Sorry For Late Birthday Wishes

45 Ways to Say I’m Sorry For Late Birthday Wishes and Messages

Birthday is such a great day in the life of every individual. Family and friends rally around the celebrant and celebrate him/her on this special day. Many people do not have the opportunity to throw a party and celebrate themselves until their birthdays. Birthday is very important, you should make it a point of duty to celebrate the people in your life.

The busy schedules of life might have made the birthday of a loved one or friend escape your mind but there is always room to express your wishes. This is why you have sorry for the late birthday wishes on this page.

Are you looking for the finest sorry for late birthday wishes? Here you some beautiful ones on this page, take as many as you will need and make your friend happy like never before. After all, it’s better late than never.

Sorry For The Late Wishes

One of the ways to apologize to a friend or loved one whose birthday you miss is by sorry for late birthday wishes to him/her. What do you say for late birthday wishes? How do you apologize when you forget someone’s birthday? Below are beautiful messages that show you how!

1. Although I might have forgotten the day itself, I’ll never forget about wishing you a blessed and fabulous birthday. I wish you much love and happiness, my Darling. Sorry for the late wishes.

2. How could I have forgotten someone so special? That was so bad of me, and I promise to make it up to you. Belated happy birthday, my Dear. Sorry, it came late.

3. You deserve to be celebrated every now and then, not only on just a particular day in the year. So if I forgot to celebrate you on your birthday, It doesn’t diminish your worth to me. Belated happy birthday to you, my Love. You are always treasured.

4. Hey friend! I actually didn’t forget your birthday, It’s just that you seem not to be aging to me. All the same, I’m sorry I didn’t celebrate you on your special day. I hope you had an amazing one?

5. Darling, before it becomes too late, I just want to wish you a belated happy birthday. I’m sorry it came late. I promise to make it up to you.

6. Although it’s coming late, it’s from a sincere and pure heart. I wish you a beautiful belated birthday. I hope you enjoyed your day?

7. I wish I can turn back the hand of time, so I’ll be able to wish you a timely happy birthday. But it seems I can’t so I’ll just make use of this time I have. I hope it’s not too late to send you loads of love, peace, and happiness!

8. Oh my! I missed your birthday and I’m dearly sorry. Please forgive me and accept my sincere wishes. Belated happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

9. You’ve been an amazing person and you deserve all the good things in life. I wish you a happy belated birthday dear friend.

10. It’s better late than never. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a new year of joy and massive blessings! Belated happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

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Funny Late Happy Birthday Wishes

12. Happy Birthday to a sweet loving and charming best friend. Sending you lots of kisses and warm hugs. I’m sure you see why it’s late and you’ll agree it’s worth the wait.

13. Happy birthday to you, Bestie. You are a sweet friend blessed with lots of gifts. Interestingly, one of them is forgiveness. I’m sorry I missed your birthday and I’m sure I’m forgiven! Hope you enjoyed your day?

14. Well, I might have forgotten your birthday, but I definitely couldn’t have forgotten a friend as wonderful as you are.

15. Hey friend, your birthday wishes came late, yeah I am actually trying to surprise you. Hope this met you by surprise. Belated Happy Birthday to you.

16. Happy birthday, Darling! Coming late? Oh no! Just save it for your next birthday, meaning I’m the first to send you birthday wishes for next year. How sweet is that? Smiles!

17. Special things are meant for special people. Here’s a special well-packaged wish just for you, my darling friend. Note that it might arrive late, kindly inform me once it gets to you.

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Late Birthday Wishes for Friend

18. I’m so sorry I missed your birthday. Although I had a lot running through my mind, it was not enough reason to forget a bestie’s birthday. Belated happy birthday, Darling. Welcome to a beautiful new year.

19. Here’s to a beautiful year ahead. I hope you’ve included in your new year’s resolution to love and forgive more, and here’s a chance for you to exercise that. Sorry, I missed your day. Enjoy your new year ahead.

20. How time flies! Trust me, I can’t believe I missed the birthday of a wonderful friend like you, please accept my apology and warmest wishes.

21. I really can’t come up with a good excuse for forgetting your birthday. All I can say is just forgive me and let’s enjoy the moment. Belated happy birthday to you, dear Friend.

22. I know it’s late, but my feeling for you is alive. I love you so much, Dear. Belated happy birthday to you.

23. I hope you had a great moment celebrating your birthday? I’m sorry my wishes came late. Belated happy birthday dear.

24. Happy Birthday to you, my special friend. Although the day has passed but expect a big gift from me soon. I hope you enjoyed your day.

25. Being the guest of honor who arrives last, here I am wishing you the most pleasant birthday ever. Belated happy birthday, Bestie.

26. Barbarians, they say talk in…? Well, I chose not to be one, and I’ve decided to send you the most precious birthday wish when all the noises must have died down. I hope you value this, big head!

27. Hey bestie! I don’t need to ask you how your birthday went, because I’m sure it wouldn’t be interesting without you hearing from me! Anyways, we can start all over again, let’s all assume today to be your birthday, so, happy birthday Dummy!

Sorry For Late Birthday Wishes To Best Friend

28. Okay, I’m late, and I’m sorry. The beauty of friendship is forgiveness and I hope we’ll allow it. Please accept my sincere wishes to you on this beautiful day of yours. Happy belated birthday, my friend!

29. My birthday wishes to you were delayed to show you how much the sweet memories we shared lingered in my mind. So you see, the longer the better! Happy Birthday, Bestie! You are such an amazing friend.

30. Hey friend, I know you are so waiting for my wishes, I hope I succeeded in keeping you in suspense, just like the way we love to do! Before it gets too late, here I am wishing you the most pleasant birthday ever.

31. You know why I missed your birthday? Well, I remember one of my pets had his birthday last month, and I thought it was you. I just realized it was my cat! I hope it’s not too late to say; happy birthday my second pet.

32. Don’t tell me it’s your birthday again, I thought you celebrated one last year? I never knew you also celebrate your birthday every year. Well, if that is the case, happy birthday to you again, Bestie!

33. The beautiful thing about our friendship is that we are always sincere with each other. Dear friend here’s another chance for me to sincerely wish you the most beautiful belated birthday ever. I love you sincerely, Bestie!

34. The older we grow the more patient and mature we become, so I believe you’ll handle this with all patience and maturity. Belated happy birthday, old wise man.

35. You are my best friend in the entire world, I can’t just celebrate you just the way every other person does, so I decided to wait till now. Now is my time to say a big happy birthday to you, world best friend! I wish you the best in life.

36. Over time, I’ve realized that the more important an occasion is, the more likely I am to forget them. This shows how important your birthday is, Sweetie! Belated happy birthday to you, my Dear.

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Late Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

37. Darling, I have no reasonable excuse for missing your birthday. I just hope you will understand and you won’t let this cause any issues between us. I love you so much darling, and I wish you all the best on your special day, my love.

38. Here’s a sincere wish coming from a guy who is sorry for missing a queen’s birthday. I’m so sorry, my Love. Belated happy birthday, my Queen.

39. I can’t imagine finding myself in this sorry situation; sending the love of my life a late birthday wish. I’m so sorry, my Darling. I hope you had a beautiful one.

40. Although I have said my birthday wish to you in person, I know I should have also sent it as a message, sorry about that, my Love. I wish you the best year ahead.

41. I can’t believe I missed sending you an early birthday text even though we spoke all through the day! Belated happy birthday, my Love. Wishing you the best things in life.

42. An amazing being like you deserves something more beautiful than this, you do not in any way deserve a late birthday wish, and I’m so sorry, my Sweetheart. Please accept my sincere apology and a beautiful birthday wish.

43. I wish I could have sent this earlier, but it was a situation beyond my control. Please forgive me, my Love. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

44. I’m a bit late in sending this birthday wish and I want to use this medium to apologize and also wish you the most pleasant year ahead.

45. I know this is obviously a late birthday message, my Queen. I hope you have all the joy and happiness the day brings? I’m sorry, Honey. Belated happy birthday.

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