What Makes Relationship Stronger

What Makes Relationship Stronger | 37 Helpful Tips to Keeping a Healthy Relationship and Marriage

Romantic relationships go through diverse challenges, some of which make relationships stronger if the partners involved are truly committed to making it work. Whatever you are not committed to would fail even if it is a good course. Romantic relationships don’t work accidentally, they are deliberately worked out with consistent inputs from both partners.

It is always a beautiful thing to see people who are thriving in their relationships. No matter what you have working for you and your partner, you can build a stronger relationship if you put in the required effort. Deliberate effort is what makes a relationship stronger.

This means, that regardless of how sweet and strong your relationship is, it can become stronger. Different seasons would test your commitment and willingness to adapt and change with your partner. These changes can either make the relationship better or break it at the end of the day.

Challenges that have destroyed some relationships have made others stronger over time. The challenges are inevitable and they are not the main problem, our disposition towards them is. As long as life continues on earth, there will always be issues to deal with; and partners can either deal with these issues as individuals or as a team.

Whether your relationship is just starting or you’ve been together for years; what makes a relationship stronger must be studied and understood from the basics to the seemingly, complex steps and ideas.

Have you been on the search for what makes relationship stronger to fortify your relationship and make it heaven on earth? Here you have indisputable tips and insights to make your relationship great and more romantic. After finding someone you are meant to be with, it is your do to make your relationship too strong to be broken

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How To Build A Strong Relationship

How To Build A Strong Relationship
How To Build A Strong Relationship

There are steps you can take to build a strong relationship. Maybe you experienced a failed relationship in the past or you are not sure if your current relationship will stand the test of time due to insufficient knowledge of how to build a strong relationship. You will be learning good and proven tips that will make you and your partner bond greatly as one entity!

Relationships are unique, and people come together for many different reasons, but one thing is common; every genuine person learns what makes relationship stronger. This will help a lot!

Such knowledge will position an individual rightly for enjoying a lasting relationship filled with wonderful and fulfilling memories. The tips provided below will give you an enviable relationship of your dream and your relationship become a point of reference for the onlooker

#1. Become a Matured Version of You

To have a strong relationship, you need to be ready and mature enough to manage your flaws. If people spend time preparing themselves rather than waiting or expecting someone to manage them, relationships would succeed more than they fail. Too many relationships are weak because either one or both partners are unable to handle “self”.

Growing up to become more mature and mastering how to handle life issues is the beginning of what makes a relationship stronger.

Never should you wait for your partner to improve on you, learn to independently improve on yourself. Leaving your personal development or curtailing your excesses to your partner is not in any way healthy for the smooth running of a relationship. In fact, it could be burdensome. When a relationship becomes a burden and is consistent, an unintended breakup is inevitable.

#2. Be an Active Contributor

May I say that a relationship is not meant to be a burden but a blessing? A human being may carry some burdens if they are necessary but the truth is that no one wants to partner with a burden for too long. Human necks cannot stand the weight of certain burdens beyond a certain time. It is required of you to ensure that you are always a blessing to the life of your potential spouse.

Your input might be the slightest, but at all costs be a contributor. Don’t leave your partner to carry weights of responsibilities alone, always be there to contribute your quota no matter how negligible it may appear. Our society has succeeded in reducing women to receivers while men are givers. This ought not to be so. We’re both partners in progress and it is important we understood this.

#3. Avoid Parasitic Mentality

A parasite takes and does not give back. If one side of the coin in a relationship is a parasite, the other side of the coin will feel used and stressed and when there is nothing left to give, there will be venting of unnecessary anger caused by non-essential matters.

Make your partner feel supported and aided in whatever capacity and way you can. You have to be deliberate about this. Be there for your spouse and you will make your relationship worthy of emulation.

#4. Manage your Expectations

Your partner might not meet all your criteria or specifications. People whose relationships are strong do not capitalize on what they expected but did not find. Rather, they focus on what they have found and what makes their partners interesting and unique.

This is not about building a strong relationship with someone that irritates you. You have to enjoy your partner’s presence, otherwise, you should not be with that person.

Maybe you expect the person to be good at personal finance or excellent communication. Some persons are only one exposure away from becoming better. For every time you help them get better, you ultimately will strengthen that relationship.

Be the first to plant the seed of your expectation into your relationship. Don’t expect what you cannot actively be a contributor to make happen.

#5. Learn from Each Other

You can’t be proud and have a strong relationship. It is only couples who are “open-minded” that can grow together. A relationship becomes very pleasant and productive when the persons involved are always excited to share and receive new knowledge which fosters oneness. In what makes a relationship stronger; the key is to see the other as an inspiration rather than a competition.

#6. Enjoy your “alone” Moments 

You need time to refresh and reprogram yourself to continuously offer your best in your relationship. If you feel safe and secure to be on your own while you also nurture your relationship, you and your partner will be peaceful, happy, and whole. Spending time alone can help you think of new ways to spice up your relationship.

#7. Avoid Doing what Infuriates your Partner

Annoying your partner intentionally is not what makes a relationship stronger, if truly you want the best for him or her. Affection is not enough to make someone enjoy your company. Knowing you will always seek to please even at the expense of your well-being will enable your relationship to flourish.

Your lovely partner will be comfortable around you and every time he/she is physically absent, she will be longing to be with you. Strong relationships are not the result of wishing thinking.

#8. Know What Works Specifically in your Relationship

How well do you know the difference between your past relationship(if any) and the present one? Expecting it to be to run exactly how the previous was might be a grave mistake. Such unrealistic expectations can destroy what would have been very fulfilling if you understood and amplified its strength.

#9. Let Your Love Go Beyond Anything Physical

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman that fears the Lord she shall be praised.” says the bible. The scripture is obviously full of what makes a relationship stronger. All of what you are learning here are rooted in it.

Physical appearance does not guarantee happiness, the content in mankind does. This is why it is unfair to judge anyone by the color of their skin or by race. Until your love is beyond appearance, you have not started loving rightly!

#10. Show Excitement

One of the things that bring two people together and keep them together is the happiness they experience as a couple. It is such a tremendous, beautiful feeling knowing your presence to someone means everything to him/her. You have to intentionally show that you feel better around your partner. You should genuinely enjoy your relationship.

#11. Give Love

Real happiness is not just how good you feel about receiving love, it’s more about how well you give love to another person. The natural, unintentional outcome of loving someone more deeply is that you are loved likewise. Live every day by giving love in that relationship. What makes a relationship stronger if not expressing love?

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How To Make a Relationship Strong and Happy

Love is beautiful when you find the right partner to connect with. In as much as finding someone lovable is fantastic, you need to learn how to make a relationship strong and happy. It definitely takes more to run a relationship than what it took to get it started.

No genuine person gets into a relationship for just a season; it is usually for the long term. This implies that one should maximize insights into what makes the relationship stronger. The journey must be progressive.

#12. It’s About Partnership

Being with someone that sees you as an “object” would reduce your possibilities in that relationship. It takes two people to play. If one is playing or building towards a course and the other is not making efforts accordingly, then it is not going to be exciting, and nor will it end well. A partnership means joint effort all the time. This would make the bond stronger. You will have more reasons to spend time with him or her.

#13. Make Daily Little Efforts

You might not be able to do big things daily for the steady growth of your relationship but there are little things you can do. Those little efforts to stay connected like calling daily and sending text messages every night would keep the relationship strong and happy. No effort is too small in what makes a relationship stronger.

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#14. Go The Extra Mile

If there is anyone that should do the extraordinary for your partner without reservation, that should be you. Love is nothing without sacrifice. Your partner deserves your greatest sacrifice every time you are required to prove your commitment. Because you have his or her best interest at heart, it should not be a struggle to make necessary “uncommon” efforts to be happy and encouraging to your partner.

#15. Have Faith In Your Partner

When you believe in someone, you give the individual reasons to stay alive and push forward for a more productive life. The last thing you want is to be the reason your partner is not excited about living or working. Having faith in your partner is also very significant to what makes a relationship stronger.

#16. Spend Quality Time in Prayer

Life is deeper than what the optical eyes can see; life is spiritual. Beyond what you can say or do physically, praying will put the relationship in the right and best spiritual condition. God is the one that ultimately holds everything together. If you take what He has given to you back to Him in prayers, it will be sustained.

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Things To Do To Make Your Relationship Stronger

The success of your relationship rests on your shoulder and the shoulder of the other party involved. Finding out things to do to make your relationship stronger is required for great success. A relationship is strengthened by first realizing that there are things within your reach, which if implemented would make it stronger.

Whatever is working well can not be done by accident. Someone or people are responsible for the proper function of projects, events, or a course. A relationship is not an exception to this rule. Understanding what makes the relationship stronger is significant as it will help you and your partner stand the test of time surviving and win over life issues. Instead of growing apart, you both will grow together.

#17. Constant Communication

You have to talk and keep talking in your relationship for it to grow stronger. Lack of constant communication has serious setbacks on relationships with great potential. If you can’t openly communicate your fears, values, challenges, victories, and anything else with your partner, then the relationship will grow weaker by the day. This negligence might eventually halt the relationship. Lack of communication does not add to what makes a relationship stronger by any means.

#18. Honesty

Nobody wants to be with a dishonest person much less bond with such an individual. Even dishonest people seek for honest people to deal with. You are doing yourself a great favor by being truthful in every matter with your partner. Being honest about everything will lead to a close bond, making the relationship unbreakable.

#19. Listening Ears

Great listening skill is a key ingredient in what makes a relationship stronger. You can’t just talk all the time, you have to listen to talk correctly. Listening to hear and know the direction or perspective of your partner will help you respond appropriately in every given situation. Sometimes it’s best to just be quiet and hear what the other person has to say, it would help you bond better.

#20. Give Compliments

Having something nice to say about your partner’s outfit or overall appearance every time will surely make him or her know you are still attracted. That constant assurance in the form of compliments will keep the desire for each other strong in your hearts. No matter how long you’ve been together, compliments will make your relationship stronger.

21. Express your concern often

What is not discussed earlier can metamorphose into a big problem with time. Rather than keeping your emotions bottled up, talk about things that are bothering you. This includes small things you might not think are very important. If your partner is mature and friendly, he would not take offense. The two of you would find the solution to the challenge, which, at the end of the day brings you closer as a stronger couple.

How to Make a Relationship Last Until Marriage

Having a picture of the end in mind would help you prepare adequately from the onset. If marriage is the goal, then you have to be fully aware of how to make a relationship last until marriage. Couples who are planning to spend the rest of their lives together are not going to neglect to do the right things that will propel them into their expected future.

If what makes the relationship stronger is studied further, it also can make the relationship lead to marriage. When you find someone that complements you, the next goal should be how to make the relationship lead to marriage.

A forever journey starts with intentional and appropriate steps towards the pre-defined cause. To avoid crippling your chance of walking down the aisle with your dream partner here are timeless truths.

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#22. Spend Quality Time Together

Having each other around as much as possible is also what makes a relationship stronger if the goal is to spend forever as a couple. In what makes a relationship stronger, you still should adjust to each other’s needs for space, wisdom also demands that every opportunity to be together must be maximized.

#23. Avoid Exercising Dominion Over Your Partner

You are not in a relationship with a “lifeless object” and neither do you want your potential husband or wife to feel used and useless. Make room for freedom of speech and harmony even when opinions differ over an issue. Respect each other’s beliefs and thoughts. Yes, you can help people change but that should not be the core goal of the relationship.

Love them beyond their flaws and you can be the reason they will improve where necessary. Marriage is not the coming together of two perfect people, rather it is two imperfect people willing to live every day helping each other.

#25. Know Your Individual and Collective Struggles

Life is not a bed of roses and so are relationships. In learning and implementing what makes a relationship stronger, challenges are tools to foster togetherness that can turn a relationship into marriage eventually. Your abilities to share and manage personal and collective issues play an important role in turning an ongoing relationship into a marriage.

#26. Know each other’s DO’s and DON’Ts

People tend to gravitate more toward those who have the standards that appeal to their values system. Only when you understand the likes and dislikes of your potential husband or wife will you be his or her favorite human on earth.

#27. Fight Issues

In what makes a relationship stronger, your approach to an unpleasant attitude displayed by your love interest matters more than you can imagine. You don’t have to attack your partner with derogatory words to prove a point. Attack the idea or the bad attitude instead. Separate your partner from what happened and help him/her see that you are not against them but the idea or issue at hand.

This is very important as it has been proven over time that people stay married happily when they both fight off issues rather than fighting themselves. Exhibiting this trait early in the relationship can definitely make your relationship last until marriage.

How to Make Your Relationship Strong and Last Longer

“If it is strong enough, it will last long enough.” This statement is powerful and realistic. When you learn how to make your relationship strong and last longer, you can have the relationship you have always dreamt of. Your relationship would not become strong and last longer overnight but over time.

People should only expect results only when they have put in the work. The state of your relationship is the product of not just individual differences but majorly collective inputs.

#28. Try New Hobbies Together

Your ability to make your partner do what is only a fantasy can certainly improve the quality of your relationship. Because you love your partner, doing what makes a relationship stronger should be one of your constant goals. Every moment of laughter softens your hearts towards each other and tightens the bond between you two.

#29. Compromise

What makes a relationship stronger is not just around discussions and areas of similar interest but how well you both manage disagreement. It is not abnormal to share different opinions in some areas or situations. Whenever you don’t agree with your partner, compromise on solutions that you both agree on. If you practice this, your relationship will be strong and last longer by default. Knowing that someone is not going to prevent you from being different or sharing a different opinion is liberating.

#30. Respect

This is a major principle in what makes a relationship stronger, proven in the past, and still relevant in our days. A relationship is not a place of dishonor or an opportunity to trample on anyone. It is a place where comfort should be found amid the troubles of life. Nothing is more devastating than being with someone who disrespects you. Such a relationship will not be fulfilling nor will it last.

#31. Commitment

Reassuring your partner that you are always going to be there is a beautiful way to show your conviction in your relationship. To be a strong couple and for the relationship to last longer, you both have to be equally committed.

#32. Forgiveness

In finding and utilizing what makes a relationship stronger, forgiveness is an indispensable art you must master to have a strong and long-lasting relationship. Don’t hold up aggression for past offensive events. Forgive and go on with your relationship as long as your partner is truly sorry for offending you.

How to Make Your Relationship Stronger in Long Distance

How to make your relationship stronger over long distances is very much a practical one. There are people scattered all over different cities, states, and nations who are very much in great relationships. As long as the distance is not in the soul, the relationship can grow stronger rather than weaker.

When you find out what makes the relationship stronger, you can manage distance and other challenges for the overall growth of the relationship. Every challenge has a solution if people are willing to find out. Your relationship does not have to fail due to the long distance between these practical steps.

#33. Affirm your Love Daily

Make it a duty to confess your love and feelings of satisfaction in that relationship daily. Since you both are far from each other physically, words can be a strong tool that will enable the already existing bond to become stronger. You should never undervalue the role of affirmation in what makes a relationship stronger.

#34. Loyalty

This is an important factor for every relationship but much more for a long-distance relationship. Loyal people communicate peace and rest of mind to their partners. A relationship should not be hell on earth when it can be blissful. Stay committed to that person; don’t cheat either emotionally or physically. Always remember, someone, trusted you regardless of where you are daily.

35. Consider them in Decisions

For what makes a relationship stronger, the decision decides the fruits you harvest. Every time you involve your partner before making a decision, they feel included and part of your life. It refreshes the love in their hearts. You might not see eye to eye but it would feel like it is a physical meeting every time you discuss and arrive at a conclusion favorable to both of you.

#36. Maximize Technology

In these days there is no reason to be out of reach when there are technologies that can help you stay very connected to any and everyone in your life. Your partner should be a message or call away momentarily. Explore several ways to stay connected in this digital age!

#37. Avoid Fighting

The distance alone is enough challenge, whatever you both can prevent for free flow of communication should be embraced. Getting in a lot of fights daily is going to wear you both down. Choose fights wisely and try to talk things out instead of getting mad and avoiding each other. Fighting is counterproductive to what makes a relationship stronger.

To drive home, You have learned above the proven tips on what makes a relationship stronger. These are not theoretical, but rather practical principles to have a productive and progressive relationship. Where you are in your relationship before reading this outlined, helpful principles are subject to change if only you apply what you have learned.

Only those who are swift to apply articulated information like this would experience the relationship growth they long desired. This was carefully researched and written with you in mind. You now have at your usage what makes a relationship stronger. This information is priceless! Kindly share with family, friends, and loved ones. LEAVE A COMMENT!

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