your generosity and openness are worth emulating; I declare that men will always arise to meet your needs. You will never lack destiny support.

Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text For Sister

52. Happy birthday to my world’s best Sister like Friend, your decision-making ability is second to none. I cherish you greatly for your fortitude and the courage you exhibit.

53. I celebrate an intelligent chap, witty and innovative individual like you, you are a rare commodity to me personally and your world generally. Happy birthday to you.

54. Your birth was truly purposeful; you have greatly contributed your quota in your sphere of influence and especially to our family. Thank you for all you do! I celebrate you on your special day.

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Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text For Brother

55. On your special day, I hope you get plenty of care and love from friends and family? If not, come around and let me show you some. Happy birthday, Brother.

56. I want to say thank you for staying true and loyal to our family all these years, you truly deserve the best in life. May you not be denied any of your heart desires.

57. You are indeed responsible and you have stood out among your peers. Happy birthday, the most cherished being in my life.

58. May you reap a great harvest of joy and happiness because you have continuously sown seeds of goodness into many lives including mine. I celebrate your special day with you.

59. May great doors of blessing and favor open unto you as you celebrate another year. Everything impossible for you in the previous years shall become possible for you this year. Happy birthday!

60. None of your efforts and labor will go in vain, you will be fruitful on every side. Happy birthday to you.

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Creative Birthday Wishes

61. Congratulations on your birthday, may this year be more prosperous and impactful for you than all your former years.

62. Birthday begins another year of one’s life, as you start this new year with blessings and wonderful surprises, may surprise never stop being in your life. I wish you blessings without borders!

63. I long patiently for this special day of yours to shower you with a lot of gifts and care. You deserve more, I’m coming to deliver your special package.

64. I’m so happy that you have grown over the years, your presence has brightened up everything around me. Thank you so much for always improving yourself. Happy birthday to you.

65. May you get a great harvest on every of your labor, you will not labor in vain. This is your season of harvest and superfluous riches. I’m coming over to take you around the world now. Happy birthday.

66. You will grow smarter and wiser as you increase in age. I wish you all the best life has to present to you. May you not be short of earthly blessings. Have a great celebration!

67. You stood out among many others with admirable character. Your birthday is the period to let you know how wonderful you have been to every life around you. You are blessed for being a blessing to us all.

68. Thank you for being a great source of motivation to me, may God enlarge your coast and cause you to walk in overflowing blessing. The works of your hands are all blessed!

69. Your decision-making ability is second to none, and you are always proactive. I celebrate these great virtues in you. Keep up the good work, the world will yet celebrate you.

70. You’re a great treasure to everyone around you, your birthday ought to be celebrated in grand style. Rejoice exceedingly, everything is working for you.

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Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend

71. This is another year of beautiful beginning for you, may you begin with new strength and wisdom. Amen. I wish you the best birthday ever with a lot of bounties.

72. Happy birthday, my Precious Friend, all your heart desires are granted to you speedily in this new beginning.

73. Happy beautiful beginning to you, Dearest Friend, thank you for the gift of friendship, I value you greatly. I’m always proud of you in every way.

74. Keep being a wonderful person, I wish you many happy returns on this birthday. You are exceptionally beautiful in your soul.

75. I hope your birthday is full of wonderful surprises, and I wish you a fulfilling year to come. I know you are great but the best is still yet ahead of you.

76. Happy birthday dearest Friend, I hope this year brings all your hopes and aspirations to pass. You will not be disappointed in any of your desires in life.

77. May you always have reasons to smile today and celebrate exceedingly. Happy birthday, Handsome Friend.

78. You are indeed a loyal friend, and you have built this loyalty over the years. I celebrate your good heart and sincerity. I celebrate you greatly today because you are so special in every sense.

79. There is no dullness around you, you have a charming and inviting attitude. I celebrate these virtues about you.

80. You are such a rare personality; I will do everything to keep you for life. Happy birthday, Dear.

Birthday Wishes for Someone You Love

81. Happy birthday, my Darling Friend, you are a person of sweet spirit whom I really love to be with, I wish you all the best in life.

82. As you celebrate another year today, may God increase your greatness and give you rest roundabout. Happy birthday.

83. I’m happy seeing you grow up to this level, keep growing. May the good Lord smile on you and give you blessings without borders. happy birthday to my Dearest.

84. Your birthday reminds me of how much you mean to me, you are such an invaluable personality I can’t trade for anything. Happy Birthday, Sweetest Friend who ever lived!

85. You are one of the brightest people I know, keep shining on. May you shine brighter till the perfect day!

86. Thank you for always putting smiles on my face and always giving me reasons to smile. I celebrate you on your special day.

87. Each year you celebrate your birthday makes my love for you come alive again. Your birthday celebration is an awesome moment I always can’t wait for. You are the best.

88. I celebrate you on this special day of yours, and I wish to be there to celebrate this special day with you. I’m sure it’s going well already.

89. Your amazing personality has made everyone wants to be around you; the world will be better if we have a whole lot of people like you. I love you deeply, happy birthday to my best friend.

90. You are super adventurous; I have been exposed to so many things because of you. I love you; I can’t hide it.

Birthday Quotes for Someone Very Special

91. Happy birthday to the most lovely person in my life, you have put up with many unpleasant attitudes in me. I celebrate you greatly for this sacrifice.

92. You are purposeful, I celebrate the fact that you make every day count and worthwhile. Words can’t be weighty enough to celebrate you.

93. You are such a great friend who has left an indelible mark upon my heart, I will forever value and treasure you.

94. I wish you all year round of laughter and happiness. Everything that represents sorrow is all gone far away from you. Happy birthday, Sweetest.

95. Life is more easier and fun with you, I celebrate my one-in-a-million friend. Every friend in my is important but you are important.

96. To an indefatigable and hardworking friend, I want to express my birthday wishes. May years be added to your years.

97. You have been a great blessing to me, I can’t deny it. This is a special day in your life where I can be a blessing too. I celebrate you greatly, keep reigning in life!

98. Happy birthday, dear Friend, may the journey ahead of you be filled with a sweet and memorable experience.

99. This new birthday will usher you into your season of joy, greatness, prosperity, connection, and underserved promotion. Happy birthday, my Dearest.

100. You are a wonderful and awesome person; I hope your birthday will as awesome as you are. Welcome to your new beginning.

101. Everything that has not been working before now will begin to work speedily. God will perfect all that concerns you. You’re always celebrated. I love you.

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I can see you have sent across sweet birthday messages to the important people in your life. Share with as many as possible.

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