Painful Message To Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

53 Emotional and Painful Message To Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend to Say You’re Unhappy

Sometimes, the only option you have left is to say goodbye to someone who causes you pain even if you still love him. Staying in an environment where your happiness and sanity are not guaranteed is not so good for your well-being and longevity on earth. Goodbye can be very difficult but this is a difficult decision you have to make to stay happy and healthy. Here are love sad text messages to say goodbye to your boyfriend!

Are you heartbroken and do you want your boyfriend to know the number of heartbreaks he has caused you? It may be hurting to communicate your sad feelings to your boyfriend but it hurts more to keep them to yourself. Make do with this painful message to your boyfriend to let him have a feeling of your pain.

Heartbreak Messages To Your Boyfriend

1. Truly, challenges have happened and have been able to cause a separation between us but I will never forget the moment we had together.

2. What a great memory and a good time shared! Those moments of laughter and playing together will be missed.

3. I will not start to paint you a bad sheep all because challenges have erupted between us. You’re a good guy, I won’t forget you so easily.

4. I tried my possible best to salvage this situation but all to no avail. I don’t like your departure but I don’t have a choice but to let go.

5. Your partnership with me has never left me the same. You’re indeed a great guy whom I can never forget. You’ll be missed deeply.

Hurtful Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

6. I thought living without you would mean a disaster to me but since you have to go, I have learned to be happy alone. I’m coping but deeply missing you.

7. I’m always at my service and I will always be there to give you a helping hand whenever you need one.

8. Truly, I was devastated but efforts have to be made to put myself together and be happy. You’re still being loved!

9. You’ll always have my love and assistance as long as I’m alive. Nothing will change my unconditional service to you.

10. I wish I could give you another opportunity to have a rethink and do things right but the deed has been done. We have to move forward, goodbye.

Sad Love Messages To Make Him Cry

11. Your exit from my life has made loving another man now very difficult for me. I wish I got over this quickly!

12. I accepted that this is meant to be, this may be our fate to go our separate ways. Painful but acceptable!

13. As you journey further in life, I wish you a fulfilling journey ahead and the happiness you crave for.

14. I have come across several people but I seem to love you more than everyone else. This remains true.

15. I didn’t invest my life in yours with caution, I did it without thinking of the consequences. I care more about you than I did for myself.

16. At all costs, I will try to give myself the happiness that I deserve, you were a pioneer of joy in my life but now that you’re gone, I have to make one available for myself.

17. I deeply felt taken for granted and un-cared for by your sudden departure, however, I deserve to be happy with or without you. Bye

18. I never envisioned your departure that’s what makes me get the rudest shocks of my life. It’s no longer a dream that you’re gone, you are truly gone! Bye!

19. My imagination never captured that our love span will be very temporal and short. This is traumatic!

20. It’s never a pleasant thing to me to see that our sweetest love will turn sour overnight. This is a mystery of life that is least expected!

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Text Messages To Show Him You Are Unhappy

21. I have wished severally that I could easily displace the hurting feelings I have about your departure so that I can regain my peace. It’s truly difficult to be done but I have to do that.

22. I’m absolutely unhappy about the whole incident, but what can I do than allow you to have your way?

23. I can’t deny the fact that I’m in pain and it’s affecting me deeply. I often feel like crying but it won’t still solve anything.

24. Your heart is all I wanted but it seems too difficult for you to give. Give me your heart if you can!

25. I wanted to forget about you completely but forgetting you has never been as easy as loving you.

26. Pain sets in when love is gone. I feel this pain this much because the love has all gone.

27. The most painful thing about this moment is the mixed feeling I’m having. I feel the pain of your exit and at the same time a deep love for you.

28. I have never felt as terrible as this, this is the most tragic moment of my life. I will walk through it and be fine.

29. I would be sincere with you about what my feelings are like. I’m not happy about your departure. It’s painful.

30. Even though your decision is made, you have chosen to be with someone else but I still get hurt when I see you around another lady.

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Thank You For Hurting Message

It sounds sarcastic to want to appreciate someone for hurting you. Why do people often do this? People do such to communicate nothing but disappointment.

39. If you were very sensitive, you would have found out that I have not communicated with you for a while now. It’s not because I don’t love you anymore but because you drove me away.

40. I would forget the surprises you offered me through this hurt, it’s rather painful. Thank you for hurting me.

103. If only I could turn back the hands of the clock, I would have created a system that prevents this scenario. You hurt me deeply.

41. My emotions for you were as deep as oceans but you took advantage of them to hurt me without mercy.

42. You’ve shown me that mere love isn’t enough, I have learned how to play with cautions through you. You didn’t do well for hurting me but thanks anyway, I learned my lessons.

43. I confided in you and to that effect, I gave you my all. Unfortunately, you didn’t count all these as anything. I don’t like you for this.

44. How come that you were once the source of my joy now turned to give me pains from the same source? This is a terrible thing to imagine!

45. No matter how much you hurt me I will always love you but now you have given me reasons to act otherwise.

46. I love you so much even when you hurt me I still try to understand you but all my efforts to understand you and create a common ground for both of us were not regarded as anything.

47. Thank you so much for your impact on my life and the hurt you caused me later. I won’t forget both.

Painful Love Text Messages for Her

Do you have a girlfriend you want to express your sad feelings to about what happened between you both? Here are sad messages for her to communicate your pains.

48. Dear ex-girlfriend, truth be told, your departure from my life has not been a good thing for me. I wish I could turn back the hand of the clock but apparently, there is nothing I can do. I will deeply miss you.

49. Having tried all I could do to make things right but at this point, it seems to let go will be my golden option. I wished it never happened but now it has happened.

50. Could anyone have thought that this would be the end of our love stories? I never could have imagined it but this is the reality I have got to accept.

51. Nothing was more obvious than the fact that you were tired of this relationship. You caused all this mess, I dare to blame you.

52. Thinking of how to start all over again with another lover has been my biggest nightmare. But anyway, when moving on is the only option I have got, I have got to do it leaving emotions behind. I will miss you!

53. Beautiful Lady, I must sincerely confess that I missed you greatly, we should have managed this situation but unfortunately, we have to go our separate ways!

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