I Love You My Life

52 I Love You My Life Messages and Quotes

Love is life, life is love. You are not enjoying life yet until you are loved and in love. Loving your lover in the figure of a wife or husband is loving your life. You do yourself so much favor when you love your spouse genuinely and unconditionally.

Love is never silent, love has expressions. Quite a few people are in love but don’t know how to communicate it.  In the nature and practice of love, love is meant to both be shown and communicated in words. I love you my life messages are put together to help you communicate your deep feelings to your spouse.

Words are powerful, no one jokes with words and has the best experience in marriage. If love must not die, it must be watered with the solvent of the right words. Telling your spouse or potential spouse that he/she is in your life sends lasting impressions down his/her nerves and strengthens her commitment to you. This should make you intentional about the use of I love you messages.

Are you in search of romantic I love you messages to make your partner obsessed with you? Here are such love messages on this page. Everything is at your disposal for free, use them judiciously.

Sweet Love Words for Boyfriend

Sweet words to someone you love show how valuable they are to you. Sending sweet words to your boyfriend makes him refreshing, happy, and ready for life.

Love is an emotion that keeps people bonded and committed to one another. Express it in words as much as possible with these I love you my life messages!

1. My world, the moment you step into my life, your love covers all my pains. I love you so much and I won’t stop doing so!

2. You came into my life and I feel completed and perfected all because of your presence. Keep staying with me.

3. Knowing you makes me know what true love is. English dictionary isn’t rich enough to define love as you do.

4. Thank you for being part and parcel of my life’s journey. My love for you is constant and unchanging.

5. Every time we talk makes me love you the more, your words are filled with honey. You make my belly sweet all day!

6. It’s always a privilege that our paths have crossed, I won’t let you go for any reason. I’m with you forever!

7. Thanks for illuminating my world, you make everything different beyond my expectations. Keep doing the good work you love doing!

8. Your love gives me greater happiness and joy. No one else could give me a beautiful feeling like this. You are the sweetest being in the world.

9. Every day with you, has always been a wonderful experience. The more days I have spent with you, the more of it I want to have.

10. When you step into my life, you make everything possible and smooth for me. Thank you for being true to your duties!

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Thank You to My Husband

Make do with these words to appreciate your husband for every good work done to you and for you.

11. Thank you for always relieving me of all the stress I have passed through during the day. You’re my rest, Darling!

12. There is no time I don’t feel your presence in my heart. You reverberate every second! You are so sweet to my soul!

13. Your love begins to grow bigger, stronger, sweeter, and, larger in my heart. Loving you is pleasant to my soul.

14. Thanks for always being my rock and my inspiration, your kind words keep me going, this is appreciated.

15. Every time I close my eyes or open my eyes, I always see you. You’re always in the picture every time. Thank you for being mine!

16. Your care, kindness, and faithfulness are breathtaking. You’re the perfect man for me, Darling!

17. My love for you will never end, I will continue to love and cherish you whether convenient or not. I’m committed to you forever!

18. Thank you for feeling the space in my heart. You’re the right person in my inner space. I won’t let you go.

19. Words are not enough to tell you how important and valuable you are in my life. You make loving you very easy for me.

20. Your love gives me an understanding of what love is and how women should be treated. Nobody else can do it better than you.

21. You are not just my husband, you are my sheltered, my life, my joy, and my confidence. Thank you for being everything that a man should be to me.

Good Night Love Quotes for Him

After a hectic day, your husband or boyfriend deserves to observe His rest from the stress of the day. Help him rest well by sending good night love quotes to Him.

22. It’s nighttime already, I will like to disturb you this night so that you do not sleep. Please don’t sleep tonight for love’s sake.

23. Ensure your mind is full of me before going to bed tonight. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to sleep.

24. Don’t be scared of dreaming about me, who else will you dream about if not me? I’m the woman for the job.

25. Be sensitive at any time because God may drop a revelation about me in your heart. Guess what you’ll see? You washing my clothes! Smiles!

26. My Love, you will always be my dream come true. So, while you go to sleep tonight, dream more about me!

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27. My king, don’t forget to always hear my voice before going to bed. My voice is the sedative that makes you sleep well. You dare not deny it!

28. I have decided to manufacture some dreams for you tonight. One of them is me seeing you loving me more.

29. The day you step into my life, I know that the most funny being has stepped into my life. You stand to be the best all my life!

30. My day will be incomplete without sending funny messages to the love of my life. Goodnight, Dearest!

31. I’m lying to bed tonight with your thoughts filling my head. That’s the most pleasurable thing to me. Good night my Sweet Love!

Thank You Quotes for Girlfriend

Love is great and it thrives more in the atmosphere of appreciation. Appreciation does a lot of good to your woman. Appreciate your girlfriend with the wonderful quotes below.

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32. I’m so happy that I have you in my life as my love. Thank you for your support and for being of great inspiration to me. I love you as ever!

33. Thanks for always making me laugh, you’re good for my health. Just being who you are, I’m grateful!

34. Thanks for giving me the privilege to be a better person, always improving on me, and teaching me how to treat you better.

35. Thanks for all the good words you’ve always spoken to me which are making me become a better person every day. Thank you, Darling!

36. My heart always rejoices to know that you’re always there for me. Your support is highly recognized and appreciated!

37. When it comes to supporting me, you’re always there for me and with me. May God appreciate you on my behalf.

38. I know how uncomfortable it is to take time out of your busy schedule and spend some moments with me. I appreciate you deeply, Girlfriend!

39. I will always appreciate you for giving me the needed backups despite your hectic schedules. I’m in love with you for life.

40. Your understanding about life builds your love more in my heart than any other thing. Thank you, Dear, for staying true to our relationship.

41. Thank you for making me more presentable and beautiful to the world. Your investments are noteworthy!

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I Love You Message for Her

Truly, love is great. I could not have known such if you’ve not shown me. I love you so much, Darling.

42. My life has been filled with blessings by the virtue of your presence in my life. Life is beautiful with you.

43. Thank you for your involvement in my journey in life. Your contribution makes life worth living and goals worth chasing.

44. Thank you for being there for me, even when nothing is attractive. You’re such a committed lover. I love you.

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You Are the Joy of My Life Love Message

45. You are my everything and I will always love you beyond anything I do have in my life. Thank you, Darling, for staying true to your commitment!

46. Thank you for all your kind gestures and generosity. You are the best, Dear. I’m blessed to have you!

47. The encouragement and help I daily get from you cannot be compared to anything else. You’re the best I will ever have!

48. Your devotion and commitment have shown that you truly believe in me. I’ll be my best for you just to make you proud.

49. Thanks to you my King for making me smile, even in my night hours. I always can’t wait for such times because of you.

50. You have been a protector indeed; you’ve typified this in every way. Thank you so much for the sweetness of my life. I appreciate you!

52. You brought joy, peace, and serenity into my world. Thank you for brightening my world and giving me the peace, I enjoy in life.

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Appreciation makes love grow and healthy. When the atmosphere of appreciation is set, love thrives.

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